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Episode Summaries > 2009 > Episode 5616
Written by Rene Zandveld, Directed by Jovita O'Shaughnessy, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Ten: 02/02/09 Five: 06/04/09

• Miranda asking Rebecca if she’d like to move in with them
• Veronica slapping Steph after she reveals that she’s Greg’s other woman
• Steph ordering Libby to pack her bags and move out
• Libby suggesting the idea of IVF to Dan
• Rachel rejecting Ty’s efforts of comfort
• Karl still believing Zeke is alive
• Toadie telling Rachel that any record company that wants her to lose weight isn’t worth it

No 28: Rachel’s applying a generous amount of make up on her face and then begins to practise “her look” in the mirror. She wanders off and then tries to get in contact with Hamish.

Charlie's: Greg arrives a little late to meet with Steph at Charlie’s Bar. She admits to him that part of her thought he wouldn’t show up. Greg takes Steph’s hand and says that things have been tough, but that they’ll get better. Steph says she thinks they should take things slow, which Greg agrees with. He’d like that.

Libby sees Veronica at the bar and trots off to say hi. Veronica tells Libby that she doesn’t blame Steph for what has happened and that her relationship with Greg was over a long time ago anyway. However as Veronica leaves it’s clear to Libby that she’s still clearly affected by seeing Greg with another woman.

No 26: Steve’s sitting on the couch eating a bag of crisps, happily telling Declan that with Miranda away in Sydney visiting her mother, the breaks are off. Bridget enters the living room asking who left a wet towel on the floor, which Steve jokingly replies that this week the odds are probably firmly stacked in the boy’s corner. Rebecca then barges in with her suitcases leaving Steve a tad confused as to why she’s moving in. It turns out that Miranda had left a note for Steve telling him about it on the recycling pile. Bridget then receives a text from Donna and drags Declan out of the house to leave Steve and Rebecca to sort out the confusion.

No 28: Rachel elatedly tells Ringo, Ty and Donna that she’s spoken to Hamish and that the record company want her to shoot a video that’ll be on Video Hits. Everyone’s delighted for her, although Ty is still a bit unsure on whether she’s ready for it. Donna takes Rachel to one side and soon begins organizing her a new look, just as Bridget and Declan arrive to find out what’s going on. There’s an awkward moment between Bridget and Rachel before Donna drags Rachel off for a makeover.

Ramsay Street - Outside no 28: Using Karl’s putting green, the teens try to simulate a red carpet experience for superstar Rachel. Declan drives his car around to No 28 as Rachel gets out to the pretend paparazzi of Ringo, Bridget, Donna and Ty. Donna halts the action immediately though and tells Rachel she must get out of the car in a more ladylike fashion. Rachel tries again and then struts her stuff along the green carpet as the rest of the teens take pictures. However their fun is soon interrupted by a slightly surprised Karl and Susan. They decide to leave the teens to it, with Rachel looking on slightly uncomfortable.

No 32: Charlie runs into the house after his return from hospital wanting to show Ben his hospital bracelet. However Steph has to explain to him that Ben and Libby have moved out, but he’ll still be able to go round and play with him. Steph tells Charlie to go and get changed as she phones Toadie to tell him to tell Libby that she’s still got a box of her stuff at the house.

No 28: Rachel manages to clear the air with Bridget and apologises for some of the things she’s said to her. Bridget accepts her apology and it seems as though the 2 girls are back to being friends, but when Bridget questions again whether her music career is moving too quickly, Rachel reacts angrily. Rachel just wants everyone’s support but Bridget says that she was just showing concern for her friend. Bridget then hands Rachel back the camera and leaves with tensions between them back to square one.

No 32: Libby arrives at No 32 to pick up her boxes. Toadie and Dan arrive moments later for support for which Libby is very grateful for. As they head into the living room, Libby is surprised to see Steph there as Toadie told her that she wouldn’t be in. Steph asks how Libby is settling in before throwing back at her the bridesmaids dress. Libby is stunned and angrily suggests Steph deliberately hung around so she could give back the dress in person to make a statement. Steph says she wouldn’t come to the wedding if she paid her as an upset and angry Libby storms off.

No 30: Libby tells Dan how she still can’t quite believe that things between her and Steph have got this bad. Dan suggests she tries to apologise again to Steph, but Libby refuses saying there’s no way she feels she should apologise, especially after what has just happened.

No 26: Steve looks on frustratingly at Rebecca as she’s sat on the sofa chatting to Bridget. However it seems as though his opinions soon change as Bridget and Rebecca chat about the baby. As Bridget and Declan head off to Rachel’s again, Steve looks at Rebecca. She asks if he’d like a word, but Steve says it can wait.

Charlie's: Steph arrives for another meeting with the Breast Cancer awareness group. She takes the time to apologise to Veronica for suggesting she was at fault in the care of Charlie and concedes that she was very professional. Steph goes on to say that they’re both here at the meeting for the same thing and that’s to try and do some good, so can they try and put their personal differences aside. Veronica agrees and then hands Steph the floor to pitch her idea. Steph suggests to the panel a community event that would see a fashion parade from the Dingoes football team. The rest of the panel are suitably impressed and Veronica settles it. Fashion parade it is.

Lassiter's Complex: Susan’s walking along with Toadie and says that she still feels bad for having a go at Kelly like she did. Toadie tells her not to worry and that Kelly was way out of line anyway. As Toadie sits down outside Harold’s Store, Karl comes across and informs Susan he’s put up a few more posters. Toadie then tells Susan and Karl about the great news of Rachel being on Video Hits; however they’re completely surprised by the news as it becomes apparent that Rachel hadn’t told them yet. Toadie says that he’s doing his best to look out for her as Susan and Karl head off.

Greg walks over and asks Toadie for some advice on his divorce. Toadie says he can book him in for an appointment as Veronica arrives pleading with Greg not to do this. However Greg apologises to her and says that it’s Steph who he wants to be with.

Harold's Store: A panicky Libby is with Dan as they await their appointment later regarding the IVF with Dr. Olenski. Just that moment Veronica walks in looking a bit flustered and upset. She tells them that she’s going to have to cancel their appointment this afternoon, but she’ll do some juggling to try and fit them in another time. Libby’s not impressed though and says that they’ve been on the waiting list for ages. However Veronica reacts badly and tells Libby she doesn’t even know why she’s bothering to try and carry another child after what happened last time. Dan looks on confused and asks Veronica what’s going on. She informs him that Libby is risking her life by trying to carry another baby.

No 30: Libby’s upset and can’t understand why Dan doesn’t want her to go through with the IVF. He tells her that it’s too risky and although he would want to start a family with Libby, he wouldn’t want to if it risks her life. Dan tries to get through to Libby to find out what’s really wrong as she starts to have some quick flashbacks of what happened on the day of the rafting disaster. She then storms off and says she wants to start a family and won’t apologise for that.

No 28: Donna has set up a mock press conference for ‘Rachel K’. The teens continue to role-play and when Donna calls and end to the press conference Rachel runs over to Ty. Ty asks her what Susan and Karl think of her potential music career.

Ramsay Street - Outside no 28: Rachel finally tells Susan and Karl about the music career. She tells them about the hours she’ll be doing and how she’ll still have plenty of time left over for studying. Karl’s about to tell her that he doesn’t approve, but Susan cuts in and says she thinks it’s a wonderful opportunity. Rachel’s delighted and hugs Susan and Karl telling them that she loves them so much.

As Rachel heads off, Susan and Karl talk about what has just happened on their way back into the house. Susan says that it’s a way in which Rachel feels that she can cope with the loss of Zeke and that they have to let her do this.

No 26: Rebecca brings out Steve a cup of tea as he sits on the sofa reading the paper. Rebecca then slowly sits herself down and makes a point of putting her feet up on the table. Steve notices and decides to do the same as Rebecca then places her tea on table and not on the coaster. She then pulls out a bag of crisps alerting Steve’s attention once more. She throws him another bag and as Declan and Bridget return home, Steve tells Declan to move his mum’s bags into the spare room.

No 32: Toadie pops round and tells Steph that he met Greg earlier. He says that he seems like a decent enough bloke, but warns her that he’s going through a very messy divorce. Toadie questions her whether the relationship is worth losing a good friend like Libby. Steph thinks about it and says that it is.

Later, Steph is sat on the sofa alone watching TV. There’s a knock at the door and Steph goes to answer it believing it to be Toadie again. However it’s Greg who tells her that Veronica has frozen all their bank accounts, so he has no money and nowhere to go. So Steph invites him in.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Rachel Kinski, Steph Scully, Libby Kennedy, Declan Napier, Steve Parker, Bridget Parker, Rebecca Napier, Donna Freedman, Ringo Brown, Ty Harper, Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Charlie Hoyland, Daniel Fitzgerald, Toadie Rebecchi

Guest Cast: Nick Farnell as Greg Michaels, Caroline Lloyd as Dr Veronica Olenski

Summary by Edd