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Episode Summaries > 2009 > Episode 5611
Written by John Davies, Directed by Adrian Holmes, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Ten: 26/01/09 Five: 30/03/09

• Paul showing Susan the new Andrew Simpson information, with Sam pointing out that he was never proven guilty anyway
• Rebecca telling Elle and Sam about her “deal” with Paul for her to stop seeing Andrew
• Susan on the stretcher being taken to the ambulance telling Libby not to call Karl about what’s happened
• Toadie finalising the music contract for Rachel and congratulating her
• Senior Sergeant Caskey informing the Kennedy-Kinski’s that Zeke’s bank account is still in use. She then asks them if they have any reason to believe Zeke wouldn’t want to be found

No 28 - Zeke's bedroom: Karl frantically searches through some of Zeke’s things in his room to try and find any evidence that he ran away. Susan, Rachel and Ringo all look on in shock at Karl’s scant disregard for Zeke’s privacy. Karl then comes across a small circular box which he is stunned to find has over $1000 in cash inside. Everyone looks on in shock as Ringo explains that Zeke was offering to do other people’s homework for cash, but as far as he was aware he’d only done that a couple of times.

No 28 - Living room: Karl suggests to Susan that Zeke could have planned his runaway from Ramsay Street.

No 28 - Zeke's bedroom: Ringo tells Rachel he doesn’t think Zeke could be capable of orchestrating such a disappearance. Rachel though says she has to agree and believe with Karl as the only other option is to accept that he’s dead.

No 28 - Living room: Karl continuing to suggest to Susan that Zeke planned his disappearance and questioning that he might have even organised a place to stay beforehand. Bridget and Declan then arrive after hearing the news that Zeke may be alive. They head into Zeke’s room as Karl continues to try and convince Susan that Zeke is alive.

No 28 - Zeke's bedroom: Bridget and Declan say that they think there’s no way Zeke could have organised his own disappearance. Rachel though isn’t so sure and questions just who could have been using Zeke’s bank account considering no one would know his pin number. She then spots his laptop and says that she does know of his computer password.

The teens are gathered around the laptop watching a video diary of Zeke. However they’re shocked to discover he’s using the video diary to let out all his pent-up frustration and anger at his friends. After being heavily critical of Declan for running out on Bridget when he discovered she was pregnant, Zeke then reveals that Donna tried to get herself pregnant by throwing her pills in their bin at home. Ringo is stunned by Zeke’s revelation and leaves upset.

Ramsay Street: Paul says good morning to Elle and Rebecca who are standing on the street. Rebecca then hits Paul with the newspaper, angered that Paul didn’t print Elle’s story on Andrew Simpson being a local hero. Rebecca tells Paul her life will so much better when she doesn’t have to look at his face. Paul dryly responds by suggesting Rebecca will miss him which prompts Rebecca to smack him with the newspaper again before storming off. Elle then leaves with Rebecca telling her father he gets everything he deserves.

Ringo then turns up wanting to see Donna.

No 22: Ringo arrives wanting to see Donna. Simon’s complaining that there aren’t enough good games to play on the computer in the house, so a moody Paul takes the laptop from him and leaves. Donna walks into the living room and gives Ringo a kiss to say hi, which he almost practically pulls away from. Simon and Tegan soon scarper off.

Donna asks Ringo if there is anymore information on Zeke and jokingly tells Ringo to remind her never to have kids. Ringo says she’d make a great mother. He then tells her that they found a video diary of Zeke back at his and that it says some pretty interesting stuff about them together. Eventually Ringo confronts Donna over her plans to trap him into having a baby. Donna’s initial silence tells Ringo enough, but she then tells him it isn’t true. However a confused Ringo doesn’t believe her and leaves.

No 28 - Zeke's bedroom: Rachel is sat on Zeke’s bed showing Susan his video diary. This time Zeke is tearing Rachel to shreds about her previous relationship with teacher Angus Henderson. Rachel finds it uncomfortable viewing and Susan assures her that Zeke doesn’t really mean all the things he said in the video.

No 32 - Kitchen: Rachel purposefully strides in to the kitchen to show Ty her new dress. She says it’s the kind of stuff the record company want her to wear but Ty struggles to be enthused; still clearly worried that Rachel is bottling up her grief for Zeke. Rachel says she doesn’t want to talk about Zeke and leaves the kitchen once she gets Ty to finally say that he likes the dress.

In the hallway there’s a knock at the door. Rachel tells Ty that if it’s Susan to tell her that she’ll be home later. It turns out to be Bridget and Declan who wander in are slightly shocked by her new look. Declan thinks she looks hot whilst Bridget thinks the dress is too “revealing”. Bridget informs Rachel that Susan is worried about her and Ty agrees and says that she should just forget the clothes and go home. But Rachel doesn’t want to.

No 22/Harold's Store: Tegan offers her to support to a crying Donna at No22 over her falling out with Ringo. She does the same to Ringo at Harold’s store and begins giving advice to both of them, in some places completely contradicting what she said to one another. She hugs Ringo and tells him that if he ever needs somebody to talk to then she’s here for him. Ringo looks confused and gets up and leaves.

With Tegan sipping on her coffee at the store, Simon arrives and wants to know what she’s been saying to Ringo. Tegan quite confidently tells her brother that she’s hopefully sorted things out between Donna and Ringo.

Charlie's: Ringo, Declan and Bridget are all playing pool together. Bridget does her best to try and make Ringo change his mind on Donna. They then start discussing their concern for Rachel.

Rachel’s showing off her new jacket to Ty, who, once again is not very enthused. Karl arrives at asks Rachel if he can use the laptop to print some pictures of Zeke to help with the search. She says he can, before swanning off to see the other teens at the pool table. She asks Ringo where Donna is and he responds with “Donna Who?” Bridget then tells Rachel she thinks Donna will be pretty upset so they should go and hang out with her to see if she’s ok. Bridget then asks Rachel if she herself is ok. Rachel insists that she’s fine.

Paul arrives and orders a scotch at the bar. Elle walks up to him and says that if he’s looking for Rebecca then she isn’t here. She’s still unhappy with her father’s behaviour and says that she wishes one day someone would do a story about him. Paul arrogantly responds by asking who would print it, before leaving the bar area. Elle looks on, with ideas formulating in her head.

Lassiter's Complex: Tegan and Simon leave the store talking about Donna and Ringo. As they walk off, Toadie goes over to chat with Elle outside the law offices. She thanks him for letting her use the photocopier, but Toadie wants to know why she couldn’t use the photocopiers at the Erinsborough News offices. Elle then shows Toadie a sneak preview of a story she’s going to run on Paul. Toadie laughs away and requests a copy, which Elle happily hands to him.

Karl arrives to ask Toadie if he can use the photocopier as well to print some posters of Zeke. Toadie’s a little taken aback by Karl’s suggestion that Zeke planned his disappearance which leads him to question whether Karl is coping properly. Toadie then takes the photo of Zeke and insists that he’ll do the posters and that Karl should go home to be with Susan. Karl then looks up and notices a figure that looks like Zeke walking by. Karl runs after the figure, with Toadie quickly following.

Karl tells Toadie he only saw the figure for a few seconds but it looked so much like Zeke. Toadie is forced to tell him though that if he really thinks Zeke planned his own disappearance then it’d be highly unlikely that he’d be hanging around Lassiters. Once again Toadie tells Karl he’ll get the posters done and that he should go home to be with Susan. Karl finally agrees and leaves to go home.

Rebecca then starts handing out copies of Elle’s article on Paul to the public outside Harold’s Store with the help of Elle and then Ringo who pops along to see what all the fuss is about. Ringo finds the front page picture of an adult Paul wearing a nappy hilarious. However Paul doesn’t feel the same way and angrily screws up one of the copies and puts it in the bin as he storms off.

No 22: Simon, Bridget and Rachel are all having a good chortle at the nappy picture of Paul. Donna though doesn’t find it too funny as Paul bursts in the house and goes straight upstairs. Donna asks Simon to leave so she can have a chat with Bridget and Rachel about how to fix her relationship with Ringo. Rachel advises Donna to put herself out there as its all boys really care about anyway. Bridget is horrified by Rachel’s advice as Donna gets up to go and glam herself up. Bridget confronts Rachel over her ridiculous advice, but Rachel tells Bridget it’s because she’s jealous that she can’t look good anymore for guys because she’s pregnant. Rachel gets up and leaves leaving Bridget shocked by her outburst.

Charlie's: Bridget tells Ty she wants the old Rachel back. Ty offers little in the way of help and support to Bridget and simply tells her that music makes her happy so that should be a good thing.

No 28: Karl is studying a map as Susan finishes her phone call to Taylah. Unfortunately she doesn’t know anything about Zeke’s whereabouts. Karl then insists to Susan that the figure he saw at Lassiters earlier was Zeke. Their conversation is interrupted by a knock at the door. It’s Toadie and he’s brought with him the posters he said he’d promise to do for Karl. Now Karl has the posters he leaves to go and distribute them.

Once Karl’s left Susan asks Toadie if he saw the figure at Lassiters. Toadie says it was just the back of someone’s head and could have been anyone. Susan looks on dumbfounded as Toadie tries to support her by saying that they will all get through it.

Charlie's: Rachel is sat, ignoring an incoming call from Bridget. Ty tells her it’s because she’s worried about her, but Rachel says she doesn’t need another lecture. Elle then departs the bar telling Ty it looks like he’ll be having a quiet night.

Karl then arrives and asks Ty if he can put up one of the posters of Zeke. As he goes to place it up, Rachel runs over to Ty at the bar and says that they should do something exciting tonight. He says he can’t because he’s working. Rachel suggests she brings her laptop over and they can start writing some songs together, but once again Ty says it’s not a good idea as he looks over to Karl putting up the poster of Zeke. Ty goes on to tells Rachel that she’s got too much on her plate at the moment. Karl leaves and thanks Ty for allowing him to put the poster up. With Karl gone, Rachel then takes advantage of the empty bar and locks the door. She then rushes over to Ty and starts throwing herself at him. He pulls away from her kiss and says she should be talking about Zeke. Rachel says she doesn’t want to help Zeke and if Ty wants to help her then he should shut up and say nothing. The pair then continue kissing.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Rachel Kinski, Ringo Brown, Bridget Parker, Declan Napier, Zeke Kinski, Rebecca Napier, Elle Robinson, Paul Robinson, Donna Freedman, Ty Harper, Toadie Rebecchi

Guest Cast: Mauricio Merino Jr as Simon Freedman, Chelsea Jones as Tegan Freedman

Trivia Notes
• Bridget’s mobile number is 0418399197

Summary by Edd