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Episode Summaries > 2003 > Episode 4203
Written by Kim Leeanda Wilson, Directed by Tony Osicka, Produced by Peter Dodds

Channel Ten: 25/03/03 BBC One: 30/04/03 UK Gold: 16/10/06

• The romantic tension remains between Max and Steph
• Jack moves his hand so that he is holding Nina’s and she smiles as they fall asleep together

Community Hall: Next morning, Harold is clearing up his gear as people start to wake. Still holding hands with Jack, Nina sits up and pats his sleeping bag to wake him. Jack sees that she is shivering and hands her his sweatshirt. She starts to mention what happened and he interrupts, saying that he does not want to feel guilty. She accepts this and he watches her put the jumper on.

Lou's Place: Lou, Max and Alex are at work, Max being pestered by Steph to tell more about Meredith. Max finally gives into their questions and says that things are good. He watches grimly as Steph bids Alex goodbye.

Community Hall: As everyone sets up for opening night, Jack and Nina joke about the décor and their costumes when Harold asks them to prepare for a warm-up. Rosie arrives to help and she and Harold admire the set design, watched furiously by Joe who complains about it. Taj and Lori - who will be working backstage - arrive with costumes and Lori runs out, upset, when she sees Nina wearing Jack’s jumper. Jack is forced to go after her.

The Coffee Shop: Lyn is telling Steph about having no receptionist at the salon, acting unwilling when Steph mentions hiring Connor. Steph gathers that Lyn is still angry at him. At their table, Lori asks Jack about Nina in his jumper and he briefly mentions that she was cold before returning to rehearsals. Steph joins Lori on the way out, gathering that she is upset and invites her out for a walk.

Community Hall: As Harold negotiates with Rosie and Joe over the model rocket’s design, Nina goes backstage. Taj surprises her and tries to kiss her when she makes excuses and goes back out.

Lassiter's Lake: Lori and Steph are walking, Lori talking about how distant Jack is being. She fears that she is overreacting and Steph says that Jack would never hurt her on purpose. She says that Lori should try talking to Jack himself.

Lou's Place: Steph is telling Alex about advising Lori on good communication when Lou hintingly says to Alex that this key in any relationship. Alex looks guilty before asking Steph to talk. He tells her about the cross-country motorbike trip but is anxious about leaving her, and though she encourages it she is clearly hurt. Max tells Alex that he has a call, allowing him to sit with Steph when Alex leaves to take it. Steph then realises that Max knew about the trip and did not say anything, so she grumpily leaves.

Lassiter's Complex: Outside, Harold is sitting on Steph’s parked bike, explaining that it could be used as a prop in the play. She grumpily refuses and prepares to take off before quickly apologising.

Lou's Place: Alex is sulking about Steph, while Lou says that he was just being honest; Max begrudgingly agrees.

No 26 - Living room/Kitchen: Harold is badgering Joe and Lyn on the play as they usher him out. Steph returns and, unwilling to talk, says that she has to get ready for the play.

Community Hall: Backstage, Harold is anxious about a critic coming as the audience, which includes Rosie and Lou, fills up. He compliments Jack and Nina on their costumes and gives them a pep talk. They comfort each other and kiss for good luck before getting into position for the opening scene...with the play underway Jack and Nina recite their dialogue. Lou and Rosie exchange a look over the silly script while Lyn and Steph shush Joe’s mutterings about the set. Watching from the side, Harold looks satisfied. Neither Joe nor Lou is overly impressed with Jack’s corny performance. As Jack and Nina take hands, Nina’s watering can falls on his foot, making everyone laugh.

Lou's Place: Alex talks to Max about how upset Steph was while Max says that tough choices have to be made. Alex gets an idea and starts typing a text message on his mobile.

Community Hall: Steph’s mobile goes off during the play and she reads the message before hurrying out. Jack and Nina appear on stage for the final scene:

Raff, I don’t know what you’re talking about, you sound crazy.
I am, but what’s important is that you come with me, that we be together.
Raff, we’re from different worlds, it wouldn’t work.
Yes it would.
No, you have to go back without me.
I can’t.
To never see you again, to never touch you again, my life would be torment.

Jack and Nina gaze at each other and kiss passionately. Lyn wipes away a tear as Lori looks on, almost angry. As they come apart, Jack and Nina each say “I love you,” obviously meaning it in reality. Harold is beside himself and claps, beginning a round of applause, wakening a dozing Lou, and Jack and Nina look out onto the audience appreciatively.

Lou's Place: Steph hurries in and, with Max listening, tells Alex that she does not know what to say. Alex says that it makes sense for her to come with him, saying his friend will understand. Max warns Steph that there will be no home comforts, and she finally tells Alex that she would love to go with him. They cheer and hug, Steph watching as Max disappears into the office.

Community Hall: As the audience clears out, Harold hurries to speak with the critic, Jasper Troufaux, not releasing that he was there. Lyn praises Jack and Nina’s performances, saying that it was as if they were really in love, and they share a look. When she leaves the pair alone they both agree that it was real and so they should tell Taj and Lori, who immediately join them. They all agree that it is good to have the play over them and Taj suggests they go out to celebrate. He and Lori leave to clear up as Jack and Nina go to change. Out of earshot, Nina tells Jack that that they have to come clean and cannot put it off any longer.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Joe Scully, Lyn Scully, Stephanie Scully, Jack Scully, Lori Lee, Rosie Hoyland, Max Hoyland, Harold Bishop, Lou Carpenter, Nina Tucker, Taj Coppin

Guest Cast: Marco Pio Venturini as Alex Argenzio

Trivia Notes
• Jack describes the rocket ship’s interior as looking like Mr. Squiggles
• From previous play rehearsals, Harold complains about the rat catcher and town crier’s poor warm-up routines
• Lyn refers to Danielle, the old receptionist at A Good Hair Day, who would spend hours making personal calls
• Lori orders a butter squash slice at the Coffee Shop
• Steph refers to the incident of Max mistakenly catching her in the shower earlier in the year

Summary by Brendan

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