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Episode Summaries > 2003 > Episode 4228
Written by Martin McKenna, Directed by Gary Conway, Produced by Peter Dodds

Channel Ten: 30/04/03 BBC One: 06/06/03 UK Gold: 02/11/06

• Max dotingly reads Steph’s postcard, muttering that he misses her
• Nina scolds Jack for telling Michelle about them
• Max watches as Steph pulls up on her motorcycle and they smile widely at each other

Ramsay Street: Max takes it all in all Steph steps off the bike.

No 26 - Living Room: Lyn, hearing the noise, comes out of the bedroom and laughs when she sees Steph out on the street.

Ramsay Street: Steph tells Max that there was something she forgot to do before leaving. Watched by Lyn, she kisses him passionately and it becomes clear that she came back to be with him. They agree to meet up later after Steph sees her family, Max giving her another kiss before she goes. Leaving the house with more rubbish, Summer watches them excitedly, joined by Boyd and Heather. Seeing this, Boyd hands Summer his bag of rubbish and scoffs before going back inside.

No 26 - Kitchen: Lyn waits until Steph enters before putting on a fixed glad expression and hugging her. Steph explains that she was homesick and goes to make coffee before Lyn asks about Alex. Steph says that they needed to go in different directions, making her realise that she wanted to come home. Lyn subtly brings up Max, and Steph says that he makes her happy and she had to be true to herself. Lyn praises her strong character.

No 32 - Living Room: Still cleaning up, Boyd watches sullenly as Summer gets clingy with Max, saying how pleased she is. Max says that he and Steph are meeting later before hurrying to get a shower.

The Coffee Shop: Susan praises Nina on her waitressing job at Lassiter’s just when Jack enters, passing Nina in silence. He joins her at her table and says that avoiding each other will only make people more suspicious. She half-smiles when he says that they should try to be friends, obviously still wanting more.

No 32 - Living Room: Summer and Steph are hugging, while Boyd remains cold as he and Heather clear up. When Max and Steph leave for their picnic, Heather asks why Boyd is acting like this. He says that Steph coming back has ruined things and Summer looks put down.

No 26 - Living Room/Kitchen: Lori is with her trainer while Susan and Lyn are in the kitchen. Lori cries out in delight so they hurry in and she says that there is feeling in her legs. When she asks to call Jack, Susan mentions seeing him with Nina at The Coffee Shop, making Lori tense.

The Coffee Shop: Nina says that Lori is lucky to have Jack at her side in recovering. There is a slight pause before she says that it is good they can stay friends. Jack says that it is because they like each other, meaning a platonic sense, and asks Nina not to read too much into it.

Lassiter's Lake - Park: Max and Steph walk together, Max explaining that he did not try to stop her from leaving because he did not want her caught up in his baggage. Steph says that there is no hassle, calling him Bachelor of the Year.

No 32 - Living Room: Heather asks Boyd what is troubling him, and he admits to her and Summer that he would prefer Max was with someone his own age, as Steph cannot compare to their mother. Heather says that he should try to accept it as Max is getting on with his life. Boyd agrees before going to make popcorn.

No 26 - Living Room: Jack is thrilled to hear about Lori and explains that he had things to do earlier. She asks what he got up to, noticing both his vague recollection and not mentioning Nina.

No 28 - Kitchen: Susan and Lyn are eating, talking about Joe and Karl being away, when Susan offers to attend exercise classes with her. Lyn says that it might help to take her mind off Steph and Max, fearful that it will not work out, before agreeing not to trouble herself about it.

Lassiter's Lake - Park: Steph and Max have finished eating, and they joke about him being unfit. Steph hints that he may be kept up all night for a good while yet, and they kiss.

No 24 - Living Room: That evening Nina and Summer are in a piano lesson, Summer yet again checking if Max is home. She wonders if he and Steph will get married, asking Nina how long she would wait to do so. When she asks if Nina thinks she is destined to be with someone, Nina avoids answering by asking her to keep playing.

No 26 - Kitchen: Lori joins Lyn, who is sewing baby clothes, and gets herself a drink for mobility practice. Jack returns from a jog and Lyn leaves them to fend for themselves at dinner as no one else will be home. Lori says that they should talk properly, asking Jack to take a shower and looking sombre as he leaves.

No 32 - Living Room/Doorway: Max and Steph return for dinner, greeted by the kids. Boyd walks Heather to the door and she tells him to try harder with Steph. Back inside, Boyd tells Max that he is fine with the way things are. He says that Steph should come on their surfing trip next week, and Max says that he will always care for his kids whatever happens.

No 26 - Kitchen: Lori and Jack are having dinner, Jack trying to make conversation before asking what is troubling her. She tells him that things between them have been different both since she came to Erinsborough and since before he left New Zealand. He assures her that his feelings have not changed, and she says that the accident and being in hospital have made her realise that she can handle practically anything. She tells him not to feel like he has to tread lightly around her, but to just be open and honest about everything. Jack looks at her worriedly.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Susan Kennedy, Lyn Scully, Stephanie Scully, Jack Scully, Lori Lee, Max Hoyland, Boyd Hoyland, Summer Hoyland, Nina Tucker

Guest Cast: Megan Harrington as Heather Green, Dylan Lloyd as Chris Bosworth

Trivia Notes
• Lyn says that Joe and Karl have already arrived in America
• Heather asks Boyd whether he wants to listen to 1200 Techniques or Jebediah, both artists featured as background music at various points in the show
• Heather mentions Sarah Fletcher’s “evil” stepmother
• Lyn attended Lamaze classes when she was pregnant with Steph but not with the other children

Summary by Brendan