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Episode Summaries > 2007 > Episode 5220
Written by Peter Dick, Directed by Aarne Neeme, Produced by Peter Dodds

Channel Ten: 25/05/07 BBC One: 17/08/07

Episode Title: The Sinner Party

• Pepper wakes from a nightmare where she was pregnant and Mary was watching over her
• Toadie questions Charlotte’s diagnosis of Janae and Boyd defends her but is he beginning to show doubts?
• Paul denies he’s keeping Fox locked in his apartment and offers to take him to the hospital to look at his injuries. Fox refuses, telling Paul they both know doctors cannot help them

Erinsborough Medical Centre - Office: Charlotte thanks Boyd for dealing with Mrs Bridie’s dressing on her ulcerated leg but Boyd has ideas that they need to get some time together. Charlotte is a little cool to the idea and especially unhappy when he wants them to become public. He asks if she’s ashamed to be with him but Charlotte turns on the charm and they kiss.

No 30 - Kitchen: Pepper is in need to be around other people and calls her father but has to leave a message as he’s out, making sport as an excuse to talk. She hangs up when there is a knock at the door.


No 30 - Porch: Pepper opens the door to find Kevin and closes her eyes, unsure if it is part of her nightmares but Kevin is for real and asks to speak to her. Pepper explains she’s struggling to cope but agrees for him to come in.

Tim Collins & Associates - Office: Back at work after her party, Rosie is telling Toadie she is less than happy about work spoiling her big day. Steph arrives and makes her own apology for them not getting to the party, explaining how Valda wouldn’t allow them to return home from Shelly Bay as she took Charlie out. Steph realises that Rosie is working on her big day and to compensate asks her and Frazer to join them and Karl and Susan to dinner at No 32. Toadie is not keen but Rosie agrees under Steph’s insistence. Boyd overhears the dinner date and asks to bring Charlotte along. Charlotte tries to get out of it but Boyd is determined to be there.

No 30 - Kitchen: Kevin apologises to Pepper for arriving unannounced but explains he has just left hospital after staying several days longer just to be around people. Kevin apologises for not rescuing her from the burning room after he collapsed, blaming his bad lungs. Pepper tries to lighten the subject but Kevin explains how he is having problems sleeping and dealing with recurring nightmares. Pepper really can’t cope and asks him to leave. Pepper wants Kevin to leave and he wants her to open up. Frazer hearing raised voices comes into the kitchen and grabs Kevin thinking he’s attacking Pepper. Pepper manages to calm Frazer down and Kevin leaves.

Paul's apartment: Paul is suffering with a huge amount of pain in his head while Fox prepares to leave. Fox mocks Paul that he needs to take some painkillers but Paul refuses. Fox is about to leave and Paul asks him to stay.

No 30 - Kitchen: Frazer can’t work out why Pepper is defending Kevin and she finally breaks down.

No 30 - Kitchen: After Pepper has told Frazer the truth over her kidnapping, she explains she was trying to just get on with life but not talking about it but she’s suffering from nightmares about Mary. Frazer tells her for once she is the important one they have to care for.


Scarlet Bar: Toadie arrives to find Steph waiting for a chance to use the arcade racing game and offers to compete if she calls off the dinner date. Steph agrees. Charlotte tries to bribe Boyd with a night at her apartment to avoid the dinner too but Boyd is determined to show off as a couple. Karl interrupts with news he’d like to talk to Charlotte over the range of drugs he has to offer in his new job. Susan pulls him away and Karl mentions they can talk later at the dinner. Steph wins the race and Toadie has to accept defeat and dinner.

No 30 - Pepper's bedroom: Rosie comforts Pepper after Frazer tells her about the kidnapping. Rosie suggests she see a counsellor but Pepper isn’t keen. Rosie sees it as the time to cheer Pepper up and ask her to be bridesmaid with Carmella at the wedding. Pepper is thrilled and agrees.

Paul's apartment: The pain is getting worse in Paul’s head but he still refuses to take any tablets from Fox who taunts him over Elle. Paul just wants to leave to get to hospital but Fox refuses to hand over the keys telling him going to hospital will lead to surgery that will kill him. Fox holds up the keys in one hand and the pills in another and offers the pills as a way for Paul to still get back all the money he lost. Paul takes the pill bottle.

No 32 - Kitchen: At the dining table Boyd offers a toast to ‘new beginnings’ as he, Charlotte, Steph and Toadie, Karl and Susan wait for their dinner of Lasagne to be ready. Steph excuses herself to check the meal and Karl starts discussing new developments in research in TB to Charlotte. Charlotte makes a mistake with assuming it must be bad news if it is to do with TB and makes a hasty retreat to answer the door when she hears the doorbell.

No 32 - Porch/front door: Rosie and Charlotte are equally surprised to see each other as Rosie explains she’s here for dinner too but Frazer can’t make it. Charlotte asks Rosie to not reveal her past to avoid hurting Boyd as they are together now. Rosie tells Charlotte she assumes she used the same excuse when convincing Carmella not to put a complaint in about her. Rosie decides to decline dinner leaving Charlotte to explain her absence to Steph but warns her about not hurting anyone’s feelings, as these people are her friends.

No 32 - Kitchen: After the meal, conversation has dried up and Karl’s medical jokes are lost on Charlotte who blames them as being just unfunny. Steph and Toadie clear the plates and comment to each other they need something to liven up the evening. Steph jokes as long as it doesn’t involve him getting naked but Toadie sees an opportunity to embarrass and starts undoing his shirt. Charlotte excuses herself as needing an early night for an early start and Boyd follows her to the hall, as she gets ready to leave.


No 32 - Hallway: Boyd asks her to give his friends & family time a chance but Charlotte isn’t keen and definitely doesn’t want to return to the kitchen. She just wants to go home. Boyd asks if he stay over at hers. Charlotte reluctantly agrees.

No 30 - Pepper's bedroom: Rosie, Frazer and Pepper joke around with dunking chocolate biscuits in their cocoa. Rosie suggests Pepper get some sleep and offers to bunk in with her. Pepper thanks them for looking after her.

No 32 - Kitchen: Karl and Toadie discuss with Steph and Susan about their doubts that Charlotte is really who she says she is. They discuss how she didn’t send Janae to hospital over the concussion and Karl declares no one could make a mistake like that as a doctor.

Paul's apartment: Next morning, and Paul’s pain is no better as he emerges from his bedroom. He sees Fox asleep on the sofa and goes to get the door keys from Fox’s jacket pocket. Fox wakes up asking if he’s trying to escape to get to hospital but Paul lies he is just after some pills. Fox goes to get Paul a glass of water and Paul takes the keys. He convinces Fox he needs his eye mask to rest and as Fox goes off to his bedroom Paul sees his chance to get out. After he unlocks the door he walks out and locks it from the outside to keep Fox locked in.

No 32 - Kitchen: Frazer and Rosie finish telling Toadie and Steph about Charlotte’s past as a card cheat. They both can’t believe it and that they need to talk to Boyd. Boyd returns from his stay over and Frazer admits to him that he and Charlotte were professional card cutters and con artists. Rosie brings up the fact that Charlotte has no basic knowledge of medicine and Boyd storms out. Steph follows Boyd into the hall and asks him to think about things rationally. Boyd refuses to even think of giving Charlotte up.


Paul's apartment - Car park: Paul arrives at his car, still fearing Fox will catch up with him. Paul struggles with the pain to be able to get the door open and it becomes so unbearable that he falls to the floor unconscious.

Regular Cast Credits

Cast: Stefan Dennis as Paul Robinson, Alan Fletcher as Karl Kennedy, Jackie Woodburne as Susan Kinski, Ryan Moloney as Jarrod 'Toadfish' Rebecchi, Carla Bonner as Stephanie Hoyland, Aaron Aulsebrook-Walker as Charlie Hoyland, Carla Bonner as Boyd Hoyland,Natalie Saleeba as Rosetta 'Rosie' Cammeniti, Ben Lawson as Frazer Yeats, Nicky Whelan as Heidi 'Pepper' Steiger

Guest Cast: Rachel Gordon as Charlotte Stone, Zen Ledden as Kevin Casey, Tim Phillipps as Fox

Trivia Notes
• Toadie, Steph and Charlie visit Valda off screen in Shelly Bay
• Charlotte mentions a patient Mrs Bridie that Boyd dealt with off screen, by dressing her ulcerated leg

Summary by Paul