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Episode Summaries > 2009 > Episode 5620
Written by Scott Taylor, Directed by Jovita O'Shaughnessy, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Ten: 06/02/09 Five: 10/04/09

• Toadie telling Kelly he has nothing more to say to her regarding her 'gift'
• Kelly telling Toadie her sense is a part of her and that if Toadie can’t accept that then their friendship is over
• Declan shouting at Kyle for bothering Bridge
• Kyle going through with Zeke their special plan for the raft. Bridget sits nervously having overheard them
• Steve tells Bridget it’s only natural she’ll want to look for her birth parents one day
• Paul wondering with Elle just how long Simon and Tegan will be around for

No 22 - Kitchen: Simon, Donna and Ringo are at the table eating breakfast whilst Tegan comes along and suggests Donna manages her like a pop star – just like she is with Rachel. However Donna ignores Tegan’s attempts at gaining some attention, causing Tegan to shout at her sister and storm off.

Ramsay Street: Declan and Bridget head out to make their way to school. Bridget’s a little anxious that the department may not have received her application to get into contact with her birth mother. She worries that her birth parents might not want to meet her, but Declan assures her that they will and that they will give the department a call later on to check the application. Ringo and Donna then come out on the street ready to walk to school with Bridget and Declan. Bridget informs them that Rachel isn’t coming due to what’s going on at home. Declan says it won’t be the same without her, or Zeke. Walking the dogs, a cheery Steve comes along and jokes that they shouldn’t walk too fast otherwise people would start to think they’re keen. The teens laugh and then head off to school.

Ramsay Street: Harold shakes hands with a man on his driveway who then gets into his car and heads off. Steve looks across and says to Harold that he looks like a man who’s just done himself a deal. Harold shrugs it off.

Harold's Store: Steve discovers from Toadie that Harold might have some plans to rent out No 24. He’s not happy, but Toadie says that not all renters are yobs who’ll throw parties 24/7. Rebecca walks over and jokes with Steve that she’s a renter and doesn’t bring the neighbourhood down. However, when she learns that it’s No 24 that might be getting rented out she concedes that it could be a bit of a concern. At that moment, Kelly walks in and Toadie leaves the conversation to chat with her. They engage in some small-talk, but it’s very awkward and Kelly heads off.

Erinsborough High - Classroom: Bridget’s still anxious about her application. Suddenly, Donna realises from watching Bridget that Tegan felt neglected this morning – hence her anger. Ringo laughs as Donna thinks of ways to fix it. The bell sounds and Principal Andrew Simpson arrives. The students sit down at their desks and Mr. Simpson explains to them that the school still has counselors in place and that they’ll be holding their own memorial for Zeke. Kyle then arrives and Declan can’t believe it. Mr. Simpson however invites Kyle in to take his seat.

No 30: Harold signs some documents with Toadie. Toadie then begins to warn Harold that the rumour mill has been pumping around already and that there seems to be some concern as to what kind of people would be coming on to the street. Harold’s shocked by his neighbours’ lack of compassion and is even more upset when Toadie says that it could affect house prices. Harold says it’ll help people less fortunate than others and is disappointed by everyone’s response.

Erinsborough High - Classroom: Andrew wraps up the end to his introduction to Year 12. As the bell sounds and the students leave, Declan can’t contain his anger any longer and grabs Kyle by the scruff of the neck. He threatens to punch him for showing his face at school again after what happened to Zeke. But when a tearful Kyle tells Declan to just hit him, Declan stops in his tracks and realises Kyle is just as affected by Zeke’s death as he is.

Charlie's: Harold is sat down and begins discussing his plan for No 24 with the rest of his neighbours. Stood in the background, Paul comes forward and expresses his concern for house prices. As Paul continues to outline the potential disadvantages to Harold’s plan, he’s disappointed, and when even Steve admits he’s concerned about house prices too, Harold gets up and leaves.

Behind the bar, Rebecca continues to discuss with a few of the other residents Harold’s plan. She admits that doesn’t have too much of a problem with it. Paul steps in and reveals his paper will be covering the story. Rebecca is even more horrified to learn that Paul wants her to provide an argument for the housing plans at No 24. She blank refuses and throws Paul out. As the discussion continues Callum mentions how he and his mother were always getting thrown out of their house, causing Rebecca to look on at Steve sympathetically.

Harold's Store - Kitchen: Lou warns Harold that his housing plans for No 24 are the talk of the town. He questions whether Harold needs to do this now, but offers his support to his friend, adding that what he’s doing is great.

No 22: Declan tells the group that perhaps Kyle is just as affected by Zeke’s death as they are. Bridget then announces she’s going to phone the department, but to cancel her application. Declan is a little surprised as Donna then hurriedly gets everyone together in preparation for Tegan’s arrival. As Tegan enters the house she’s slightly confused to be greeted to cheers and applause. Her sister asks her to join her on the couch for ‘The Freedman Show’. Tegan smiles and then joins in with the fun. Paul and Sam then arrive and are slightly confused by the goings on. Declan manages to sneak away from the fun to talk to Bridget. She tells him the department won’t cancel her application because they’ve already made contact with her birth mother. Declan thinks that’s great news, but Bridget isn’t so sure and says she doesn’t want to meet her birth parents anymore.

Paul comes down the stairs and asks just how much longer this ‘Freedman Show’ is going to go on for. To get them out of the house he hands Donna some cash to treat everyone at Harold’s. As the gang head out the door, Tegan receives a phonecall on her mobile. She’s surprised to find that it’s her mum calling and when Donna asks what their mum wanted Tegan denies that she was on the phone to her.

Harold's Store: Toadie once again asks Harold if he’s sure he wants to go ahead with his plans for No 24. Harold says he is as Toadie begins to jokingly mock Harold’s act of kindness. Kelly then arrives and wishes to speak to Toadie and as he heads off with her, Harold says he hopes things will work out for the both of them.

No 30: Toadie excitedly lets Kelly in with him at No 30. However Kelly has come to tell him some important news- she’s leaving. Kelly goes on to explain that she’s got herself a new job teaching English at a school in Malawi. She says it’s something that she’s always wanted to do and was in fact going to do it last year, but didn’t because she met Toadie. Toadie’s upset and wonders why Kelly decides to leave the moment they have a disagreement. She says it’s just something that she needs to do by herself. Kelly informs Toadie that she’ll be leaving almost straightaway and the pair have a goodbye kiss before Kelly exits No 30 leaving Toadie alone on the couch.

No 26: Steve comes home from work and hands Bridget a letter from the department of human services. He assures her that whatever happens, he and Miranda will support her. Bridget takes the letter and sighs- she doesn’t know what to do with it.

Bridget stares at the letter, still unsure if she wants to open it. Declan asks if she can handle not knowing the truth. Eventually Bridget is persuaded to open the letter and is stunned to find out her birth parents don’t want to meet her.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Donna Freedman, Ringo Brown, Declan Napier, Bridget Parker, Steve Parker, Toadie Rebecchi, Rebecca Napier, Paul Robinson, Lou Carpenter, Callum Jones

Guest Cast: Mauricio Merino JR as Simon Freedman, Chelsea Jones as Tegan Freedman, Katrina Milosevic as Kelly Katsis, Ian Smith as Harold Bishop, Peter Flanigan as Andrew Simpson, Chris Milligan as Kyle Canning, Simone Buchanan as Samantha Fitzgerald

Trivia Notes
• Toadie mentions that the current economic climate means that now is a great time to be renting
• Last appearance by Katrina Milosevic in her guest role as Kelly Katsis

Summary by Edd