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Episode Summaries > 2008 > Episode 5571
Written by Katrina Foster, Directed by Jonathan Geraghty, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Ten: 27/10/08 Five: 02/02/09

• Libby lashes out at Elle
• Dan calls the wedding off with Libby
• The teens are given the task of becoming parents for a day
• Ty makes it clear to Rachel the relationship's over
• Donna expresses her interest in becoming a mother

Number 30 - Garage: Still furious after seeing Libby with Lucas, Dan fixes his bike to calm himself. Libby enters and watches from the garage door, until she is finally noticed by Dan and firmly told to get out. Without a word Libby leaves, and Dan knocks his racing trophies from the shelf in frustration.

Charlie's Bar: Steve has a full-breakfast even after Miranda’s severe warnings about his cholesterol. Lucas enters and picks up some crayons Charlie has dropped, but ungrateful Steph takes them and responds saying he’s brave to show his face around here. She tells him to hurry up and work out what he’s doing, and stop playing games with Libby, but aggravating Steph further Lucas brushes it off as not his problem.

Erinsborough High: Dan and Libby put their issues aside for the class, and take a ‘baby think-over’ programme; to which Declan responds for him there is nothing to think-over. The teens are put into pairs and given life-like baby dolls to care for, and Zeke left without a partner is paired with Rachel. When Zeke asks about the grading, they are told it is not an assignment to be passed or failed, but neglect will be recorded in the baby and they will be judged on social skills.

The General Store: Libby studies her engagement ring as Lucas enters, and she asks him if he has just come to gloat. She asks why he agreed to be best man in the first place, and Lucas replies that he would be fine to watch the two be married and insists their relationship was purely fun and nothing else. When Libby denies this, Lucas tells her to stop fooling herself it was ever more than just good times.

Charlie's Bar: Miranda inquires for Steve at the bar and discovers that he was previously there having a cooked breakfast. Meanwhile Donna takes to the idea of being a mother, and already decides to call her baby Tiffanii Jane Brown. Rachel finally cracks from the baby’s crying, and ends up arguing with Zeke over the baby.

Number 26: Steve struggles to hear his phone conversation over the sound of Bridget’s baby crying, and Bridget attempts to take the batteries from it. Miranda informs Steve she knows about his breakfast at Charlie’s, and he should take the high cholesterol risk seriously. In the lounge Donna and Bridget wonder why the fathers aren’t doing any of the work, and conversation turns to having children in real life. Although Bridget says she hasn’t really thought about it, Donna contemplates having children with Ringo, predicting he would make a great father.

Charlie's Bar: Around the pool table, Ringo informs Declan that he’s definitely not cut out to be a father. Rachel complains to Libby that her baby is ‘faulty’ and insists she’s never planning on having children. Ty comes over to help, and shows her if she holds it near her heart, the baby will stop crying. Steph and Libby apologise for their argument the previous night, but Steph still insists that Libby should walk away from Lucas and quickly fix things with Dan.

Number 30 - Garage: Whilst Dan is setting up a worm farm for a school assignment; Elle drops by apparently for Donna but Dan soon see’s through her weak reasoning. With reluctance, she apologises for causing the trouble with Lucas and Libby. When Dan goes to get some drinks, Libby enters the garage and asks what Elle thinks she is doing. She furiously accuses Elle of finding an excuse to mess with peoples lives and that she must be so proud to follow in her father’s footsteps. At this, Elle dumps a bucket of lettuce for worms on Libby’s head, and a full-blown catfight ensues.

Number 30 - Garage: Some time later, Elle and Libby have cooled off and pick worms from each other in silence. Dan stands at the door to the garage with drinks and overhears Libby explaining to Elle that she only got with Lucas to hurt Dan and make it know how she felt. Once Elle has left, Dan confronts Libby and tells her he can’t marry her in this situation.

Number 26: Donna tries to persuade Rachel that Ty is still into her, and he is just punishing her for overreacting. After hearing Ty’s advice, she convinces Rachel that what he said about holding the baby close to her heart actually meant he wanted her, and Rachel realises she feels the same back.

Number 32: Rachel visits Ty, and explains to him that she was paranoid about him getting involved with someone else, and tries to joke with him that thinking with was involved with Didge’s mum was a step too far. Ty doesn’t see the funny side however, and tells Rachel that he has tried to understand but it’s too hard. After making it clear that the relationship is still over, Rachel is left standing on the doorstep alone.

Number 28: Donna apologises to Rachel, calling herself an idiot for her suggestion. Bridget tries to comfort Rachel by explaining all is not lost, and points out that her and Declan took ages before they found their feet and got together properly. Still frustrated by the baby, Bridget suggests they all take the babies for a walk, but Donna decides to stay behind to be with Ringo. Once the girls are gone, she takes a packet of the ‘pill’ from her bag and bins them, before following Ringo into his bedroom.

Number 32: Elle calls for Libby, and although she gets a cold shoulder from Steph, she eventually leaves Libby and Elle together. To two have reconciliation after their fight, but Libby fails to mention Dan’s rejection when Elle jokes about Libby and Dan being almost married. Elle explains to Libby that despite what he says, seeing Libby and Dan together cuts Lucas deep, and naturally it has tarnished his male pride.

Charlie's Bar: Steph offers Lucas a coffee on the house, but in doing so asks him if he is really doing the right thing. Dan storms into the bar, and asks Lucas if he’s happy now that the marriage is off with Libby. Lucas insists that Libby isn’t property to be owned, but soon yet another Fitzgerald fight breaks out over Libby. Ty quickly separates the brother’s, and Dan leaves before his anger slips any further.

Number 30 - Garage: Dan goes back to fixing his bike to cool himself down, and Lucas enters. Lucas points out that their fierce rivalry all started with the bike race in which Dan almost killed him. To sort things out once and for all, Lucas challenges Dan to a rematch of the race, to which Dan accepts.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Dan Fitzgerald, Libby Kennedy, Steph Scully, Charlie Hoyland, Elle Robinson, Steve Parker, Miranda Parker, Bridget ‘Didge’ Parker, Declan Napier, Ty Harper, Ringo Brown, Rachel Kinski, Zeke Kinski

Guest Cast: Scott Major as Lucas Fitzgerald, Margot Robbie as Donna Freedman

Summary by Matt B