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Episode Summaries > 2007 > Episode 5266
Written by Helen MacWhirter, Directed by Jet Wilkinson, Produced by Peter Dodds

Channel Ten: 30/07/07 BBC One: 22/10/07

Episode Title (not used on screen): Nothing But A Found Dog

Cast: Stefan Dennis as Paul Robinson, Pippa Black as Elle Robinson, Eliza Taylor-Cotter as Janae Timmins, Dan O’Connor as Ned Parker, Steve Bastoni as Steve Parker, Eloise Mignon as Bridget 'Didge' Parker, Fletcher O'Leary as Mickey Gannon, David Hoflin as Oliver Barnes, Jane Hall as Rebecca Napier, James Sorensen as Declan Napier

Guest Cast: Michael Quinn as Dr. Stanford Mundy, Tim Sullivan as Sen. Sgt. Malcolm Hill

• Rebecca admits to Paul the weekend they spent together was the most romantic in her life
• Elle tries to convince herself & Oliver they can get back to normal after the DNA results
• Ned confesses to janae he is in love with her and wants to be with her
• Declan’s burglary goes wrong when Mickey is trapped inside the house with the alarm blaring out

House: Mickey gets to the front door but is unable to open it. Declan almost decides to leave the boy but feeling guilty goes back to try again. Declan calls to Mickey to get back to the window and after another unsuccessful attempt to open it Declan decides to smash the window.

Rebecca's house - Lounge: Rebecca admits to Paul she lied to him that she was nineteen and from a rich family. They laugh at the fact they never left the hotel room all weekend and Rebecca calls Paul ‘a nice man’. Paul is surprised to hear these words after all he knows about his past. Rebecca goes onto explain the weekend ended with them exchanging numbers but her father burnt the note with his one and Paul never rung her. Paul raises some doubt in his voice about the pregnancy but Rebecca can understand Paul’s desire to have an outcome that is in Elle’s favour. Paul confirms that Elle & Oliver are in love.

House: Mickey is upset and refusing to run as Jake has cut one of his paws on the broken glass. Declan pleads with him to get away and promises he’ll look at Jake’s foot at his house. Mickey points out that Declan lied, saying he lived on the streets. Declan scares Mickey into saying he’ll go to jail if he stays and all three run off.

Lassiter's - Function room: Elle bumps into Oliver and she questions why he is at work so late. Oliver admits he’s having trouble sleeping. Elle asks why he hasn’t replied to any of her texts and he explains it away by telling her he’s just been busy. Elle is confused when he makes an excuse he needs to go.

Rebecca's house - Lounge: Rebecca shows Paul her newspaper article she saved from when Oliver was a boy and explains she was grateful he was in such a high profile family that she could see him grow up in the media. Rebecca explains the Barnes’s were a good family that loved Oliver but it never stopped her missing him or his father. Rebecca looks at Paul but apologises for making him feel awkward.

Lassiter's - Function room: Elle and Oliver glance over to each other but still cannot find anything to say to each other.

Rebecca's house - Lounge: Paul looks into the box of memories and finds a cufflink with the initials PR on it. Rebecca tells him he gave it to her as a reason to get back in contact if they lost touch. Paul believes it was an 18th birthday present from his grandmother. Paul asks why she never tried to get in touch with him after finding out she was pregnant and is stunned to learn she tracked him down and called the Robinson house and spoke to Julie. Rebecca tells she believed after the frosty reception that Julie gave her on the phone that he was married and the best thing for her to do was follow her wishes and give Oliver up. Paul explains Julie was his sister and Rebecca calls it fate. Rebecca promises in the aftermath of the DNA results she’ll be there to support him.

Rebecca's house - Exterior: Paul seems deeply troubled as he makes his way to his car. He pulls out the cufflink from his shirt pocket and looks at it.

Rebecca's house - Lounge: Declan arrives with Mickey & Jake and realising Rebecca is in the house he tells Mickey to hide. Rebecca gets the shock of her life when she returns to the room and is startled by Jake barking at her. Declan lies he found the dog on the streets and brought him home because of his bleeding paw. Rebecca isn’t keen to get a vet due to the cost but agrees. She sends Declan to bed and promises she’ll sort out the vet to come around.

Rebecca's house - Porch/lounge: Bridget tells her father he should have put off coming to visit a client so late at night but Steve jokes she was the one who got out of bed, wanting to go with him. Rebecca opens the door and thanks them for coming. Bridget immediately recognises Jake and Rebecca admits her son was the one who brought the dog home. Steve tells her he knows the dog’s owner and explains about Mickey going missing. Declan comes back in the room unable to sleep and Bridget realises the boy matches the description of the boy who was seen with Mickey. Rebecca defends Declan as being at his friends studying when Steve explains when and where Mickey was last seen. Bridget asks to go to the bathroom. Rebecca empathises about Mickey and hopes he returns home before Steve, Bridget with Jake leave. After they have gone she demands to know if Declan knows anything more and with the game up, Declan calls Mickey into the room. Mickey tells them Bridget was looking for him but he was hidden to well. Rebecca rushes to catch Steve but finds him on the porch finishing a call to the police with his suspicions. Steve tells them the police are on their way.

Rebecca's house - Lounge: Sen. Sgt Hill finishes telling Mickey to watch out in future for the company he keeps before returning to Declan who is being handcuffed in the kitchen by another officer. Rebecca explains to Steve she believes Declan only tried to burgle the house to help her pay her bills and is just grateful Declan is only sixteen and too young to go to jail. Ned arrives and is reunited with Mickey who is thrilled to see his dad. Ned realising who Declan is goes to attack the boy but Mickey steps in telling his father Declan is his friend.

No 22 - Lounge: Ned carries a sleeping Mickey to bed still venting his anger to Steve about Declan. Steve reminds Ned he still has to deal with why Mickey ran away but Ned just wants to forget about it. Steve advises he talks to Mickey about the crash as him being confused and scared about the crash now is nothing if Ringo dies.

Lassiter's - Function room: Elle is organising the seating arrangement for a function when Oliver arrives to help her with the event. They chat about the good news of Mickey’s return but the conversation dies and Oliver decides he needs to get a lectern from the boardroom for the venue. Elle stops him and asks if they can share a ride to the hospital. Oliver agrees they should and his car will be there at 10am. Paul arrives offering Elle a lift but she is more interested in where he was last night. Paul explains he went to see Rebecca to see what type of woman she is. Elle slanders Rebecca as being a liar but Paul begs her to start preparing herself for Rebecca’s claims to be true. Elle tells him she is prepared for the truth; the truth Oliver is not her brother.

No 22 - Lounge: Ned brings Mickey over his breakfast and tells him that Jake is with his uncle being looked after. Mickey asks if he hates him for stealing the truck and Ned assures him he could never do that. Ned explains he was angry with Mickey defying him when he was told not to get into the truck and mentions how people were hurt. Ned explains everyone but Ringo is okay. Janae arrives as Mickey suggests he’d like to visit Ringo to say sorry. Ned explains Ringo is asleep and everyone hopes he’ll wake up soon. Janae welcomes Mickey home and mentions how everyone can relax now but Ned seems troubled and far from ready to be starting to get back too normal or start a relationship. Janae is confused when he asks if Mickey can come to the garage with them instead of going to school.

Carpenter's Mechanics: Mickey is drawing a picture as Ned & Janae work. She points out to him that maybe letting Mickey off of school makes it seem like a reward for running away. Ned doesn’t convince her either he is thinking of a suitable punishment and is worried about Ringo. Janae tells him he mustn’t worry about handling Mickey over Ringo until something happens. As she begins to raise the question about them, Mickey calls over to his dad and Ned goes over to him.

Rebecca's house - Lounge: Rebecca is struggling to get her head around Declan’s actions and when he foolishly tries to joke about in his apology she is not amused. Declan admits he ‘stuffed up’ and actually apologises. Declan admits he did it to help her pay the bills Rebecca is furious at him for lying, stealing and misleading Mickey the way he did when she never asked for his help to pay his way. More importantly he has scared her into thinking she could lose him one day. She gives him a hug to express she is willing to forgive him but her attention is drawn to an exam he has that day and they leave for the school.

Lassiter's - Function room: Elle is stressing over the setting up the function room and Oliver tries to calm her nerves about the test results since it is affecting her work. Elle refuses to let him sugar coat the fact they have always had a connection to each other since they met and that it could be because they are related.

Erinsborough Hospital - Waiting area: Rebecca arrives and apologises for her delay due to the traffic. Dr. Mundy asks to see Paul & Oliver and Elle & Rebecca follow them into the room.

Erinsborough Hospital - Dr Mundy's office: Dr. Mundy explains the DNA accuracy to being 99.9% in proving men are the father and 100% at ruling them out but Elle is desperate for him to tell them the test results. He opens the envelope.

Erinsborough Hospital - Dr Mundy's office: Dr. Mundy announces that the results are negative and Rebecca stunned asks to see the results. Elle immediately accuses Rebecca of lying but she just keeps apologising to the all saying she was sure Paul was the father. Deeply upset she leaves the office.

Erinsborough Hospital - Waiting area: Oliver calls Rebecca back and promises him she really did believe Paul was his father. Oliver tells her she has put everyone through hell and demands she tells him who his father is. Rebecca tells him she cannot remember and Oliver calls her a ‘real class act’. Oliver explains he no longer wants anything more to do with her, something he believes she wanted all the way along.

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Trivia Notes
• Rebecca mentions calling the Robinson house and speaking to Paul’s sister Julie when she was trying to track him down. Julie gave her a ‘frosty’ reception and Rebecca believed Paul to be married
• Rebecca lied she was 19 and from a rich family when she met Paul to make her life seem more interesting
• Alan Napier burnt the note Paul gave Rebecca with his telephone number on
• Jake cuts one of his paws on the broken window Declan smashes
• Paul received a pair of cufflinks engraved with his initials from his grandmother for his 18th birthday
• The DNA tests prove Oliver is not Paul’s son

Summary by Paul