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Episode Summaries > 2009 > Episode 5608
Written by Scott Taylor, Directed by Chris Adshead, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Ten: 21/01/09 Five: 25/03/09

• Callum refusing to wear glasses
• Mickey telling Callum he looks silly for wearing glasses; Steve telling him off
• Toadie telling the woman from the DHS that he and Callum had an argument about his glasses
• Dan telling Sam he’ll apply for sole custody of her baby
• Andrew telling the teens on the rafting trip of the dangerous bend ahead
• Greg and Steph in bed together with Greg reveling with the fact that he’s now the guy that makes Steph laugh
• Karl attacking Harold’s views on the afterlife and God’s greater purpose

No 28: Karl lies fast asleep on the sofa at No 28. He hears a loud bang at the door and instantly wakes believing it could be Zeke. He spots his lifejacket on the floor and begins to have flashbacks of the moment when the police pulled Zeke’s lifejacket from the river. His thoughts are interrupted by a phonecall on his mobile. Karl looks at the screen and sees it’s from Zeke. In an excited panic, Karl answers and calls out Zeke’s name. Just then, there’s another bang and Karl awakes from his dream. Susan walks into the living room, looking slightly concerned as Karl continues to call out Zeke’s name. Karl denies that he’s been dreaming and instantly sets about getting himself down to the riverbank to help with the rescue again.

Ramsay Street - Outside no 28: Toadie and Callum walk over to No 28. Callum doesn’t understand why on his holiday he’s had to get up so early. Toadie tells him it’s because the Kennedy’s need all the support they can get. As they approach No 28, Susan follows Karl outside pleading with him that he shouldn’t be driving when he’s in this state. As Karl and Susan argue in front of Toadie and Callum, Toadie interjects with the offer to Karl to grab a doughnut and a coffee from him and he’ll then drive down to the riverbank. Karl refuses and says it’s completely unnecessary. As Karl’s about to get into the car, Lucas stops off for a chat from his run to see how the Kennedy’s are holding up. Karl’s not in a chatty mood and brushes past Lucas and Toadie to get into his car. Toadie follows him and continues to suggest that he should drive there. Karl once again refuses, but Toadie persists by standing at the back of the car, not allowing Karl to move. Karl eventually gives in and Toadie drives.

Ramsay Street - Outside no 22: An angry Rebecca marches up to Paul who’s with Sam demanding an explanation for the lead story in the paper about Andrew. Rebecca tells Paul that the rafting disaster was no way Andrew’s fault and if Paul hasn’t got his facts right about the story, she’ll advise him to sue. Rebecca then storms off as Sam dryly criticizes Paul’s “tactics”.

Lassiter's Hotel - Room: Steph’s sat waiting in the hotel room. Greg then walks in and Steph tells him to “shut up and get on the bed”. Confused by Steph’s attitude, Greg questions her, but Steph pushes him onto the bed telling him to do as he’s told. She then confronts him about being married and the pair begin to argue. Steph then storms out and angrily tells Greg to pay for the hotel room.

No 26 - Kitchen: Miranda tastes the dinner she and Rebecca have been making for Karl and Susan, but they rather comically realise that they both put too much salt in it. Susan walks in and Rebecca and Miranda start pandering to her to make sure she’s okay. Susan raises a teary smile.

Riverbank: Karl and Toadie arrive at the rescue site. Senior Sergeant Caskey hands Karl Zeke’s helmet which they discovered battered and cracked. Sergeant Caskey tells Karl that with this kind of damage to Zeke’s helmet it’s now looking extremely unlikely that they’ll find him alive. Toadie puts his arm around Karl for support.

Karl’s sat down a little away from the rescue tent, starring at Zeke’s helmet in his hands. Tears begin to roll down his face as Susan’s arrives at the scene with Rebecca. She looks at Zeke’s helmet in disbelief before breaking down in Karl’s arms.

No 30: Kelly and Callum are chasing each other round the couch at No 30 as Kelly does her best to try and make Callum wear the glasses. Toadie then arrives, but soon puts a stop to the fun. Kelly chats to Toadie about what happened earlier on at the lake but he tells her he’ll take about it later. Kelly then tells Toadie she’s found a way for Callum to wear his eye patch.

Harold's Store: Wearing his eye patch and a stick-on beard, Lou’s telling Callum he needs to have a pirate name if he’s to be a pirate. Harold wanders over amused by the goings on as Callum goes off to show Mickey his pirate costume. Callum then asks Toadie if they can have a pirate party, which he refuses until Steve overhears and thinks it’ll be a great idea. Callum and Mickey then instantly set about inviting people to their pirate party, including Paul. Paul then sarcastically hints that the pirate party would make a good story considering Zeke is still missing. Toadie warns him not to print anything.

Erinsborough & District Hospital: Sam quietly enters Libby’s hospital room with a bouquet of flowers. Libby is surprised to see her and asks why she’s here. Sam congratulates Libby on her re-engagement to Dan and mentions that Dan has threatened to apply for sole custody of their child. Libby’s reaction gives Sam reason enough to believe that she didn’t know about Dan’s plans. She apologizes, hands Libby the flowers and tells Libby she believes Dan will probably win the custody case if he goes ahead with it because of her medical problems. She begins talking about how much Dan wants his own child, riling Libby. However Libby does her best to remain calm and thanks Sam for the flowers as she leaves.

No 30: Callum and Mickey are having a sword fight as the pirate party is in full swing. Miranda offers Harold some crisps but he mentions his Chemo treatment is making everything taste like the bottom of a bucket. Kelly tries to get Toadie into the spirit of the pirate party as Harold makes a little speech about how the party is a good example of bringing them all together. After a toast to absent friends, Karl walks in looking bemused and slightly offended at the party. He asks Toadie if he can have a chat with Harold.

No 30 - Back balcony: Karl apologizes profusely to Karl for what he said about Harold’s religious beliefs. He then asks Harold about God’s greater purpose and whether God can appear in people’s dreams. Karl continues to quiz Harold about dreams, who admits that it is possible that a dream can be guiding us in some way from God. Karl then leaves hurriedly, seemingly satisfied that he’s got the ‘answer’ he wants.

No 30: As the party continues, Kelly starts some pirate role-playing for the kids. Toadie and Callum then end up having a duel with 2 baguettes which ends up with Toadie getting Callum in a headlock and Mickey jumping on top of him, just as the Roz Challis from the DHS arrives.

Harold's Store: Lucas spots Steph alone at Harold’s Store and sits with her. Steph tells him about Greg being married as Lucas begins to help out Steph with eating the cake. Greg then arrives, asking Steph if they can talk. Steph refuses at first, but Lucas gets up and leaves allowing Greg to sit down with her. As he tries to explain, he informs Steph that his marriage to Veronica was over ages ago, but she’s not having any of it and storms out.

Erinsborough & District Hospital: Steph arrives at the hospital and bumps into Dr. Olenski, who drops all her paperwork. Steph apologizes and helps Dr. Olenski pick it all up. The pair then end up chatting and Veronica tells Steph she hasn’t had a very good day. As Veronica leaves to get on with her work, Steph begins to feel guilty and chases after her to tell her that she’s the ‘other’ woman. Veronica looks visibly shocked and confused but as Steph tries to explain, she’s overcome with anger and slaps her.

In Libby’s hospital room, Steph confides in Libby over the debacle with Veronica and Greg. Libby doesn’t entirely approve, but Steph begins to question Libby why Dr. Olenski was with her earlier. Libby announces to Steph she wants IVF treatment so she can give Dan another baby. Steph is shocked and doesn’t want Libby to risk her life again.

Ramsay Street - Outside no 28: Susan’s chasing Karl out of the house again as he looks to go down to the riverbank in the search for Zeke. He tells Susan that he believes he’s still alive because of the ‘message’ in his dream. Susan looks shocked and teary by what Karl’s suggesting but can’t do anything as he gets in the car to drive off. Susan watches Karl depart, becoming increasingly unsteady on her feet. She then props up against the letterbox to stop herself from falling.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Toadie Rebecchi, Callum Jones, Lucas Fitzgerald, Paul Robinson, Rebecca Napier, Steph Scully, Miranda Parker, Lou Carpenter, Mickey Gannon, Steve Parker, Libby Kennedy

Guest Cast: Caroline Lloyd as Dr Veronica Olenski, Ian Smith as Harold Bishop, Simone Buchanan as Samantha Fitzgerald, Nick Farnell as Greg Michaels, Elise Dickinson as Senior Sgt Belinda Caskey, Katrina Milosevic as Kelly Katsis, Janet Watson Kruse as Roz Challis

Trivia Notes
• Steve had a pirate party for his 8th birthday and it was his best birthday ever

Summary by Edd