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Episode Summaries > 2009 > Episode 5613
Written by Katrina Foster, Directed by Adrian Holmes, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Ten: 28/01/09 Five: 01/04/09

• Ty handing Rachel a necklace as she tells him that music manager Hamish wants to sign her instead of Ty, and to be singing Ty’s songs
• Ty telling Rachel he loves her, with Rachel responding by telling Ty he means a lot to her too
• Donna and Ringo reuniting on Ramsay Street
• Lucas trying to persuade Steph that she should call Greg
• Steph plucking up the courage to phone Greg
• Steph revealing to Dr. Olenski that she’s the other women and then receiving an almighty slap as a consequence
• Steph slamming a bouquet of flowers into the bin

No 32 - Kitchen: On the kitchen worktop Steph’s received another bouquet of flowers as she stares at the accompanying note from Greg. Libby enters and thanks Steph for looking after Susan the previous day. Noticing that Steph is feeling a little bit down, Libby tells Steph that she’s proud of her and should stick to her guns. As Libby heads back out again, Steph fiddles with her phone, wondering whether she should phone Greg again.

Dingoes' Den Gym: Bridget and Donna are gossiping at the gym about Karl allegedly staying out all evening at the bus shelter trying to look for Zeke. The girls suggest they bake a cake for the Kennedy’s, but Declan wanders over and jokingly suggests that a Zeke shaped cake is the last thing they’d need right now. He then heads off to have a quick chat with Dan to ask whether he’s fighting fit for the start of the new season as Dan bemoans his brother Lucas just standing above him texting Elle. Declan heads off to the changing rooms and on his way bumps into Ty. Ty ignores Declan and quickly begins his workout on the punch bag. Lucas and Dan then look on concerned at Ty’s over exertion. They meander over to have a chat with him and discover that Rachel didn’t reciprocate Ty’s declaration of love. Lucas and Dan then do their best to offer Ty advice, but the brothers begin squabbling at their different opinions, ending with Lucas teasing Dan calling him ‘Captain Cuddles’.

No 30: Toadie and Kelly sit watching the TV on the sofa as Rachel creeps in. She asks Toadie if he can phone Hamish as it’s been over a week since she sent the forms. Toadie says he’ll only phone Hamish if she goes home to be with her family. She reluctantly agrees. Toadie then puts on a cap back to front and phones Hamish. He asks him what he thought of the photos they’d sent and is completely taken aback by Hamish’s response.

Harold's Store: In her finery, a glowing Steph walks into Harold’s Store. Sitting having coffee, Rebecca, Libby and Miranda compliment Steph on her look and ask whether she’s meeting Greg. In fact Steph has a meeting to attend as she’s managed to secure herself a position on the Brest Cancer awareness campaign. The women congratulate her on the achievement. Steph says how she pleased she is and says that since leaving Charlie’s, it’s opened new doors for her. Rebecca says she doesn’t know how Steph ever managed it and is struggling to bring in half of what she ever did. Libby suggests to help Rebecca that they host a Breast Cancer fundraiser to formally announce the new management. The girls think it’s a great idea and Harold comes along and says that it can be used to raise money for Prostate Cancer as well. Libby pitches the idea of a fashion show and Harold suggests that he can ask the Salvation Army to provide the music. The girls struggle not to laugh at Harold’s idea as he has to leave in a hurry. Steph informs the group that it’s probably a side effect of the chemotherapy and is giving Harold the waterworks. She then leaves to attend her meeting.

Erinsborough & District Hospital: As Steph sits down for the board meeting she’s surprised to see Sam turn up. Sam informs her that she’s representing Paul as he’s a major contributor to the Breast Cancer campaign. With the meeting about to start, Steph’s shock is compounded when she discovers the Dr. Veronica Olenski is chairing the meeting.

No 30: Kelly is horrified to discover that Hamish wants Rachel to lose some weight. Toadie is shocked and appalled to, but isn’t sure what to do. Kelly tells him he should tell Hamish that the deal is off and that he’d be helping a friend as Rachel doesn’t deserve to be treated in that way.

Rachel arrives demanding to know why Toadie called off the deal. He’s a little surprised that she knows already but she informs him that they had phoned her asking for the clothes back. Toadie begins by explaining that he didn’t feel that Rachel should be entering in to something like this with things the way they are at home, but eventually lets slip to Rachel that it was because Hamish and the record company wanted her to lose some weight. Rachel is surprised and storms out telling Toadie that she’ll phone Hamish herself.

Erinsborough & District Hospital: Sam and Steph leave the meeting with Sam questioning why Steph was so quiet in there. As Dr. Olenski walks out she makes a passing comment again at Steph for stealing Greg away from her. Sam looks on in shock and tells Steph she never realised her mystery man was married and that she’d be a home wrecker. However, Steph defends herself and angrily tells Sam that it’s none of her business. As Steph walks off, Sam calls her a hypocrite.

Harold's Store: Lucas does his best to give Ty some more advice on his relationship with Rachel, but Ty struggles to follow.

Meanwhile, Steph is telling Libby about her awkward time at the board meeting. Libby tells her though she must stick to her guns and that she’s still fighting for a very important cause. Sam walks in and can’t help but make a snide comment to Steph who gets up to leave to head off to another meeting.

Lassiter's Complex: Steph’s walking with Lucas and once again questions whether she’s doing the right thing by continuing to see Greg and being on the committee. She’s also concerned that she’s getting behind with the workload at the garage. They bump into Miranda who enthusiastically informs them that Bridget had a great idea for the fundraiser. Steph says she’ll consider it as she heads off once again, but this time she bumps into Greg. Steph’s not in the mood to talk to him and says she shouldn’t have called, but Greg thanks her and says that he’s glad that she did. He informs her that he’s now staying at Lassiters so if she wants to stop by and talk, then she can. However, as the pair stand talking outside the law offices, Veronica stops by and sarcastically asks if she could talk to her husband so they can try and sort out the divorce papers. Looking sheepish, Steph leaves them to it.

No 28: As Donna’s rattling through the freezer trying to find some ice cream, Rachel’s still concerning herself with what Hamish had told her. The girls begin talking and Donna is shocked to discover that Hamish wanted Rachel to lose weight. She tries to cheer Rachel up by offering her some ice cream and eventually manages to persuade Rachel to join her.

Charlie's: Steve and Dan are at the bar enjoying a nice refreshing glass of beer. With Dan surprisingly the one worrying about his shape. Rachel enters and Libby catches her and tells her how nice she looked in the pictures. Dan asks if Rachel would like to help with some of the plans of the wedding, but Rachel says she has to go and see Ty.

Rachel kisses Ty and asks him if he’ll help her set up a fitness program. Ty says she really doesn’t need to lose weight but in the end is persuaded by Rachel when she says it’s something that they can do together.

Carpenter's Mechanics: Steph reacts angrily as she struggles on working on a part at the garage. Lucas jokingly tells her to calm down as Toadie arrives with Charlie. Surprised to see him, Toadie informs Steph that Charlie’s been feeling unwell. It turns out that Charlie has been doing this a lot lately and is most likely putting it on. Toadie apologises and says he can take Charlie back to the babysitters if she’d like, but Steph says it’s fine and he can stay at the garage for the afternoon. As Toadie departs, Lucas tells Steph that Charlie can’t stay at the garage because it’s against regulations. Steph though persuades Lucas that Charlie will be fine and no bother at all.

No 28 - Zeke's Bedroom: Rachel’s looking at her body in the mirror, still concerned at her weight. Dan pops in and asks if Rachel has the wedding planning book. As she hands it to him Dan starts talking to Rachel about how she’s coping. He tells her that he’s not here as her counselor, but as her friend. Rachel though isn’t open to talking and when Dan’s efforts are interrupted by a phone call from Libby, Rachel still insists that she’s fine and doesn’t want to talk.

Carpenter's Mechanics: Steph’s underneath Mr. Henderson’s car, with Charlie sat next to it. Greg then turns up wanting to talk. Steph says that now isn’t a good time, but ends up sending Charlie to see Lucas so he can keep an eye on him. As the pair begin to talk, Charlie calls out for help but Steph just tells him to go and see Lucas. Steph then tells Greg that she can’t see him anymore. He agrees and asks if he can have a goodbye kiss. As the couple lean in, a loud crash interrupts them as Steph runs back into the garage worried that something has happened to Charlie.

Lucas rushes to help and it soon becomes clear that Charlie is trapped underneath a shelving unit that fell down. In the ensuing panic, Greg takes over to help Lucas lift the cabinet up as Steph phones for an ambulance. The guys then finally manage to slightly lift the cabinet up as Steph slides under it to rescue her son.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Steph Scully, Libby Kennedy, Donna Freedman, Bridget Parker, Declan Napier, Lucas Fitzgerald, Daniel Fitzgerald, Ty Harper, Toadie Rebecchi, Rachel Kinski, Rebecca Napier, Miranda Parker, Daniel Fitzgerald, Steve Parker, Charlie Hoyland

Guest Cast: Katrina Milosevic as Kelly Katsis, Ian Smith as Harold Bishop, Simone Buchanan as Samantha Fitzgerald, Caroline Lloyd as Dr. Veronica Olenski, Nick Farnell as Greg Michaels

Summary by Edd