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Episode Summaries > 2009 > Episode 5619
Written by Ben Michael, Directed by Jovita O'Shaughnessy, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Ten: 05/02/09 Five: 09/04/09

• Lucas is surprised when Elle suggests he should be aiming higher
• Senior Sergeant Caskey handing Karl Zeke’s damaged helmet and informing him that with that kind of damage it’s now extremely unlikely they’ll find him alive
• Karl telling Susan that he will find Zeke
• Kelly has visions of what may have happened on the day of the rafting accident when she touches Zeke’s bag
• Kelly telling Karl she agrees with him and that she thinks Zeke’s alive also. However, Karl reacts badly and accuses her of being a hoaxer
• An upset Susan telling Kelly that her ridiculous so-called visions have put Karl back to square one
• Karl receives a phonecall to say that the police think they’ve found Zeke and that they have to go and identify him

Outside No 28: Susan and Karl rush off to the car with Rachel in hot pursuit pleading that she wants to come to the hospital as well. Karl sees no reason why she shouldn’t come, but Susan says they have no idea what to expect when they get there so it’s best for Rachel to stay at home.

No 22 - Driveway: With the help of Simon and Tegan Elle unloads the shopping from the back of the car. Paul wanders down and complains that Simon and Tegan are still living with them. Elle says that she tried to phone their mother and that although they annoy her as well, it’s keeping Donna happy. Just then, Lucas drives up to Ramsay Street in a classic car. He gets out wearing a suit and a pair of shades as he approaches Elle and tells her he’s taking her out for lunch. Elle’s confused by Lucas’ sudden image change, but isn’t complaining.

No 30: Kelly pops over to No 30 with some pizza as a peace offering to Toadie. Unsurprisingly he accepts and sits down in the front room to share it with Mickey and Callum. Callum begins to question Kelly on her senses, but Toadie cuts in and tells Kelly they shouldn’t discuss all this superstitious mumbo jumbo with the kids. Kelly isn’t impressed and as Callum and Mickey head off, she too gets up and decides to leave when Toadie tells her that Susan’s already said everything he wanted to about her visions. Toadie though, wants them to just continue being mates like before, but Kelly warns him that can’t happen if they don’t discuss their problems like normal, rational adults.

No 28: Harold sits down to eat some food with Rachel at No 28 to keep her company whilst Susan and Karl are at the hospital. Rachel’s still not happy and tells Harold that she should be there with them. Harold assures her that Susan and Karl probably had very good reasons, but Rachel snaps. Harold then questions Rachel whether she’s coping properly, which causes her to snap again at Harold. She believes she is coping as she’s out there doing things and getting on with her life. Harold isn’t so sure though and wonders whether it’s her life she’s getting on with. Rachel storms off from the kitchen table.

Studio: Lucas and Elle sit down to a romantic meal for two. Elle’s still slightly confused as Lucas says their little talk the other day gave him a wake up call that he’s wasting his potential. Lucas clicks his fingers as Sharon the waitress comes along. Just then, Lucas is interrupted by a phonecall from a mate called John. He rather rudely takes the call and at the same time orders Elle’s food without asking her.

Bairnsdale Regional Hospital: Susan and Karl are discussing with Dr. Sibbett about the condition of the mystery boy. Dr. Sibbett informs them that the injuries the boy’s sustained are quite severe so they should adequately prepare themselves. Eventually, Karl and Susan agree that they’re ready to go and identify the boy.

Susan and Karl enter the room to identify the boy. A man pulls back the curtain and Karl and Susan weep as they look at the boy.

Karl grabs himself a drink of water and tells Susan he’s glad that wasn’t Zeke. As selfish as it may sound, nobody should be in that way he says. Susan begins to well up and tearfully asks when it’s all going to end. Karl says it will when they find Zeke, but Susan questions whether they ever will. Karl is silent as Susan heads off out of the hospital.

No 30: Callum talks to Toadie and wants to know why he’s being mean to Kelly. Toadie tells him it’s adult stuff and that he doesn’t want to talk about it. However Callum says that if he has an argument with Mickey then he has to tell Toadie all about it. Callum goes on to say that if Toadie doesn’t believe in superstition then why is he reading his stars. Toadie orders Callum to go and clean his room.

Studio: Lucas is still on the phone as the food arrives. Elle isn’t impressed and eventually gets up, grabs Lucas’ phone and sticks it in his dinner. They begin to argue and Elle’s angry that Lucas went to such lengths to make a point. Lucas says that Elle always thinks she’s the big end of town and that she’s never going to want to slum it long-term with a guy like him. Lucas tells Elle that she’s the spoilt one as an upset and angry Elle storms off.

No 22: Paul’s attempts to read his book are thwarted by arguing siblings Tegan and Simon. Elle then bursts in and orders the Freedman kids to leave. She starts to talk to her father and says that lunch was a disaster as Lucas set the whole thing up. Paul doesn’t offer much sympathy though and tells Elle to face it that she liked it when Lucas was dressed in the suit acting like a city businessman. Elle rubbishes her fathers’ opinion and says that when you meet someone, the best parts of your personality rub off on each other leading Paul to ask Elle what part of Lucas has rubbed off on her. She can’t answer so storms off and tells her dad that she hates him when he’s giving her relationship advice and being smug.

Dingoes' Den Gym - Changing Room/No 22: Lucas thinks about what he’s done to Elle as she sits at home with Cat deleting pictures of her and Lucas off her phone.

Outside Bairnsdale Regional Hospital/No 28 - Zeke's Bedroom: Susan answers her mobile phone, whilst back at No 28, Rachel’s heard the news that the mystery boy isn’t Zeke. She turns away from Harold and then heads off into her brothers bedroom. She looks at pictures on the wall and then picks up his under 16 Chess Champion trophy. In a fit of rage she throws it on the floor, breaking it. She doesn’t cry. Meanwhile outside the hospital, Susan’s standing alone, looking lost. Karl wanders over and Susan says that she wishes she could just sleep and turn everything off. Karl tells her to do what she needs to do and that he’s here for her. As Susan begins crying she says that he isn’t at all. Karl says he is this time and tells Susan that he’s now accepted the fact that Zeke has gone. The couple then cry into each others arms.

Charlie's: Lucas and Toadie are sat on the couch at Charlie’s discussing their respective woman troubles. Toadie’s annoyed that all women want to do is to discuss their feelings, until Lucas points out that all Toadie’s been doing for the last half an hour is talking about his feelings.

Over at another table Elle is chatting with Kelly about shoes. Kelly says that when you find a good pair of shoes they can last a lifetime as she looks over at Toadie.

Elle wanders over to the couch and wants to speak with Lucas. Toadie reluctantly gets up and says he’s going home to watch The Notebook. Elle tells Lucas she’s still unhappy with him for the stunt that he pulled but would like to talk about it. However Lucas has no intention of talking about it with her at all and gets up to leave saying the biggest mistake he made was getting sucked in by her.

No 30: Toadie tells Callum and Mickey to get themselves ready for school as Kelly arrives at No 30 offering the kids a lift to school. As the boys go off to get ready, Toadie apologises to Kelly for how he’s been acting lately and says that no matter what she believes in he’s cool with it. However, Kelly says that this isn’t what it’s all about. She went to Karl because he was in pain and she wanted to help him, not to torture him for some sick pleasure like Toadie made her feel that she was doing. Toadie apologises again, but Kelly says that it might be too late for that.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Rachel Kinski, Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Elle Robinson, Paul Robinson, Lucas Fitzgerald, Toadie Rebecchi, Mickey Gannon, Callum Jones

Guest Cast: Mauricio Merino JR as Simon Freedman, Chelsea Jones as Tegan Freedman, Katrina Milosevic as Kelly Katsis, Ian Smith as Harold Bishop, Kristin Sargent as Sharon Hilton, Noel Herriman as Dr. John Sibbett

Trivia Notes
• The unidentified patient Susan and Karl visit at Bairnsdale Regional hospital is listed as patient John Doe on the information board, due to his unknown identity
• Paul was reading the book, The Art of War by Sun Tzu

Summary by Edd