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Episode Summaries > 2007 > Episode 5231
Written by Helen MacWhirter, Directed by Jovita O'Shaughnessy, Produced by Peter Dodds

Channel Ten: 11/06/07 BBC One: 03/09/07

Episode Title: Lou's Company

• Zeke overhears Lolly telling Rachel she only thinks of Zeke as a brother and the girls fear he’s overheard them
• Ringo challenges Rachel about her trying to change him
• Michaela tries to convince Janae the upcoming fight between them is already fixed – the out come is she’ll lose whatever

Carpenter's Mechanics - Workshop: Outraged Janae goes to punch Michaela but Ned intervenes them both getting into a fight. Janae refuses to back out of the fight but before Michaela drives off she again urges Janae to back out.

Brasserie - Outdoor dining area: Ned tries to calm Janae by getting her to sit down but she is still seething. Ned receives a phone call from an unknown caller.


Michaela's car: Michaela tries to make Ned realise she is being honest about the fight being rigged and Ned thanks her before hanging up.

Brasserie - Outdoor dining area: Ned tells suggests Janae pull out of the fight explaining Michaela has warned him the fight is really rigged. Ned points out that Michaela’s record is 16 fights and all wins plus 12 knock outs and that if Janae goes into the ring with her then she’ll get hurt. Janae reluctantly concedes he’s right and agrees to call Michaela later to call the fight off.

The General Store: Harold, Lou & Bree listen to Rachel’s news about Billy and Anne child being born. Rachel mentions that Karl and Susan have left for Queensland to see them already. Everyone is interrupted by Sky with Kerry and all welcome her home from her trip to see Dylan in Port Douglas. Sky explains Dylan is doing well with a job on a cruise ship and he and Kim have become close. Ringo arrives with a delivery of fruit and vegetables and kind of dismisses Rachel’s offer of help. Sky explains to Harold she is considering moving to Port Douglas to be nearer to Dylan for Kerry’s sake. Harold doesn’t seem too pleased to hear the news but wants them to focus on the here and now. Bree receives a phone call.

Brasserie - Outdoor dining area: Ned listens, as janae is on the phone pulling out of the fight, unaware that it is in fact Bree that Janae is talking to. He looks across to see Bree and takes the phone from Janae, discovering the scam. Bree excuses herself as janae tries to lie her way out of it but Ned is unhappy, telling her he is her trainer and does not want her to fight when she is not ready. Janae decides then to sack him from trainer but Ned tells her he quits and storms off.

The General Store: Lou is shocked to hear about Sky’s possible move from Harold but Harold is starting to understand things from Sky’s point of view about why she should take this step. Rachel is trying to convince Bree that Ringo’s opinion about maybe not going to university is a bad move on his future but Lolly interrupts and angers Rachel by suggesting she’s controlling. Zeke arrives and Lolly tries to explain she does really like him more than just a friend and asks if he’d like to go to a movie. Zeke is ecstatic and immediately says yes. Across the room Boyd is telling Sky how he doubts he should take his test and rather abandon his training to become a doctor. Sky manages to convince him nothing is worth him losing his dream for and Boyd leaves to take his test.


Lassiter's - Outside the General Store: Boyd thanks Janae for believing in his innocence even though others doubted him. Janae tells him she never believed he’d do something like that. She wishes him good luck in his exam and kisses him on the cheek. From where Ned is watching though it looks as if she has kissed him properly.

Erinsborough Hospital - Corridor: Harold congratulates Janelle for joining the ‘Ladies Auxiliary’ as a volunteer and Janelle explains she felt she needed to give something back to the hospital for all they have done for her family – despite a patient throwing a bedpan at her earlier. Janelle asks if she can accompany Harold. Harold agrees and while he visits Paul, Janelle is sent to room 303 to visit a patient Caleb.

Erinsborough Hospital - Caleb's room: Janelle bursts into the room introducing herself and offering a book to read or game to play. Caleb however seems to recognise her surname and questions if she had a son called Scott. Janelle confirms it but is stunned to learn from Caleb that he received Stingray’s heart in an organ transfer. Janelle runs from the room.

Erinsborough Hospital - Corridor: Harold questions how Janelle could never have realised Scott wanted to be an organ donor and Janelle puts it down to being immersed in grief. Harold tells her Scott’s actions should make her very proud but Janelle can’t deal with it all at the moment. Harold ponders how Caleb could have ever learnt the donor’s name. Sky arrives with Kerry and asks what is wrong.

Carpenter's Mechanics - Workshop: Inside Bree can’t make out what Janelle is calling her about and hangs up. – Ned tells Bree how he saw Janae kiss Boyd but Bree isn’t so sure and decides to tease Ned about being jealous. Ned denies it and just wants to be a good friend. To protect Janae, they decide to get her into her training and to get her away from Boyd – But Ned explains he quit as a trainer, however under Bree’s pushing gets reinstated by Janae as her trainer. Ned decides he’s going to take her away overnight for ‘boot camp’ training with 3 weeks to go before the fight with Michaela and they need to go now!

The General Store: Zeke tells Ringo he fears Lolly is trying to just embarrass him.

No 28 - Lounge: Lolly admits to Rachel she does have feelings for her brother – Rachel feels creeped out by the thought.

The General Store: Ringo reassures Zeke that Lolly really does like him. Behind them Lou is not happy to hear the news.

No 28 - Lounge: Rachel questions how Lou will react to her liking Zeke. Lolly is sure Lou will be fine.

The General Store: Lou is giving Zeke a hard time about his plans with Lolly which scares Zeke – Ringo jokes about Zeke not even getting to kiss her after that and comments on how well Lolly kisses. Lou overhears this.

No 28 - Lounge: Bree arrives and Lolly awkwardly tells her the news she likes Zeke but Bree assures her she isn’t bothered by it. Rachel wants to be rid of Bree & Lolly as she’s waiting for Ringo to try and convince him that he should go to university.

The General Store: Lou demonstrates his protectiveness over Lolly by watching Ringo try to explain away the kiss comment much to Zeke’s amusement.

No 28 - Front door/lounge: Rachel is on the phone to Susan learning about the new arrival when Ringo arrives. Rachel hangs up and tells him Billy & Anne have a son who they’ve named Jackson and we weighed in at 9lb 7oz. Ringo wants them to spend some time alone with no one around but Rachel has other ideas wanting him to agree to go to the university opening day, Rachel explains she wants to go primarily to see where they named part of the building after her father. How can Ringo refuse to accompany her now?

The General Store: Boyd arrives back from his exam to tell Sky the good news that he thinks he may have passed. He tells her that Steph wants one of the walls along the Scarlet bar to become a graffiti wall in honour of Stingray. Boyd notices Sky seems to drift off at Scott name being mentioned and she reveals to him about how they’ve learnt Scott’s heart was used in an organ transplant. Sky then explains how the recipient knew Scott was the donor – Boyd can’t believe this has happened but is more worried when Sky announces she wants to meet the guy.

The General Store: Rachel is trying to rub of her enthusiasm for university life onto Ringo after their visit to the open day. A lecturer arrives and Rachel greets him being an old friend of her fathers. Rachel confirms she was at the open day as she’s thinking of joining to study. Seems pleased at the news. To Ringo it is clear Rachel is going to love Uni life but he makes it clear it isn’t for him. Rachel persists and gets him to agree to at least read the promo literature. Boyd confesses to Sky he thinks it is a mistake for her to meet Caleb – Sky asks him to support her decision and he agrees.


Beach: Janae reaches a point in her and Ned’s run where she believes she has beaten him – Ned tells her they’ve only completed half the run and runs off with her following.

No 28 - Lounge: Ringo and Rachel see Lolly and Zeke returning from the movie and they both hide as Ringo starts recording in his phone. Lolly and Zeke come into the house and after a moment go to kiss each other. But Lou followed by Harold interrupts. Lou intervenes and escorts Zeke out so they can all have lunch together. Lolly embarrassed follows with Harold explaining he tried to stop Lou. Ringo and Rachel laugh at the first date disaster being filmed.

Beach: Ned tells Janae she needs to swim over to a buoy in the next ten minutes. As Janae sets off, Ned sits down on the beach to time her.

Erinsborough Hospital - Corridor/Caleb's room: Sky is both anxious and excited as she prepares to meet Caleb but tells Boyd she is determined to do it. Going into the room Boyd introduces then to Caleb but it is all too much for Sky and she runs off.

Beach: Janae is about half way in her swim to the buoy while Ned watches. He gets distracted by two girls who are playing volleyball and ask him for the ball back when they kick it over by mistake. In the water Janae gets cramp in her calf muscle and begins to struggle to stay afloat in the waves. She signals for help but thinking she’s just waving his waves back.


Beach: Ned’s attention comes back from the two girls to see how Janae is doing but he panics when he cannot see janae at all. Fearing the worst he rushes into the sea edge to try and find her.

Regular Cast Credits

Cast: Ian Smith as Harold Bishop, Stephanie McIntosh as Sky Mangel, Claudine Henningsen as Kerry Mangel, Tom Oliver as Lou Carpenter, Adelaide Kane as Louise 'Lolly' Allen, Caitlin Stasey as Rachel Kinski, Matthew Werkmeister as Zeke Kinski, Nell Feeney as Janelle Timmins, Eliza Taylor-Cotter as Janae Timmins, Sianoa Smit-McPhee as Bree Timmins, Kyal Marsh as Boyd Hoyland, Daniel O'Connor as Ned Parker, Sam Clark as Ringo Brown

Guest Cast: Selma Danculovic as Michaela 'The Mincer' Chapel, Nick Russell as Caleb Maloney, Ian Rooney as Brian Tyler

Trivia Notes
• Off screen Jackson Kennedy, Bill Kennedy & Anne Wilkinson’s son is born, weighing in at 9lb 7oz. Susan and Karl travel to Queensland to see their grandson off screen
• Caleb’s hospital room is no 303
• Janae suffers cramp in her calf muscle while swimming
• Zeke and Lolly’s first date
• Sky returns from a weekend break to visit Dylan and Kim Timmins in Port Douglas
• Stingray carried an organ donor card
• Michaela Chapel’s boxing record is 16 fights, 16 wins and 12 knockouts
• Janelle starts her volunteer service for the Ladies' Auxiliary

Summary by Paul