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Episode Summaries > 2009 > Episode 5618
Written by Sarah Dollard, Directed by Jovita O'Shaughnessy, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Ten: 04/02/09 Five: 08/04/09

• Rachel telling her delighted friends about the record company’s offer to put her on Video Hits
• Susan telling Rachel that the music career will be a wonderful opportunity for her and is in full support of it. Karl’s not so sure though as Rachel hugs them both
• Susan telling Karl that this is Rachel’s way of coping
• Steph and Libby having another argument- this time at Harold’s Store as Libby tells Harold that Steph’s with a married man
• Veronica angrily shouting at Steph
• Veronica’s attempts to slap Steph are thwarted by her block as things threaten to get out of hand

Outside Charlie's: Steph storms out of Charlie’s Bar, still furious after her altercation with Veronica. Greg tries to get her to calm down, but is a little bit unhappy at how Steph reacted inside. Veronica then comes storming out and an argument brews again, but Dan is quickly on the scene to quell the tension once more. Libby then does her best to diffuse the situation and sticks up for Steph by saying to Veronica that she brought it all upon herself and that she should have ignored them. Veronica storms off and Libby asks how Steph is. She thanks Libby and her and Greg head off home. Dan encourages Libby to go after Steph to sort things out between them, but Libby says that it isn’t the right time.

No 32: Steph and Greg return home after the days tumultuous events. Greg tells Steph that he doesn’t want to talk about it and assures her that things will calm down eventually. However Steph still has reservations about Greg and Veronica and suggests to him that it isn’t as easy to walk away from the marriage as he first thought it might be. Greg assures her though that despite his marital breakup, he’s still committed to Steph as heads off to the gym.

No 28: Karl’s folding away his map as he heads out again on the search for Zeke. Susan isn’t happy though and tries to get through to Karl that it’s really important they spend some family time together with Libby and Rachel. However Karl is still adamant that he must go out on the search again, and leaves.

No 22: Sam’s nap on the sofa is interrupted by Donna bursting in with Elle singing Unforgettable. Elle tries to get Donna to stop as Donna reminds her that it’d be a really good idea for her to write a special article about Rachel for the paper. Elle isn’t so sure and as Sam slips upstairs to get some rest, Elle asks Donna why Rachel’s music career is so important to her. She explains that Bridget will always be regarded as Rachel’s best friend and if Rachel were to ever get famous Donna feels that she’d be left behind. Elle tells her that doing this kind of thing isn’t the best way to continue a friendship but is eventually talked into doing an article for the paper.

Dingoes' Den Gym: Steve pops along to hand Bridget some chips whilst she’s at work. Rachel walks up to the desk after finishing her phone call to Donna. She informs Bridget that Donna wants to meet her at some studio later this afternoon. She asks if Bridget would like to come and she nods in agreement. Greg then arrives for his workout and on his way to the changing rooms, bumps into Toadie. Toadie says he’s still available to sort through his divorce proceedings, but Greg slightly surprises Toadie when he says that he’s going to hold off for the moment as Veronica is hurting enough right now.

Photography Studio: Rachel’s posing for the camera as Lucas takes some snaps for Elle’s article. However, Rachel doesn’t appear to be very enthused and Lucas asks if she’s OK to continue. They have a quick break anyway as Lucas needs to replace his film. Elle whispers to Lucas that it’s going like a complete car crash as Donna tries to fire up Rachel for the rest of the photography session. Rachel says that she doesn’t feel entirely comfortable with her look and Bridget, still eating chips, says that if she doesn’t feel right then she doesn’t have to do it. However Donna says that’s nonsense and encourages Rachel to continue with the shoot. She does so and Lucas takes some more snaps, with Rachel trying harder to be more enthused.

Lassiter's: Karl’s dismayed to find one of the posters he put up of Zeke outside Harold’s Store has gone. Lou says though that if Karl brings him another poster, he’ll personally make sure that it stays up there.

Toadie and Steph are sat outside having a coffee. Toadie tells Steph that he ran into Greg earlier at the gym and asks her whether she can really be sure his marriage is over. Steph ignores his question and gets up and leaves.

No 32: Steph and Greg are snuggling up on the sofa together before a knock at the door. Steph is surprised to see Veronica, who says she’s not here to cause trouble and just wants a word with Greg. Steph reluctantly lets her in as Veronica informs Greg that she’s reactivated his bank accounts. She then asks if they can talk and the pair head off into the kitchen for a chat, leaving Steph alone in the front room slightly perplexed.

Steph’s finding it difficult to hear Greg and Veronica talking about their problems in the other room. Greg tells an emotional Veronica that there isn’t a way back for them and that their marriage is over. She leaves upset as Greg goes over to apologise to Steph. However Steph tells Greg that she’s not sure herself that their marriage is over and that she’s been there before when you think something’s not worth salvaging, when it actually is. She quickly tells Greg to leave and that he should probably try again with Veronica.

Photography Studio: Rachel finishes her shoot with Elle and Lucas seemingly a lot more pleased with the shots this time around. As they gather to take a look at them on the laptop, Rachel’s mind starts to wander from her arguments with Zeke before the rafting trip. She quickly snaps out of it and then tells Lucas and Elle that she hates the shots and want to go again to do some more. Everyone’s a little taken aback by Rachel’s diva attitude and as she goes to pose for some more shots she begins to have some more flashbacks of Zeke’s accident. Again she snaps herself out of it and continues with the shoot.

Dingoes' Den Gym: Rachel’s back at the gym again and rather rudely asks Didge if Matt is running the pump class later. Donna then excitedly swans in with a load of papers as the 3 girls quickly gather round to find out how Rachel looks. Rachel’s pleased with the outcome, but Bridget can’t hide her opinions on the shoot. She tells Rachel that the pictures just aren’t ‘her’ and that she no longer cares if Rachel gets mad with her for not being supportive- if she’s a true friend then she has to tell Rachel what she really thinks.

Lassiter's Complex: Karl and Susan look on in horror at the shots of Rachel in the paper. As Lucas and Sam walk by, Susan points out her disappointment and anger to Lucas for the pictures. He defends himself and says that they weren’t exploiting her and that Rachel chose the shots herself. Sam also sticks up for Lucas, but it’s too much for Susan. She’s outraged by the pictures and storms off.

Charlie's: Steph sheepishly walks in to Charlie’s to apologise to Rebecca for what happened at the fundraiser. Rebecca accepts the apology and tells her not to worry. Steph bemoans that she can’t seem to do anything right and asks if there’s anything she can do to make it up to Rebecca. Rebecca says that in fact there indeed is- she can teach her how to run the bar like she did.

Steph goes through the books with Rebecca and tells her that she’s overstaffed and is holding too much stock. As they continue to go through the books, the ladies manage to reorganize another date for the fashion parade. Steph checks her mobile phone, leading Rebecca to ask whether she’s expecting a call from Greg. Steph says that she doesn’t really know why she’s bothering to look considering she sent him back to his wife. Rebecca looks on a bit surprised and asks Steph whether she wants to talk about it or be distracted. Distracted, says Steph.

No 22: Lucas has just gotten off the phone to somebody requesting his photography skills. However as Elle walks into the kitchen he informs her that he turned it down as he still has a lot on at the garage. Elle then suggests to him that a career in photography would be better than being a mechanic which Lucas takes offence to. He kisses her on the forehead as he heads out the door, deeply upset by her comments.

No 32 - Driveway: Steph’s walking home and is surprised to see Greg sitting outside her house. Libby looks over as she unpacks the shopping from the car as Greg asks for Steph back. He says that he couldn’t do what she asked of him and just the spent night wide awake, asleep on the couch. Steph accepts Greg’s offer and hugs him as they reunite. Libby looks on concerned.

No 28: Karl’s gathering some more posters of Zeke on the table and thanks Susan for helping. There’s a knock at the door and Susan wanders over to let Bridget in. Rachel though soon follows pleading with Didge not to do this. Susan and Karl look on confused as Bridget begins to explain to Karl and Susan that she’s concerned about Rachel. Susan agrees and says that they should never have let her to do those photos. As several different arguments begin to brew at once, the feuding is interrupted by a phone call. Karl picks it up and is shocked to discover that the police want them to go and ‘identity’ Zeke.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Steph Scully, Daniel Fitzgerald, Libby Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Elle Robinson, Donna Freedman, Bridget Parker, Steve Parker, Rachel Kinski, Toadie Rebecchi, Lucas Fitzgerald, Lou Carpenter, Rebecca Napier

Guest Cast: Simone Buchanan as Samantha Fitzgerald, Nick Farnell as Greg Michaels, Caroline Lloyd as Dr Veronica Olenski

Summary by Edd