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Episode Summaries > 2009 > Episode 5609
Written by Perri Cummings, Directed by Chris Adshead, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Ten: 22/01/09 Five: 26/03/09

• Rebecca showing her fury at Paul for printing the article about Andrew
• Kelly informing Toadie she thinks she’s found a way for Callum to wear his eye patch
• Callum being a pirate
• Libby and Sam having an awkward clash at the hospital over the importance of the baby
• Libby telling Steph she wants IVF
• Elle demanding Tegan gives back her jacket
• Tegan telling Donna about the unhappy time they’re having at home with Mum; Donna hugging her
• Karl passionately telling Susan that his dream was a ‘sign’ and that he will find Zeke
• Susan struggling to stay on her feet outside the house

No 28 - Kitchen: A weary Susan is on the phone to the rescue team to try and find out where Karl is. Her vision keeps blurring and she ends up dropping a plate on the floor before slouching on to the kitchen worktop to stop herself from collapsing. She’s unable to find out where Karl is and ends the call as she attempts to bend down to pick up the dropped plate. Libby and Dan then walk into the house. Susan manages to get herself together and goes up to hug Libby, pleased that she’s now out of hospital. Libby and Dan wonder where Karl is, alluding to the fact they may have some important news to tell. Susan steps in though and asks what it is they’ve come to say. Susan’s delighted to learn Libby and Dan have set a date for the wedding and she hugs Libby again. A slightly teary Susan then reiterates her belief that they’ll all be there to celebrate.

No 22: Donna’s enthusiastically playing Ludo with Simon and Tegan, but Simon says he’d rather watch something on cable TV. Donna says playing a board game is a good way for them to all talk as it’s been a long time, but Simon cattily remarks that that is Donna’s fault. Donna says she had to get out the house with the way their mum was behaving as Tegan interjects to break up the brewing tension. There’s a knock at the door, so Donna swans off to answer it. It’s Ringo and as he walks into the room Tegan quizzes him on how he got his name. Ringo then informs the group that Toadie’s throwing a pirate party for Callum and he thinks it’ll be a good idea for them all to go along. Tegan happily replies with “sick” as Simon looks on slightly embarrassed.

No 30: Donna, Ringo, Simon and Tegan arrive at the pirate party. Callum gives them permission to “come aboard”. Tegan is soon unimpressed though when she learns that it’s a children’s party.

Toadie and Kelly happily inform Lou that the DHS have granted Toadie permission to become Callum’s legal guardian. Meanwhile Callum offers Tegan a drink and manages to get her to hold his hand by pretending he’s got a terminal illness. Dan and Libby then waltz in and Toadie begins to feel a little bit sheepish that they’ve walked in on the party. However, Libby thinks it’s a great idea and gets into the spirit of things with a good hearty “arr”.

No 28: Susan answers the door to Andrew who sincerely apologises for the events of the rafting trip. Susan tells him not to worry about it and that he shouldn’t worry about whatever Paul prints in the paper. Rebecca knocks on the door and lets herself in. Andrew goes to leave and has a chat with Rebecca on his way out. He’s quite ratty at Rebecca’s questions on his whereabouts and lack of contact and snappily tells Rebecca he will call as Susan, unsteady on her feet once again, slowly sits herself down.

As Rebecca goes over to sit down with Susan, she’s aghast to discover Susan plans to go back to work tomorrow. Rebecca wonders if Susan’s up to returning to work but asks that if she does go in and finds out Paul’s up to no good with the Andrew Simpson storyline, then can she give her a call about it so she can warn Andrew. Susan nods in agreement.

No 30: Bridget and Declan arrive at the pirate party and Declan squeals his delight that there’s food. Bridget asks Libby how she is as Declan gets stuck in to the food. Bridget then says she’s the one who’s supposed to eating for two as Declan stuffs a load of crisps into her mouth. Libby and Dan look on smiling at the young lovers. Libby then decides to broach the subject of the IVF with Dan. He’s a little taken aback by Libby’s plans and is further surprised to discover she’s already talked to Dr. Olenski about it. Dan says he doesn’t want Libby to risk her health and begins to question whether it has anything to do with Sam. Libby’s clearly not happy with Dan’s lack of support and leaves.

Donna, Declan and Didge have a good old laugh at Tegan as she discovers that Callum was faking his illness. Meanwhile Ringo is attempting to make conversation with Simon, but just seems to be getting “don’t know” answers. Simon then asks Donna if they can leave. He does, thankfully.

Erinsborough News Offices: Paul gleefully accepts some secret info Sam has managed to dig out about Andrew. Susan walks in, looking frail and fed up of Paul’s vendetta against Mr. Simpson. Paul shows some kind of humanity by expressing his shock that Susan’s back at work and asks her if there’s anything he can do. He then hands Susan a document Sam found that alleges Andrew Simpson has been in trouble for negligence before. Susan’s eyesight though is fading and she can’t read the article. As Paul swans off to work on another article with Sam, Susan places the document in her bag, before ringing Rebecca to warn her.

Outside Grease Monkeys/Carpenter's Mechanics: Susan slowly stumbles along the path. As she creeps past the mechanics, Lucas says hello but becomes concerned when Susan ignores him as she continues to look unsteady on her feet. He rushes over to hold her and sits her down on one of the chairs outside Grease Monkeys. Susan rejects his calls that she should go to hospital and instead asks Lucas to take her home.

No 28: Lucas helps Susan sit down on the sofa. Susan pleads with Lucas not to call anyone and says she’ll be able to manage her MS. Lucas eventually respects Susan’s wishes and leaves.

Dingoes' Den Gym: As Dan’s knocking the living hell out of the punch bag, a cheeky Lucas wanders along and asks what’s up. He tells him about Libby’s IVF plans. Lucas’s doesn’t see why Dan should be so annoyed about it and tells him to go home to get some baby practice in. As Lucas goes over to the treadmill he also tells Dan Libby should have a chat to her mum. When Dan asks why, Lucas just simply says that “people should be good to their mums”.

Harold's Store: Paul pesters Andrew about his past. Andrew tells Paul he’s got nothing to say to him and continues to ignore his questions. Andrew tells Paul to “go to hell” when Paul says he’ll organize a special delivery to his door of tomorrow’s paper. As Paul leaves, Rebecca arrives and drags Andrew over to a table for a chat. She asks Andrew to tell her what happened all those years ago as she’ll be reading about it in the paper tomorrow anyway. Andrew explains that whilst he was in the army reserve, a truck he was driving rolled over, killing the Private who was traveling with him. Andrew goes on to explain that it did go to court but he was cleared of all charges.

No 22 - Front door: Ringo lets himself in and calls out if anyone’s home. He’s greeted by Simon walking down the stairs with a backpack on and Ringo questions him on where he’s going. Ringo soon discovers that Simon plans on leaving Ramsay Street but stops him from going anywhere until he’s said goodbye to Donna. Simon then says Ringo is just one from a long line of “dopey boyfriends” causing Ringo to react and push Simon up against the wall, just as Donna walks in.

Donna is angered by Ringo’s aggressive ways with Simon, but Ringo soon manages to explain that Simon was planning on leaving without saying goodbye. An argument between the siblings then ensues as Donna discovers the truth. Simon then agrees to stay as Tegan says they can’t possibly go back to mum’s. He then tells everyone to stay out of his face as he walks off in a huff.

Harold's Store: As Libby’s sat down, Dan hands her a present. She says he doesn’t have to get her a present everytime they have a difference of opinion to which he replies “who says we have a difference of opinion?” As Libby unwraps her gift she’s slightly surprised to find it’s a large pair of men’s boxer shorts. Dan explains that men who are trying to make babies should avoid tight undies. Libby then excitedly hugs Dan.

Charlie's: Paul steps in to offer to pay for Sam’s drink after her good work at the office, but she refuses Paul’s money. Rebecca then marches in and argues with Paul over the new Andrew Simpson story he plans on publishing the following morning. Rebecca suggests that his vendetta against Andrew has nothing to do with him trying to offer parents peace of mind on their children’s safety, but rather he’s trying to get back at her. As they continue to argue, Rebecca says the night she spent with Paul a few weeks ago was a mistake. She then ends by asking Paul if there is anything she can do to stop him from running the article.

Dingoes' Den Gym: As Andrew finishes his workout on the bike, Rebecca goes up break things off with him. He’s surprised at how sudden the break up is but accepts it. Rebecca apologises before walking off tearfully.

No 28: The phone rings, as Susan stares at it, ignoring the call.

Susan sits quietly on the sofa as Libby lets herself in. She goes over to Susan and says she’s just received the weirdest message from Lucas that they should be spending more time with her. Libby suggests they go for a walk together, but Susan doesn’t want to go. She finally admits that she can’t walk and can’t even stand up.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Susan Kennedy, Libby Kennedy, Daniel Fitzgerald, Donna Freedman, Ringo Brown, Callum Jones, Lou Carpenter, Toadie Rebecchi, Rebecca Napier, Bridget Parker, Declan Napier, Paul Robinson, Lucas Fitzgerald

Guest Cast: Simone Buchanan as Samantha Fitzgerald, Katrina Milosevic as Kelly Katsis, Peter Flanigan as Andrew Simpson, Chelsea Jones as Tegan Freedman, Mauricio Merino Jr as Simon Freedman

Summary by Edd