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Episode Summaries > 2007 > Episode 5268
Written by Judith Colquhoun, Directed by Jet Wilkinson, Produced by Peter Dodds

Channel Ten: 01/08/07 BBC One: 24/10/07

Episode Title (not used on screen): A Prayer Before Lying

Cast: Pippa Black as Elle Robinson, Jackie Woodburne as Susan Kinski, Ryan Moloney as Jarrod ‘Toadie’ Rebecchi, Carla Bonner as Stephanie Hoyland, Aaron Aulesbrook-Walker as Charlie Hoyland, Daniel O’Connor as Ned Parker, Fletcher O’Leary as Mickey Gannon, Natalie Blair as Carmella Cammeniti, Natalie Saleeba as Rosetta ‘Rosie’ Cammeniti, Ben Lawson as Frazer Yeats, Sam Clark as Ringo Brown, Nicky Whelan as Heidi ‘Pepper’ Steiger, David Hoflin as Oliver Barnes, James Sorenson as Declan Napier, Benjamin Hart as Adam Rhodes

Guest Cast: Steven Stagg as Sgt. Ray Moller, Carolyn Bock as Dr. Peggy Newton, Natalie Michaels as Susannah Christie

• Declan learns Oliver is his brother
• Carmella realises Ringo is injured in the bus crash and feels pressure to reciprocate after he tells her he loves her
• Frazer blames Toadie for drink driving. Adam tries to reason and Frazer warns Toadie if the results prove positive
• Toadie is arrested at the council debate for drink driving

Lassiters Hotel – reception: Toadie is escorted to a police car with his hands in cuffs. Journalist Susannah Christie tries to question him but Steph defends Toadie claiming he is innocent. They walk past Frazer who realises what has just happened.

Erinsborough Hospital – Ringo’s room: Holding the cross on her necklace, Carmella prays to God for Ringo to be okay and promises she’ll make amends for what she has done in return.

Western District Police station: Frazer, Pepper, Rosie & Adam gather for news about Ringo. Frazer is all fired up over Toadie’s arrest and Adam trying to keep a balanced view only angers him more. Frazer wants Toadie to go to jail for what he has done. Rosie takes Frazer away to calm things down and Pepper reminds Adam that Frazer is under a huge amount of pressure and missing his honeymoon. Adam understands but just wants to avoid Frazer making any rash decisions.

Charlie’s Bar: Steph cannot believe Toadie is not even defending himself and reminds him she watched Max slip into a ‘black hole’ with guilt that nearly killed her too and refuses to allow him to do the same. Toadie doesn’t want to discuss it.

Erinsborough Hospital – Ringo’s room: Rosie takes Frazer away to get some food leaving Carmella by his bedside. Ringo opens his eyes and Carmella explains about the bus crash. Ringo tells her he remembers and can also remember her telling him she loved him too. As Ringo slips back asleep Carmella can’t believe what she has done.

No.22 – Dining room: Oliver explains to Elle his reasons for seeing Declan while Ned cooks. Elle doubts Declan will ever accept Oliver as a brother but Ned thinks Oliver has at least given his brother a chance to get to know him. Ned excuses himself to check on Mickey upstairs. Elle answers the front door and Declan pushes past her to warn Oliver to never turn up at his home again. Oliver manages to get his brother to sit down but then Ned returns and recognises Declan and throws him out of the house. Ned explains to a shocked Elle & Oliver who Declan is but it’s Ned who is shocked when Elle reveals Declan is Oliver’s brother.

Erinsborough Hospital – Ringo’s room: Frazer & Rosie return having heard the good news and Carmella slips to the back of the room as they speak to Ringo. Pepper rushes off to call everyone with the news after the doctor confirms Ringo will be okay. Carmella decides she needs to leave, telling them she needs to make a few phone calls too. Ringo is thrilled when she tells him she’ll be back later.

Erinsborough Hospital – waiting area: Outside Carmella takes a moment to realise what she has done.

Charlie’s Bar: Toadie returns and apologises to Steph saying she was right. He accepts the crash was an accident but he must face the consequences and he can lose everything but not her & Charlie. Steph tells him she’ll never leave him and then announces she has a surprise for him. Steph makes a quick call on her phone and he is shocked when Susan arrives with his dream dinner.

No.30 – Frazer & Rosie’s bedroom: Carmella interrupts Rosie & Frazer sleeping needing to talk to her sister. Frazer excuses himself from the room and Carmella reveals she has been lying about not seeing Ringo and admits she kissed him. She also admits about telling Ringo she loves him and he now believing it. Rosie is appalled and recounts how she apologised to her at the wedding for having accused Carmella of seeing Ringo, how she lied about Ringo hiding under the bed and tells her, she took advantage of Ringo. Rosie explains she feels as if she no longer even knows who Carmella is.

Grease Monkey’s – outside seating: Pepper is panicking about Adam having to return to the UK when his visa runs out. Adam tries to assure her he’ll get an extension to the visa if he tells the officials about them and Pepper wants to go with him.

Erinsborough Hospital – Ringo’s room: Frazer warns Ringo he has some way to go before he leaves hospital and their mother is going to be around looking after him while he’s there. Ringo explains to Frazer the accident has made him see things more clearly about what is important in his life. Frazer wants him to focus on just getting better.

The General Store: Adam explains his best chances would be to get a working visa but he is an unskilled labourer in his current job but he would have to leave the country to reapply. Pepper wants to go wherever he goes but when Adam reveals they could go to Italy to visit his brother she finds the destination difficult to digest.

Erinsborough Hospital – waiting area: Ned arrives with Mickey to see Ringo but Mickey is nervous of what he’ll see. Ned assures him that Frazer has said he doesn’t look sick anymore.

Erinsborough Hospital – Ringo’s room: Ringo greets them and Mickey immediately apologises to him. Ringo tells him it is an accident and he thanks Ned for saving his life.

Lassiters – Brasserie outdoor seating: Pepper tells Rosie she has every right to be upset with Carmella but reminds her she has no right to take the moral ground when her own actions were so bad when she slept with Paul before his marriage to Lyn. Pepper tells her it is now time she started to help her sister.

Rebecca’s apartment – Kitchen: Declan arrives to find two more final notice letters on top of a box. After reading them he opens up the box to find Rebecca’s keepsakes of Oliver. Bitter, he takes one of the newspaper articles and sets fire to it. Before he sets light to the next cutting he sees the words ‘multi millions’ mentioned in the caption.

Lassiters restaurant: Declan arrives asking to apologise to Oliver and to explain the burglary was to try and get money for Rebecca’s bills. Oliver sits his brother down to buy him lunch and starts asking about school. Declan admits he doesn’t like school and makes a comment about Oliver’s suit, remarking he has never owned one. Oliver decides to buy him one and hands over money and tells him to order lunch on him too. After Oliver leaves, Declan jokes to himself his ploy was all too easy.

No.30 – Rosie & Frazer’s bedroom: Rosie explains to Carmella she doesn’t hate her and never could but Carmella explains she hates herself at the moment. Rosie suggests she try and make amends by supporting Ringo to get through everything. Frazer arrives with a bottle of wine to celebrate with his ‘two favourite girls’ Ringo’s recovery. Rosie asks him to sit down and he does so on the bed. Rosie tells him she needs to tell him something and for him to stay calm.

Ramsay Street: Frazer strides to the fruit Ute carrying a pile of Carmella’s clothes with Rosie behind him pointing out he can’t throw Carmella out as she has no where else to go. Frazer tells her she can live under a bridge for all he cares and storms back towards the house. Carmella explains she’ll go to stay with their mother but Rosie is fear cannot see her drive while so upset and tries to get Frazer to reason. But Frazer is clear he doesn’t want Carmella around his brother and calls her selfish & a liar and that she can go to hell. As he heads back into the house, Rosie looks over to her sister and Carmella knows she has no choice but to leave.

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Trivia Notes
• Ringo’s hospital room is room 202

Summary by Paul