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Episode Summaries > 2003 > Episode 4242
Written by Martin McKenna, Directed by Jeffrey Walker, Produced by Peter Dodds

Channel Ten: 20/05/03 BBC One: 10/07/03 UK Gold: 13/11/06

• Steph takes notice when Max nonchalantly mentions that he loves her
• Darcy looks edgy when he arranges for James to collect the debt that Darcy does not have

No 32 - Living Room: Summer excitedly leads Steph and Harvey inside, where Steph greets Boyd and Max. Summer gushes over Harvey, saying that she loves him, and Boyd corrects her use of the word. Familiar with the scenario, Max and Steph assure him that it does not mean romantic love. Meanwhile, Summer and Steph both get excited about the family’s trip to the beach the next day.

Lou's Place: Darcy and Dee are having drinks when Darcy mentions that he would seriously consider moving to Tasmania. He ignores a call from James, which she picks up on, before suggesting they leave town as a couple and start over. Dee insists that she is not yet ready for another long-term relationship before mentioning that she may be moving out of his place in due course. She leaves him to have another drink just as his phone rings again.

No 26 - Living Room: Joe enters from the bedroom after a nap, ready to watch TV, when Valda welcomes him home. Lyn joins them, thanking Valda for helping with her errands, and Steph returns with Joe’s newly-returned lost suitcase containing his presents for the family.

Lou's Place: Toadie joins Darcy at the bar, noting that he has not been around. Darcy lies that he had business in Canberra, and Toadie reveals that he went to Tasmania to see Dee, though it was unsuccessful. He says that Nan told him about her new boyfriend and Darcy looks concerned as he says that Toadie should drop the whole thing. Not put off, Toadie says that he will call her the next day.

No 26 - Living Room: Joe is watching football when Valda and Lyn enter for a Bold and the Beautiful marathon. Lyn looks concerned as Joe refuses to budge for Valda.

Erinsborough Medical Centre - Darcy's Office/Reception: Darcy is catching up with Nan on the phone before asking about Toadie calling. He thanks her for not saying anything and decides not to tell Dee about Toadie’s visit. Outside, he lies to Dee that he called Nan for medical reasons before she goes to her office and Toadie enters. Darcy says that Dee is booked up with patients and says that this is not the place.

Beach: Boyd and Steph head to the sea for a surf practice while Summer and Lisa prepare Joe’s metal-detector for treasure hunting. Max watches Steph and Boyd, laughing at their mucking around. Summer and Lisa quickly wander off, and Max does not hear Summer calling him to say where they are going. Boyd seems to have come around on Steph as they rejoin Max and continue the banter.

No 26 - Kitchen/Living Room: Joe is getting lunch ready for himself and Lyn when Valda enters with the poodles, muttering about “sweet-talking” Joe and Lyn without realising that they are home. Both Joe and Lyn are unwilling to house the dogs, Joe privately determined that she move out. Overhearing as she puts the dogs to bed, Valda listens as they agree on wanting time for themselves, and Lyn assures Joe that Valda will not be there forever.

Beach: Watching Steph and Boyd, Max has already started on the picnic.

No 26 - Living Room: Valda joins Lyn where she is sewing and offers her and Joe a bundle of dollar bills for their hospitality. Refusing to be a freeloader, she refuses to take it back, while Lyn looks guilty.

Beach: Steph and Boyd rejoin Max and Steph asks where the girls are. Max turns and sees that they are not where he last saw them…Max and Steph have set off to search, Max getting increasingly worried, when they pass a signpost for a nudist beach area ahead. Seeing a nude couple walk past, they stand awkwardly before moving on, now with a clear idea of where the girls are.

No 26 - Living Room/Kitchen: Joe firmly tells Lyn that money will not get Valda anywhere, just as Valda returns with boxes packed, ready to move herself and the dogs to the garage.

Beach: Summer and Lisa chuckle with each other as Max and Steph lead them back. Steph encourages him to lighten up and he cannot help smiling as the girls tell Boyd what they saw.

The Coffee Shop: That evening, Toadie joins Dee after seeking her out. He confesses that he went to see her in Tasmania.

No 32 - Hallway/Living Room: Boyd, supposed to be in bed, listens outside the room to Max and Steph. Max says that she is coming along with the kids, and she says that she loves spending time with them. Max comments on her use of the word, and Boyd looks unhappy as they each say “I love you” for real.

The Coffee Shop: Dee does not know what to make of Toadie going to Tasmania, with previously having him on her mind. Remembering her “new boyfriend,” he hints around the topic and she denies it. He asks her directly who she was in Tasmania with and she gathers that he is paranoid, even after she says it was not a date. She asks why he cannot just drop it and trust her, mentioning his own fling with Sindi, before walking out on him.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Joe Scully, Lyn Scully, Stephanie Scully, Max Hoyland, Boyd Hoyland, Summer Hoyland, Darcy Tyler, Dee Bliss, Toadfish Rebecchi

Guest Cast: Joan Sydney as Valda Sheergold, Rhiannon Fish as Lisa Jeffries

Trivia Notes
• Steph mentions returning to Moco the following Monday, presumably absent from work since returning from her motorcycle trip
• Joe’s souvenirs include a model Harley bike for Steph, a scarf for Lyn, a chew-toy for Harvey, and a basketball jersey for Valda. He also mentions that Valda used to play netball
• The nudist beach sign reads Nudist Beach Ahead; Nude Bathing Only!

Summary by Brendan