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Episode Summaries > 2007 > Episode 5265
Written by Piet Collins, Directed by Aarne Neeme, Produced by Peter Dodds

Channel Ten: 27/07/07 BBC One: 19/10/07

Episode Title (not used on screen): My Achin' Break In Heart

Cast: Ian Smith as Harold Bishop, Stephanie McIntosh as Sky Mangel, Claudine Henningsen as Kerry Mangel, Kyal Marsh as Boyd Hoyland, Stefan Dennis as Paul Robinson, Pippa Black as Elle Robinson, Eliza Taylor-Cotter as Janae Timmins, Dan O’Connor as Ned Parker, Steve Bastoni as Steve Parker, Fletcher O'Leary as Mickey Gannon, Jane Hall as Rebecca Napier, James Sorensen as Declan Napier

Guest Cast: Nick Russell as Caleb Maloney

• Declan steals the briefcase of a man trying to help Mickey
• Paul reveals to Elle Rebecca’s claim that Oliver is his son and her brother
• Janae believes Mickey’s note is a test to see if Ned would find him
• The older boy Mickey has been hanging out with is Rebecca’s son Declan
• Caleb tells Boyd he has to fly to Los Angeles in the morning because of his ailing health but doesn’t want Sky to know

Erinsborough Hospital - Caleb's room: Boyd begs Caleb to reconsider telling Sky why he is leaving but Caleb is clear that if he tells her the truth and he dies she’ll not cope with losing another person so close to her. Boyd cannot disagree with his thinking. Caleb wants to lie to Sky that he is just bored waiting around for her to commit to a relationship. Boyd warns him Sky won’t give up on him easily.

The General Store: Sky ends another unanswered call to Caleb’s cell phone and tells Harold his phone is still switched off. Janae finds Ned sitting on his own thinking about Mickey and tries to reassure him that with all the fliers around, Mickey is bound to see one and come home. Ned expresses he just doesn’t know how he feels and Janae suggests he think about what he would want to tell Mickey if he were with them now and write it down. Ned apologises to her for their argument they had over Mickey and tells her both he and Mickey really like having her in their lives.

Erinsborough Hospital - Caleb's room: Boyd tries to reason with Caleb that he cannot hide something like this from Sky but Caleb is convinced it is the better option than risk more pain for Sky. Caleb mentions how she still wakes up after dreaming of Stingray, crying. Caleb notices a flicker of jealousy from Boyd that Sky has not confided in him over this but surprises Boyd, when he suggests that Boyd caring for Sky is a comfort for him once he leaves. Boyd admits at first he disliked Caleb but realises he was wrong about him – Caleb asks again if Boyd will agree to not tell Sky the truth.

Lassiter's Lake: Ned & Janae are putting up more fliers of Mickey around the rotunda but Ned has little hope they’ll do the trick – Janae assures him in most cases missing kids are hiding out in places very local to where they live. As they leave, Mickey appears from behind the bushes, and tries to read the message on the fliers.

No 22 - Kitchen: Elle & Oliver are preparing Risotto for lunch but there is a long silence between them. Elle wants to talk about it but Oliver tells her there is nothing to worry about, nothing has changed between them. Elle cannot understand how he can be so blasé about it all but Oliver refuses to worry about things until the test results come back. Elle tries to think positive and tells Oliver that once the tests prove they aren’t related, they can get back to normal. She has to force a hug from him however and he looks less than convinced about the future being quite so simple.

Rebecca's house - Kitchen: Rebecca is looking at some of her memories of Oliver in the box of keepsakes when Declan interrupts to say he’s going out. Rebecca tries to hide the box and uses the final reminder for the phone bill to cover it up and questions where he’s off to. Declan reminds his mother he has planned to do some study for a maths exam with friend Luke. She questions how his studies are going and Declan makes a sarcastic comment about being a genius. Rebecca asks to speak to him but Declan wants to get going. Rebecca agrees what she has to say can wait.

Derelict building: Declan arrives to find Mickey holding one of the fliers he saw earlier. Mickey tells him he wants to go home but after checking Mickey hasn’t been able to read all of it properly he tries to scare the boy into believing if he goes home it is a trap to hand him over to the police. Declan then reads Ned’s message and tells Mickey his Dad does love him and agrees to take him back home that evening.

The General Store/Caleb's hospital room: Sky receives a long awaited call from Caleb and he lies that he is staying with a friend. Sky asks if they can see each other later and is stunned when Caleb tells her he thinks they should break up, as their budding relationship isn’t worth the trouble. Sky cannot believe it after them having such a great time in Sydney but he goes on to tell her she is too much effort and to never call him again.

The General Store: Boyd arrives to find Caleb has broken things off with Sky and she begs him to talk to Caleb. Boyd makes excuses he has to run an errand for Steph to avoid her but as he leaves he takes a look back seeing Harold comforting a tearful Sky.

No 22 - Lounge: Oliver comes back downstairs after comforting Elle who has fallen asleep. Paul wants to know if Oliver and Elle’s relationship has been physical and asks Oliver to cease any intimacy if they haven’t already, until the test results arrive. Oliver lies that he and Elle have not slept together to avoid any further mention of incest and decides to get away from anymore questions rather than accepting Paul’s offer of a glass of wine.

No 22 - Porch: Outside the house Oliver runs his hand across his head trying to ease the stress he is under.

Street: Ned & Steve pull up in Ned’s car after Ned wants his brother to let him out so he can stick up more fliers. Steve asks Ned to return home to eat with the family but Ned snaps at his brother he needs to keep going, then apologises. Emotions overwhelm Ned and he begins to cry. Steve comforts his brother and Ned mentions how glad he is to have his family around him. Steve reminds him how lucky he is to have such a strong supporter in Janae and Ned agrees she’s a great friend. Steve tells his brother he’s fooling himself if he’s carrying Janae’s photo in his wallet and only thinks of her as a friend. Steve suggests they go home and come back out looking for Mickey tomorrow at 9am.

No 22 - Kitchen: Paul finds Elle in the fridge looking for a snack, as she cannot sleep. But she cannot find anything. He offers to buy her favourite ice cream tomorrow and offers a hug instead. Paul tells her he is sorry for causing her such pain but Elle questions what they’ll do next if the tests prove Oliver is her brother. Paul promises he’ll be there for her. Elle tells her father she actually loves Oliver.

Charlie's Bar: Sky is offloading to Boyd about how she still cannot understand Caleb’s decision to stop seeing her but then starts apologising to Boyd for not listening to him when she first started seeing Caleb. The guilt is too much and Boyd admits he was jealous of her & Caleb being together and this prompted him to dislike Caleb but he knows Caleb is the good guy Sky always believed. Boyd tells her there is something she needs to know.

Erinsborough Hospital - Caleb's room: Sky arrives and Caleb realises Boyd has told her everything. Sky tells him she understands his only interest was in protecting her. Caleb admits the treatment he is getting is still experimental and the odds are against him but he needs to be selfish and go to America on his own for her sake but also for his. Caleb promises if he survives he will return to her & Kerry. Sky kisses him.

Erinsborough Hospital - Corridor: Sky pushes Caleb in a wheelchair to as far as she can before a porter has to take him on. Caleb goes to tell Sky something but she puts a finger to his lips and tells him to save it until he returns. Sky & Caleb kiss one more time before he is wheeled off to start his journey ahead.

Rebecca's house - Lounge: Paul wants Rebecca to assure him she is being genuine due to the amount of pressure it has put on his family. Rebecca vows she no intention of hurting anyone just for the sake of it and never planned to fall pregnant after their fling. Paul explains that since his operation, he has only ever remembered people that he cared for. Despite her calling it a fling he feels it was more, as he she too was someone he thought he knew when she bumped into him at Lassiters. Rebecca admits that for her it was the most romantic weekend of her life.

Charlie's Bar: Ned arrives to meet Janae and he tells her he still has no news on Mickey. Janae mentions Carmella has rung earlier to tell her Ringo is still in the coma. Janae suggests they grab a coffee before continuing to stick up fliers but Ned insists it can wait until tomorrow and after some persuasion Janae agrees. Ned goes to leave but returns to Janae telling her he needs to tell her something. Janae is stunned when Ned finally admits he’s in love with her and once Mickey is back he wants them to be together.

Street: Declan is walking Mickey back home and listens as Mickey describes Ramsay Street to him. Declan sees a house with the owners laptop in a room where the window is ajar. Declan lies that it belongs to his friend Vinnie who needs it for an interview he has in the city. Mickey willingly agrees to climb into the house and get it.

House: Mickey climbs into the house but the burglar alarms sets off and the window shuts. Mickey yells he wants to get out and Declan tells him to run to the front door to escape.

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Trivia Notes
• The message on the fliers reads: ‘Dear Mickey, Please come back. I’ll let you go to the footy and play in the park with Jake and to any picture you like. I know it was an accident and it’s ok. It’s all forgiven. I love you and want you back home. Dad'
• Caleb goes to Los Angeles to use experimental drugs as a way for his body to no longer reject the heart
• The song played during Sky and Caleb's farewell scenes was Goodbye by Butterly 9
• Paul talks about Gary Clinton who managed Lassiters for him over five years

Summary by Paul