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Episode Summaries > 2007 > Episode 5277
Written by Stuart Gaunt, Directed by Tony Osicka, Produced by Peter Dodds

Channel Ten: 14/08/07 BBC One: 06/11/07

Cast: Stefan Dennis as Paul Robinson, Pippa Black as Elle Robinson, Ryan Moloney as Jarrod 'Toadfish' Rebecchi, Carla Bonner as Stephanie Hoyland, Nicky Whelan as Heidi 'Pepper' Steiger, David Hoflin as Oliver Barnes, Jane Hall as Rebecca Napier, James Sorenson as Declan Napier, Benjamin Hart as Adam Rhodes

Guest Cast: Anthony Engelman as Kevin ‘Stonefish’ Rebecchi, Blair Venn as Richard Aaronow, Theresa Borg as Denise Nicoll, Kate McNamara as Kelly Fields, Julie Hume as Raylene Combes, Christian Charisou as Tom Corbett

• Rebecca fears Richard has tracked her down and Oliver learns he has inadvertently met his father
• Steph advises Toadie to spend time with Stonie to find out what happened at home with Chantelle
• Rebecca agrees for her and Declan to move in with Paul for safety
• Oliver catches Rebecca lying to the police that Richard is ransacking her apartment

Rebecca’s apartment – Lounge: Rebecca defends her actions as a way to protect her and Declan but Oliver reasons she cannot accuse Richard of doing something he hasn’t. Rebecca cannot see how she can go to the police to accuse Richard of things he has done to her in the past when he controls everything by manipulating the situation to make him look like the victim. She just wants the nightmare to end. Oliver comforts her.

Erinsborough Police Station - entrance / No.30: Adam is worried about his psychological test as he waits outside the station talking to Pepper. She tells him he’ll be okay but psychologist who calls him in to see her interrupts him. Pepper wishes him luck.

Erinsborough Police Station – office: Denise Nicoll takes Adam into her office and he nervously begins the test.

No.22 – Lounge / Kitchen: Rebecca explains Richard has always tracked them down in the end like this and scaring her. Elle listens to Rebecca from the lounge feeling awful about what she has done. Paul assures Rebecca she & Declan are safe and informs Declan he has Ned’s old room and reassures the boy he should treat the house as his home. Declan sarcastically remarks he’ll take the master bedroom then and goes upstairs to unpack. Rebecca apologises for her son and again thanks Paul for letting them stay. Paul suggests they call the police but Rebecca cannot see how it would help. He suggests it would at least create a record of what she has been through. Oliver arrives and Elle reminds him they have a staff meeting to attend but she wants him to stay home and let her get on with the business. Oliver is happy to leave Rebecca with Paul and wants them to go for dinner later to talk anyway. Rebecca thanks Oliver for his help before he & Elle leave. Paul urges her to go the police but Rebecca is adamant she does not want to risk any chance of Declan finding out what his father did. Declan overhears as he comes down the stairs and asks what she means.

Erinsborough Police Station – office: Adam continues with his tests but it gets to him and he walks out not wanting to carry on.

No.22 – Lounge: Rebecca tries to convince Declan all she meant was Richard was violent towards her but he is sure she is hiding more and Paul’s intervention does nothing to help before Declan storms out of the house.

Allotments: Declan takes out his anger by beating the side of a lock up with a shovel. He stops and leans back on the hut crying.

No.30 – Lounge / Hallway: Adam returns home and tells Pepper he found the whole testing a waste of time but Pepper is frustrated that it means he still hasn’t secured the job. There is a knock on the front door and Denise Nicoll introduces herself asks to speak to Adam. She tells him she cannot recommend him over what happened with the test but she thinks he could still get into the police if he undergoes intensive counselling to resolve the issues he still has. Denise will supervise and then Adam will take another assessment. After Denise leaves Pepper is thrilled at Adam being given another chance but he looks positively terrified.

The General Store: Elle is not happy that Oliver seems to be giving her the ‘silent treatment’ as they sit down to get a coffee before dinner. She apologises again but he assures her he isn’t angry with her and confesses after seeing Rebecca actions earlier, he realises he doesn’t know his mother at all.

Charlie’s Bar: Stonie is chatting up a girl called Kelly, lying he is a professional racing car driver. She jokes she can see through his chat but takes pity on his out of practice chat up lines. She asks if he and Toadie would like to join her and friend Raylene for a drink. Stonie goes over to his brother to get him to join the girls with him but Toadie reminds his brother he is still married but Stonie says his marriage is on the rocks. Toadie agrees to have one beer with him before going home.

No.32 – Lounge / Charlie’s Bar: Steph is enjoying the footy on tv when Toadie calls asking her to get him out of having to watch his brother chat up every girl in the place. Steph refuses as she wants him to get time to bond with Stonie again – but Toadie jokes he isn’t the one Stonie wants to bond with! Steph tells him to stick with it and hangs up. Stonie is already with the girls and calls over to his brother to join them.

The General Store: Elle defends Rebecca’s actions down to extrem4e circumstances and Oliver asks her what his father was like. Elle admits Richard seemed normal but that she believes Rebecca claims as being true. Oliver tells her he’s confused and Elle tells him if he wants to meet his father now then he should do it rather than torture himself about it.

Charlie’s Bar: Toadie is looking very bored and Stonie tries to involve him in a conversation with Raylene by explaining she is a law student and he a lawyer. Toadie explains he has done some family law in his time and Raylene expresses that she too wants to into family law. Her motives seem a little scary as she explains her father walked out on her family as a child and she wants to ‘nail all the deadbeat dad’s to the wall’. Toadie decides he has to leave and despite the girls asking him to stay on he says goodnight. Stonie follows his brother asking him to stick around. Toadie tells him he’s more than happy to spend time with him if he wants to watch footy, eat pizza and talk about Chantelle but he has no reason to be there when he has Steph waiting for him at home. Stonie tells him unlike his brother he has no reason to go home, he doesn’t deserve Chantelle. Toadie looks on in frustration as Stonie rejoins the two girls.

No.32 – Stephanie & Toadie’s bedroom: Toadie tells Steph he could not watch Stonie hitting on other girls when he has the perfect girl in Chantelle at home. Steph jokes that maybe it is just a harmless flirtation and Toadie thinks he doesn’t have the guts to cheat on Chantelle.

No.32 – Hallway / Lounge: Stonie and Kelly stumble into the house her trying to kiss him and he desperate to not wake anyone up. Kelly leads him to the sofa and they start kissing.

No.32 – Stephanie & Toadie’s bedroom: Steph & Toadie realise they can hear a woman’s voice…

No.32 – Lounge: Stonie and Kelly continue to kiss but he breaks away telling her can’t, as he is married. They realise Steph & Toadie are behind them and Stonie admits to Kelly the house isn’t his either. She calls him a creep before storming out. Stonie apologises to them and admits he is still in love with Chantelle.

No.32 – Lounge: Toadie asks if Stonie is going to call his wife but Stonie seems too decided he can live without her again. Toadie is confused but Steph is concerned for him.

Erinsborough Police Station – office: Denise greets Adam for his first counselling session telling her he really wants to sort his issues out.

No.22 – Lounge / Kitchen: Rebecca finishes a call to Declan’s friend Luke hoping Declan is with him. When Luke tells her no she asks him to call her if he does see Declan at some point. Rebecca explains to Paul that Declan’s bed wasn’t slept in last night.

Alkrington Grammar School – sports field: Some one is watching Richard as he is talking through with a student about their conduct.

No.22 – Lounge: Rebecca tells Paul that Declan isn’t answering his phone still but Paul tries to calm her. Rebecca fears Richard may have found him but Paul questions if it is the other way round – Rebecca realises he could be right.

Alkrington Grammar School – sports field: Richard sends the boys back into class and turns around to see a visitor to the school. He asks if he can help, is the man one of the parents. Oliver tells him he is a son, his son.

No.22 – Lounge: Rebecca runs to the front door as it opens and Declan walks in. She asks where he has been and he sarcastically tells her he’s been on jury service. Rebecca isn’t interested in his stupid jokes and Paul doesn’t receive a warm response either when he tells Declan he should of rung home. Declan remarks to Rebecca she now knows how horrible it is not to know something and goes upstairs. Rebecca is upset that Declan spoke to her like that as they have always been close before. Paul assures her it is just about the events rather than her Declan is angry about and that they will get through it together,

Alkrington Grammar School – sports field: Richard tells Oliver he always suspected he was his father despite Rebecca’s claims he wasn’t. Oliver tells him a DNA test ruled out the other guy recently. Oliver explains he has kept away after Rebecca told him some horrific stories about him and wants to know if there is any truth in them. Richard assures him the only thing he is guilty of is trying to offer Rebecca a life as a family.

No.22 – Kitchen: Paul brings Rebecca a coffee and continues to reassure her by telling her he just wants the chance to look after her. Rebecca tells him he’s a good man.

Alkrington Grammar School – sports field: Richard explains to Oliver that he and Rebecca were each other’s first true love but she then had an affair and although she promised not to do it again she had broken his heart and he finished it. Oliver asks if he knew about the pregnancy but Richard assures him he would have supported Rebecca if he had. Richard asks if Rebecca got together with the other man ‘Robinson’ but Oliver explains how Rebecca thought he was married at the time. Richard reveals he only found out about him being given away when he and Rebecca got back together years later. He hoped she would want to find Oliver to bring him home one day. Oliver asks about Declan and Richard tells him he was thrilled when he first knew she was pregnant and suggested Rebecca find Oliver to make it a family but she thought that he wasn’t earning enough to support even her & Declan. Richard claims Rebecca then went looking for another man who could support her in the type of life she wanted.

Alkrington Grammar School – sports field: Richard justifies his phone call to Rebecca earlier being about wanting to know what game she was playing but Oliver explains Rebecca is terrified of him. Richard asks if Oliver coming was her idea but again Oliver stresses how Rebecca doesn’t want to ever see him again.

No.22 – Lounge: Rebecca talks about how she realises all her secrets have made life so difficult for her sons. Paul reckons she only did what she felt right.

Alkrington Grammar School – sports field: Oliver cannot understand how Rebecca & Richard’s stories are so different. Oliver asks why Rebecca should be so terrified of him and Richard asks if he was that bad why has Rebecca never gone to the police. Oliver suggests because of her fear. Richard suggests it is because it isn’t true.

No.22 – Lounge: Rebecca thanks Paul for believing in her and he tells her of course he believes her. Rebecca rests her head on his shoulder.

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Trivia Notes
• Adam undergoes a psychological test to approve his application to rejoin the police

Summary by Paul