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Episode Summaries > 2007 > Episode 5218
Written by Hamish Cameron, Directed by Aarne Neeme, Produced by Peter Dodds

Channel Ten: 23/05/07 BBC One: 15/08/07

Episode Title: We Are Davo!

• Paul discusses with Fox about giving Elle’s business plan to a rival company so she loses the deal
• Elle is confused when Oliver storms out of No 22 after she tells him she’s happy to stay in the house with Ned for company after the break in

No 30 - Kitchen: Carmella and Oliver share an intimate moment and are interrupted by Ringo and Rachel coming in from the pool, who walk past the kissing couple. Ringo tries out another of his new age ideas asking why can’t guys talk more to their girlfriends rather than be so ‘grabby’. Rachel gives her man a kiss appreciating how ‘sensitive’ he’s been.

No 30 - Front door: Elle arrives as Rachel and Ringo walk past the front door asking to see Oliver. They point her in the direction of the kitchen before leaving. Elle goes into the kitchen interrupting the kissing couple. Elle suggests they discuss the business meeting coming up but he is not keen to be around her or agree to wear the suit she has brought him. Elle makes a hasty exit and Carmella questions if Oliver and Elle are having problems working together. Oliver dismisses it as him just wanting to be alone with Carmella, but it is clearly something else troubling him.


No 28 - Dining table: Susan is struggling to get her sowing machine to work much to Zeke’s amusement when Rachel arrives home with Ringo. Ringo makes a mention that he needs some hems taken up and quickly backtracks asking Susan if she’ll show him how some day. Susan takes the opportunity to tell Rachel that the teachers are thinking of ending the blogzine over the workload and time it takes students for little readership. Rachel is upset at the news but surprised when Ringo promises he’s going to get a crisis meeting at the General Store tonight to save the Blogzine. Susan and Rachel comment on how giving Ringo seems to be and Zeke’s laughs knowingly. Karl comes out of the bedroom looking for a decision on which tie to wear for his pharmaceuticals salesman job interview, but gets none. He asks Susan what she is making and she holds up a pink baby’s jacket. Karl assumes it is for Billy and Anne’s expected baby but questions why it is pink when they don’t know the baby’s sex. Susan explains it’s for Holly being as she’s stepmother to another child now. Karl thanks her and kisses her on the cheek.

Lassiter's - Brasseries outdoor seating: Oliver arrives for the meeting just in time and Elle still smarting from how he treated her earlier questions if he has a problem they need to discuss. Oliver assures her no and apologises for his behaviour. Ray Krebs arrives for his meeting with them about the proposed post-natal care unit and they both explain they want to use part of the hotel to set it up for mother’s to stay after the birth to receive medical attention using Mr. Krebs nurses & midwives, costing him a third of what he pays out at the moment. They are stunned when he reveals Eden Hills Hotel has offered a similar deal to him yesterday at 10% less. Ray Krebs leaves expecting to see the revised figures tomorrow. After he leaves Elle comments she still can’t believe it.

Goodwood Women's Prison - Visiting area: Lou and Susan are visiting Sky but Susan is doing all the talking, telling her about Karl’s job interview. She and Sky notice Lou seems distant and uncomfortable. Susan comments on how happier Sky seems and Sky admits her cellmate is helping her. With visiting time over Sky leaves and Lou admits to Susan he is struggling to be around Sky after her committing murder. Susan shocked asks if he really thinks Sky was responsible and Lou nods.


No 30 - Kitchen: Oliver is furious about the meeting and despite Elle’s optimistic hopes to better the offer he isn’t convinced. Oliver voices he believes Eden Hills Hotel must have been given their idea & costings. Overhearing Carmella admits she told Carla, one of the nurses at the hospital – Oliver is ready to blame her but Elle thinks Paul is behind it. Carmella defends Paul saying how he was so upset after the break in at No 22 for her but Elle believes he could have been behind that as well. Elle again reassures Carmella she can’t be the one to blame but Oliver isn’t so sure.

No 28 - Dining table/kitchen: Susan and Lou are discussing Sky. Susan tells Lou she is sure Sky is innocent when Karl dressed in a suit arrives ready to leave for his interview. Lou jokes about Karl’s tie and it sends Karl back to the bedroom to reconsider his choice to wear. Lou explains to Susan the evidence of Sky admitting she hit Terrence and her prints on the sugar dispenser must indicate she’s guilty. Susan refuses to believe Sky would have killed.

Scarlet Bar: Karl is being interviewed by David Mather, who likes to be known as Davo who seems keen on the fact Karl was an ex-local GP but makes a surprising statement he doesn’t like to employ men who are married with kids at home as they can’t have the killer instinct. Karl hides his wedding room from view and takes it off. Karl pretends he is young at heart at 42 and able to match anyone in the drinking stakes. He looks worried when Davo goes to get another drink for them.

Paul's apartment: Elle arrives pretending she needs her father’s comfort over the break in and the potential loss of the business deal. Elle plays along asking Paul to come back to work and seeing his smug reaction accuses him of being the one behind it. Paul denies it suggesting maybe her rivals see Lassiter's as easy pickings as they see her & Oliver as playing at business rather than doing business.

Scarlet Bar: Karl is trying to keep up with the drinking and finishes another beer with a spirit chaser. Davo suggests a cocktail and Karl agrees. Rachel and Zeke arrive after being sent on a mission to find Karl and while Davo is at the bar asks them to pretend he is their Uncle. Karl introduces them as his niece and nephew – they play along and leave but only scamming $50 dollars each from Karl. Davo decides Karl has a month’s trial working for him and challenges him to get Charlotte to start using their drugs in her practice as she’s refused to even have a meeting to discuss it so far. Karl accepts the challenge and they toast with their newly arrived cocktail.

No 30 - Kitchen: Carmella questions what is wrong with Oliver and he explains he is angry at the apparent disappearance of his notes he originally made on the postnatal project. Carmella tries to calm him with a neck massage but Oliver shrugs her off. Carmella is unhappy and comments on how he treated her in front of Elle earlier and the way he’s treating her now. Oliver snaps back and then apologises but Carmella tells him she is getting tired of how he’s treating her and walks out.

Goodwood Women's Prison - Visiting area: Lou arrives to apologise to Sky about believing she is guilty of murder and does his best to convince her she is innocent. Lou asks about if Sky has remembered what happened the night she hit Terrence but Sky admits she is blocking it out. She’s afraid if she remembers she’ll learn she did kill Terrence – Lou tells her if she doesn’t remember than it could stop her from seeing she’s innocent.


No 28 - Lounge: Susan is horrified at Karl for pretending his family don’t exist to get the job. Karl prepares to not take the job but on seeing how much he’ll earn plus the company car, season ticket to see the cricket and gold pass to the Symphony Orchestra, ballet and film festival, Susan stops him making the call to Davo.

No 30 - Kitchen: Elle and Oliver are working on their new proposal when Elle bangs her head. Oliver leans in to console her when Paul walks into the room, disturbing them, to offer to give them some business advice. Oliver urges Elle to listen. Paul advises they should use the fact that Lassiters is local to the hospital while Eden Hills Hotel is over 10km away. Neither concede Paul has a valid point to him but after he leaves they realise they can save the deal and rush off to the office to write up the new proposal.

No 28 - Porch/doorway: Next morning Karl receives a visit from Davo who is dropping off Karl’s company car. Karl introduces Susan as his older sister and explains she’s living with him as she’s been evicted from her home – again. Davo seems confused when he sees Ringo, Lolly and Bree as well as Rachel and Zeke in the house too and Karl explains it away as them all being Susan’s kids by different fathers to explain how different they all look. Lou arrives with an offer for a lift into town to the kids and Lolly greets Lou as ‘Dad’. Davo assumes Lou is one of the fathers to Susan’s kids and Karl excuses himself to get ready before accompanying Davo to the office. Inside, Susan is unhappy at being labelled as the older sister.

Lassiter's - Car park: Oliver and Elle escort Mr Krebs to his car as they finish talking about their deal. They explain that if he goes with Eden Hills Hotel the distance his patients would have to travel works out to another $5000 per quarter. Impressed, Mr Krebs agrees the deal with them. Ringo and Rachel walk by as Oliver and Elle skip past yelling in triumph. They walk over to where Carmella has parked up and explain they’ve seen Oliver head off with Elle in a very happy mood. Carmella realises it must mean good news on the deal and goes off in search for them.


Lassiter's - Gardens: Oliver and Elle are still jumping around ecstatically and fall over on the grass. Oliver continues to roll around with her until they are swept up in the moment and kiss. Carmella approaches from around the corner…

Regular Cast Credits

Cast: Stephanie McIntosh as Sky Mangel, Stefan Dennis as Paul Robinson, Pippa Black as Elle Robinson, Tom Oliver as Lou Carpenter, Adelaide Kane as Louise 'Lolly' Allen, Alan Fletcher as Karl Kennedy, Jackie Woodburne as Susan Kinski, Caitlin Stasey as Rachel Kinski, Matthew Werkmeister as Zeke Kinski, Sianoa Smit-McPhee as Bree Timmins, Natalie Blair as Carmella Cammeniti, Sam Clark as Ringo Brown, David Hoflin as Oliver Barnes

Guest Cast: Stephen Jenkins as David ‘Davo’ Mather, Ellis Ebell as Ray Krebs

Trivia Notes
• Susan and Karl reminisce over Susan’s pink baby’s jacket she’s made for Holly being the same thing she did, on the same machine, for Libby when she was born
• Rival hotel, Eden Hills Hotel, is 10km away from Erinsborough Hospital
• Susan and Karl discuss Billy & Anne’s forthcoming birth of their first child and the fact that they do not know the sex of the baby yet
• Karl’s new pharmaceuticals job has benefits that include a company car, season ticket to see the cricket and a gold pass to see the Symphony Orchestra, film festival and ballet
• Character Ray Krebs has link to Dallas character of the same name, and the third character this season, including the previously-mentioned Barnes parents, Pamela and Clifford
• Actor Ellis Ebell appears in his third guest role in just over a year, having previously appeared as Roger Nixon and another hospital administrator, Gerard Hancock

Summary by Paul