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Episode Summaries > 2009 > Episode 5626
Written by Rene Zandveld, Directed by Gary Conway, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Ten: 16/02/09 Five: 20/04/09

• Declan showing his surprise when Bridget reveals her birth mother doesn’t want to meet her
• Miranda telling Bridget that it’s time she let the issue of her birth mother go
• Rebecca handing Bridget a number of a private investigator
• Miranda revealing to Steve that she paid Bridget’s birth mother to stay away
• Phil telling Elle that he’s never seen Zeke around these parts
• Steph and Lucas discovering what looks like Zeke in the background of one of Lucas’s pictures

No 22: Lucas knocks at the door, but Elle refuses to let him in when she realises who it is. Lucas then tries to apologise and to admit that he was wrong, which he finds difficult and is something that Elle revels in. Eventually, Elle puts the chain on the door and opens it. Lucas hands her a picture and she’s shocked to see the figure of what could be Zeke in the background.

Andrews Property: Elle and Lucas arrive at the farm and set about asking some of the workers after Phil. None of them have seen him until Lucas pretends to one of the guys that Elle is his wife, much to her dismay, to try and gain some further information.

No 26: Steve’s packing away his sleeping stuff on the sofa after having spent the night there. Miranda enters and wants to talk but Steve isn’t in the mood. Miranda goes on to admit that she first paid off Bridget’s birth mother a year after she was born because she wanted her back. Miranda says she was in no fit state to be a mother and now that they were all a happy family, she wanted to keep it that way. Steve isn’t impressed and is horrified to learn that his wife has been lying about it for all this time, especially when they were in financial trouble and Miranda was still paying her off.

Andrews Property – House: Elle and Lucas wander round the property looking for somebody in the house. It soon becomes clear that no one is in so Elle manages to lift up one of the windows to enter. She jokes with Lucas that country people never lock their house. Then she struggles to get herself through the gap in the window due to her tight pencil skirt, causing Lucas much amusement. Eventually he helps her in and follows suit.

Harold’s Store: Bridget agonizes whether to open the letter received from the private investigator as to the whereabouts of her birth mother. Miranda strolls in interrupting Didge’s plans to open the letter, asking after Steve. She soon leaves when Bridget says that he’s probably on house call. With Miranda gone, Bridget then finally opens the letter and discovers her birth mother is a woman called Joanna Hale. There isn’t a phone number and the letter says they can track her down for an extra fee. Declan enquires how much.

Andrews Property – Bedroom: Elle and Lucas sneak around the house and enter what appears to be a teenage boy’s bedroom. Elle takes a look at a few of the items in the room, but Lucas says that this could be any teenage boy’s bedroom and that they should leave. As Lucas departs, Elle says she’ll catch up with him. However, she notices a t-shirt on the floor and realises it’s exactly the same shirt that Zeke was wearing on the day of the rafting disaster. She calls out for Lucas.

Dingoe’s Den – Gym: Declan arrives at the gym with Bridget, who’s working another shift to try and pay for the extra fee to the private investigator. She notices Steve having a workout so goes over to chat with him. Steve assures Didge that he’s OK and that Miranda was just annoyed that he didn’t empty his trouser pockets before putting them in the wash. Didge isn’t convinced, especially when Steve says that he spoke to her at the clinic as Miranda said he wasn’t there.

Andrews Property – Bedroom: Lucas tells Elle that finding the shirt doesn’t prove anything and that thousands of other kids across the country probably have the same one. They then argue and Elle suggests that the only reason Lucas wanted to come on this trip was to see her. Lucas then gets a text from Emma, leading Elle to ask after who she is. A car then pulls up at the house and Lucas realises that they have to leave, however Elle continues arguing with him. Lucas tells her they can argue about this later, but for now they need to leave.

No 22: Outside of No 22, Lucas is still arguing with Elle, who is inside with the shirt. She puts it in the drawer and heads to the door. She puts the chain on again and opens the door to get to Lucas admit that he only came on the trip because of her. He accidentally admits that it’s true, before backtracking. He then hands Elle some photos of her, but she reacts badly and questions if taking a few snaps was how he impresses all his girls. She refers to the pictures he took of Libby, but Lucas says they’re different and not as good as they don’t have Elle in them. Elle’s not impressed and slams the door in his face. She then properly opens the door moments later to have another go at Lucas, but is surprised to find that he’s already gone and has left the photos on the porch. Elle picks them up and has a quick look at them, smiling.

Harold’s: Bridget shows Declan a long list of items for the baby which she downloaded at work. Declan is surprised by how much is on there and jokes with her about it. He promises her that they will get the money for the private investigator and for all the items for the baby. Bridget kisses Declan as he tells her that she’ll have it all.

Dingoe’s Den – Gym: Declan empties a bag of items he intends to sell to raise funds to pay the private investigator. Bridget worries that he may be dodgy as he’s charging so much. Despite her further concerns that Declan is getting rid of some of his prized possessions, Declan assures her that they’ll get the money for the private investigator. Declan suggests that Bridget is also concerned about her parents fighting over the birth mother issue, which causes Bridget to have a change of heart. She says the she’d rather spend the money on their future and not on the past.

No 22: Elle types Phil’s name into a search engine on the internet. Cat looks across and meows at her as Elle tells her not to look at her like that. She then sighs deeply and instantly makes a phonecall after discovering the results of her search.

Harold’s: Lucas arrives at Harold’s to see Elle after her call. She apologises for before. Elle then tells Lucas her findings online and says that Phil Andrews had a son called Trent, who was killed, along with his mother in a car accident 12 months ago. Phil’s since been living at his current house for 6 months, but ‘Trent’s’ bedroom is clearly being lived in. Lucas is taken aback by the findings and says that they should go elsewhere to discuss them.

As Lucas and Elle head out, Declan enters the store. Miranda chases after him and asks him if Bridget’s OK. She also asks whether she’s talked much about the issue with her birth mother, but Declan covers and says that she hasn’t said much to him at all. Miranda departs when Declan’s phone starts ringing. He tells her it’s important.

Dingoe’s Den – Gym: Declan arrives at the gym with a big wad of cash to show off to Bridget. He says that he took a loan out and used his car as security. Bridget worries that they won’t be able to pay off the loan and reminds Declan that she changed her mind about getting Joanna’s number. Declan says that they can still use the money for the baby anyway. Bridget hugs Declan and tells him he’s the best.

No 26: Steve’s brought Bridget and Declan a pram for the baby. Miranda stands around looking awkward and Bridget asks if the two of them are OK. Declan arrives and is delighted with the new pram. As Steve and Miranda head off, he then hands Bridget Joanna’s number. She tells him to put it away, but Declan warns her that the longer she leaves it, the tougher it’ll get. Bridget agrees and says that she just needs more time.

No 22: Lucas tells Elle they had to leave the store in case Karl or Susan overheard them talking. Elle replies and says that they’d want to know if Zeke was still alive. Lucas reminds her though that they’ve only just held his memorial. Lucas goes on to say that it’s time they dropped this as there isn’t any evidence to suggest Zeke is alive. However Elle isn’t so sure and says that he can’t explain why the boy’s bedroom still appeared to be lived in if Phil was living in a different house to the one he was with when Trent died. Elle then walks over to her handbag and pulls out the t-shirt she took. Lucas sighs and says that now they’ll have to take it back.

Andrews Property – House: Elle and Lucas arrive back at the house. Lucas takes the shirt from Elle and jogs over to the window to try and gain entry again. However this time the window is locked. Elle looks on nervously as Lucas runs around the house. He then exits through the front door and tells Elle to come quick. As she rushes inside the house with Lucas, she’s shocked to discover the bedroom and the rest of the house are now completely empty.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Elle Robinson, Lucas Fitzgerald, Steve Parker, Miranda Parker, Bridget Parker, Declan Napier

Guest Cast: Nick Barry as Joe Mullin, Tim Boyanton as Farm Worker #1, Reade Smith as Farm Worker #2

Trivia Notes
• Bridget discovers for the first time the name of her birth mother - Joanna Hale
• Joanna was born at St. Michaels Hospital, NSW
• Elle used the search engine, Google
• Joanna’s number is 0491570157
• This episode solely revolved around the 3 couples of Bridget and Declan, Lucas and Elle and Steve and Miranda. No other regular characters were featured.

Summary by Edd