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Episode Summaries > 2003 > Episode 4204
Written by Kim Leeanda Wilson, Directed by Tony Osicka, Produced by Peter Dodds

Channel Ten: 26/03/03 BBC One: 01/05/03 UK Gold: 17/10/06

• The romantic tension remains between Max and Steph
• Jack moves his hand so that he is holding Nina’s and she smiles as they fall asleep together

Lou's Place: Steph and Alex are poring over a map of Australia, trying to decide where the best jobs can be found. Steph asks Max for help, and they both pick up on how knowledgeable he is. Max grumbles about giving it all up for kids and a mortgage, while Alex chooses not to be a father until he is “old.” Max returns to work, he and Steph watching while the other is not looking.

No 26 - Living room: Michelle is leaving another message for Connor, saying that he can come over while no-one else is home. She sits with Harvey when there is a knock on the door, and she answers it to Valda. Valda immediately starts yarning about her facial treatment and asking where Joe and Lyn are, not giving Michelle a chance. She stops, seeing her picture on the wall, and admires it before saying that her big news can wait. She then asks about New York and Connor, and Michelle tells her about Immigration and running away, just as Joe and Lyn return. Stopping in their tracks, they are overwhelmed and speechless when Valda announces that she is getting married.

No 32 - Hallway/Living room: Harold is thanking Rosie as she sees him out, rambling about making modifications to some of the play’s scenes. Summer starts questioning Rosie on the play when Max asks Boyd to bring her to bed. Rosie picks up that Max is upset, and he tells her about how sad he is that he and Steph cannot be together…Rosie assures Max that the age difference and kids are not an issue. She learns that he never properly told Steph how he felt, realising that he is not ready to move on from Claire. She comforts him and tells him to fight for his happiness.

No 26 - Living room: Valda is telling how she met Andreas on the cruise before giving Lyn a dog collar as a gift. Lyn realises after putting it on that it is for Harvey and not her, as Valda talks about making things more exciting for them like in her own life. Joe is satisfied to learn that she will be staying only one night and Lyn says that they are glad.

Ramsay Street: Next morning in the driveway Joe is preparing to leave for a run, muttering to Steph about getting rid of Harvey’s collar, when Valda invites herself along for a walk. As Max and Summer leave the house, Summer and Steph wave to each other as Steph rides past on her bike. Summer says that she is cool and, watching her, Max half agrees.

The Coffee Shop - Dining area/Kitchen: Harold agrees to let Rosie read his amendments, stopping short when Valda enters with Joe. Valda greets him and briefly acknowledges Rosie as “Daisy,” before directing at Rosie that she would like a private word with Harold. Expecting Rosie to leave the table, she hurries after Harold as he goes to the kitchen. Joe and Rosie both mutter their mutual dislike of her. In the kitchen Valda is gripping Harold in a tight hug. As Harold tries to say that nothing can happen between them, she announces that she has a new man. She says it will be hard to let go of their past, though he is immediately relieved.

Lou's Place - Outside/Bar: Steph greets Max and gives him something for Alex, when he blurts out suggestions of places to go on their trip. She says that, according to Alex, Max called her unadventurous and she says that she cannot understand why…Indoors, Steph assures Max that she wants to go on the trip, when he mutters that she may be having doubts like being with the wrong man. He asks if there is anyone else and Alex arrives for work, greeting Steph before she can answer.

No 32 - Driveway: Summer is getting her bike ready for the paper round when Jacinta arrives, knocking Summer’s bike over with her own. Jacinta tells Summer that she wants this job, threatening that Summer will be “dead meat” when she catches her.

Lou's Place: Alex gets a call during his shift about work during the trip as Boyd arrives to ask Max for a lift home. Alex ends the call when Max gives him a look, scolding him before leaving for home. Steph greets them as she enters, looking guilty when Alex mentions how irritable Max is today.

No 26 - Kitchen: Valda is getting emotional as she looks a family photographs and Lyn comforts her about Connie. As they get lunch ready, Valda says that she spoke with Joe about Connor which leads to a bickering match. Valda tells Lyn not to come down hard on Michelle as losing a child is the worst thing a mother can go through.

No 32 - Living room: Max and Boyd return to find the place in a mess, when Boyd asks if Max regrets giving up his excursions to father them. Boyd manages to coax him into playing football, saying he can pretend the ball is Alex’s head.

No 26 - Living room/Kitchen: Valda finally gives Alex her “blessing” before he and Steph head out. As Lyn makes dinner, she and Joe complain about Valda and Michelle disagrees. Joe and Michelle start to squabble about Connor when Lyn says that things will settle when Valda leaves - she only brought an overnight bag. Valda answers the door, calling for a hand, and they enter to find a delivery man bringing in the rest of her luggage. She asks for help on moving them to her room and both Lyn and Michelle look expectantly at Joe.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Joe Scully, Lyn Scully, Stephanie Scully, Michelle Scully, Rosie Hoyland, Max Hoyland, Boyd Hoyland, Summer Hoyland, Harold Bishop

Guest Cast: Marco Pio Venturini as Alex Argenzio, Joan Sydney as Valda Sheergold, Eliza Cotter as Jacinta Martin, Ben Taylor as Burt Burger

Trivia Notes
• Max mentions fruit-picking, fleet and prawn fishing, bartending and mining jobs for during Steph and Alex’s trip
• Valda insists that Michelle keep the money for the cancelled New York trip
• Eliza Cotter would later return in the regular role of Janae Timmins

Summary by Brendan

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