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Episode Summaries > 2008 > Episode 5517
Written by Anthony Morris, Directed by Jovita O’Shaughnessy, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Ten: 12/08/08 Five: 03/11/08

• Rachel vows to do whatever she needs to make Angus happy – he asks her to move in with him
• Karl refuses to entertain the idea of Rachel moving out of home
• Susan & Karl reluctantly watch as Rachel drives off with Angus
• Lucas and Libby kiss passionately
• Toadie is annoyed by Dan’s lack of action to win back Libby’s affections and tells him to ‘go get that girl!’

No.30 – Lounge: Dan is dreaming of Libby where she seductively walks towards him but then he sees Lucas pulls Libby towards him and kiss her passionately. Lucas looks directly towards Dan and gives him a triumphant smile before kissing Libby again...

No.30 – Lounge: Dan wakes from his dreaming after becoming clearly upset by what he has dreamt about.

Erinsborough High School – Corridor: Libby receives a text message from Lucas telling her ‘Pick you Up Now!’ Libby smiles to herself and looks ahead to see another teacher approaching her. The woman asks Libby how she is and Libby lies that she isn’t feeling too well and asks the teacher to let Principal Helen Carr know that she is unwell and going home in case the school needs a relief teacher. As Libby walks away she bumps into Dan who leans in and passionately kisses her in front of all the students and Helen Carr. Libby pulls away and clearly upset slaps Dan across the face before running off. Dan decides to follow her.

Erinsborough High School – Playground: Libby rushes down some steps with Dan following calling out to her to stop. When she does he tells her he only kissed her to prove he likes her but Libby says he is acting like some kind of ‘caveman’ - he kept her stringing on for weeks and now that she is seeing someone else he suddenly makes a move on her. Lucas pushes the horn on his truck to make Libby aware he is waiting for her. Dan tells her she cannot trust Lucas and stresses to him that as far as she is concerned he is too late. Dan watches as Libby runs over to Lucas and kisses him. Donna is also watching Libby & Lucas and photographs the kiss and them leaving together on her phone. Zeke walks over to her and asks what she is doing and admits she finds Lucas ‘so hot’. Zeke cannot believe his stepsister is leaving during the school day but Donna unaware that Dan is standing behind them tells Zeke that Lucas is definitely worth skipping school for. Annoyed Dan tells them to get to class as the bell goes. Donna remarks that Dan is in a bad mood.

Erinsborough High School – Corridor: Donna is overexcited about the photos she has of Lucas and delights in telling Bridget all about them but Zeke tells her to shut up. Donna takes it to heart and blames herself for being too ‘annoying’, remarking how she has few friends because of it and how she even annoys herself sometimes. Bridget makes it clear he has gone too far and Zeke apologises for snapping at her and Bridget changes the subject by reminding her how much Josh likes her. Donna’s mood brightens. Bridget asks after Rachel and Zeke admits he doesn’t know where his sister is and reveals how Rachel moved in with Angus the previous evening. Both girls are stunned and Zeke makes it clear he is furious with Rachel that she chose ‘love’ and someone like Angus over her family. Donna jokes that the next parent / teacher evening could be interesting. Dan arrives and asks Zeke where Rachel is but Zeke tells him isn’t sure. Dan asks him to get Rachel to come and see him when he does see her. Helen Carr arrives and reminds everyone the school bell sounded some time ago and Zeke and there girls hurriedly make their way to class. Helen asks Dan to come and see her in his free second period as she has something to discuss with him, including Libby.

Boating Lake: Libby takes a moment to enjoy the view as Lucas wheels his treasured motorbike over to where she is standing. Lucas points out how it was all worth her skipping school for. Libby cannot believe she faked a cough to get out of school but calls the view beautiful - Lucas jokes that she is referring to his bike and strokes the top of it. Lucas asks what Dan had to say to her but Libby doesn’t want to discuss it and changes the subject back to the bike. Lucas suggests she join him in a ride but Libby is very clear she does not want to ride the bike with him. Lucas decides to steer clear of why she feels so against riding and suggests they tuck into raspberries and wine. Libby tells him that is more to her liking. Lucas figures they should forget talking about motorbikes for awhile and Libby jokes that the bike will get jealous. Lucas takes her in his arms.

Erinsborough High School – Classroom: Dan arrives to see Helen Carr as requested, expecting to be chastised for his actions earlier with Libby. Helen tells him she is aware of his relationship with Libby but tells him it is his business but remarks she always thought it a shame they never got together. Helen stuns Dan further by revealing she has accepted a new post at Weston Girls Grammar school and would like to recommend him as acting head for the senior school. Dan is shocked but when Helen asks if his problems with Libby would cause him issues in taking the role Dan admits he doesn’t think he could work with Libby as her senior or at any level. Helen points out what a fool he would be career wise not to take the job. Dan agrees to think about it and come back to her.

Erinsborough High School – Classroom: Dan walks into class annoyed after the chat with Helen and takes out his frustrations on the students which don’t bode well for Rachel who arrives late for class, having slept in. Fitzy hands out the marked assignments. Zeke has a good grade and Donna is thrilled at getting 48%. Rachel however has an ungraded mark as the essay is so poor and she objects to the mark. Dan is not in the mood to discuss and Donna only aggravates the situation further by continuing to text on her phone. After her fourth warning Dan takes the phone from her and sees the images of Lucas and Libby together. Zeke meanwhile looks over to his sister, concerned more than ever about her.

Boating Lake: Lucas decides to ask Libby about why she dislikes the idea of riding with him and after some gentle pressure she tells him about the accident she had with Steph when they both came off the bike. Libby explains how her injures were so bad that she was expected never to be able to have children and calls Ben her miracle. Libby switches the conversation back to talking about Lucas and asks what his story is. Lucas assures her he has no complicated back story. Libby tells him complications are over rated and they kiss.

Erinsborough High School – Corridor: Rachel is brooding over her failed assignment and Zeke joins her asking how she fared in the essay. Rachel reminds him that it was clear to everyone in class that she had failed. Zeke implies that Angus and the control he seems to have on her is the root of her troubles at school. Rachel dismisses that Angus is as fault and blames her unsupportive family. Zeke tells his sister that she has forgotten how to be her own person since Angus came on the scene again. Rachel can only look on as her brother walks away.

Erinsborough High School – Classroom: Rachel asks to speak to Dan about the essay and admits it is poor and deserves the ungraded mark. Dan agrees with her that her recent attendance has been poor and her work has suffered but also her attitude has been a problem too. Dan tells her he is giving her and the rest of the class a second chance to resubmit the essay. Rachel is delighted and thanks Dan but he is more interested in her taking on board his comments about her recent behaviour. After she leaves, Donna’s phone begins to bleep as she receives a text message. Suspecting it is another message in response to the photos of Lucas, Dan leans on it to silence it but it does appear that his mood is beginning to lighten.

Eastside Dingoes Football & Sporting Club: Angus is surprised to see Ty at reception and asks to see the manageress. Ty explains that she is out and he is looking after things. Awkwardly, Angus explains how he has come to drop off his CV for the counter job but Ty makes it clear to Angus that the job involves dealing with many of the school kids that he used to teach. Ty asks if he has told the manageress about his conviction but angered, Angus tells him it is nobody’s business but his. Ty offers to pass his CV on but feeling spurned, Angus claims he doesn’t need the job and throws his CV away in the bin before leaving the gym.

Angus Flat: Rachel arrives back from school to find Angus brooding about not getting the job at the sports club but he refuses to go into detail about why he didn’t. Rachel is worried about how they’ll survive financially but tries to be supportive and gives him her good news that Dan has given her an extension to rewrite her essay. Rachel goes to start her laptop only to find that it still hasn’t charged and Angus abruptly tells her the electricity still isn’t on as he has no money to reconnect. Rachel suggests she goes to visit Libby to use the laptop but Angus flares up at her that Ty will be there. Rachel reminds Angus that Ty is just a friend and angry goes to leave for Libby’s. Angus explains that it was because of Ty that he didn’t go for the job at the gym making Rachel feeling guilty. Angus tells her he wants her to leave him alone and she leaves the flat.

No.32 – Porch way: Rachel is greeted by Ty and asks to see Libby. Ty explains that her step-sister is out with Lucas and Rachel makes the excuse that there is a power cut at home and she needs to use her laptop. Ty is unaware that Rachel has moved out of No.28 so Rachel has to explain how she is living with Angus now, which surprises him greatly. Rachel asks Ty if he deliberately gave Angus a hard time at the gym earlier and Ty cannot deny it. Rachel asks Ty to accept her choices if he really is the friend he says he is. Feeling guilty, Ty asks her in to the house but Rachel decides she’d rather be elsewhere.

No.24 – Dining Table: Rachel makes her and Bridget a hot drink, half expecting another lecture about Angus but Bridget assures her she has no intention of doing so. Bridget and Rachel laugh at how Rachel has on one hand ‘turned to the dark side’ but on the other is still eager to get good grades in her schoolwork. Rachel thanks her friend for supporting her.

The General Store: Angus tries to pay for some milk, bread and a bunch of flowers but he finds he has not enough cash and is told by Sienna that his credit card has been declined. Paul arrives and witnesses Angus’s card being declined a second time and offers to pay for goods along with the latte he orders. Sienna seems somewhat surprised by the gesture but takes the money. Paul introduces himself and reading his business card, Angus realises Paul is from the Erinsborough News and calls him ‘scumbag’. Paul admits he hasn’t treated Angus well and offers to make amends by giving him the chance to tell his story to the newspaper and earn some money. Angus is not so easily swayed but Paul reminds him he has no credit and has learnt he applied for the job at the gym - a major step down for what he trained for. Paul leaves Angus to think about his offer.

Charlie’s Bar: Dan & Toadie arrive as Paul receives a phone call from Angus. Toadie tells Dan he was stupid to just kiss Libby as he did and questions where Libby is now. Dan explains she left with Lucas.

Boating Lake: Libby and Lucas are relaxing watching the sky while lying on a picnic blanket in a rowing boat. Libby confesses she has never really talked about the motorbike accident she had for a long time, admitting she even blocked it out. Lucas confides that he too has a story about an accident that he too rarely talks about.

Charlie’s Bar: Dan tells Toadie that Lucas has always had to have what he had both on and off the racing circuit. Dan realises Toadie had no idea of his past passion for motorbike racing and admits he used to race.

Boating Lake: Lucas explains how he used to race bikes as a child and was even the national junior champion, along with his brother. His father would put them against each other and Lucas admits he used to measure himself against his brother. Lucas comments that he never realised just how much his brother hated him.

Charlie’s Bar: Dan explains how he fell in love with his first true love and then discovered Lucas with her the night before they were racing against each other. Dan tells Toadie how as soon as the affair was discovered Lucas lost interest in the girl as he was only using the girl to get at him. Dan reminds Toadie that all this happened the day before they were to race each other too.

Boating Lake: Libby listens as Lucas describes how in the final lap of the race that he and his brother were neck and neck to win. Lucas managed to get underneath his brothers bike to take the lead but then his brother deliberately collided with him, causing his bike to hit a ripple and to fall from the bike and end up unconscious. Libby is appalled by his brother’s actions and asks if Lucas still sees him. Lucas tells her occasionally their paths cross. Libby tries to lighten the mood and tells Lucas she believes everyone has their day and he will too. Lucas leans in to kiss Libby and tells her it already has.

Charlie’s Bar: Dan tells Toadie he is sure Lucas is back to just take what he had again. Toadie asks how Dan can be so sure Lucas is so obsessive. Dan stuns Toadie when he reveals that Lucas is his brother.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Paul Robinson, Libby Kennedy, Rachel Kinski, Zeke Kinski, Toadfish Rebecchi, Daniel Fitzgerald, Bridget Parker

Guest Cast: Scott Major as Lucas Fitzgerald, Erin McNaught as Sienna Cammeniti, Dean Geyer as Ty Harper, Margot Robbie as Donna Freedman, Margot Fenley as Helen Carr, Jonathon Woods as Angus Henderson, Jennifer Levy as sympathetic teacher

Trivia Notes
• Helen Carr accepts position of Principal at Weston Girls Grammar girls’ school
• Lucas’s text message to Libby reads ‘Pick You Up Now!’
• Donna is marked at 48% for her Psychology essay, Zeke scores 91%. Rachel is ungraded

Summary by Paul

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