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Episode Summaries > 2003 > Episode 4243
Written by Judith Colquhoun, Directed by Jeffrey Walker, Produced by Peter Dodds

Channel Ten: 21/05/03 BBC One: 11/07/03 UK Gold: 13/11/06

• Karl curses one of the poodles when she knocks the periwinkle solution onto the floor and he attempts to salvage it
• Darcy rejects a call from James and looks concerned as Dee leaves the pub

No 24 - Living Room: Harold is cleaning when he answers the door to Ruby. He is thrilled to see her and invites her in, giving her a hug. They sit and she explains that she is recovering and wants to make things right. He assures her that he is in her corner and tells her to come to him whenever she needs to.

No 28 - Living Room: Karl gives Susan a snow globe from America, revealing that her actual present is a package from Cynthia’s Romance boutique. Taking a look in the box, she is shocked. Karl then takes out a remote-control car for Lou, and gets obviously jealous as he looks it over.

Erinsborough High - Playground: Taj is kicking footballs around when Jack greets him. Taj mentions that one of his players is out for the upcoming match with a hand injury, and Jack offers himself as a substitute. They agree to meet up later for practice.

Erinsborough Medical Centre - Reception: Dee is at work when James greets her and properly introduces himself as an acquaintance of Darcy’s. Dee explains that Darcy is running late when Darcy himself enters, sees James and escapes unseen. James gathers that Dee knows about the situation, with her thinking that he owes Darcy the money. She then answers the phone to Darcy, who lies that he has some house calls to make and hangs up when she mentions James being there.

No 28 - Dining Table: Lou and Karl greet each other before Karl presents Lou with his present. He and Susan then gather that Lou only wants to sell the car and make a profit, when Karl shocks them both by taking out his own newly-bought toy car. Susan leaves for work, ashamed, allowing Karl to confess that he took a sample from Lou’s periwinkle stash. He apologises and explains what happened, asking for more. For two packets, Lou asks for twice the amount he owes Karl for the car; Karl readily accepts, commenting that the packet looks different.

The Coffee Shop: Dee greets Darcy when she sees him, revealing that she is looking for room vacancies. James enters and joins them, Darcy unable to escape, and asks when he should have Darcy’s money. Darcy plays along, arranging to meet at the clinic later that day.

Erinsborough High - Football Field: Taj and Jack are practising on their free period when Susan catches them and asks them to return to class. She calls Taj back, mentioning that he still has to hand in her assignment after getting an extension. She says that his marks are falling greatly and offers her help if he needs it. Taj appears unconcerned as he fills Jack in.

No 24 - Kitchen: Lou lets himself in with more periwinkle for Harold; like with Karl, he explains away the dodgy new sample. Harold then tells him about Ruby and her wanting forgiveness, and Lou immediately changes his tune. He tells Harold not to be surprised when Ruby betrays him.

Erinsborough High - Football Field: Jack offers to give Taj his English assignment for Taj to adapt from. Taj refuses all help, wanting to try it on his own.

Erinsborough Medical Centre - Darcy's Office: Darcy is joined by James, demanding his money. Darcy asks for more time and James tells him to be there at 11 o’clock with the money or he will be in deep trouble.

Lou's Place: Karl and Susan are at dinner, arguing over the toy car, when Susan sees Ruby enter with Harold. Harold leads an anxious Ruby to the bar and she and Lou briskly greet each other. Ruby apologises for dragging him down with Harold and thanks him for making her see the reality of her problem. Lou bluntly shows them to a table, leaving Ruby hurt, and Harold looks at him, saddened.

Erinsborough Medical Centre - Darcy's Office: As Darcy gets ready for the gym after work, Dee joins him, ready to go home. He tells her that James paid up, and she gets on to telling him that she found a new house. She tells him that it is better to take things slow and he takes up her offer of getting a drink.

Lou's Place: Dee and Darcy greet Lou, commenting on the toy car. He then moves to the floor for a demonstration, enticing Karl. Susan greets Ruby at the bar and invites her and Harold to dinner one night before going to the bathroom. Lou is offering a 10% discount for the car, encouraging everyone to take part, before he returns to the bar and finds that the bag with the night’s takings has been stolen…With the pub cleared out, Karl explains to Sergeant Morris that everyone was watching the demonstration; Ruby agrees when she is questioned. Morris says that it does not look good and when everyone leaves, a paranoid Harold leaves to check The Coffee Shop’s security. Now alone with Ruby, Lou cuts to the chase and asks her to open her handbag.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Jack Scully, Darcy Tyler, Harold Bishop, Lou Carpenter, Dee Bliss, Taj Coppin

Guest Cast: Maureen Edwards as Ruby Dwyer, Jeff Keogh as James Atkinson, Matilda White as Sgt. Joanna Douglas

Trivia Notes
• Harold has the day off from work
• Ruby is staying in a hostel during her visit
• Susan refers to the snow globe as Karl’s revenge for her buying him a tiki from New Zealand
• Dee mentions Darcy’s refusal to let her pay rent since moving in with him
• Jack and Taj’s football match will be against a school from Eden Hills. Dee’s new house is also situated there
• Ruby’s son lives in the same place where Connor and Michelle retrieved the periwinkle plant in episode 4234

Summary by Brendan

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