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Episode Summaries > 2007 > Episode 5222
Written by Helen MacWhirter, Directed by Gary Conway, Produced by Peter Dodds

Channel Ten: 29/05/07 BBC One: 21/08/07

Episode Title: When Opportunity Fox

• Carmella senses something is wrong and demands Oliver tell her what is going on
• Concerned for Janae’s well being, Ned sweeps her off her feet to take her to hospital
• Elle arrives at Paul’s apartment to overhear raised voices. Fox tries to stop Paul from opening the door and Elle enters to see Paul fighting with himself

Paul's Apartment: Elle is confused by Paul accusing that someone called Fox is in the room with him and tells her father no ones there.

Lassiter's Gardens: Paul has a flashback of talking to Fox on the bench but then sees only himself on the bench talking to no one.

Paul's Apartment: Paul struggles to make sense and goes into another flashback.


No 22 - Lounge: Now Paul can see himself trashing Elle’s lounge, something he had always believed Fox had done.

Paul's Apartment: Paul is brought back to the present when Fox talks to him again trying to discredit Elle’s desire to help Paul. When Elle sees her father having another conversation with ‘Fox’ she assures her father they can leave to get help without being followed and ushers Paul to the door.

No 30 - Lounge: Carmella is desperate for Oliver to explain himself but is stunned when he reveals he’s attracted to Elle physically but assures her he’s not going to pursue things and she has nothing to worry about. Carmella questions why he would even tell her this if this was the case but Oliver defends his idea this is about honesty in their relationship. Carmella thinks he’s trying to make himself feel better by giving her the option to split with him but turns it back to Oliver. He has to choose between her & Elle.

Scarlet Bar: Ned arrives to find Janae has exciting news that boxing promoter Courtney Fenwick wants to offer her a contract to box for her. Ned is not impressed reminding her she still is trying to get over her injuries from before and would not be ready for the big fight in five weeks' time. Janae wants him to understand this is her chance to prove how good he says she is but Ned won’t accept this and asks her not to sign the contract. Janae tells Ned he can’t tell her what to do and orders him to bring her lunch back to the workshop.

No 30 - Lounge: Ringo arrives home to find Carmella in tears and she feels surprised he knows about Oliver and Elle and didn’t mention it to her. Ringo justifies it by the knowledge he knew Oliver has integrity enough to tell her himself and it proves Oliver does really love her. Carmella is impressed by Ringo’s maturity and Carmella has to leave to make fruit deliveries. Ringo offers to help and Carmella accepts.

Lassiter's Car Park: Elle manages to get Paul into her car but he’s unhappy to go to hospital. Paul then believes he sees Fox in Elle’s car and accuses her and Fox of being in some sort of rouse together. Paul gets out of the car but the pain then overwhelms him and he falls to the ground clutching his head. Panicked, Elle calls for an ambulance.


Scarlet Bar: Ned is leaving with Janae’s lunch when Oliver arrives and admits to him he took his advice and spoke to Elle about his feelings for her. Ned offers little sympathy when Oliver explains his confession to Carmella later has left her very upset. Ned tells him he’s made the situation worse and Oliver retaliates, using Ned’s past crimes as a way to remind that he’s not so perfect. Ned makes his excuses to leave.

Carpenter's Mechanics - Workshop: Janae is eating her lunch but cannot take Ned’s look of disapproval after he’s learnt she signed the boxing contract. Ned tells her she needs to now prove she has the ability to go the distance on this with one great punch. Then he’ll support her boxing. Janae agrees.

The General Store: Oliver and Carmella talk calmly and Oliver assures her he wants to be with her and he believes it was down to him being around Elle so much at work that caused his confusion. Carmella agrees, realising this is why Elle sacked him from his job. Carmella also then takes the blame a little for it all happening around the time she was addicted to tablets. Carmella makes Oliver promise if his feelings for her change again, he’ll talk to her first about it.

Lassiter's Car Park: Paul is being stretchered onto the ambulance while he still is hallucinating Fox is behind Elle. Paul calls them despicable and wants them to stay away from him. Elle is confused Paul is talking directly to her and makes the decision she’ll not get into the ambulance but follow in her car.

Erinsborough Hospital - Private room/waiting area: Paul is in bed and watches Elle as she looks in on him from the partition window. Oliver arrives and upset Elle explains how she found Paul hallucinating. Dr. Vinton leaves Paul and is shocked to learn Elle knows nothing of Paul’s illness and wants to talk to her in her office. Oliver wants to come to support but Elle tells him no.

Carpenter's Mechanics - Workshop: Janae is giving her all to prove to Ned she is ready to box in competition as she trains. Ned goads her to get her to punch harder but it succeeds in her feeling exhausted and she gives up. Ned believes this shows she cannot take the pace.

Erinsborough Hospital - Private room/waiting area: Elle arrives back from her chat with Dr. Vinton and explains to Oliver that Paul has a tumour on his brain that is causing the hallucinations, something Paul has known a few weeks ago. Elle blames herself for not seeing the signs but Oliver assures her she’s not to blame and goes to comfort her. Realising how inappropriate it is he’s with her after their recent admissions, Elle asks him to leave her alone.


No 30 - Lounge: Carmella and Ringo celebrate their delivery with a fruit smoothie and Ringo wants to make the job more permanent as a part-time delivery person. Carmella is surprised he’s willing to get up early but agrees to try it out. Carmella tells him that Rachel is a lucky girl to have a nice boyfriend and Ringo admits he likes having a sensitive side to his nature. The moment is broken when Oliver arrives and Ringo excuses himself. Oliver reveals where he’s been and with whom and Carmella supports the fact he was needed to be by Elle’s side on this.

Erinsborough Hospital - Private room: Elle tries to ease Paul’s nerves at the upcoming operation and tries to make amends over ruining him in business. Elle truly believes she was trying to make them better people but asks they reconcile. Paul looks up to see Fox behind her and calls out for him to leave, blaming Fox for the fact he may now die in surgery. Elle however is confused, thinking Paul is talking to her. Dr Vinton arrives to prep Paul for his operation and asks Elle to leave. Outside his room, Elle whispers that she loves him.

No 30 - Lounge: Oliver is doing some paperwork when Ringo comments about Carmella going away for couple of days to do with the fruit business and Ringo lets slip he was worried that it was something to do with Elle. Ringo confesses he overheard Oliver talking to Elle and defends Oliver - Ringo sees some doubt in Oliver’s eyes about his feelings for Carmella and questions it. But Oliver defends himself telling Ringo he’ll take care of Carmella.

Erinsborough Hospital - Waiting area: Carmella arrives and wants to call a truce to be with Elle in her time of need. Elle is only too happy to have a friend but wants to apologise for her behaviour – Carmella tells her friend there’s no need.


Erinsborough Hospital - Operating theatre: Paul begins to breath in the gas under Dr Vinton’s supervision. She notices how scared he looks and tries to calm him. Paul however can only see Fox leering at him over her shoulder, taunting to him that he is never going to wake up after the operation.

Regular Cast Credits

Cast: Stefan Dennis as Paul Robinson, Pippa Black as Elle Robinson, Eliza Taylor-Cotter as Janae Timmins, Daniel O'Connor as Ned Parker, Natalie Blair as Carmella Cammeniti, Sam Clark as Ringo Brown, David Hoflin as Oliver Barnes

Guest Cast: Angela Twigg as Dr Demi Vinton, Tim Phillipps as Fox

Trivia Notes
• Boxing promoter Courtney Fenwick offers Janae a boxing contract off screen
• Zeke is mentioned by Carmella as using the pulp from her fruit smoothies to feed to his worm farm

Summary by Paul