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Episode Summaries > 2003 > Episode 4235
Written by John Upton, Directed by Helen Gaynor, Produced by Peter Dodds

Channel Ten: 09/05/03 BBC One: 17/06/03 UK Gold: 07/11/06

• Harold is unimpressed with Gino’s new décor
• Valda hints to Lyn about her new crush
• Calling her bluff, Lou tells Valda that he loves her and laughs in her face, leaving her traumatised

Lou's Place - Office: Still crying, Valda regretfully admits to Lou that she is on the rebound. Faking embarrassment, Lou says that he understands and leaves to make a martini to cheer her up.

No 24 - Living Room: Next morning, Harold is looking for his tuba music and asks if Gino has seen it. Gino then reveals two cardboard boxes, labelled Harold’s Untidies and Harold’s Washing Up, containing items that Harold has left lying around and things that need cleaning. Harold speechlessly takes the music back as Gino hands it to him from the box.

Park: Michelle is walking Harvey when she sees Connor’s Ute parked on the grass. She sees him sleeping inside and lets Harvey lick him awake. She then questions why all of his possessions are stashed inside and deduces that that this is where he has been sleeping since Joe and Lyn kicked him out.

No 28 - Dining Table: Susan invites Lyn in and they get to talking about godparent duties. Lyn then invites her to a spiritual exercise class and Susan gladly accepts.

No 24 - Living Room/Kitchen: Lou hints to Harold that he and Valda have reached an understanding just before Gino enters, annoyingly compulsive as usual. Lou gloats at Harold being unable to stick it and leaves. Alone in the room, Harold gets up and tosses Gino’s washing-up box to the floor before defiantly stamping on it.

No 26 - Kitchen: Michelle is explaining Connor’s situation to Valda as they fold laundry. Michelle then says that Joe and Lyn may let him move back in if Valda vouches for her. Lyn enters, about to head out and Michelle starts offering to do chores for her, getting Lyn suspicious. Valda leaves them to it, and Michelle says that something awful has happened.

No 30 - Kitchen: Connor returns from walking Bob for Toadie. As Toadie fetches money to pay him back for getting groceries, he mentions that the cost of living might be made easier by getting a new housemate for Dee’s old room. It then clicks with him to ask Connor, who gratefully accepts and they shake on it.

No 26 - Kitchen: Lyn is dead-set against Connor moving back in, with Michelle going away and him being able to support himself anyway. As she tries to leave, Michelle seems to make a breakthrough by saying how important it is to her.

The Coffee Shop - Kitchen: Harold is practising his demands for Gino to move out just as Gino joins him. When Harold tries to talk, he hastily explains that he has made up with Aaron and will be returning home. Overjoyed, Harold gladly takes it in as Gino mentions that he will be taking his tacky ornaments with him. When he bids Harold goodbye and leaves, customers watch from the main shop as Harold happily dances around.

Lassiter's Lake: The exercise class is underway as Lyn and Susan arrive, with the women following the hostess, Willow, in preparing for meditation. Sitting on mats in a circle, she greets everyone before asking them all to follow her lead. She stretches and breathes in heavily before howling loudly, making Susan and Lyn jump in shock.

Lou's Place: Lou and Valda are talking over drinks, and the conversation turns to being positive about the future. He mentions the past and his pain over losing Lolly. Valda says that losing a child is a terrible thing.

Lassiter's Lake: Susan and Lyn stand looking blank as Willow beats a drum, encouraging the class to feel and sway with the beat. When she asks if there is a problem, Susan explains that they are not getting the new age aspect. Handing Susan the drum to continue, Willow pulls Lyn into the centre of the circle and attempts to lead her in the dance. Lyn then forcefully tells Willow that it is not her thing; struggling to keep from laughing, Susan hands the drum back apologetically and they hurry away.

The Coffee Shop: The pair are now at lunch, agreeing to try more suitable new approaches to the pregnancy. Lyn then gets a call from Joe, while Susan gets one from Karl and they each catch up on the others’ travels.

No 30 - Kitchen/Hallway: Toadie is helping Connor move his stuff in, when Connor answers the door to Michelle. He tells her about moving in, and she leaves him and Toadie to bond.

No 24 - Kitchen: Harold has finished eating alone, casually littering around him and leaving everything at his feet. He is surprised when Gino lets himself in, bringing with him all of his luggage. Ready to move back in, he mutters about Aaron before thanking Harold for his friendship. Harold is left to whimper as Gino heads to the kitchen.

No 30 - Kitchen: Connor is feeding Bob his leftovers when Toadie enters, finished reading a letter from Maggie found in Connor’s new room. He then decides that he and Dee were perfect for each other, and wants to tell her how he feels.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Susan Kennedy, Lyn Scully, Michelle Scully, Connor O’Neill, Harold Bishop, Lou Carpenter, Toadfish Rebecchi

Guest Cast: Joan Sydney as Valda Sheergold, Shane McNamara as Gino Esposito, Penelope Bartlau as Willow Davies

Trivia Notes
• The exercise class is entitled Your Baby, Your Spirit
• Lou says that if he could change one thing from his past, it would be to get Lolly back. He also makes reference to John Allen and the custody case
• Music in the episode includes Back To Me by Stella One Eleven, Underwater Jungle by Endorphin and Country Holiday Song by Jebediah

Summary by Brendan