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Episode Summaries > 2008 > Episode 5570
Written by Jeff Truman, Directed by Jovita O’Shaughnessy, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Ten: 24/10/08 Five: 30/01/09

• Libby and Dan continue to clash over the issue of Dan as best man
• Elle learns that Lucas is ready to move on
• Ty is discovered to be giving Miranda dance lessons
• Rebecca struggles to accept that Declan is growing up
• Ty ends his relationship with Rachel

Number 30: Libby continues her fury with Dan after asking his brother Lucas to be best man. She insists that she’s happy to have him at the wedding, just not standing next to her at the alter, and even threatens to call the whole thing off. Dan retorts that maybe she had brought the problem on herself by sleeping with Lucas, at which point Libby storms out of No. 30.

Charlie's Bar: Steph joins Libby over breakfast, and she requests she makes it one meal without any talk of the Fitzgerald brothers. Steph notices Ty on the phone, and informs Libby of his recent string of mysterious calls, that are apparently not with Rachel. Ty then approaches Steph for some time off work, to which she agrees. Seeing Libby is still miserable, Steph breaks the Fitzgerald taboo, and says although she’s hardly one to talk from experience of marriage, Libby and Dan’s argument should just be put down to pre-wedding jitters.


Number 30: Toadie insists Dan needs to sit and talk to him about his row with Libby, and argues that no matter how good his intentions were, ‘women will always go together with reason like fish and bananas’. He ends up giving Dan an ultimatum; Libby or Lucas; and advises that he better go sort things out soon.

Number 26: Bridget tries to convince Rachel that Ty isn’t cheating on her, and she shouldn’t worry about one of Donna’s mad ideas, however despite Didge’s best efforts Rachel remains sceptical. Steve enters and unknowingly interferes by commenting on the good match between Rachel and Ty, before he is promptly told to leave by Bridget. Bridget then suggests they should follow Ty to get to the bottom of things, but Rachel insists that stalking is what got her into the mess in the first place.

Number 24: As Declan leaves to meet Steve he gets a grilling from Rebecca for spending all his time concentrating on the AFL offer, and not enough time on his studies. Rebecca has a flashback of Declan as a child as he heads for the door, and Carmella suggests maybe she’s just struggling with that fact he’s growing up too fast.

Dingoes' Den: Steve is pushing Declan to his limit on the weights as Rebecca enters the Den to take Declan back home to do his studies. She gets aggravated when Steve sticks up for Declan, and claims that his schoolwork must come before a ‘pipedream’, and reluctantly Steve suggests Declan should go home. Meanwhile, Ty stands Rachel up yet again, claiming he is busy doing ‘stuff’. At this comment, Rachel caves and agrees to follow him with Bridget.

Erinsborough High: Keeping quiet in the corridor, Rachel and Didge spot Ty in a classroom with, whom they speculate, is a teacher. They are forced to hide behind the lockers when Ty exits the classroom, but the pair confronts Ty and his mystery woman, who turns out to be Miranda Parker.


The General Store: Rachel, Ty and the Parkers share a table and all is explained; Miranda had been taking extra dance lessons with Ty at school to prepare herself for the lessons she had booked for Steve. Everyone laughs the situation off, except for Rachel who isn’t satisfied with the explanation. As Ty leaves for a Doctor’s appointment she stops him, but hit is clear all trust between the pair has been broken by the fact Rachel thought he was cheating, and Ty tells her that things aren’t working and he needs to be alone.

Erinsborough & District Hospital: Karl tells Ty that there’s still a threat that he won’t be able to play guitar, and unfortunately he can’t guarantee a full recovery in the very near future. He does however predict that he should be fine to play in time for Libby and Dan’s wedding, which leaves Ty with a bit of hope. Once left alone, Ty takes out his phone and scrolls through his contacts to phone Rachel.

Charlie's Bar: Libby and Steph stay very sceptical as Karl explains his plans for organising a froogle wedding, his latest idea to plant the flowers for the bouquet – to which Steph comments is almost as bad as the suckling pig idea. Dan enters and asks to talk to Libby and both take a table however after an awkward silence the two disperse again.


Carpenter's Mechanics: Dan visits Lucas whilst he is fixing a bike, and Lucas, still filled with excitement from being made best man, starts explaining his plans for Dan’s ‘Buck Night’. Before Lucas goes any further, Dan interrupts, breaking the news he’s made the decision to retract his offer. Lucas appears to be surprisingly fine, until he starts to admit to Dan that he’s really not surprised, given the past.

Number 24: Steve calls passed to check on Rebecca, and she explains the reasons for being so hasty with Declan earlier. She says she is concerned that his ‘big footy career’ is a long shot, and although Steve agrees he says he stills sees a lot of potential in Declan.

The General Store: Elle approaches Lucas who is sitting on his own and asks what is wrong, and after realising he is upset about Libby again promptly walks off. Elle enters the kitchen, filled with anger and grabs a plate, places it under a tea towel and starts to smash it to pieces with a meat mallet. Carmella who is taken by surprise stops her, and asks if she is having yet more problems with Lucas and Libby. Elle confirms this, but Carmella explains she shouldn’t worry, as only last night Lucas had to turn Libby away as he told her he was moving on, and this meant he was ready to be with Elle.


Number 30: To Toadie’s annoyance, Elle walks in without knocking, demanding to find Libby and give her a piece of her mind. Dan enters to see what is going on, but Elle turns on him, telling him he owes Lucas an apology.

Charlie's Bar: Whilst Libby and Steph are trying wine; Lucas approaches to tell Libby he is no longer going to be best man, which according to him, Dan told him it was Libby’s decision. He urges her to put things in the past so him and Dan can treat each other as family again, the sooner the better, and maybe Libby’s reluctance to do this shows the relationship isn’t solid. As Libby becomes upset, Lucas puts his arms around her to console just as Dan walks in. Getting the wrong impression, Dan grabs his bike keys and walks out, but Libby pleads that it was all her fault but Dan makes it clear he wants to get as far away from her as possible.


Charlie's Bar: Later Libby tries to leave an apologetic message on Dan’s phone, and whilst trying to comfort her Steph suggests that perhaps Libby is marrying the wrong brother. At this Libby snaps and furiously tells Steph to go to hell, as its only Dan she loves; as she leaves, Steph says that maybe she needs to convince herself of that.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Libby Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Rachel Kinski, Steph Scully, Daniel Fitzgerald, Toadfish Rebecchi, Elle Robinson, Carmella Cammeneti, Steve Parker, Bridget ‘Didge’ Parker, Miranda Parker, Rebecca Napier, Declan Napier

Guest Cast: Scott Major as Lucas Fitzgerald

Summary by Matt B

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