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Episode Summaries > 2009 > Episode 5615
Written by John Hanlon, Directed by Adrian Holmes, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Ten: 30/01/09 Five: 03/04/09

• Libby telling Greg she should just leave Steph alone, just as she overhears everything
• Steph discovering that Charlie is having a reaction to the antibiotics
• Steph angrily telling Libby to pack her bags and move out
• Rebecca angered by Paul’s continued vendetta against Andrew
• Miranda shocking Steve by suggesting they should host a men’s fashion show and have some of the guys from the Dingoes team catwalking in their Speedos
• Karl rushing out after receiving a phone call from someone claiming Zeke is still alive. Susan then cries out to him as he leaves that he has to work with the police

Lassiter's Complex: A disheveled Karl looks around at his surroundings. Around him people go about their daily business, some of them taking time to look at hiss ‘missing’ posters. Steve and Miranda stop by and ask Karl if he’s OK. He tells them that he’s had another phone call from someone about a sighting of Zeke, this time from somebody who claims to be in contact with him. Miranda questions whether Karl can be sure that it isn’t a prank, but he says that he can’t take that chance. Karl refuses Steve and Miranda’s offer of a lift back home and says he’ll continue to wait for his contact to arrive. As Steve and Miranda leave Karl to it, he struggles to hold back the tears as he realises he’s been the victim of a prank call again.

Ramsay Street: Rebecca, Declan and Bridget walk along the street talking about their concern for Karl. As they approach the drive of No 24, Paul gets out his car and says there’s something he wants to talk to Bridget and Declan about. As Rebecca heads inside, glancing disdainfully at Paul in the process, he makes an offer to Declan for him to be included in a special article in the paper about tomorrow’s rising footie stars. Bridget and Declan are slightly taken aback by Paul’s generous offer but he explains that the money will help them with their future and that despite the frayed relations between he and Rebecca, Declan will always be important to him. Paul heads off and tells the young couple to think about his offer.

No 22 - Balcony: Newspaper in hand, Sam compliments Elle on her handling of the latest development in the Zeke saga. Kelly asks to see the paper and places her hand on Zeke’s picture. She begins to feel a little strange and starts to have some confusing flashbacks and visions of what may have happened to Zeke on the day of the accident. She tells the girls her belief that she thinks Zeke might be alive and is ever so slightly disturbed by her visions.

No 32: Dan wheels out another suitcase into the kitchen and asks Libby what else there is to pack. A teary Libby still can’t believe that Steph has kicked them out, but Dan does his best to reassure her and says that Steph just needs some time. For Libby though, she says their falling-out couldn’t have come at a worse time as she really needs her best friend right now with Zeke still missing. Ben then arrives in the kitchen with his case and asks where they’re going.

No 30: Libby and Ben arrive at No 30. Ben thinks living at the ‘House of Trouser’ will be cooler than being at Steph’s as Libby sighs. Dan says that it won’t be forever as Callum enters wondering what’s going on. The 2 boys head off into Callum’s room and Libby tries to be positive about their move by saying that at least it’ll give them all a chance to live like a family.

Erinsborough & District Hospital: Steph’s still sat outside Charlie’s hospital room as Toadie arrives having just gotten her message about him. Steph tells Toadie that she wants to sue the doctor who treated Charlie and the hospital for malpractice. Toadie’s stunned by Steph’s ask and suggests that now that Charlie has recovered, she’s just doing this because she’s upset. Steph’s unhappy by Toadie’s suggestion, but Toadie says he’ll take on the case if it’s what she really wants. He then asks her if there’s anything else she’d like to talk about. Steph says there isn’t and that she’s just making sure she’s looking after what’s hers.

No 28: Susan wraps up her phonecall to Miranda when Kelly and Toadie arrive at her house. They’ve come to check up on her, but Susan says that it’s Karl she’s more worried about as he’s gone AWOL again. Just that moment, Karl walks through the door and says that his contact didn’t show up and that he’d visited the soup kitchen and the salvo’s, but all to no avail. As he places his rucksack on the table, Kelly starts to have a strange allure towards it. She places her hand on the bag and begins to have some more disturbing visions. With Karl now back Toadie and Kelly decide to leave the Kennedy’s to it. As they depart, Kelly quickly asks whose bag it is. Rather worryingly for Kelly, she discovers that it’s Zeke’s.

Susan takes Karl to one side and says that he needs to see Dr. Levi to get some counseling. Karl still doesn’t want any further help and once again reiterates his belief that Zeke is alive.

No 22: Kelly arrives at Elle’s hoping they can have a coffee before work. Sam makes a little joke about Kelly being psychic, which doesn’t go down to well as she and Paul leave for work also. Kelly then starts to open up to Elle about her visions and says that she’s been getting some quite strong feelings that Zeke might be alive. She’s unsure on whether she should tell the Kennedy’s or not and says that in the past it’s done more harm than good.

No 30: Toadie walks into the living room with just a vest and his boxers on to sit down to eat some cold pizza for breakfast. Libby’s startled as without noticing, Toadie almost sits on her head. With Libby now very much awake, Toadie is a little confused as to why Libby is sleeping on the couch. Dan sits down with him and begins to explain what happened between Steph and Libby.

Harold's Store: Declan and Bridget are discussing with Rebecca Paul’s generous offer. Rebecca’s not so sure they should rush into anything, but concedes that it would be a good move financially and for Declan’s footie profile. As Elle arrives, Declan asks for her advice regarding the offer, but instead she ends up spilling the beans on why Rebecca split up with Andrew. Declan then quickly comes to the conclusion that he’s just using this offer as a way to get back into Rebecca’s good books and he’s not impressed by it. Rebecca urges Declan though to think about the deal.

On their way out, Bridget and Declan come across Steve and Miranda as they go to sit inside for a coffee. Miranda looks over at Rebecca alone at the table and asks Steve if he thinks she’s lonely inside that big house on her own. Steve reckons she’s fine.

Charlie's: Toadie arrives a little late at Charlie’s Bar to meet with Steph. He informs her that he did file the suit, but that he’s already received a response from the hospitals lawyer, Tim Collins that if they pursue with the case then the hospital will report Steph for child neglect. Steph’s horrified as Toadie suggests that the case is a way for Steph to get back at Veronica. She admits that Veronica hates her right now, so Toadie suggests she could do with a friend to talk to, like Libby. However Steph doesn’t want to hear anymore advice from Toadie and walks off.

Harold's Store: Lou wanders over to give Elle and Kelly their coffee. Toadie arrives with some news for the Kennedys who are also sat down at the store. He says that Zeke’s bank account has been accessed again, but this time the police have caught the guy who was using it. Karl’s devastated by the latest developments as Kelly and Elle look on at the Kennedy’s pain. Elle suggests to Kelly that maybe she should tell them about her visions after all.

Ramsay Street: Rebecca’s busy with the gardening at No 24 as Miranda walks over to have a chat. She’s concerned that Rebecca must be a little lonely inside the house on her own and asks if she’d like to move in with them at No 26. Rebecca’s touched by Miranda’s offer, but before she can answer the peace is disturbed by Declan angrily telling Paul he can stuff his article offer. Declan goes on to publicly defend his mother and says that none of them can just be bought off by him. As Declan storms off with Bridget by his side, Rebecca steps in and tells Paul that Declan’s right and that it’s about time he just left the past where it is.

No 28: A lost looking Karl’s attempts to unpack his bag are thwarted by a knock at the door. Kelly walks in and nervously begins to explain to Karl about her visions and belief that Zeke is alive. Karl’s angered by what Kelly has told him and insinuates that crackpots like her get some sort of enjoyment in making prank calls and hoaxes. Kelly does her best to explain but Karl is distraught by Kelly’s comments and orders her to leave. As she departs, Karl breaks down, clutching Zeke’s bag.

No 32/Erinsborough & District Hospital/No 30: Libby returns to the house to hand back her keys. Steph’s still at the hospital by Charlie’s bedside as later, back at No 30, Libby stares at her phone, wondering whether to call Steph.

Charlie's: Toadie’s finishes his call to fellow lawyer Tim Collins as he calls off Steph’s lawsuit. Kelly’s sat with him but isn’t very enthused. Susan then walks in and starts angrily asking Kelly if she realises the further damage she’s just caused. Kelly does her best to try and apologise but goes on to reiterate her belief that Zeke is alive. Toadie is aghast by Kelly’s comments and storms out of Charlie’s Bar shortly after Susan.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Karl Kennedy, Steve Parker, Miranda Parker, Rebecca Napier, Declan Napier, Bridget Parker, Paul Robinson, Elle Robinson, Daniel Fitzgerald, Libby Kennedy, Ben Kirk, Callum Jones, Steph Scully, Toadie Rebecchi, Charlie Hoyland, Susan Kennedy, Lou Carpenter

Guest Cast: Katrina Milosevic as Kelly Katsis, Simone Buchanan as Samantha Fitzgerald

Trivia Notes
• Karl put his mobile number on the posters of Zeke which is 043 567 888

Summary by Edd