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Episode Summaries > 2003 > Episode 4236
Written by Bert Deling, Directed by Jovita O'Shaughnessy, Produced by Peter Dodds

Channel Ten: 12/05/03 BBC One: 18/06/03 UK Gold: 08/11/06

• Toadie decides to find Dee and tell her how he feels
• Valda mentions that losing a child is a terrible thing to happen

No 26 - Living Room/Kitchen: Lyn is nagging Michelle about packing when Valda answers the door to Tahnee. Michelle invites her in while Lyn is slightly cold to her. Out of earshot, Michelle insists that Tahnee is trying to make amends.

Lou's Place - Office: Lou is talking to Lolly on the phone when Valda overhears from outside. He reluctantly says that she can come to visit “next time” and Lolly hangs up before he can say I love you. Valda joins him and he mutters how difficult the situation is. Valda pats his hand for support.

No 26 - Living Room/Kitchen: Michelle asks if something more happened that got Tahnee expelled from the exchange programme. Tahnee finally confesses that she hurt some people, resulting in her getting bullied as revenge until she was forced to ask to come home. Michelle says that she should have said so before and Tahnee assures her that Michelle will not have the same problem…Next morning, Lyn continues to get flustered, losing her temper over trivial matters as Michelle prepares for school. Valda firmly sits Lyn down before going to make breakfast.

Nan's House - Porch: In Tasmania, Toadie arrives with Bob as a mascot, ready to preach to Dee. Nan comes to the door, suggesting that Toadie leave when she learns who he is. She grumpily explains that Dee is not at home, closing the door on Toadie when he decides to wait.

Erinsborough High - Corridor: Students are milling around when Nina arrives. Various boys stare at her frostily, knowing what she did to Taj, and no one answers her greeting. Michelle and Tahnee watch, Tahnee telling Michelle to let Nina deal with it herself when Michelle wants to see if she is OK.

No 26 - Living Room: Lyn is calling work, saying that she has a personal issue and cannot come in. She then answers the door to a deliveryman, bringing Valda’s poodles Stella and Blanche, sent from Andreas, with their huge luggage bag. Valda asks if she could borrow money from Lyn to pay him; Lyn hands her the purse and storms off for a nap.

Erinsborough High - Classroom: Susan has asked Tahnee to speak to the class about New York, and Michelle looks irritated as she lies about making lots of friends. As the bell rings and the class files out, Susan finds Tahnee’s teacher report from New York, detailing her poor social skills and referral to a counsellor. Distracted by students arguing in the corridor she hurries out, leaving the report on a table.

No 26 - Living Room/Kitchen: Valda apologises fro waking Lyn with getting the poodles settled. Lyn looks less-than-amused and blatantly ignores Valda when she suggests stupid, unrealistic living conditions for the dogs. She finally snaps and tells Valda to get out of her face and have some consideration.

The Coffee Shop: Tahnee explains to Michelle that she lied because Susan completely put her on the spot. Susan herself then enters and asks to speak with Tahnee alone. She says that she read the report, offering any support if Tahnee needs it. She is forced to accept it when Tahnee repeatedly refuses.

Nan's House - Porch: Toadie is rejoined by Nan, and explains that he wants Dee back. With only Bob for support, Nan is cynical.

No 26 - Living Room: Lyn is talking to Joe on the phone, holding Connie’s bangle and talking emotionally of how she misses her. Valda, listening, joins her and Lyn apologises for snapping at her. Valda them remembers that today is Connie’s birthday and understands why Lyn is feeling this way. She looks like she wants to say something as Lyn leaves to put the kettle on.

Nan's House - Porch: Toadie is jumping on the spot to keep warm when Nan rejoins him. Toadie is confident that things will work out with Dee and chooses to take some of the blame. Regardless of this, Nan says that Dee does not wish to see him, and reveals that she is out with her new boyfriend; though she is indicating Darcy, Toadie does not know this.

Lassiter's Lake - Park: Unable to have turned Valda down, Susan is walking the poodles while trying to talk to Karl on her mobile; she deliberately does not mention the dogs. Seeing her, Lou offers to help.

Erinsborough High - Corridor: Michelle and Tahnee are walking when they see a group of students assembled at the lockers and laughing, with Nina nearby. As they go to see what is happening, Tahnee’s report is revealed, pinned to the wall with a heading: Coppin Can’t Cut It! Nina joins them and Tahnee automatically blames her before Nina tears the page down and rips it up in response.

No 26 - Kitchen: Valda has managed to cheer Lyn up and Lyn thanks her before mentioning how much she wishes Connie were still alive. Valda says that maybe there is a chance her presence is still there, asking Lyn to come to her as a mother-type figure from now on.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Susan Kennedy, Lyn Scully, Michelle Scully, Lou Carpenter, Nina Tucker, Toadfish Rebecchi

Guest Cast: Joan Sydney as Valda Sheergold, Anna Jennings-Edquist as Tahnee Coppin, Joy Westmore as Nancy Bliss, Matt Thomas as Simon Nicholson

Trivia Notes
• Riccardo Pellizzeri is credited as Executive Producer - Drama
• Valda offers Michelle her Richard Clayderman Greastest Hits album for the plane journey to New York
• Valda makes flapjacks, bacon and maple syrup as a traditional American breakfast
• Connie’s bracelet was a present for her 21st birthday
• Karl will be home from America in a week’s time

Summary by Brendan

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