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Episode Summaries > 2007 > Episode 5269
Written by Sarah Mayberry, Directed by Jet Wilkinson, Produced by Peter Dodds

Channel Ten: 02/08/07 BBC One: 25/10/07

Episode Title (not used on screen): The Sky That Binds

Cast: Ian Smith as Harold Bishop, Stephanie McIntosh as Sky Mangel, Claudine Henningsen as Kerry Mangel, Alan Fletcher as Karl Kennedy, Jackie Woodburne as Susan Kinski, Caitlin Stasey as Rachel Kinski, Steve Bastoni as Steve Parker, Nikki Coghill as Miranda Parker, Natalie Blair as Carmella Cammeniti, Natalie Saleeba as Rosetta ‘Rosie’ Cammeniti, Ben Lawson as Frazer Yeats, Sam Clark as Ringo Brown, Nicky Whelan as Heidi ‘Pepper’ Steiger, Benjamin Hart as Adam Rhodes

Guest Cast: Penny Cook as Prue Brown, Carolyn Bock as Dr. Peggy Newton

• Carmella admits she was seeing Ringo to Rosie and telling him she loves him
• Adam suggests he & Pepper go to stay with his brother in Italy so they can be together
• Frazer throws Carmella out of No.30 and tells her to go to hell

No.30 – Rosie & Frazer’s bedroom: Frazer suggests they go over to have dinner with his mum & Teresa to celebrate Ringo’s recovery and take some leftovers to him afterwards. Rosie can’t believe he has no guilt over throwing Carmella out of the house. Frazer tells her Carmella is not worth her sympathy but Rosie reminds him that although her sister did wrong she has been through a hell of a lot recently. Rosie tells him he has no right to say who lives in the house but he tells her Ringo living there and the fact he is a schoolboy gives him the right. Rosie puts forward that Ringo has to take some of the blame, taking advantage of a confused & vulnerable girl. Frazer cannot understand why Rosie is so soft on Carmella and Rosie reminds him that she is her sister. Frazer picks up his car keys and explains he is going to see Ringo to tell him the truth about Carmella, calling her ‘gutless’ to Rosie. As he leaves he reminds her Ringo is her family too.

Charlie’s Bar: Miranda & Steve arrive as Karl & Susan is leaving and Susan reintroduces Karl to them, having met them at Drew’s funeral. Susan asks after the renovations at the salon and Steve admits it’s a huge task to try and get done for the deadline he’s set. Karl mentions he’s just glad there is competition for local vet Dr. Little who charges far too much. Steve jokes he’ll have to re-look at his prices and Miranda warns Karl & Susan how Steve likes to tease everyone. Karl mentions about the fact they have animals and suggests Steve & Miranda visit. Susan can see where Karl is taking the conversation but fails to stop him asking Steve if he could take a look at Audrey who has been acting oddly, hiding in the backyard and barking a lot. Steve has to pick up some tools from home so suggests he and Karl see Audrey now. As they leave Susan comments that Steve must charge the full rate. Susan asks Miranda if she’d like a coffee and suggests they get one at the General Store, as it tastes better. Miranda remembers Susan teaches and asks about enrolling Bridget.

The General Store: Susan & Miranda arrive and Rachel is introduced to Miranda, who comments to Rachel about the top she is wearing. Rachel mentions she bought in while shopping with Susan. Miranda remarks about how Bridget would never go clothes shopping with her. Harold suggests Sky doesn’t take Kerry to her mothers group but Sky needs something to keep her mind busy or she’ll just get wound up over Caleb. Sky goes over to speak to Susan but Pepper who announces she needs advice from Susan interrupts them. Pepper blurts out how Adam has asked her to move to Italy and Susan explains to Miranda Adam is her boyfriend - but Pepper corrects her, saying Adam is the love of her life. Sky voices her opinion that Pepper needs to live for now and grab every chance of happiness she can as life is too short. Harold watches his granddaughter; aware she is talking from the heart.

Erinsborough Hospital – Ringo’s room: Prue tucks Ringo’s bedcovers in as she comments on how poor she thinks the hospital food is and promises to bring him in some of her stew, but without the peas he so dislikes. She becomes a bit emotional at what could have been but Ringo assures her he feels fine and in fact he feels like a different person as he is in love with Carmella. The confession shocks Prue but Ringo tells her Carmella feels the same way. Prue tells him he needs to concentrate on getting better and not filling his head with such things before leaving to go home promising she’ll bring the stew with her later.

Erinsborough Hospital – waiting area: Frazer arrives as his mother is leaving and she confronts him about Carmella asking how long he has known. Frazer explains he has only just found out but is going to sort it out. Prue tells him it is the least he can do for letting his brother down. Prue leaves on that sour note and feeling reprimanded, Frazer makes his way to see his brother.

Erinsborough Hospital – Ringo’s room: Ringo apologises to his brother for lying to him but defends his actions as now immaterial as he & Carmella are in love. Frazer reveals that Carmella lied to him and only said it because of the crash. Ringo wants him to explain and Frazer tells him that Carmella told Rosie the truth and after he learnt of it he threw Carmella out of the house. Carmella does not love him. Ringo stares at the ceiling.

The General Store: Sky returns with Kerry from the mothers group but still seems preoccupied. Harold mentions her advice she gave Pepper and Sky jokes it was more like a rant! Harold tells her he thinks she has more on her mind than just Caleb and Sky explains she heard a mother in her group talk so proudly about how her son spoke his first word ‘dadda’. But Kerry doesn’t even know who her father is! Harold tells her it isn’t an uncommon situation these days and Sky agrees but feels it is avoidable. Harold suggests she consider her previous thought about moving up to be near Dylan.

Erinsborough Hospital – Ringo’s room: Frazer tries to make light of what he’s told Ringo but Ringo calls him a liar, refusing to believe anything until Carmella tells him. He wants Frazer to leave him alone.

Charlie’s Bar / Erinsborough Hospital – Ringo’s room: Carmella’s mobile rings and sees it is a private number calling. She answers it to hear Ringo telling her that with everyone knowing about them they can be together and he wants to see her. Carmella tells him she cannot and hangs up. Ringo calls again but this time she turns her phone off and it goes to voicemail. Ringo leaves the message that he thinks her response is because of what others have said to her but he loves her and that is all that matters. Outside the room, Frazer overhears his brother’s heartfelt message.

No.28 – backyard: Steve jokes about Karl having so many animals and Karl mentions although it can be crowded it offers something for his father to focus on when he visits. Susan & Miranda watch their husbands by the side of the house and Miranda comments on how lovely Rachel is and she hopes her & Bridget could become friends. Miranda knows her daughter would rather bond with animals or choose boys she could play sports with though – Susan jokes she would welcome a daughter not wrapped up in teenage angst & romance. Steve & Karl come over and Steve diagnoses Audrey is just suffering from anxiety after the weeks events and suggests they give her a small dose of vallium. Karl makes comment that he has some inside as a free sample because of his work but Steve causes an awkward moment when he calls being a drug rep like being a parasite. Karl explains he used to feel the same way but as he puts it, ‘there is more than one way to skin a cat’. Miranda apologises to Susan about Steve not being one to hold back on his opinions but she assures Miranda the sooner Karl goes back to being a doctor the better.

The General Store: Harold tells Sky he is willing to let her go as he wants her to be happy and ideally for Kerry to be around both her parents. Sky makes excuses, saying Dylan should be the one who compromises but Harold reminds her that he has a new life and one that she & Kerry could fit into easily. Harold wants her to not stay in Erinsborough just because she feels she has to for him. Sky promises if it was just her she’d stay with him forever.

No.28 – backyard: Susan & Miranda watch from the balcony as Steve & Karl return to the garden to give Audrey the medicine. Karl implies he should get a discount on the call out fee from Steve as he is supplying the drugs and technically assisting him. Steve agrees but informs Karl Audrey cannot take the medicine orally and hands him a latex glove. Karl objects but Steve reminds him he is just the assistant. Miranda is convinced by Susan to carry on watching as she jokes she loves to see how far Karl will go to save money. Karl puts on the glove and calls over to Audrey to come to him.

Charlie’s Bar: Frazer arrives and finds Carmella. He never wants her to call Ringo again and reveals to her Ringo really believes they’ll live happily ever after. Carmella defends herself by saying she never promised that but Frazer reminds her Ringo is only seventeen and his belief comes with the territory. Carmella asks what he wants her to do and Frazer tells her she must tell him she lied to him face to face.

Ramsay Street: Sky has caught Susan as she picks up her newspaper, looking for reassurance that moving away and leaving Harold is the right thing to do. Susan agrees that she has to live her own life and it is only natural to leave home one day anyway. Sky agrees she has to think of Kerry and leaving is the right thing but is a little scared. Susan tells her that her dad & Harold raised her to be brave. Sky asks if Susan will just speak to Harold to ensure he really is okay about her leaving. Susan thinks it is unnecessary but agrees to do so if the subject arises.

The General store: Susan follows Harold into the kitchen and mentions she received an email from son Billy asking to be remembered to Harold. Susan then jokes about how hard it was to see him leave home and Harold susses out her true motives. He tells her Sky wanted to go and he had no choice. Susan explains Sky is just worried about him and he admits he is truly going to miss his ‘two girls’. Susan suggests he go with her but he insists it is not right for him or Sky to do so. He knows it is right though that she leaves.

No.30 – Rosie & Frazer’s bedroom: Pepper is chatting to Rosie while she puts away her clean washing about Adam’s idea of moving to Italy. Rosie points out that she has only known Adam for a couple of months and it affects her whole life & career leaving. Pepper thinks time has no bearing on what she feels for Adam but Rosie fears it is along way to learn something about Adam that she doesn’t like. Rosie remarks how she still is finding things out about Frazer after a year, and not liking them. Pepper realises she is talking all about her own troubles and Rosie can’t believe things are as they are after just one week of marriage.

Charlie’s Bar: Frazer is talking through with Adam about his & Rosie’s difference of opinion over Carmella. Adam tells him that Rosie is an intelligent, opinionated & strong woman and expecting her to turn into a ‘stepford wife’ is never what he would want. And not, the woman he fell in love with.

No.30 – Frazer & Rosie’s bedroom: Hearing Frazer come home, Rosie turns the bedside lamp off and pretends to be asleep. Frazer comes into the room and switches a light on; annoyed she has deliberately made it difficult for him to see. Frazer takes his shirt off and climbs onto their bed. Both remark how they haven’t changed their opinion on Carmella. Rosie turns away from him and Frazer hating their fighting embraces her. Rosie responds by holding his hand.

The General Store: Sky apologises to Harold for underestimating him and Harold admits he put aside any selfish reasons to keep her, knowing she wants to leave. Sky explains she wants to go sooner than later in case she loses her courage to go. They hug and Harold assures her he’ll stay in touch through visits and email to make it feel less of a wrench for them. They tell each other how much they love one another.

Erinsborough Hospital – waiting area: Dr. Newton finishes checking over Ringo and as she leaves the room she bumps into Carmella who is on her way to see him. Dr. Newton suggests visiting isn’t a good idea as Ringo’s heart rate is dangerously high. She asks Carmella if she can shed any light on why Ringo is in such an anxious state but before she can answer Ringo calls out recognising her voice.

Erinsborough Hospital – Ringo’s room: Ringo calls out to Carmella, telling her he doesn’t care what the others have done to make her life difficult sine it went public. He needs to see her.

Erinsborough Hospital – waiting area: Dr. Newton warns Carmella if she makes Ringo too excitable then she’ll have to sedate him.

Charlie’s Bar: Adam knocks into Pepper making her drop her handbag. As they bend down to pick up her things, Adam mentions he spoke to his mother and she can’t wait to meet her. Pepper admits although she loves him she has made her life in Erinsborough and cannot go to Italy. Adam promises then they’ll make the best of the time they have left together. But Pepper suddenly has an idea and forces him to stand up explaining there is another way to stay together. She then shocks him by asking if he’ll do the great honour of marrying her.

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Trivia Notes
• Drew’s funeral is mentioned by Steve as being the first time his family met Susan & Karl. He remarks it was five years ago in September
• Ringo supports the Richmond footy team
• Ringo doesn’t like peas
• Pepper proposes marriage to Adam
• Susan expresses an opinion that The General Store serve better coffee than Charlie’s
• Karl mentions local vet Dr. Little as still working in the area

Summary by Paul