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Episode Summaries > 2009 > Episode 5614
Written by Ben Marshall, Directed by Adrian Holmes, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Ten: 29/01/09 Five: 02/04/09

• Lou learns from a delighted Kelly and Toadie, that Toadie is officially Callum’s legal guardian
• Miranda suggests a fundraiser for Charlie’s
• Steph discovering that Greg is still married
• Steph confronting Greg about his wife
• Greg giving Steph a ‘goodbye kiss’ before their moment together is interrupted by a thud
• Lucas and Greg frantically try to lift the shelving unit to rescue a trapped Charlie. Steph phones for an ambulance

Erinsborough & District Hospital: Charlie is rushed into hospital with Steph quickly following behind. Nurse Mitchell goes through some questions with Steph about Charlie’s medical history. Dr. Olenski arrives and Steph asks if she can have Dr. Karl Kennedy to treat her son. However, he’s not rostered on, so she’ll have to make do with Veronica.

No 32: Dan is struggling to get his head around Libby’s confusing wedding invites. As she looks across at a poster of missing Zeke, the phone rings. Realising it’s Steph, Libby tells Dan she doesn’t want to answer it as it’ll just be another one of her dramas with Greg. However, Dan convinces her that Steph is a good friend and that she should take the call.

Erinsborough & District Hospital: Dr. Olenski is giving Charlie the once over, but is clearly frustrated by Steph’s constant interruptions regarding his condition. She informs Steph that he’ll have to go down for some x-rays. Nurse Mitchell then asks Steph to fill out some paperwork, which she eventually agrees to thanks to Lucas. Libby and Dan then arrive and comfort Steph.

No 30: Mickey is refereeing a wrestling match between Toadie and Callum. Callum ends up being victorious as Toadie then heads off to the office. Mickey chats with Callum and asks why he still calls him Toadie. He suggests that maybe he should start calling him dad.

Harold's Store: Lou brings over some food for Toadie, Callum and Mickey. Callum then shocks Toadie by calling him dad for the first time. Toadie isn’t sure how to react and Callum is disappointed by his reaction so heads off to get a juice with Mickey. Lou wanders over and tells Toadie that Callum may not just be saying it.

Outside Harold's Store: Miranda, Harold and Sam sit down to discuss possible fundraiser ideas for Charlie’s. Miranda and Sam however can’t help but bicker between them as they quickly dismiss each other’s suggestions. Harold tries to keep the peace and eventually the trio settle on an idea for a fashion show, although Miranda dryly informs Sam that she preferred the idea when Libby suggested it. Miranda then unwittingly takes control of the meeting and suggests a mother-daughter fashion parade with a 1970s theme. Harold and Sam look on frustrated as Miranda leaves the meeting, unaware that the others aren’t in full support for it. As she departs, Steve arrives and is soon told that neither Harold or Sam like her idea. He asks why they didn’t say anything which causes Harold to chuckle. He then suggests that maybe Steve could say something to Miranda instead.

Erinsborough & District Hospital: Dr. Olenski gives Steph the all-clear with Charlie. Steph then takes the opportunity to apologise to Veronica for ‘being a mum’ earlier. She says she would have acted the same if she was a mother. As Lucas, Libby and Dan go in to visit Charlie with Steph, Greg arrives. Libby sees him turn up and takes it upon herself to warn him off. She tells him that Steph has chosen idiot after idiot and she’s going to be left to pick up the pieces again. To Libby’s horror however, Steph has overheard the whole thing.

Erinsborough & District Hospital - Carpark: Steph rushes outside to catch after Greg. She apologises for the way Libby spoke to her and is angered that her friend could say such nasty things. However, Greg says that he thinks Libby is right and that he should just leave her alone. Steph doesn’t accept this though and says that it was a mistake they ever stopped seeing each other in the first place. She asks him to reconsider their relationship, but Greg refuses and says it really is time to end things.

Erinsborough & District Hospital: Libby is complaining to Dan about how Steph has changed and that if she wanted to simplify her life then she shouldn’t have got involved with a married man. A rather relaxed Dan says that all Steph’s done is fall for a guy, but Libby still refuses to acknowledge that Steph hasn’t done anything wrong. Dan then jokingly compares his fiancée to Susan for being too judgemental. Just then, Veronica enquires as to the whereabouts of Steph. Libby says that she’s outside, but soon realises that she may be out there with Greg.

Erinsborough & District Hospital - Carpark: Steph and Greg are still talking outside. They eventually agree to go their own separate ways but Steph says that it’s silly and that they surely can still remain friends. However, Greg says he can’t because he’s in love with Steph and being friends isn’t enough for him. With that, Steph hugs and kisses Greg just as Veronica arrives asking Steph’s permission for a CT scan for Charlie.

No 26 - Driveway: Steve helps Miranda unload the back of the car as she continues to bleat on about how excited she is for the mother-daughter fashion parade. Steve suggests that she widens her idea by including the men in the fundraiser. However, unwittingly for Steve, Miranda comes up with what she deems a better idea- a fashion parade of the Dingoe’s footie team!

No 30: Mickey and Callum joke with Lou that he’s no fun after he says he doesn’t want to wrestle with them. Just then, Toadie arrives in a scout uniform and informs Callum that they can be together now like father and son doing useful activities like camping and helping the elderly. Callum is not impressed.

Erinsborough & District Hospital: Steph walks back in and demands a chat with Libby. Steph angrily tells Libby not to judge her, leaving Libby shocked by her friend’s fury.

Steph departs the room after checking up on Charlie. She comes across Veronica and asks if she can go along with Charlie for the CT scan. Steph then makes an attempt to apologise to Veronica, but it’s too late and Veronica walks off.

No 30: Toadie and Callum start chatting on the sofa and Callum questions why Toadie has to be so nutty about everything. As the pair continue to talk, Toadie discovers that Callum needs a dad and not just a carer. With that, Toadie announces that they need a ‘contract’ and ‘witnesses’ which confuses Callum.

With Lou and Mickey looking on, Toadie reads out a special speech he’s prepared to inaugurate Callum as his son. Callum chooses the nickname of squid and Toadie makes sure that all this is what Callum really wants. With the ‘papers’ signed Toadie jokes with Callum that although he’s now his dad, he’ll still have to take part in the scouts with him, wear the glasses and do his homework.

Erinsborough & District Hospital: Dan tries to support Libby following her row with Steph. As Steph walks out, she informs them that the CT scan went well. Libby apologises to her friend about before, but instead of accepting the apology, Steph tells Libby and Dan that they might as well head off home. Just then, Charlie’s monitor begins to beep. The doctors and nurses rush to his room after it emerges he’s suffered a reaction to the antibiotics.

Lucas, Dan and Libby are relieved to discover that Charlie is now fine following his reaction. Steph strolls out and the Fitzgerald brothers leave the girls to chat. Libby asks Steph if there’s anything that she can do, but is left stunned when Steph says that there is - she can pack her bags and move out!

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Steph Scully, Charlie Hoyland, Lucas Fitzgerald, Libby Kennedy, Daniel Fitzgerald, Toadie Rebecchi, Callum Jones, Mickey Gannon, Lou Carpenter, Miranda Parker, Steve Parker

Guest Cast: Caroline Lloyd as Dr. Veronica Olenski, Klaire Gazzo as Nurse Brooke Mitchell, Simone Buchanan as Samantha Fitzgerald, Ian Smith as Harold Bishop, Mary Annegeline as Nurse Jodie Smith, Nick Farnell as Greg Michaels

Summary by Edd