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Episode Summaries > 2008 > Episode 5518
Written by Jeff Truman, Directed by Jovita O’Shaughnessy, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Ten: 13/08/08 Five: 04/11/08

• Dan kisses Libby in a busy school corridor in front of students and teachers – Libby reacts by slapping him across the face
• Dan admits to Toadie that he is sure he knows what Lucas is up to as they are brothers
• Elle leaves a lasting impression on Oliver as he prepares to leave for New York by kissing him farewell and slapping him across the face taking him and Rebecca by surprise
• Oliver and Carmella share a tender kiss as a final farewell
• Paul introduces himself to Angus and offers to pay him to publish his story about him and Rachel
• Libby opens up to Lucas about her motorbike accident and how she never thought she would be able to have children until Ben came along as some kind of miracle

Boating Lake: Lucas leads Libby away from the lake to where he has parked his motorbike. He asks her to close her eyes as he has a surprise but her nerves get the better of her when she opens her eyes to see he has handed her a helmet. She admits she is petrified and Lucas empathises with her that he felt the same way when he got back on a bike after his accident. Libby tries to walk away but Lucas takes her face in his hands and asks to trust him. He asks her to remember how she felt when she used to ride and Libby admits it left her with the feeling of being ‘free’. Lucas tells her she can feel the same way again and hands her the helmet and a leather jacket, promising her he’ll not let anything bad happen to her. Nervously Libby puts the jacket and helmet on and carefully gets onto the bike. As Lucas starts the engine, Libby clings to him and Lucas carefully pulls away.

Charlie’s Bar: Dan is playing darts alone when Toadie joins him to check if he has phoned Libby yet to explain who Lucas is. Dan admits he has not as he thinks it would come across as if he were just jealous – Toadie reminds him that he is. Dan is adamant that Lucas is only seeing Libby to hurt him and that his brother has no interest in her. Toadie cannot make sense of Dan’s logic but he has to get off to pick Callum up from school. But before he goes, he asks Dan if he thinks Libby is in danger being with Lucas. Dan says nothing.

Country road: Lucas and Libby ride along on an empty road. As they come to a hill, Lucas speeds up as they sail down the hill and he asks Libby how she feels. Libby admits she feels free again and as her fears drift away she releases her grip around Lucas’s waist to raise her arms in the air. The feeling of freedom overtakes her and Libby shouts out in joy.

The General Store: Elle is trying to get through some work on her laptop but when the store customers seem to be crowding around the shop counter rather than getting table service Elle tackles Carmella about the lack of staff. Carmella explains that Sienna is at the dentist and that no one would work to cover. Elle isn’t impressed and Carmella suggests she help out rather than complaining. Elle begrudgingly starts to put on an apron.

No.24 – Lounge / Kitchen: Bridget teases Declan that he’ll back out of getting a tattoo of her name but he assures her there is no way that he is going to do so and takes a peak at her tattoo again. They are interrupted by a knock on the door and Declan answers it to find Miranda. Rachel, working away in the kitchen, looks up from doing her essay on the laptop to say ‘hi’ and Declan asks Miranda in. Miranda hands over a box of chocolate brownies that she has baked for Bridget but Bridget is surprised that Miranda would want to do anything for her after the way she blamed her not Steve. Miranda remarks that she is just glad she has people around her that care for her. In the kitchen Rachel is too busy to answer her phone, focusing her efforts into the essay rewrite. Miranda decides she’ll leave Bridget and Declan to tuck into the brownies but it is clear both mother and daughter are struggling being apart.

The General Store – Front of House: Angus leaves another voice message on Rachel’s phone asking her to call him but he is frustrated that he has called her four times already and she has not returned his call. Carmella and Elle seem to have smoothed out any problems with serving customers but their working relationship is anything but smooth with Elle taking swipes at Carmella about not being able to cope. Carmella takes exception when Elle remarks that Marco never seemed to struggle when on his own and Carmella pulls her into the kitchen.

The General Store – Kitchen: Carmella tells Elle to admit that her resentment towards her is all about Oliver leaving. Elle makes it clear Oliver is the only one to blame for leaving for New York but she does blame Carmella for messing with his emotions, calling it her ‘grieving widow routine’. Elle is shocked when Carmella retaliates by reaching out to the first thing she can throw at Elle and hurls a bowl of lettuce all over her. Things escalate as the girls begin a food fight but both realise they need to stop when Carmella ends up armed with a frying pan and Elle a rolling pin. The girls lay their weapons down and return to their waiting customers.

The General Store – Front of House: To their customers both girls pretend all is fine and Carmella smiles as she calls out to a waiting customer that their coffee is ready. Paul arrives and seeing Angus slips a written out cheque onto the table in front of him. Angus is confused but Paul makes it clear that it is an easy way for Angus to have some cash if he sells his story to the Erinsborough News. Angus reminds Paul that he cannot accept money due to the rules about profiteering by taking proceeds from the crime but Paul assures him there are ways around it.

No.32 – Lounge / Hallway: Callum arrives home from school to see Dan sitting watching TV. Dan says hello to the boy and Callum waves back, retreating towards the front door ready to try and get away before Toadie realises he’s home. But it is too late and Toadie makes it clear Callum needs to get changed out of his uniform so he can then be taken to visit his Gran in the nursing home. Toadie sits himself down next to Dan and asks if he has spoken to Libby, to at least tell her about Lucas being related to him as he owes it to her. Dan explains he feels as if he owes Libby nothing and refuses to call her. They are interrupted by Callum dressed in his wrestling costume in a bid to get to stay at home rather than visit his grandmother. Toadie is wise to his ploy and assures Callum that his grandmother is much better and looking forward to seeing him. Callum reluctantly decides to go. Toadie explains to Dan that the last time Callum saw his grandmother he got scared at how ill she was. Before Toadie leaves he reminds Dan to call Libby.

Boating Lake: Lucas watches as Libby takes a nap and gently strokes her hair. They are both startled by Libby’s phone ringing and she checks it in case it is Ben calling but seeing it is Dan she decides not to answer. Lucas tells her he is happy if she wants to speak to Dan and even if she wants to be with him. Libby reminds Lucas she chose to be with him but is shocked when Lucas calls their friendship an arrangement. He tells her he isn’t into anything more than having fun and that she has the wrong man if she wants something deep and meaningful. Lucas decides he needs to be away from Libby and to leave, offering her the keys to his Ute so she can drive back into the city on her own. Libby questions why Lucas is so upset over Dan calling her but he tells her he isn’t. Libby clearly doesn’t believe him and Lucas throws the Ute’s key’s to her before heading off on his bike.

Tattoo Connection: Bridget waits with Declan before his session starts to get the tattoo. Tattooist Amy checks that Declan wants the size of font he has requested and admits she always advises that names of girlfriends and boyfriends as a tattoo is not the best of ideas. Declan is insistent and Amy tells him ‘it’s your skin’. Bridget offers him a chance to change the tattoo to something smaller but Declan’s bravado has him bragging he can take the pain as he sits in the chair. Amy leans in with the needle but as she applies the first bit of ink to his arm, Declan faints.

Tattoo Connection: Declan becomes aware of Bridget calling out his name as he starts to become conscious again. He implies that the lack of fresh air caused him to faint but Amy Garven reminds him he shop has air-con. Embarrassed, Declan asks if it is all done but Bridget tells him Amy hasn’t started yet.

No.24 – Lounge: Bridget is halfway writing her name on Declan’s arm in black pen and assures him she doesn’t need him to get a tattoo to prove to her how much she means to him. Declan admits he isn’t going to go back to get one. Bridget mentions that he did get a small black dot of ink tattooed onto him before he blacked out and shows the mark to him. Bridget tells him that every time she sees the dot she’ll know just how much he loves her and they kiss.

Charlie’s Bar: Elle arrives late to meet up with Paul and he remarks how busy she seemed to be over at The General Store. He tells he has been busy too and explains he has a big story for them quoting the headline ‘Why I left my family to be with my criminal boyfriend – Rachel Kinski’. Elle questions if Rachel has come forward to write her story but Paul tells her no, he wants her to be the writer and to bring as much teenage angst as possible to the article after visiting Rachel to get the inside story. Elle is unhappy at his request but Paul’s attention is switched to why she has coleslaw in her hair. Elle explains about the food fight with Carmella and Paul realises it can only be over Oliver. Elle assures her father she is fine, after all she is getting used to being rejected in relationships. Paul tries to tell her she’ll find the right guy but Elle isn’t in the mood for parental concern and instead decides to focus on Rachel and getting the story, heading off, taking the food out of her hair as she goes.

Angus’s Flat – Lounge: Rachel has big reservations about talking to the newspaper but Angus insists that by doing so will be the only way they can make the money that they desperately need. A knock at the door interrupts them and Angus answers the door to find Elle, notebook in hand, ready to interview. Elle walks into the flat, surprised by its condition, calling it ‘quaint’. She spots Rachel sitting on the sofa and approaches her but realises Rachel seems a little uncomfortable. Angus explains he thinks Rachel is nervous but Elle reminds him he cannot be around them as the interview takes place. Rachel admits she has doubts after the newspaper reported so badly about them but Elle assures her she’ll report as Rachel dictates but reminds her what the editor prints is up to him. Angus gives Rachel a reassuring nod before he leaves and Elle switches the Dictaphone on and the interview begins. Rachel begins to explain that she is happy now but faced criticism from her family and friends. All she has been through proves that love triumphs against all else. Elle calls it a fairytale romance but Rachel senses her cynicism. Rachel explains that she regards Angus as a good person, someone who is kind, smart and totally trustworthy not to hurt her. Elle doesn’t hide that fact that she doesn’t agree and this upsets Rachel who admits although her opinion, along with Susan & Karl’s does not matter, it does make everything harder, especially when no one believes that she really does love Angus. Tearfully Rachel explains she is desperately trying to make the relationship work, as it is more than the ‘schoolgirl’s fantasy’ that everyone thinks it is.

Angus’s Flat - Lounge: Rachel recovers from crying and offers to carry on with the interview but Elle assures her she has enough to write the article with and promises she not mention her crying through the interview. Rachel is shocked when the electricity suddenly switches back on in the flat but Elle is less so and explains she is sure Paul took a few short cuts with his contacts to get it connected again. Rachel jokes the interview was worth doing just for that. Elle takes a moment to look at the last photo she took of Rachel, realising it shows her becoming deeply upset during the interview and feels somewhat guilty at using her for the newspaper’s gain.

Charlie’s Bar – Front of House: Toadie plays against Dan & Callum at pool and has a joke around Callum to cause the boy to miss his shot. Dan asks after Callum’s grandmother and Toadie explains Callum is much better for seeing her, despite her chastising Callum for not visiting her sooner. Toadie asks if he called Libby and Dan admits he did but Libby didn’t answer so he left a message telling her that Lucas is bad news. Both men realise they have been overheard by Lucas who is standing at the bar and Dan decides to go over to his brother, followed by Toadie. Dan questions where Libby is and Lucas explains she is returning home on her own. Dan remarks that he probably dumped her already but Lucas takes it further by winding Dan up that he made sure he ‘sealed the deal’ with Libby first. The two brother’s grab onto each other and Lucas taunts Dan that he’ll try to kill him again. As a fight breaks out, Toadie tries to intervene but it is the arrival of Libby that stops the fighting as she screams at Dan to stop. Libby thinks Dan is being all macho to impress her and Dan realises Lucas hasn’t told her who he really is. She asks what Dan means but when Lucas says nothing it falls to Toadie to reveal that Dan & Lucas are brothers.

Ramsay Street: Libby storms into the street, furious and upset at being deceived. Dan, driven by Toadie, catches up with her and grabs her arm determined to speak to her. She tells Dan that she is not some kind of toy for him and Lucas to fight over. Dan tells her that whatever Lucas told her he is lying. Libby asks Dan to explain why he stormed into Steph’s house to throw Lucas out and then kissed her at school but still managed to say nothing of who Lucas was to him. Libby questions what kind of family upbringing Dan & Lucas are from to do such things and Toadie questions it too before realising he has let slip he knew of Dan & Lucas’s relationship as well. Libby is not impressed and feels as if she has been made to look stupid. Libby tearful tells Dan that at least Lucas doesn’t pretend to be honest. Dan tries to explain but Libby calls him and Lucas both ‘gutless wonders’ before storming off towards No.32. Dan can only look on.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Paul Robinson, Elle Robinson, Libby Kennedy, Rachel Kinski, Toadfish Rebecchi, Daniel Fitzgerald, Miranda Parker, Bridget Parker, Carmella Cammeniti, Declan Napier,

Guest Cast: Scott Major as Lucas Fitzgerald, Morgan Baker as Callum Jones, Jonathon Woods as Angus Henderson, Chanara Hyde as Amy Garven, Jacob Shotade as waiting customer #1, Sandra Murphy as waiting customer #2, Brett Anderson as Lucas Fitzgerald (Stunt Double)

Trivia Notes
• Off screen Sienna has a dental appointment

Summary by Paul

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