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Episode Summaries > 2009 > Episode 5650
Written by Jeff Truman, Directed by Chris Adshead, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Ten: 20/03/09 Five: 22/05/09

Andrew asks Rebecca to move in with him
Ty says that he needs a new career, so is given a trial as a labourer at Lassiter's
Miranda shows Steve the fish that is Mickey's birthday present and asks him to look after it
Lucas and Steve fixate on Zippy the goldfish in his bowl
Zeke admits that he could have really hurt Ringo during their fight
Susan asks Zeke why he's stopped attending his counselling sessions with Dr Levi
Susan tells Zeke that the counselling isn't negotiable
Ringo moves back in with the Kennedys
Zeke tells Ringo that he's only pretending to like him, to get Karl and Susan off his back
Nathan tells Declan that his professional football career is over

Charlie's: Ringo pots the shot that wins the game for him and Bridget and they gloat to Declan and Zeke, who aren't amused. Karl comes over and Zeke is full of compliments for Ringo's pool skills, but once Karl has gone, Zeke's back to the insults. Ty drops a tray, grabbing everyone's attention, and apologises, as Bridget admits to Declan that she feels sorry for him, having to work two jobs. Ringo then suggests another game, despite having early training.

No 32 - Kitchen: Rebecca and Andrew have finally finished the washing-up, as he appeared to have used every pot in the kitchen to make dinner. He laughs and says he wouldn't want to move in with himself either, but Rebecca insists that she's excited about the idea - she just has so much to think about, particularly Declan's feelings on the matter. However, she decides that Declan will be fine about it...

Charlie's: Back at the bar, Declan is telling Bridget that the 'tool' Mr Simpson is over for dinner, after standing his mum up the night before. They sit down and are joined by Ty. Bridget asks him what it's like playing the guitar after labouring all day, but Ty says that he sold his guitar. Bridget tells him that Mickey's going to be disappointed, as he wanted Ty to play at his birthday party.

Harold's Store: Paul is looking over his article, exposing the accident from when Andrew was in the army, when Simon comes in, asking how Paul got his number. Paul says that he has his ways, before mentioning the MP3 player that he saw Simon steal from the store. Simon hands it over, and admits that he doesn't know why he did it, so Paul guesses that it was a way of expressing his anger towards his mum. Simon says that she just makes him feel like an idiot, so Paul tells him that he should wait, as revenge is a dish best served cold. Paul agrees not to say anything to Cass, and Simon leaves, making an attempt to snatch the MP3 player as he goes.

No 32 - Kitchen: Rebecca finds Declan drinking juice from the bottle, and reminds him that it's not his juice. Andrew comes in and says it's fine, but Declan hands him the juice and ignores him. Declan is telling his mum about the pool game at Charlie's, only for Andrew to remind him that it's a school night and he shouldn't be out. Declan promptly leaves, and Andrew realises that Rebecca didn't get the chance to mention the house move.

Erinsborough Veterinary Clinic: Steve is talking to Zippy the fish, when Declan arrives with pizza. Steve invites him to sit down and Declan talks about Ringo's jumper presentation, saying that he's not going to go. Steve reminds him that Ringo's meant to be his mate, so Declan asks Steve if he's going to Mickey's birthday party, as he's meant to be his nephew. Steve looks defeated and asks for a slice of pizza.

No 28 - Zeke and Ringo's Bedroom: Ringo asks Zeke when he's going to tell Susan and Karl about their fight, and the fact that he passed out. Zeke doesn't care and suggests that Ringo tell them, but Ringo says that they're not his family - he's just the guy in the spare bed. Karl comes in and says that Nathan just called with details for the jumper presentation, wondering why Ringo had no family going. Ringo says that Karl needs to be at the airport, so it's fine. Karl leaves, and Zeke looks at Ringo with a little sympathy.

Ramsay Street: Declan returns from a strenuous run and sits on the wall outside number 32. Andrew is pretending to go for a run himself and sees Declan, asking why he's punishing himself like that. Declan tries to walk away from the conversation, but Andrew tells him that he thinks the world of Rebecca. Mickey and Callum then come along, playing with a toy that Mickey got for his birthday, and Declan uses the opportunity to make himself scarce. Miranda and Rebecca both come out to get the papers, and are surprised that they can't find the story about Andrew. Miranda goes over to Paul, who's leaving for work, and asks what he's playing at, saving the story for another day. She asks if he's trying to inflict as much pain as possible on Rebecca, but Paul simply tells her that, since she has the newspaper, she should start looking at the employment section.

Charlie's: Andrew storms in, looking for Paul, and demands to know why he didn't run the story. Andrew suspects that Paul wants Rebecca to think he still has some decency left, but Paul says that he already spoke to Rebecca when she thanked him for not running the article, and gave him the MP3 player, so he could listen to some of their favourite tunes. Andrew's confused and storms off, with Paul muttering 'amateur' as he goes.

Erinsborough Veterinary Clinic: Callum and Mickey are trying to feed a banana to a lizard that clearly doesn't want it. They tell Steve that they've come to help feed and clean the animals, so Steve will have time to go to the birthday party. As they go off, arguing about who should feed and who should clean, Bridget comes in with another goldfish to join Zippy, as Declan said that he looked lonely.

Harold's Store: Andrew is silently stirring his coffee, and Rebecca asks him what's wrong. He explains that he saw Paul earlier, and mentions Rebecca speaking to Paul. She says that she didn't, and she only saw him from across the street earlier. Andrew realises he's been had, as Rebecca points out that Paul could lie for Australia. Declan then comes in, and Andrew gives them some time alone, and Rebecca tells Declan about Andrew's offer to move in. Declan checks that his mum's happy and then says that it's all fine with him.

Harold's Store: Zeke comes in to get a drink and tells Declan how Ringo's going to his jumper presentation on his own. Declan makes the excuse that he has to go to Mickey's birthday party.

No 26 - Living Room: Several young kids are running around, screaming, and a frazzled Miranda answers the door to Steve, who has brought the fish. Mickey comes up with the name Doodah for Zippy's new friend. Steve then asks Miranda when the games are going to begin...

Mickey and Callum are playing a game where they have to take a spoonful of cake without the little bear falling off. Mickey manages it, but Callum fails and ends up with his face in the cake as a result. Ty and Declan then arrive, and Mickey asks Ty where his guitar is. He explains that he sold it, but Ned's old guitar is still in the spare room, and Mickey convinces Ty to play for them.

No 28 - Zeke and Ringo's Bedroom: Karl comes in and says that everyone sends their best wishes, and announces that he'll be attending the presentation, as Ringo is part of the family and he didn't want him to go alone. Zeke then gets back and, once Karl's gone, says that he'll be glad to have the room to himself for the night, but looks guilty as Ringo leaves.

No 26 - Living Room: Ty finishes singing his Happy Birthday song, and Mickey thanks him for the coolest birthday ever. Steve and Miranda then take the kids to the backyard for the three-legged race, while Bridget tries to convince Ty to keep the guitar and resume his music career. Ty says no, hands her the guitar and leaves.

Jumper Presentation Venue: At a city hotel, the Portside Falcons 2009 Jumper Presentation ceremony is under way. Ringo is delighted to meet Adam Clarke, and even more pleased when Declan and Zeke turn up to support him. Zeke awkwardly puts his arm around Ringo as Karl takes some photos of them.

Jumper Presentation Venue: The ceremony has finished and Karl and coach Nathan tell Ringo how proud they are of him. Karl heads off to catch his flight to London, while Adam Clarke comes over and invites Ringo to a party back at his place. Ringo asks if there's room for his mates, but Adam takes Ringo to one side and tells him to ditch Declan and Zeke.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Ringo Brown, Bridget Parker, Declan Napier, Zeke Kinski, Karl Kennedy, Ty Harper, Rebecca Napier, Paul Robinson, Steve Parker, Miranda Parker, Mickey Gannon, Callum Jones

Guest Cast: Mauricio Merino Jr as Simon Freedman, Peter Flanigan as Andrew Simpson, Lyall Brooks as Nathan Black, Clint Bizzell as Adam Clarke, Jaimi Greely as Adam's Girlfriend

Trivia Notes
References are made to past characters Ned Parker, Rosie Cammeniti, Frazer Yeats and Rachel Kinski

Summary by Steve