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Episode Summaries > 2007 > Episode 5232
Written by Katrina Foster, Directed by Jovita O'Shaughnessy, Produced by Peter Dodds

Channel Ten: 12/06/07 BBC One: 04/09/07

Episode Title: Push Me, Fool You

ē Janae calls out to Ned as she struggles to stay afloat in the sea
ē Rachel tries to point out to Ringo he is overreacting over his advice to Carmella to get back with Oliver
ē Lolly and Zekeís first date ends with them being videoed by Ringo and there kiss interrupted by Lou
ē Ned panics when he can no longer see Janae swimming

Beach: Ned rushes into the sea swimming out to where Janae should be and calls out to her.

No 30 - Carmella's bedroom: Oliver leads Carmella into her bedroom blindfolded with her a scarf to surprise her with an antique dressing table & mirror he bought from Cambourne Market and has restored for her. She is really happy with it and openly admits she thought the time he was spending doing the restoration he was actually with Elle. Angered by this Oliver leaves telling her he has things to do and heíll see her later. Carmella is upset by this and goes across the room to put scarf back into a drawer. A bottle of her antidepressant tablets falls onto the floor but she quickly picks then up and throws them into the waste paper basket.


Beach: Ned still searching for Janae calls out to her again before looking back to the beach to see Janae exhausted, getting herself onto the beach. Janae collapses at the waterís edge and when Ned calls out to her again she gives him a wave to say sheís okay. As Janae lies on the sand trying to recover, Ned gets back to shore and races up to her. The two share a hug, before the moment leads Ned to start to lean into kiss her. Janae panics and accuses him of trying to take advantage of her while sheís vulnerable. Ned tells her heís not interested in her but Janae tells him itís clear to her he is. Ned reminds her heís not interested in women younger than him and Janae bites back that women of his age arenít interested in him before storming off.

No 30 - Kitchen: Rachel is reading emails about the Blog being boring. Carmella interrupts asking after Rosie Ė Ringo reminds her she is out bridesmaid dress shopping with Pepper. Ringo leaves Rachelís side to follow Carmella who is heading out.

No 30 - Hallway: Ringo pushes Carmella into telling him what is wrong and reluctantly she admits she & Oliver, despite all their trying, are not working out. Ringo mentions Elleís name and Carmella admits she cannot get the idea of Elle & Oliver out of her head. Ringo suggests she end things but Carmella isnít so sure. Rachel interrupts and Carmella apologises for involving him. Ringo tells her heís there for her.

Campsite: Ned is playing cricket with the girls from the beach and some more of their friends and flirting with Karen. Janae goes to get into Nedís car but finding it is locked calls out to him to give her the keys. He reminds her she doesnít have a licence but offers to drive her home. Karen calls out to Ned and not wishing to spoil his fun, Janae agrees to stay on. Ned makes a joke about her accusations of him wanting to Ďjumpí on her. Unamused Janae returns to her tent.

No 30 - Carmella's bedroom: Carmella is onto the phone to talking to Oliverís voicemail asking him to come over with a bottle of wine for a special evening she has prepared. As she talks she places a vase of flowers on her new dressing table and sits on the bed. After ending the message awkwardly, Carmella spots the tablets she threw away earlier and takes them out of the bin.


Erinsborough Hospital - Paul's room: Elle arrives to find Paul dressed and ready to go out - Elle suggests the beach or a drive but Paul wants to go to Ramsay Street. Elle desperately tries to change his mind and Paul questions if she is keeping something from him. Elle assures him she is just worried about his health. Paul isnít convinced.

Scarlet Bar: Elle and Paul are having a drink when Oliver comes over to see them. Oliver gets reintroduced to Paul who recognises his parents name and their involvement in the hotel business. Paul asks him to join them but Oliver excuses himself. Paul makes comment that Oliver is ideal boyfriend material for Elle but she tries to warn him off the subject. Paul questions if she does like him but Elle defiantly tells him no! Startled by her mood change Paul reminds her he needs her to open up to questions like that for them to get to know each other again.

Campsite: Ned and the other campers are still socialising when Janae comes out of the tent. She isnít happy to see him flirting still with Karen and wants him to quieten down his new friends. Realising she is in the wrong she apologises for what happened at the beach explaining her let down by Boyd is still affecting her judgement on guys but she knows he is a good guy. Karen interrupts offering Janae a drink but she declines before going off for a run on her own.

Ramsay Street: Paul arrives with Elle and seems amazed that he recognises so much but comments on how the trees have grown. Elle asks if he wants to go into the house and Paul goes to walk towards No.26. Elle explains he hasnít lived there for a long time not since his father and grandmother were there. Paul becomes a little emotional as he mentions how he married his first wife Terry in No 26 and how his father gave them No 30 as a wedding present. Coming back to the present Paul questions if he lives at No 22 and Elle is delighted he has remembered that and living there with Gail. Paul excited races up the driveway.

No 22 - Lounge: Paul walks into the house and impressed with how it now looks to him but he cannot identify with anything homely to remind him of ever being there. Elle explains he was living at a flat before the operation but Paul sees a pair of old trainers under the sofa, hoping they are his but Elle explains they are Nedís. She also adds she and Ned are not together, just sharing. Paul brings up Oliver again and tells her he doesnít understand why she is so against herself getting some happiness in life by getting over Oliver and be free to fall in love again.


No 30 - Carmella's bedroom: Carmella and Oliver share a tender moment lying together on her bed and talk about the times they had as kids in their room. Oliver mentions he used to have stars that glowed at night stuck to his ceiling and Carmella comments about the first date they had at Land of the Stars but Oliver reacts badly as she realises this is the date she had with his brother Will instead. Oliver gets up and angrily tells her she is becoming clingy, questioning her if her motive is to be with him as she canít have Will.

No 30 - Carmella's bedroom: Oliver accuses her of thinking about Will but Carmella furiously denies it before realising Oliver is turning things to give him the chance to call it quits on their relationship and make her out to be the one who caused it. Oliver denies it and they both start yelling before realising how stupid it is becoming. Laughing they kiss.

No 28 - Kitchen: Rachel is using the laptop at the breakfast bar to read the Blogzine while Ringo agonises over Carmella. Rachel questions if she has any female friends to rely upon rather than him. Ringo makes Rachel promise if they ever fall out of love they will end things rather than drag them out. Ringo notices Rachel has uploaded the videoed kiss between Zeke and Lolly onto the blog and is stunned she has done it without permission. He tells her it isnít fair but Rachel thinks heís overreacting.

Campsite: Janae goes to wake up Ned in his tent only to find he has spent the night with Karen from him. She pretends not to care and agrees to a run and swim with him. After Janae begins her run, Ned looks over to Karen.

No 30 - Kitchen: Carmella and Oliver kiss as Ringo comes into the room to get a coffee and Oliver excuses himself to get to work. Ringo is surprised at the news that she & Oliver are okay now and Carmella thanks Ringo for all his help in convincing her to keep with it. After Ringo leaves to go and get ready, Carmella goes into her handbag, getting the bottle of tablets.

No 22 - Lounge: A happy Ned & Janae return and are greeted by Elle. Janae mentions Karen and after Janae leaves Ned plays down whom Karen is to Elle and changes the subject asking after Paul. Elle tells him after his day out at home with her she did start to feel like they were connecting. Elle goes back to Karen but Ned doesnít want to talk about it Ė Elle questions if it Janae heís thinking of really and Ned admits there was a moment after Janae got back to the beach that he almost kissed her. Elle questions if he has feelings for Janae and he admits yes.


No 22 - Lounge: Ned explains he asked Karen to make things look like she & he were together but actually spent the night in the car. Elle tells him he needs to tell her how he really feels but Ned explains Janae once told him she found him physically repulsive. Elle quotes her father from earlier telling Ned he has to then get over Janae so he can find love elsewhere and the only way to do it is to stop training & seeing Janae.

Regular Cast Credits

Cast: Stefan Dennis as Paul Robinson, Pippa Black as Elle Robinson, Caitlin Stasey as Rachel Kinski, Eliza Taylor-Cotter as Janae Timmins, Daniel O'Connor as Ned Parker, Natalie Blair as Carmella Cammeniti, Sam Clark as Ringo Brown, David Hoflin as Oliver Barnes

Guest Cast: Fleur Murphy as Karen Warren

Trivia Notes
ē Paulís wedding to Terry Inglis is mentioned being held at No 26 and that No 30 was a wedding present from Paulís father Jim
ē Carmellaís present from Oliver was a dressing table he bought from Cambourne market which was restored by him
ē Carmella refers to her first date she had with Will at the Land of the Stars
ē Off screen Rosie and Pepper are bridesmaid dress shopping

Summary by Paul