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Episode Summaries > 2009 > Episode 5612
Written by Sue O'Neill, Directed by Adrian Holmes, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Ten: 27/01/09 Five: 31/03/09

• An unhappy Steph telling Greg that he’s made her a home-wrecker for leaving his wife to be with her
• Ringo discovering Donna tried to get herself pregnant thanks to Zeke’s video of home truths
• Ringo confronting Donna about her trying to trap him into having a baby
• The teens continuing to be shocked by Zeke’s revelations and attitude in his video diary
• Rachel dressing provocatively, with Bridget worrying that she’s not coping
• Rachel putting herself out there to Ty at Charlie’s Bar
• A tired looking Karl continuing to put posters up of Zeke around Erinsborough, despite Toadie and Susan’s concern for him

No 28: Karl wraps up his phone call to the hospital after managing to secure himself some time off from work. Susan suggests it’s a good idea and that Karl will now be able to get some rest, but Karl insists he doesn’t need rest and must continue to keep looking for Zeke. Ringo then heads out and Susan asks him if he’s OK.

Karl’s slouched on the kitchen worktop and begins blaming himself for Zeke’s disappearance and angered video diaries, citing what happened between them at the roof collapse a year earlier. Susan says he mustn’t feel that way as the couple hug to comfort each other. Karl cries out that he just wants to see him again.

No 22: Wearing a yellow dress, Donna comes downstairs to find that Tegan has filled the front room with pink balloons ahead of Donna and Ringo’s get together. Simon complains the balloons are rubbish anyway and that you couldn’t even make a sausage dog out of them. Just then there’s a knock at the door and Donna ushers her brother and sister upstairs.

Donna lets a confused Ringo into No 22. She explains about the balloons and soon starts babbling away. A less than enthused Ringo cuts in and wants to know what all of this is about, so Donna explains that she just wanted to recreate what he did for her with the friendship rings. Ringo says that it won’t change what happened, but Donna apologises and promises that nothing like that will ever happen again.

Moments later, Donna’s angrily popping the balloons as she tells Tegan that Ringo said he’ll never be able to forgive her. Tegan tries to comfort her sister by saying that she’ll be able to find someone else. As the sisters go to sit down on the couch, Simon enters and questions what all the fuss is about. He tells Donna that it was all her fault anyway for lying and that Ringo is just another dumb guy. Donna admits that her brother is right but as she starts crying on Tegan’s shoulder, Simon perhaps realises he said the wrong thing.

No 32: Ty calls out for Rachel and then enters the kitchen trying to find her. He’s a little shocked to be greeted by Steph who dryly remarks that he should drink some coffee to keep his energy levels up. Steph then informs him that Rachel just left and she wasn’t in a particularly good state. The housemates then start arguing at which point Steph slams a bouquet of flowers into the bin. Ty suggests Steph is just taking her anger out on him because she’s having a tough time with Greg and walks out saying that he’s going round Rachel’s to see how she is.

No 28: A distraught Karl is on the phone and to his absolute surprise Zeke walks into No 28. A dazed and confused Karl begins talking to Zeke and wants to know where he’s been. Zeke tells him about the roof collapse when he rescued Libby before him and suggests that Karl favours Libby. Karl’s upset and pleads with Zeke that it isn’t true. He starts calling out his name to get through to him, but he doesn’t get any response.

As Zeke’s name starts fading out, Karl is awoken on the sofa by his phone ringing and he soon realises he’s been dreaming again. He takes the phone call as Susan goes to answer the knocking at the door. Steve arrives with a hot meal for the Kennedy’s. Susan’s thankful and lets Steve in who starts asking if Karl is coping OK. Karl finishes his phone call and excitedly tells Susan and Steve that there’s been a sighting of Zeke at the bus shelter. Karl goes to leave the house to follow up the lead as Susan starts asking questions on who the person who phoned was. She sighs heavily as she discovers that Karl hasn’t been working with the police for the posters. Steve tells Susan that if it was Didge missing then he’d be out there looking too.

Bus Shelter: Karl eagerly runs up to the bus shelter calling out Zeke’s name but is devastated to learn that he’s nowhere to be seen. Karl wonders over to the garage and asks Lucas if he’s seen Zeke. Lucas says he hasn’t and is slightly concerned by Karl’s questioning but he offers Karl a lift and says he can help him look.

No 28: Susan leaves a voicemail on Karl’s phone telling him to call back and come home. She answers the door to let Steph and Ty in. Ty goes off into Zeke’s bedroom to see Rachel and Steph sits down to chat with Susan.

No 28 - Zeke's bedroom: Rachel’s huddled up on Zeke’s bed with Audrey. Ty walks in and asks if she’s OK. She says she is and that she just needed some time to be alone. Ty tells her that he’d never do anything to hurt and that he loves her. Rachel turns her head and tells Ty that he means a lot to her as well.

No 28 - Living Room: Susan frets to Steph that she doesn’t know what to do with Karl out there at night trying to search for Zeke. Steph says that she can get someone to try and find Karl and she’ll stay to keep Susan company. Susan’s very happy and touched by Steph’s offer of help as she phones Steve to help. Ty then leaves the house and tells Susan that Rachel will be OK. Susan can sense a bit of tension in the air though between Ty and Steph and questions whether everything between them is alright.

Bus Shelter: Steve arrives at the bus shelter to find Karl half-asleep there. He wakes him up and says that he’s got to come home as everyone is worried about him. Karl doesn’t want to and says that he must keep searching for Zeke, but Steve reminds him that he probably isn’t here and that he must come home to Susan. Karl then agrees.

No 28: Steve arrives with Karl, who apologises for not contacting Susan. Steve tells Susan that he found him asleep at the bus shelter. Susan tells Karl that he must get some rest, so Karl quietly trots off to bed. Steph hugs Susan as she and Steve make their way out. Susan thanks them both for their help.

No 28 - Zeke's Bedroom: Susan walks in to find a teary Rachel. She goes over to comfort her, but Rachel insists that she’s fine and gets up and leaves the room.

Dingoes' Den Gym: Simon jokes with Donna that she has to workout for 20 minutes, not 20 seconds. He then apologises to her for what he said earlier and admits that Ringo is a good guy. Just then, Ringo arrives at the gym as Donna considers going over to talk to him. Ringo doesn’t notice her though, so Donna decides not to and heads off into the changing rooms.

As Ringo begins his workout on the treadmill, Simon walks across and stops his machine. Ringo wants to know what his problem is as Simon calls him a “quitter”. Ringo isn’t happy and tells him to run along and play with his toy soldiers. As Ringo gets back on the treadmill, Simon stops it again. This time he tells Ringo that Donna always lies to her boyfriends, but she is slowly changing and that’s all because of him.

Ramsay Street: Ringo is walking home from the gym as Donna is standing outside No 22. The pair keep making eyes at each other from across the street and eventually run over to talk to one another. Donna outlines a long list of truths to Ringo about herself and finishes by insisting that she’ll never lie to him again. Once again she gets out the friendship ring and asks Ringo to reconsider. He tells her she can bother him as much as she likes as the pair hug and kiss.

No 22: A happy Ringo and Donna walk into No 22 delighted to be back together. Tegan unenthusiastically says how pleased she is as she walks off into the kitchen. Donna follows to phone Didge and tell her the good news. Ringo sits down and thanks Simon for the wake up call. Donna walks back into the living room and wants to know what Simon and Ringo are talking about. Ringo winks to Donna and tells her that Simon just set him straight on a few things. Donna’s touched and goes over to hug her brother. Tegan then walks back into the living room and announces that the world is so totally over now her sister and brother are hugging.

No 28 - Zeke's Bedroom: A frail Susan is walking around Zeke’s bedroom looking at his pictures. She sits on his bed and sniffs his pillow. Karl then barges in and is unhappy with Susan for forgetting to charge his phone. Susan snaps and tells Karl that if anything important had happened then the police would have called them. Karl suggests that Susan doesn’t believe anymore that Zeke is alive. Susan then passionately tells Karl that what she truly believes is that if they’re going to get through this, then they must do it together as a family, and that right now Karl is neglecting them.

Charlie's: Steph’s sat the bar as Lucas walks in with a large bouquet of flowers. He informs her that they’re from Greg and the she should give him another chance. Steph isn’t so sure though, but eventually Lucas manages to persuade and says that life it too short. After all, they’re now 2 single people who are both into each other. Steph finally succumbs to Lucas’s advice and gives Greg a call…

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Ringo Brown, Donna Freedman, Ty Harper, Steph Scully, Zeke Kinski, Steve Parker, Lucas Fitzgerald, Rachel Kinski

Guest Cast: Mauricio Merino Jr as Simon Freedman, Chelsea Jones as Tegan Freedman

Trivia Notes
• Donna is a size 10, not a size 8
• Donna has never seen snow
• Donna wasn’t drama captain at her old school and instead was just the recycling monitor
• Donna shoplifted everyday for 6 months when she was in year 8
• Donna is a natural blonde, but it’s a “dirty” blonde so she uses unnatural products to be blonder
• Despite Matthew Werkmeister taking a short break from filming, the dream scene with Karl was filmed before he departed

Summary by Edd