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Episode Summaries > 2009 > Episode 5624
Written by Jeff Truman, Directed by Tony Osicka, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Ten: 12/02/09 Five: 16/04/09

• Kelly telling Toadie she’s leaving for Malawi
• Donna confiding in Sam about her mother and how desperate she is to stay on Ramsay Street
• Sass searching through the hospital records and discovering Sam has Bipolar
• Sam confronting Sass about going through her hospital files. Sass says she only saw the good bits, prompting Sam to unwittingly reveal to her not to tell Dan that the baby isn’t his
• Donna ‘admitting’ to Ringo that she and Zeke were together
• Karl kicking Ringo out when he lashes out after discovering Donna’s ‘betrayal’ with Zeke
• Sass offering Ringo a place to stay for the night

No 24: Sass prepares Ringo’s bed on the sofa as he chats on the phone to Susan. He tells her that he’s fine and that he’s staying at a mates place. When Ringo hangs up, Sass tries to talk to him about why he got kicked out. Ringo explains that he said some harsh things about Zeke because he was angry with him for messing with his girl. Sass sits Ringo down, puts her hand on his thigh and tells him not to blame Donna as she’s a very messed up girl.

No 22: A panicky Sam is on the phone trying to sort out a flight to New Zealand. Whilst she’s on hold Dan arrives with some baby magazines. He informs her that his mum is excited at the prospect of becoming a grandmother. Dan then heads out, leaving Sam to her call and says that maybe they should grab a coffee some time soon as well. As Sam then continues her phonecall, she suddenly decides to change her mind at the last minute and to cancel her flight to New Zealand.

No 24: Sam arrives at No24 and bows to Sass’s demands of getting her a job at the paper. However, Sass has changed her mind- she doesn’t want the job anymore. Sam looks on confused when Ringo appears. He tells Sass that he’s vacuumed the pool as a thank you for letting him to stay the night. With that, Sam departs, leaving them to it. Simon and Tegan are up and Sass tells them to sit down for breakfast. She offers Ringo some food, but he politely decline before heading out. An eager Tegan though follows him, wanting him to stay longer. Ringo heads down the stairs to the street, with Tegan still in pursuit. To Ringo’s surprise Donna is sat on the wall. He tells her about what happened and that Sass was kind enough to offer him a place to stay for the night. Donna is horrified though and as Ringo walks off, mutters to herself that nothing happened between her and Zeke.

Donna storms into No 24 angered that her mother invited Ringo to stay the night. Tegan points out that Ringo slept on the couch, but Donna is still annoyed by her mother’s attitude. She reveals that the only reason she’s here is to trap Paul Robinson so she can marry a rich man. Simon think it’s ridiculous, but when Tegan unwittingly reveals that she knows about the plan as well, Donna is left horrified once again by her mothers actions.

No 22: Sass pops over to No22. She wants to see Sam and this time instead of blackmailing her over her problem with Dan and the baby, she wants to help. As ‘that’s what friends do’. Sam is confused.

Harold's Store: Dan meets up with Sam for that coffee. As she knits away with the kit Dan gave her earlier, she attempts to tell him the truth about the baby. However, Sam can’t force herself to tell him the truth so instead reveals that she’s a really bad knitter. Dan says he doesn’t care and that as long as she and the baby are alright, then everything’s fine.

No 22: Donna storms into the house. Paul asks her what’s wrong and Donna laments her mother. As Sam enters, she tries to talk to Donna about her mother. She says that she’s worried about her and thinks that maybe it’s time she moved back in with her at No22. However Donna is furious at the prospect and angrily tells Sam that she promised to look after her while Elle was away.

Harold's Store: Mickey teases Callum about being in the scouts, but Callum retaliates and teases him back. A scrap between the kids ensues, which is soon broken up by Lou, Steve and Rebecca. The boys are forced to apologise to each other and Steve takes Mickey home. Lou sits down with Callum and asks him what’s wrong. He says that he thinks Toadie’s missing Kelly. Lou tells him that it’s his job to cheer him up about it.

No 30 - Front Garden: Toadie’s struggling to put the tent up for scouts practice in the front garden. Callum’s doing his best to relay the instructions to Toadie as he becomes further entangled in the tent. Steve, Rebecca and Steph pop along and have a good laugh at Toadie and Callum’s rather poor tent building attempts. Meanwhile, Steph informs Rebecca that she feels like she’s at a bit of a loose end as Greg has gone on a fishing trip with some mates. After a few more moments tossing and turning inside the tent, Toadie gives up and decides to call Akala. Callum tries to stop Toadie making the phone call, but soon enough Toadie gets through and discovers from Akala that they’re not planning a camping trip for months.

Ramsay Street: Sass is unloading the shopping from the back of her car as Paul parks on his driveway. Noticing Paul’s arrival, Sass tears one of the plastic carrier bags so that when she lifts the shopping out, it spills all onto the street. Paul looks on and shakes his head at her ‘amateur’ ways. He warns her not to con him - especially when she doesn’t need too. And with that, Paul grabs Cass and snogs her face off.

No 22: Donna’s surprised to see her mother sat on the sofa with Paul. Paul informs her that they’ve been chatting and they have both decided that it’s best if Donna moves in with her mother. Donna is once again furious at the idea and warns Paul that all Sass is doing is trying to take his money. Donna pleads with Paul to change his mind, but it’s to no avail.

No 30 - Front Garden: The tent is finally up in the front garden, with a bit of help from Steph. Toadie then tries to talk to Callum to get to the bottom of why he was so keen they had to put the tent up. Eventually, Callum admits that he was doing it to make Toadie feel better after Kelly had left. Toadie’s touched by Callum’s thought, but says that he doesn’t need him to look after his love life. Steph says they make a great team together, to which Toadie jokingly replies that this is now an opportunity for them to act like men. Steph laughs and then heads off as Lou arrives with some doughnuts.

Charlie's Bar: Donna chases after Sam and asks her why she had to put the wheels in motion for her to move out. Sam says that she should be with her mother, but Donna angrily replies saying that Sass hates her and never wanted her in the first place. Rebecca comes over to warn Donna to calm down a bit, as Donna suggests to Sam that Sass must have something over her to make her act like this.

No 24/Dingoes' Den Gym: Donna slowly approaches the front door at No 24 with her suitcase in tow. Before entering, she checks her phone and then decides to phone Ringo, who’s at the gym. Ringo ignores the call and then the two sit through looking at old photos of when they were together. They both end up deleting pictures of happier times. Ringo then continues with his workout and Donna knocks on the door at No 24. Tegan answers and welcomes her sister to her new home.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Ringo Brown, Daniel Fitzgerald, Donna Freedman, Lou Carpenter, Paul Robinson, Mickey Gannon, Callum Jones, Steve Parker, Rebecca Napier, Steph Scully

Guest Cast: Simone Buchanan as Samantha Fitzgerald, Tottie Goldsmith as Cassandra ‘Sass’ Freedman, Mauricio Merino Jr as Simon Freedman, Chelsea Jones as Tegan Freedman

Summary by Edd