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Episode Summaries > 2009 > Episode 5617
Written by Peter Dick, Directed by Jovita O'Shaughnessy, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Ten: 03/02/09 Five: 07/04/09

• Rebecca moves into No 26 leaving Steve a tad confused
• Steve horrified to learn Miranda is planning a male fashion parade of the Dingoes football team
• Steph having the fashion parade idea for the fundraiser confirmed by the committee and Dr. Olenski
• Veronica pleading for another chance with Greg, but he tells her it’s over and that he wants to be with Steph
• An upset Veronica revealing to Dan that Libby would be risking her life trying to carry another baby
• Greg turning up at No 32 after having nowhere to go. Steph invites him in

No 32: Greg and Steph are playfully kissing on the sofa as Steph tells him that he’s sleeping on the couch tonight. He’s a tad taken aback and asks whether she still has reservations about people knowing they’re together. She says she hasn’t, but rather contradicts herself when Ty walks in and she orders Greg to go and hide. He slips in behind one of the chairs as Ty questions whether Greg’s here anyway as there’s an extra car outside. Steph asks whether it’d be a problem if he was here, which Ty replies that he wouldn’t mind as it’s her life and she can see who she wants. Then Greg pops up from behind the chair to reveal himself as all 3 of them have a quick giggle. But Greg’s still sleeping on the couch laughs Steph.

No 26: Steve’s impressed after devouring Rebecca’s Mac & Cheese. Declan jokingly questions whether it’s good food for Steve’s gut, but Rebecca insists that she used low fat products. Rebecca then heads off to Charlie’s leaving Declan miffed that he and Steve have been left to do all the washing up. He bemoans to Steve that he now has his mother living with him again as he thought he’d moved out. Steve doesn’t take too much notice though and is clearly enjoying having Rebecca in the house.

Charlie's: Ben’s playing with his food as Libby and Dan wonder what to have for dinner. Rebecca comes over and takes Ben out the back to look at some comics just to take him off Libby and Dan’s hands for a while. Libby sighs and says that she really feels for Ben sometimes and isn’t particularly happy when Dan says that it won’t be long until he has a step-sister. It just doesn’t sound the same according to Libby. Dan heads off to go the toilet instructing his fiancée to order him the lamb as Ben rushes over to show his mum a comic.

Rebecca has a quick chat with Elle surprised to see her there. She’s waiting for Lucas and when he does show up a few seconds later she’s disappointed that he hasn’t dressed appropriately as she wanted to go out. Lucas however, wants a night in. Elle manages to compromise with him though and gets him to agree to come along with her tomorrow night to the fundraiser. Lucas heads up to the bar to get some drinks as Dan returns from the toilet. He stops by and points out to Elle she’s got a black oil mark on her arm.

No 32: Greg is getting ready to sleep on the sofa. As Ty comes in to say goodnight, Steph reiterates to him that she and Greg aren’t together together and that he’s just sleeping on the couch. Ty’s a bit confused as he heads off to sleep. With Ty gone Greg decides to leave as it’s still clear to him that Steph isn’t comfortable with him staying the night but Steph pleads with him to stay as he won’t have anywhere else to go. Greg eventually says that he will stay, but Steph once again reminds him that he’ll be sleeping on the couch.

Later that night and Greg is asleep on the sofa. Steph slowly creeps in but is surprised to find that Greg is actually awake as he asks her what she wants. Steph says she’s not sure and flirtatiously says that she doesn’t know what to do with him. Greg says he has an idea though and that Steph never mentioned anything about where she could and couldn’t sleep, so he invites her to sleep with him on the sofa. Steph excitedly hops along and joins him on the couch.

Ramsay Street - No 30's Garden: As Ben and Dan work hard in the garden Libby stares into space and begins to have some more flashbacks of the rafting accident. Across the road, Ben shouts out hello to Steph as she sees Greg off. Libby says nothing and then takes Ben inside to make eggy bread.

Dingoes' Den Gym - Changing Rooms: Rebecca explains to the football team about her plans for a Dingoe’s fashion parade. The guys are less than impressed, but sat at the back. Steve tries to drum up support for Rebecca and says that any player who doesn’t volunteer to do the fashion parade will get a nice early start for training. Lucas then gets up and asks Rebecca if she has anything in blue as apparently it brings out his eyes. The guys laugh, but thanks to Steve, it looks like Rebecca will find some models for her fashion parade after all.

Harold's Store: Steph’s buying a few things from the store and asks Harold if he’ll be coming to the fundraiser later this evening. He says that he wouldn’t miss it for the world as Libby and Dan walk in. The two bickering girls say a quick “hi” to each other, but as Steph’s about to head out the door, Libby can’t resist making a comment about Greg staying the night. An argument soon erupts and Harold does his best to quell the tension and orders Libby to leave.

Harold sits down with a coffee with Steph. He says that it’s such a shame that she and Libby are arguing like this, but Steph concedes that Libby was probably right. Harold then tells Steph that she should listen to her heart, but she jokingly says that it’s probably time she started using her head instead. But as they continue to talk, Steph admits that her heart is saying that she loves him.

No 30: A dejected Libby is sat on the sofa. Dan tries to talk to her to find out what’s really up. Libby admits that she went too far with Steph earlier and that she’ll apologise, but Dan’s sure there’s something more to it than that. Libby then has another quick flashback of the rafting accident, but dismisses Dan’s suggestion that she should see a counselor.

Dingoes' Den Gym - Changing Rooms: Lucas fits on his blue shirt and the boys are suitably impressed and even agree that it does bring out the colour of his eyes. Ringo gets the other guys to check his eyes to see what colour would suit him best, but as Rebecca strolls in the boys quickly stop. Rebecca tells them not to be so embarrassed about bring out their inner metro-sexuality as she hands them some clothes to wear for the parade. Steve looks on baffled that his players are now so enthusiastic about the clothes.

No 30: Libby’s fast asleep and soon begins dreaming once again of the rafting disaster. She then wakes in a panic with Dan by her side to comfort her as she cries out that it was her fault and that she tried to hold on. She goes on to explain that she was with Zeke and that she couldn’t hold on and let go of his hand. Dan comforts her as she sobs into his arms.

Dan walks in handing a Libby a glass of water. He says that she mustn’t think the accident was her fault and that it now does explain why she’s been reacting a little strange lately. Libby agrees and says that she has to now make things right with Steph.

Charlie's: Veronica and the committee thank Rebecca for her hard work organizing the fashion parade. Steph shows up a little late and seconds the praise. As Rebecca offers the committee members some light refreshments, Steph goes over to talk with Veronica. She tells her that what she’s doing to Greg isn’t fair, which causes Veronica to react angrily. Rebecca tries to halt the argument, but Veronica says that she’s got nothing more to say to this husband-stealing, piece of trash anyway. Steph looks on horrified.

Rebecca’s ordering the boys through a run-through of the fashion parade. Ty, Lucas, Ringo and a reluctant Declan all ‘strut’ their stuff from Rebecca’s guidance. Steve’s sat at the bar having a drink and looks on a bit miffed that Rebecca now wants him up on the catwalk.

Behind the scenes of the fashion parade the boys are getting themselves ready. Steve tells Ringo and Declan not to worry if their pictures will be in the papers as the ladies will love it. Rebecca and Elle then walk in to find out how the preparations are going. Lucas appears to be missing from the group, but arrives a few moments later in a suit. Elle is most impressed by his new look but Lucas doesn’t feel comfortable in it at all and says that as soon as the show is over he’ll be back into the overalls.

No 32: Steph’s ignoring Greg’s knocks on the door and tells him to go away. Eventually he lets himself in anyway and immediately wants to know what’s going on and if he’s done something to upset her. Steph explains what happened with Veronica at Charlie’s earlier and that she isn’t too sure now whether she wants to go the fundraiser. However Greg supports Steph and tells her not to let Veronica affect her. He suggests the only way she can do that is to go the fundraiser with him as after all, they have done nothing to be ashamed of.

Charlie's: Rebecca’s busy handing out some nibbles to the guests who include Veronica in a rather dazzling peacock attire. Libby and Dan arrive and quickly set about asking after Steph as Libby is desperate to apologise. Rebecca informs them that she wouldn’t count on her coming at all- not after what happened earlier. Just that moment, Steph arrives with Greg. She feels a bit awkward as the room quietens down and people begin to stare at her. Veronica soon marches over and another argument ensues again. Veronica goes to smack Steph again, but she manages to block the attempt and angrily retorts back that she may have got her one time, but she won’t get her again. Veronica isn’t done there though and she then pushes Steph, causing her to take a tumble. Steph gets up and then violently forces herself towards Veronica. Dan and Greg break up the resulting lunacy as Rebecca looks on aghast.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Steph Scully, Ty Harper, Steve Parker, Rebecca Napier, Declan Napier, Ben Kirk, Daniel Fitzgerald, Libby Kennedy, Elle Robinson, Lucas Fitzgerald, Ringo Brown

Guest Cast: Ian Smith as Harold Bishop, Nick Farnell as Greg Michaels, Caroline Lloyd as Dr Veronica Olenski

Summary by Edd