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Episode Summaries > 2009 > Episode 5610
Written by Jeff Truman, Directed by Chris Adshead, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Ten: 23/01/09 Five: 27/03/09

• Rebecca and Susan discussing Paul’s vendetta against Andrew
• Susan telling Paul to stop his vendetta against Andrew as he surprises her by saying it’s not the first time Andrew’s been in trouble
• Rebecca angrily questioning Paul about what she could do to stop him from running the story about Andrew
• Rebecca breaking up with Andrew at the gym
• Rachel tearing up her music contract
• Susan telling Libby her MS has retuned and she can’t walk or even stand up

No 28: Susan’s placed onto a stretcher as Libby worries over her as she leaves for the ambulance. Susan pleads with Libby that Karl doesn’t need to know right now as he’s under too much stress. A concerned Harold enters as Libby follows her mum outside to the ambulance.

Erinsborough News Offices: Paul, Elle and Sam are chortling away as Rebecca storms in and tells Paul she’s done what he asked of her. Elle and Sam both begin to wonder what ‘deal’ Paul and Rebecca had. As Paul suggests he and Rebecca chat about it in his office, Elle interrupts and demands to know what’s going on. Elle’s horrified and Rebecca’s even more upset when she learns that although Paul will now no longer print the story about Andrew, he will still keep it on file for another day. Rebecca angrily leaves. Sam goes back to her desk to continue working as Elle follows her father into his office, furious at his latest actions.

Harold's Store: Ty struggles to come up with enough money to pay at Harold’s Store so ends up sifting through his coins. He refuses to take Rachel’s money or Toadie’s as he waits behind them in the queue. They have a little chat as Toadie enquires if they’ve heard any news about Zeke. Eventually Ty finds the $6 needed and he and Rachel go to sit down with their coffee. Rachel’s still feeling guilty about tearing up the music contract and apologises to Ty again for ruining his dream. Ty tells her not to worry about it and believes that there’ll be other chances anyway. Rachel’s phone starts to ring. It’s Libby.

Erinsborough & District Hospital - Room: Rachel and Libby stare through the hospital room window as Susan undergoes her MS assessment. Rachel wonders where Karl is and reacts angrily when Libby tells her that Susan didn’t want him to know. Harold does his best to diffuse the tension and agrees with Rachel- Karl should be here. Libby wanders off to give him a call.

Charlie's: Elle’s sounding off to Lucas about how disgusted she is with her father once again. Lucas cheekily tells her she looks hot when she’s angry and suggests to make herself feel better, she should get even.

Erinsborough News Offices: Elle and Lucas sneak into the offices on the hunt for the Andrew Simpson story. As they start sifting through paperwork on Sam’s desk, Sam soon walks in and catches them. After Elle makes up a ridiculous lie as to why they’re there, she eventually tells Sam that they’re actually looking for the file on Andrew Simpson so they can try and prove his innocence. Without a moment’s thought Sam pulls it out her handbag and gives it to Elle and Lucas, wishing them luck.

Erinsborough & District Hospital - Room: Rachel and Susan have a heart-to-heart by the hospital bed as Susan tells Rachel not to give herself such a hard time. Nurse Jodie enters and wants a word in private with Susan, so Rachel pops outside to the waiting area.

Libby’s waiting outside and asks Rachel if she’s ok. Karl then arrives and hugs Libby wanting to know how Susan is. Karl quickly walks into the room where Susan is, leaving Rachel feeling a bit isolated. Harold asks her if she’s alright, before Rachel tells him that she’s leaving because now that Karl is here, Susan will be okay. Harold looks on concerned again.

Susan tells Karl he doesn’t have to be here. Nurse Jodie leaves them to it and Karl apologises to Susan. Susan says she’s sorry too as she begins to cry. Karl hugs her.

No 30: Toadie’s on the phone to music manager Hamish trying to get him to change his mind on Rachel’s behalf about the contract. When he’s finished the call he informs Rachel that he’s been successful and now she will sing Ty’s song and have her life pretty much run by the record company. Rachel looks less than enthused as Toadie hugs her welcoming her to international recording fame.

Charlie's: Rebecca storms in and tells Ty to put the deliveries in the cool room. She then notices the glass Ty’s holding has a slight lipstick mark on it and asks him if he wants them to go out of business. As Rebecca storms off to the office, she leaves by telling Ty to stop with the headmaster jokes.

A happier Rachel arrives and tells Ty the good news about the recording contract. Ty can’t muster up enough enthusiasm though and questions Rachel whether it’s a good idea considering Zeke’s still missing and Susan is now in hospital. Rachel isn’t happy about Ty’s lack of support as Lucas and Elle arrive wanting to speak to Rebecca.

Lucas and Elle tell Rebecca they’ve got the file on Andrew Simpson and are going to try their best to prove his innocence. Rebecca tells them not to bother and says that Paul’s already done too much. She then hints that all the whilst Paul’s living in Ramsay Street, she may have to leave. Elle vows though not to give up.

Harold's Store: Lucas and Elle sit chatting to a former colleague of Andrew’s. The man says that Andrew was a good guy and if it came to it all of the guys in Andrew’s former regiment would support him. Paul then walks in as Elle and Lucas quickly change tact to try and not raise suspicion. As Paul introduces himself, Lucas cuts in and says the man is called Trevor and that he works at the store. As Elle and Lucas continue to lie to Paul, Trevor looks on confused. Once Paul’s left, Lucas explains that Paul is the man who doesn’t wish well on Andrew and asks him if he’s still in. Trevor replies with “I think so.”

No 28: Rachel’s practicing smiles in the mirror, almost virtually ignoring the knock at the door. Eventually she answers it and Ty walks in instantly telling her he’s not convinced that the record contract is a good idea. Rachel though manages to persuade him by saying it’s what they both want and it’ll help them build a better future together. Ty calls Rachel an incredible woman and hugs her. As Ty leaves for work, Rachel continues practicing smiles in the mirror. Badly.

Erinsborough & District Hospital - Room: Karl and Susan thank Harold as he says his goodbyes. He says he’ll pop into to visit tomorrow as he’s at the hospital anyway for his chemotherapy. As Harold departs, Susan admits to Karl that she hadn’t been taking the MS medication lately as she’d been feeling so good about herself. She apologises, as does Karl as he says he should have realised something was up.

Erinsborough News Offices: Elle arrives with the earlier promised coffee for Paul. He greatly accepts it and asks Elle about what’s written on her notepad. Elle says she’s still researching for a new story for the paper, but refuses to tell her father what it is. As Paul continues to question Elle on the story, Sam sneakily phones Lucas and tells him to try and distract Paul. Moments later and Paul receives a phonecall from Lucas who says he wants to meet up with him as soon as possible. Paul’s slightly confused as to what Lucas wants as he begins teasing Elle about him being her boyfriend. Paul then leaves the office to chat with Lucas, as Elle thanks Sam for her diversion tactics.

Charlie's: Rebecca, Ty and Toadie stand chatting showing their concern for Susan and Karl. As Paul walks in Rebecca quickly sneaks off. Paul meets with Lucas and wants to know what was so important that he wanted to meet with him. Lucas hands Paul a document about a potential safety problem with a new car, but Paul’s not buying it when he says the story ran in the national press back in 2003. Lucas does his best to try and keep Paul at Charlie’s bar by suggesting they have a drink together, but Paul’s having none of it and quickly leaves. Lucas then phone Elle to warn them that Paul is returning to the offices.

Erinsborough News Offices: Paul arrives back at the offices, with Lucas quickly following behind. Along with Sam, they all gather around Elle’s computer as she shows them all her new lead story. Paul is furious and says he won’t run a story about Andrew Simpson being an unsung hero. Elle though has to tell him that Rebecca’s planning to leave the street and printing her new article is the only way Paul will be able to still have a chance with her.

Erinsborough & District Hospital - Room: Harold, Libby and Karl are all gathered in the room at the hospital as Susan prepares to leave. Susan thanks Harold for the flowers as he passes on Steve and Miranda’s love. Rachel arrives, quickly followed by Senior Sergeant Caskey. Karl gets up and asks if they’ve found Zeke. Sergeant Caskey’s says that they haven’t but they’ve found evidence that Zeke’s bank account has been used. Sergeant Caskey explains to the shocked family that it either means someone’s found Zeke’s wallet by the riverbank and is using his bank card, or Zeke could still be alive and accessing his money. Sergeant Caskey then asks the family if there is any reason as to why Zeke might not want to be found. Karl and Susan look on in shock.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Susan Kennedy, Libby Kennedy, Elle Robinson, Paul Robinson, Rebecca Napier, Ty Harper, Rachel Kinski, Toadie Rebecchi, Lucas Fitzgerald

Guest Cast: Simone Buchanan as Samantha Fitzgerald, Ian Smith as Harold Bishop, Adam McConvell as Trevor Maguire, Mary Annegeline as Nurse Jodie Smith, Elise Dickinson as Senior Sergeant Belinda Caskey

Summary by Edd