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Episode Summaries > 2009 > Episode 5607
Written by Sarah Mayberry, Directed by Chris Adshead, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Ten: 20/01/09 Five: 24/03/09

• Simon and Tegan introduce themselves to Elle on No 22s doorstep
• Steve reassures Bridget that it’s only natural that one day she’ll want to find her birth mother
• A frustrated Karl becomes concerned when the police temporarily call off the search for Zeke
• Declan is reunited with Bridget following the rafting disaster
• Dan rescues an injured Libby from the riverbank
• Steph and Greg passionately kiss in the hotel suite
• Steph overhears Greg at the hospital and discovers he’s married to Dr. Veronica Olenski
• Zeke’s lifejacket is found

Ramsay Street - Outside no 28: A lost looking Rachel stares down at her ringing phone. It’s Karl, but she ignores the call and suddenly her mind is filled with the arguments she’d had with Zeke. As Zeke’s “maybe I’m just a bit sick and tired of everyone” persistently rings around in Rachel’s head, Ty turns up and tries to comfort her. Rachel remains distant as Ty informs her that Libby is ok, but in hospital. Rachel then commands Ty to take her there then as she storms off to get into Ty’s car.

Erinsborough & District Hospital - Waiting area: As Dr. Veronica Olenski discusses a patient with a nurse, Steph looks on at her. Her stare is interrupted by a text message from Greg. Susan, sitting next to her becomes frustrated at Rachel’s lack of contact, hoping that Steph’s text would be from Rachel. Ringo, Donna and Elle then arrive at the hospital and Donna gives Susan a hug. Ringo enquires after Libby’s condition, at which point Ty and Rachel arrive. Susan gets up and hugs Rachel and promises that Zeke will be found. A sombre Karl arrives and informs everyone that they’ve found Zeke’s lifejacket, but there’s still no sign of him. A deeply disturbed Rachel then tells Ty she wants to leave and the pair head off, with a departing Ty telling Karl and Susan he’ll look after her. With Rachel’s speedy exit from the hospital, Karl and Susan hug each other.

Erinsborough & District Hospital - Room: Lying in a hospital bed, Bridget tells everyone she’s feeling fine. Dr. Olenski then walks in and gives Bridget the all clear, but wonders why the hospital doesn’t seem to have much on file for her. Dr. Olenski, addressing Miranda as Bridget’s mother then starts to ask a few questions regarding Bridget’s birth. Miranda soon sets her straight and politely tells Dr. Olenski Bridget’s adopted. Steve then questions why the hospital doesn’t have much information on Bridget’s file, but Miranda steps in and says she’ll do her best to answer a few questions. Miranda tells Dr. Olenski that Bridget has never had any contact with her birth mother, so Dr. Olenski says she’ll have to run a few tests to check out a few things.

No 22: With loud music bellowing out, Tegan dances around the kitchen and living room of No 22. Sitting on the couch listening to his iPod, Simon has to catch Tegan’s attention as Donna and Elle walk in. Tegan tells “Donut” that they had nowhere else to go and they need her to take care of them, but Donna storms off upstairs without saying a word to her brother and sister. Simon puts his iPod speakers back on as Elle asks Tegan to give her back her jacket that she’d been wearing.

Erinsborough & District Hospital - Waiting area: Charlie runs into the hospital shouting “mummy” as Steph rushes to pick him up and hug him. Charlie tells his mum that Toadie made his boat sink as Ben asks after his mum. Dan tells Ben they can go and visit her but have to be very quiet. As Ben goes off with Dan, Toadie hands Dan a bouquet of flowers to give to Libby. Harold tells Dan to give Libby his love as he walks over to sit with Karl and Susan.

Toadie starts to chat with Steph and says that the garage was locked up earlier. Steph says she was at the river and snaps at Toadie’s inquisitive nature saying she doesn’t need his permission to go out. A confused Toadie apologizes and Steph quickly backtracks, apologizing too and putting her cranky attitude down to everything that had been happening. Steph then leaves and thanks Toadie for looking after Charlie.

Harold hands Susan a meal that she and Karl can quickly heat up when they get home. He tells them that he’s praying for Zeke’s safety, but Karl reacts badly and leaves.

No 28: Ty and Rachel are practicing their music together, but Rachel suddenly stops on the keyboard mid-flow. Ty says it doesn’t matter, but Rachel insists that it does matter and wants to start the song again. As they play again, Rachel makes another mistake, stops playing and once again insists to go again. Ty puts his guitar down and tell Rachel they’ll stop, but she’s adamant that they shouldn’t. As Ty attempts to comfort Rachel, she leans in to kiss him, but Ty pulls away. Rachel’s annoyed, but Ty grabs her and enforces a hug between them. Susan and Karl arrive, but leave soon after upon noticing Rachel and Ty’s awkward moment together.

Charlie's: Susan and Karl are sat together in Charlies. Karl tells Susan he’s concerned that Rachel and Zeke might think they don’t love them like their own children. Susan assures Karl that isn’t true and tells him that they will find Zeke. Karl agrees.

Riverbank: An eerie nighttime shot pans around the still riverbank where the rafting disaster occurred.

No 22: Elle hands Tegan and Simon their microwaved meal. Tegan complains about the spinach, but Elle simply tells her she’s not interested in her complaints. Tegan starts to talk about her mum, at which point Elle questions them on whether their mum knows where they are. Tegan says they left a note for their mum on the fridge, but Elle suggests that she phones her. Simon and Tegan then unconvincingly tell Elle that their mum won’t pick up the phone anyway.

As Donna rushes down the stairs, Elle catches her just before she’s about to slip out to see Ringo. Elle wants to know why Donna isn’t spending much time with her brother and sister and why she doesn’t talk much about her home life. Donna says she doesn’t want to lose the life she has on Ramsay Street and Elle hugs her and says that won’t happen. Tegan then interrupts the pair and says that their mum has got a new boyfriend and she doesn’t quite trust him. Donna then hugs Tegan as Elle looks suspiciously on.

Erinsborough & District Hospital - Room: Bridget’s looking through some of her picture messages on her phone. Declan arrives with coffee and hugs her from behind. Out of the blue, Bridget then asks Declan if he thinks she should try and find her birth mother now that she’s pregnant. Declan says “I guess so.”

Harold's Store: Miranda tells Steve she’s worried about Bridget wanting to find her birth mother. Steve wonders whether Bridget’s birth mother would be anything like Bridget, which Miranda reacts to badly.

Erinsborough & District Hospital - Room: Bridget tells Declan she doesn’t want to hurt her mum and dad by trying to find her biological mother. Declan says they’ll understand.

Harold's Store: Steve tells Miranda they have to let Bridget do this for herself. Miranda reacts angrily and says that Bridget’s birth mother gave up any right to be involved in her life when she gave her up for adoption. Steve urges Miranda that if that’s the way she feels on the issue then she must tell Bridget, but Miranda refuses, saying Bridget has enough on her plate to deal with for the time being.

No 26: Bridget and Declan return to No 26 and Declan allays his fears that Miranda isn’t entirely happy with Bridget’s plans to find her birth mother. Steve and Miranda then burst in as Miranda purposefully strides to the kitchen asking everyone what they want to do for dinner. Bridget tells her to stop and instead wants to talk about the plans for her to find her birth mother. Steve and Declan step outside.

Miranda stares at the adoption papers on the dining table. Bridget reminds Miranda that she’ll always be her real mum to her. Miranda and Bridget say that they love each other as Miranda takes a deep breath to sign the papers.

Erinsborough & District Hospital - Waiting area: Toadie spots Dan hanging around the hospital and suggests they head off to Charlie’s for a game of pool. Dan refuses and says he has to be here for Libby. Toadie then discovers Dan still feels guilty about not being there for Libby at the time of the rafting disaster. Toadie tells him that he shouldn’t blame himself for what happened and that he should come to Charlie’s for a game of pool to take his mind of things. Dan eventually gives in when Toadie says he could do with some support himself after hearing the DHS had arranged another appointment to see Callum.

No 26: Miranda places the adoption papers in the envelope with Bridget, Declan and Steve looking on. Miranda casually hands Bridget the envelope and tells her that the stamps are in her handbag on the coffee table. Declan goes over with her and assures her things will be alright. Bridget places the stamp on the envelope and Steve says that he’ll post it for her. Steve then leaves the house to post the papers.

No 28 - Zeke's bedroom: Rachel is sitting on Zeke's bed, and looks around his bedroom, beginning to well up. Susan then walks in with some washing and says Zeke will need clean clothes for when he gets home. She then puts down her washing and sits with Rachel on the bed and the pair comfort each other. Karl then appears and watches Susan and Rachel together, before quietly leaving them to it.

No 22: Donna answers the door to Ringo and tells him there are some people she’d like him to meet. Donna then drags him into the house and Ringo’s introduced to Simon and Tegan. As Donna joins her brother and sister in having some dessert, Ringo jokes that he now knows they’re all related as all 3 of them sit there mixing their ice cream to soften it into a ‘thickshake’.

No 28: Alone with the lights off, Karl sits on the sofa having repeated flashbacks on what might have happened to Zeke on the day of the rafting disaster. Susan walks in and tells him he must get sleep, but Karl says he wouldn’t be able to. They talk, but Karl says he’s frustrated at doing nothing so says he’s going to the hospital to see Libby. Susan tells him he must get some sleep, but Karl says he won’t sleep until they’ve found Zeke.

Erinsborough & District Hospital - Reception: Karl abrasively asks Jodie at the hospital reception for Libby’s test results. She informs him she’s unable to do so until she receives her attending doctor’s permission. Jodie tells Karl to go home and get some rest, but Karl snaps and tells Jodie to do as he asked. Harold arrives and asks if everything is alright. He tells Karl that whatever happens, it’s all down to God’s greater purpose and that he must remain strong. Karl reacts angrily and tells Harold he doesn’t want him ramming his religious views down his throat. Karl then goes on to tell Harold that it’s all rubbish and that there is no afterlife or greater purpose. Jodie then interrupts and tells Harold that it’s now time for his chemo session. Harold then walks off to his appointment, telling Karl he hopes he finds what he needs.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Rachel Kinski, Ty Harper, Steph Scully, Susan Kennedy, Ringo Brown, Donna Freedman, Elle Robinson, Karl Kennedy, Bridget Parker, Declan Napier, Steve Parker, Miranda Parker, Charlie Hoyland, Ben Kirk, Toadie Rebecchi, Daniel Fitzgerald

Guest Cast: Caroline Lloyd as Dr Veronica Olenski, Chelsea Jones as Tegan Freedman, Mauricio Merino Jr as Simon Freedman, Ian Smith as Harold Bishop, Mary Annegeline as Jodie Smith

Summary by Edd