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Episode Summaries > 2003 > Episode 4229
Written by Lyn Ogilvy, Directed by Gary Conway, Produced by Peter Dodds

Channel Ten: 01/05/03 BBC One: 09/06/03 UK Gold: 02/11/06

• Harold is annoyed when Gino decides to move in with him, no questions asked
• Lori asks Jack to be honest with her

No 26 - Kitchen: Jack admits that he would have liked some space when he moved home but did not want to hurt Lori. She asks if he has fallen for someone else and can tell from his face that he has. She asks knowingly if it is Nina and he rambles that he never meant for it to happen. When Lori asks if he loves Nina, he cannot bring himself to answer.

Lou's Place: Susan and Lyn are having dinner, Lyn complaining about Gino hanging around just before he joins them. He starts going on about living with Harold, relieving them when he gets up. As Lou collects the dishes, he describes how Harold is only trying to prove that he can be open-minded in accepting Gino.

No 26 - Kitchen: Lori starts getting unsettled, saying that they may have been able to work past this if Jack had come to her for support rather than leaning on someone else. They are interrupted by a knock at the door and Jack answers to Taj. Taj gives Lori some flowers, which she sullenly accepts. She openly presumes that Taj does not know anything, and Jack leads him outside.

The Coffee Shop: Nina is telling Connor that things are looking up for her and Taj before encouraging him that things will work out with Michelle. She sees Michelle enter and heads off for work, leaving Connor and Michelle to talk. Connor attempts to make conversation before asking her to join him for coffee.

No 26 - Driveway/Kitchen: Jack has just told Taj the truth and apologises for what happened. Watched by Lori inside, Taj throws Jack to the ground, demanding to know how he could have done it. They continue fighting as Lyn and Susan return, Susan calling out to Taj as he storms off. Lyn runs to Jack, wanting to know what happened. Inside, she again asks what is going on and Lori says that she will be moving out as they have split up. Lyn says that no-one is going anywhere, though neither Jack nor Lori will talk about it.

Lassiter's - Reception: Nina is tending to guests when Taj appears, telling her that he knows. He says that she and Jack deserve each other and runs off, leaving her upset.

The Coffee Shop: Connor and Michelle are talking, Michelle apologising for the way she was with him, and they agree to be friends. Connor gets a call from Lou and hurries off to work, bumping into Tahnee on his way out. She explains that she is back from New York and joins Michelle as Connor leaves. Tahnee complains about Taj blowing her off before asking if Michelle missed her.

No 28 - Dining Table: Lyn and Susan are getting Lori settled for the night, Susan insisting that Lori stay as long as she needs. As Susan goes to make coffee, Lyn says that whatever happens, she has come to see Lori as her own daughter. She leaves, and Lori looks more upset.

No 26 - Living Room: Lyn learns that Nina was “the other woman” whom Jack told her about. He explains that things were too complicated to tell Lori back then but she worked it out herself. Lyn sees that he still loves Nina, while Jack continues to blame himself for the state Lori is in.

The Coffee Shop: Tahnee is explaining to Michelle that everyone on the scholarship programme got too stuck-up and she felt homesick. Michelle does not believe it, and Tahnee finally confesses that she got expelled. She is hurt when Michelle says that it is just like her, and assures her that she has changed.

No 24 - Kitchen: Next morning, Lou refuses to believe that Gino and Harold are getting along, and Harold says that he wants Gino to settle into the street. He claims that Lou jealous of their friendship, when Gino enters from the bedroom, subtly complaining about noisy they are being. He then comments on moving some things around to make himself at home, unsettling Harold. When he announces that he is joining a friend on a trip for a couple of days, he advises Harold to make room for the new furniture when it arrives.

The Coffee Shop: Jack is moodily sitting alone when Nina joins him, asking why he had to tell Lori and Taj. She asks him to meet her on her break.

No 28 - Kitchen: Susan finds Lori trying to steady herself by leaning on the counter. Lori says that she wants to stay strong as this is the one thing she is in control of.

Lassiter's Lake - Rotunda: Jack joins Nina where she is waiting. He explains that Lori asked him directly because she could tell something was up. He asks where this leaves them, and she says that they should be friends. He takes her hand, both of them unsure of how to rectify things.

No 26 - Kitchen: Michelle is making coffee for herself and Lyn, telling Lyn that Jack told her about Nina and she did not know what to do. They agree that Lori has become part of the family, while Lyn frets about not doing anything about Jack and Nina sooner. Michelle says that she is a good mother before answering the phone. Sounding excited, she asks the caller how long she has to decide. She hangs up, telling Lyn that the organisers of the scholarship programme want her to take Tahnee’s vacancy in New York.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Susan Kennedy, Lyn Scully, Michelle Scully, Jack Scully, Lori Lee, Connor O’Neil, Harold Bishop, Lou Carpenter, Nina Tucker, Taj Coppin

Guest Cast: Anna Jennings-Edquist as Tahnee Coppin, Shane McNamara as Gino Esposito

Trivia Notes
• Lori moves out of No. 26 and into No. 28
• Gino is joining his friend on an antique hunt
• Nina’s break is at 11 o’clock
• Music in the episode includes 'Takin' Back What's Mine' by Leah Haywood
• No crew credits were featured in the episode’s opening

Summary by Brendan

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