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Episode Summaries > 2007 > Episode 5219
Written by Judith Colquhoun, Directed by Aarne Neeme, Produced by Peter Dodds

Channel Ten: 24/05/07 BBC One: 16/08/07

Episode Title: Live And Let Dye

• At Karl’s job interview he pretends not to be married to help get the job
• Karl introduces his new boss to Susan as his older sister
• Pepper lies to Frazer over her recent behaviour and Frazer tells her so
• Oliver and Elle fool around after securing a deal and end up kissing as Carmella approaches

Lassiter's - Gardens: Elle and Oliver finish their kiss realising what they are doing is wrong and blame it on the heat of the moment, getting up from the grass. Carmella arrives to congratulate them and wants to buy them a drink to celebrate. Elle excuses herself.

No 30 - Kitchen: Pepper is making herself busy with preparing the garden for Rosie and Frazer’s engagement party and takes a knotted pile of outdoor lights to the garden to try and unravel. Rosie comments about how Pepper was sleepwalking again last night and calling out for the door to open. Frazer explains he had a conversation with Pepper who tried to tell him some lie to cover up what is really wrong but Rosie thinks it is plausible Pepper could be jealous of them. Frazer doubts it’s the truth and asks Rosie not to talk to her about it or it’ll look like he’s betraying Pepper’s trust. Rosie says she be discrete.


No 30 - Back garden: Rosie is less than discrete as she out of the blue just wants to reassure Pepper she’ll find true love one day. Pepper susses she’s been talking to Frazer and assures Rosie she just told Frazer a story to avoid his questions. Pepper lies to Rosie she is just having a hard time getting used to her father living away.

Scarlet Bar: Elle is sitting alone glumly in the corner of the bar. Ned comes over and Elle explains she needs Ned to take her to the party as she needs support as she kissed Oliver. Ned reminds her it is just as much Oliver’s fault as hers and it doesn’t make her a bad person. Elle points out that Ned has repaid his debt back to society but she’ll always be seen as the Robinson daughter with an evil heart.

No 30 - Kitchen: Pepper and Rosie are preparing food for the party while Carmella and Oliver share an intimate moment declaring their love for each other. Carmella asks Oliver to have a shower, as she can smell Elle’s perfume on him. Oliver seems a little uncomfortable and explains it away as a celebratory hug he got from Elle after the meeting. Carmella is convinced but Pepper questions what happened after Oliver leaves for the shower. Both Carmella & Rosie defend Oliver as totally trustworthy but Pepper reminds them this is Elle they are talking about as well.


The General Store: Susan is furious over Karl telling Davo that not only is she his older sister but that she is a single mother of eight kids of which Lou is one of the fathers. Karl tries to calm the situation by explaining that he told Davo that Malcolm, Libby and Bill were his from his own failed marriage but it doesn’t help. Susan then realises Karl has a packet of hair dye but he tells her he thought it was cereal. Harold comes over with Kerry and Susan takes her for a cuddle. Harold is concerned that Kerry’s routine is at risk as she’s supposed top be sleeping and Karl points out that maybe Harold is doing to much with looking after Kerry and the running the store. Susan points out about Sky getting Kerry to be with her but Harold refuses to entertain the idea. Karl suggests Kerry should be with her mother but Harold aggravated takes Kerry from Susan telling them he won’t allow it.

Lassiter's Lake: Paul finds Fox sleeping rough under the rotunda and offers for him to come home with him to get cleaned up and get something to eat. Fox refuses help but Paul insists saying he owes him for helping out with Elle. Fox agrees to return home with Paul.

Tim Collins & Associates - Office: Rosie complains to Pepper about Toadie making her work around the engagement party. Pepper agrees and jokes that one day she’ll have her own business ‘Rosetta Yeats & Associates’ – Rosie makes it clear as much as she loves Frazer, she’ll never change her surname after they marry. Pepper is startled when Harold arrives with Kerry in the pram. Pepper leaves and Harold explains he wants to know if he can prevent Kerry going to be with Sky. Surprised, Rosie tells him the only way is to apply to be Kerry’s legal guardian.

No 30 - Kitchen: Carmella is struggling to find the right words to put onto paper for her speech later. Oliver comes up with the perfect speech for her and Carmella is impressed. Oliver tells her meeting her was the luckiest day and they kiss. They are interrupted by Karl and Susan arriving with food and notice Karl’s hair colour has gone very dark. Frazer comes into the room and immediately comments about it. Karl denies anything is different and Susan scoffs at his denial.

Tim Collins & Associates - Office/reception: Rosie tells Harold she can’t support him on his decision as she is Sky’s lawyer and believes anyway that Kerry should be with Sky. Harold mulls over applying for custody despite the problems it’ll cause between him and Sky. Harold excuses himself and Rosie finds Pepper sleeping in reception. Rosie gently wakes her but Pepper seems scared. Rosie questions if she is okay but Pepper changes the subject to the party.


No 30 - Back garden: The Hawaiian themed party is in full swing as Ringo serves drinks, giving Karl and Susan a glass of champagne as he goes by. Susan remarks about how they shared a glass of champagne when they got engaged, just before Karl had a medical exam. Karl suggests he would like to go for a swim but Susan warns him off of it fearing for the hair dye – Karl reminds her to keep it quiet. Elle and Ned arrive to be greeted by Ringo and Pepper who put a flower leu around their necks to welcome them. Oliver and Carmella approach as they say hello to Frazer and Rosie. Elle asks to speak to Oliver about business but he rudely tells her now is not the right time and makes a comment about her going back to talk to Ned, who is staying in the background. Carmella tells Oliver he was rude to Elle but Oliver justifies it by saying she was wrong to bring Ned. Rosie suggests he’s over-reacting. Oliver and Elle share a glance at each other across the poolside.

No 30 - Back garden: Pepper and Ringo call time for the speeches and she tells everyone that despite their rocky road they are living proof of love conquers all. Elle listens and watches from the balcony with Ned. As Carmella gives Oliver a hug, Elle becomes jealous and has to leave. Ned follows. Below, Carmella sees Elle leave and is concerned. Karl is having his own dilemma as the sun seems to be causing his hair dye to run but Susan is only interested in toasting the happy couple.

No 30 - Kitchen: Elle tells Ned she can’t cope with seeing Oliver with Carmella when she wants to be with him. Elle tells him she is going to stay away from Oliver and he needs to go and work in another Barnes hotel.

Paul's apartment: Fox refuses to allow Paul to take him to the hospital and Paul settles for allowing Fox to wear clean clothes and eat a meal. Fox tells him he doesn’t need food.

No 30 - Kitchen: Ned returns to no.30 after leaving with Elle, to see Oliver and gets him alone in the kitchen. Ned explains Oliver must take some of the blame for the kiss he had with Elle. Oliver assures him it meant nothing and his relationship with Elle will survive. Ned reveals Elle only pretended they were an item to mask her feelings to Oliver that she is in love with him.

No 30 - Back garden: Rosie sits on Frazer’s lap as they share some time together away from the party guests. Frazer confesses he feared her being late from work worried him she was backing out. Rosie jokes around, she was thinking of it. Pepper, Carmella and Susan look over to the loving couple until they point out Karl’s dye has run again. Susan tries to save her husbands dignity. Oliver returns from the kitchen and Carmella is talking about marriage and children to Pepper. Oliver excuses himself to go and speak to Elle. Ringo gives the happy couple another glass of champagne before leaving them alone. Frazer checks if Rosie is fine with them still sleeping separately. They make a pact not to sleep with each other until the wedding night.


Lassiter's Lake: Oliver finds Elle sitting by the lake cooling her feet in the water. Elle admits she has feelings for him and Oliver apologises if she felt he was taking advantage with the kiss. Oliver asks what do they do next. Elle thinks they should not see each other at all for the moment until she can get over him. Oliver agrees, as he doesn’t want to hurt Carmella as he loves her but admits he thinks he’s falling in love with Elle too.

Regular Cast Credits

Cast: Ian Smith as Harold Bishop, Claudine Henningsen as Kerry Mangel, Stefan Dennis as Paul Robinson, Pippa Black as Elle Robinson, Alan Fletcher as Karl Kennedy, Jackie Woodburne as Susan Kinski, Daniel O'Connor as Ned Parker, Natalie Blair as Carmella Cammeniti, Natalie Saleeba as Rosetta 'Rosie' Cammeniti, Ben Lawson as Frazer Yeats, Nicky Whelan as Heidi 'Pepper' Steiger, Sam Clark as Ringo Brown David Hoflin as Oliver Barnes

Guest Cast: Tim Phillipps as Fox

Trivia Notes
• Frazer and Rosie’s engagement party
• On the day Susan and Karl got engaged the first time they could only share a glass of champagne together as Karl had a medical exam to go to
• Rosie wants to keep her maiden name after she marries Frazer

Summary by Paul