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Episode Summaries > 2008 > Episode 5572
Written by John Davies, Directed by Jonathan Geraghty, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Ten: 28/10/08 Five: 03/02/09

• Donna throws away her Pill
• Elle and Libby attempt to persuade Lucas and Dan against restaging the race
• Steph makes a plan to steal the brothers' bikes
• Declan and Ringo are put against each other for a place at the AFL club

Ramsay Street: Rebecca prepares Declan, as he gets ready to go to his first AFL training session. Declan insists he is not nervous, and Rebecca jokes she could come with him to nag about doing his homework.

Number 28: Susan tries to give Ringo a big breakfast to give him energy for the training session, but he says he’s too nervous to eat. Rachel feels strange whilst eating some bacon, but Zeke puts it down to being lovesick.

Ramsay Street: Bridget wishes Declan good luck with the baby, who she has decided to name Paris. Donna seems have lost her touch with her baby when it doesn’t stop crying, and Rebecca comments she hopes it had kept Paul up all night.

Number 28: Zeke hands the baby to Rachel when it starts to cry much to her annoyance. Still refusing to have food, Ringo leaves for training and the Kinki’s wish him luck.


Ramsay Street: Outside, Ringo thanks Declan for driving them to the session and says he’d return the favour if he still had the Ute. Donna brings Tiffanii the baby to wish him good luck, and Rebecca and Didge join her in waving them goodbye. Donna jokes that she hopes they won’t forget about them, and Rebecca retorts that they better not end up holding the baby like her – to which both girls look very worried.

Number 28: Rachel starts to feel unwell after realising she actually does have stomach ache, and it’s not to do with Ty. Whilst scraping his plate into the bin, Zeke discovers an unfinished packet of the ‘pill’, which he assumes belongs to Rachel.

Ramsay Street: Donna claims to have forgotten to give Ringo his lunch as an excuse to visit him at training, which Didge soon see’s through. When Donna asks if she’s at least a little bit curious, Bridget appears to slam the idea saying she doesn’t want to look like a hopeless footballer-girlfriend – but quickly turns around and decides to join Donna.

AFL Stadium: Donna and Bridget sneak through the turnstiles with their babies in arms, and are quick to admire the hot football players. They soon notice Declan and Ringo who are wished luck by Bryce Gibbs and Nick Stevens, but are shocked to see them agree to sign a fan’s bra. Against Bridget’s will, Donna rushes over to confront the girls who laugh at the fact they’re carrying dolls. Donna attempts to start a fight, but is constrained by Bridget.


The General Store: Libby enters and approaches Dan at the counter, telling him she’s heard about his fight with Lucas and she’s not giving up on her relationship with Dan. Dan informs her about his plan to race Lucas again, not to prove anything but clear the air between them. Libby says she doesn’t want either of them getting hurt, and asks if at the end is she the trophy.

Lassiter's Complex: Lucas also breaks the news to Elle who is equally as shocked. She states that she thinks the whole thing is childish and pathetic and they should sort their issues out in a way that they both won’t end up in hospital. Lucas stays determined, but Elle says she still knows it’s still a competition for Libby, which Lucas is quick to deny.

The General Store: Dan denies too that the race isn’t about Libby, to which she places her engagement ring on the table and walks out.

Dingoes' Den: As Bridget and Donna tell Rachel about what happened at the stadium, she convinces them that they wouldn’t even be interested in blonde ‘Bimbo’s’ anyway. Zeke enters and Rachel tries to give the baby to him, but he tells her to hang onto it as he’s come to work out. When Rachel tells him she’s feeling sick, he informs her about finding the pills that she hadn’t taken properly, and asks what it is exactly she’s trying to do.


The General Store: Rachel confronts Donna about the pills, and she claims to have only missed a few as her and Ringo felt so much closer. Rachel insists that Donna should take a pregnancy test, and asks if her period is late, to which she doesn’t answer. Meanwhile Paul and Elle enter and notice Donna sulking, to which they brush off as stress from the baby assignment. Paul reveals he wasn’t affected by the babies crying by wearing earplugs. Libby and Steph approach Elle and Paul and ask if they’d heard about the race. Elle stops Paul getting any information for a news report and he leaves. Libby and Steph convince Elle to stop them, and Steph explains her cunning plan – to steal their bikes.

Carpenter's Mechanics: Elle and Libby sneak into the garage whilst Lucas takes a phone call. Although at first the bike seems impossible to budge, the brake comes off and they wheel the bike outside unnoticed.

Dan's Storage Shed: With the key Steph had managed to steal from Toadie, Libby and Elle next break into Dan’s lock-up, and Elle ends up breaking the lock with a brick. The girls get in a take the bike.

Number 30: Dan leaves an angry message on Lucas’s phone telling him to stop avoiding him. Toadie asks if he reckons fresh fruit and flowers will improve his chances of getting guardianship of Callum, but Dan is too preoccupied with his stolen bike. At that moment, Lucas storms in and the two shout at each other simultaneously asking for their bikes and they soon realise neither had stolen the other’s.

AFL Stadium - Pitch: Ringo and Declan are put through intense training drills, and Ringo starts to struggle with the shuttle runs. Declan checks that Ringo is all right, but the two are noticed by the coach and told to get back to work.

AFL Stadium: Ringo and Declan watch from the sidelines, and the coach approaches with news for them. Unfortunately there is only one position left in the club, so the two will be competing against each other for the spot. Both agree to it, putting success in front of friendship. The coach comments that he noticed Ringo struggling, but he insists he has a clean bill of health. The coach reminds them honesty is everything in a team, and asks again, but both deny anything is wrong.

The General Store: Rachel sits down with Didge at a table and complains of further stomach pains. They notice both babies have now settles and joke the batteries have run dead. Donna enters feeling worried, and Rachel reassures her that she’ll take the test with her. Bridget questions this, and Rachel declares that they are friends and she will go through it with her. At this Bridget decides to join them, and jokes they can ‘all pee on sticks together’. The boys enter, and Ringo explains about both going for the same spot. Declan gives Ringo the cold shoulder, and at the counter explains that he shouldn’t expect him to cover for him again. Meanwhile Rachel assures Donna it will be ok, and Donna arranges to meet at her house and she’ll buy the kits.


Charlie's Bar: Steph reassures Elle that there is plenty of room in her storeroom for the bikes, but they will need to convince the brothers not to race before they get the police involved about theft. Toadie approaches and informs the two about Dan’s stolen bike, to which both act shocked. Before Steph avoids further questions, Toadie surprises them by taking Dan’s keys from her bag.

Number 32: Dan calls for Libby, and demands to know where the bikes are. He admits that although it might not prove anything, there’s a chance it can and at least it is something him and Lucas can agree on.

Number 22: Similarly Lucas visits Elle and asks the same question. She denies everything, but Lucas get’s a call from Dan saying Libby had caved, and he leaves to Elle’s annoyance.

Number 22: In Donna’s bedroom the girls prepare to take the test, but are interrupted by Elle and forced to hide the kits, looking suspicious. Once Elle leaves she waits by the door, but Donna is one step ahead and waits until she is certain she has left. Donna tries to back out at the last minute, and Bridget defends her that it is her choice, but Rachel insists they all must, and eventually admits that she too is late with her period, and the girls all agree.


Number 22: The girls wait on Donna’s bed for the results after taking the test. Someone is heard downstairs and in a rush to get to the door, Donna knocks the kits everywhere, jumbling them. Donna picks a test up and realises it is positive.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Susan Kinski, Rachel Kinski, Zeke Kinski, Declan Napier, Rebecca Napier, Paul Robinson, Elle Robinson, Dan Fitzgerald, Libby Kennedy, Steph Scully, Bridget ‘Didge’ Parker, Ringo Brown, Toadfish Rebecchi

Guest Cast: Scott Major as Lucas Fitzgerald, Margot Robbie as Donna Freedman, Lyall Brooks as Nathan Black, Alicia Banit as Sharni Hillman, Bryce Gibbs, Nick Stevens

Trivia Notes
• Carlton players Bryce Gibbs and Nick Stevens cameo as themselves
• The set used for Donna’s bedroom is the same used for Rachel’s bedroom and previously Zeke’s

Summary by Matt B

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