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Episode Summaries > 2009 > Episode 5653
Written by Peter Dick, Directed by Chris Adshead, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Ten: 25/03/09 Five: 27/05/09

• Elle, Paul and Mark are in the kitchen of no. 22, the morning after Mark stayed the night
• Elle explains to Paul that nothing happened with Mark
• Bridget and Declan argue about adoption
• Libby is in pain in the hospital
• Bridget tells Steve that Libby lost her baby, and Steve asks if she’s having second thoughts about adoption now
• Dan pushes a traffic warden who asks him to move his car, and is pulled away by Lucas
• Libby makes Dan promise they can try and have another baby
• Dr Newton tells Dan and Susan that Libby may need a hysterectomy, and Dan has to decide

Erinsborough & District Hospital - Waiting area: Dan hears Libby’s voice talking about having children whilst he tries to decide whether he should allow a hysterectomy. Susan appears and tells him that even though Libby wants more children, she’ll die without the operation. Dan gives his consent to Dr Newton, and they watch Libby being taken to theatre.

No 32 - Living room: Rebecca, Toadie and Declan stand by as Steph talks to Susan on the phone, telling her to give Libby their love when she wakes up. She hangs up and tells the others that the Libby’s in theatre and Susan wants them to wait at home. Bridget arrives and asks Declan if she can have a word, and everyone looks uncomfortable. They tell Bridget that Libby is having emergency surgery. She goes to stand by Declan, who puts his arms around her. Rebecca, standing with her back to the entrance, begins to talk about how good Dr Newton is but is shushed when Callum enters. He notices that everyone has gone quiet. He says that Charlie wants to play with his paints, but Steph says she’ll be in to put him to bed in a minute, and Callum leaves. Callum listens to them discussing something being wrong with Libby, and Rebecca says Toadie can’t hide it forever.

Erinsborough & District Hospital - Waiting area: Lucas enters and finds Dan standing around anxiously, pouring a cup of coffee into a plant pot. Lucas jokes around a little, but looks awkward when Dan starts to talk about how he feels. Dr Newton approaches with an update on Libby. Lucas says he’ll go, but Dan says it’s okay for Dr Newton to talk in front of him. Lucas makes an excuse anyway and leaves. Dan watches him go, confused and not very happy. Dr Newton says the operation went well, but they did have to perform a hysterectomy. Lucas watches as Dan sits down, distressed by the news.

Erinsborough & District Hospital - Waiting area: Later, Bridget stands outside Libby’s room, watching her and Dan. Declan enters, searching for Bridget. They sit down as the baby is kicking. Declan wants to feel it, but is nervous about asking Bridget. He does, and they smile and joke about the baby being a footballer or a can-can dancer.

Charlie's: Lucas sits at a table drinking beer, looking deep in thought. Rebecca says that if he’s worried, he should be at the hospital. He responds that he’s just contemplating the difference between German and Czech beers. Rebecca doesn’t fall for it and tries to start a conversation about Dan and Libby, but Lucas replies flippantly. Elle enters, dressed up for a date with Mark. Lucas comments, jokingly, that she didn’t have to dress up just for him. When she mentions Mark, Lucas jokes about him being a delivery boy and Elle retorts that he’s so funny, she can’t imagine why he’s drinking alone. From behind the bar, Rebecca pipes up, asking if Elle hasn’t heard (about Libby), but she is cut off by Lucas asking Elle to have a drink with him. She refuses, saying that Mark will arrive soon, and they talk about where she is going on her date, with Lucas making another joke about delivery boys. Mark arrives, and Elle hurries him off, with Lucas calling after her to make sure she doesn’t get tomato sauce on her dress. Rebecca looks disapprovingly at Lucas, but he shrugs it off and takes another swig of beer.

Erinsborough & District Hospital - Libby's room: The next day, Libby is asleep, but wakes up when Dan opens the blinds. He tells her that she’s going to be fine. Libby says that they will try again for another baby, but Dan has to tell that the doctors performed a hysterectomy. Libby is shocked and breaks down crying, and asks Dan to leave. He leaves, but says he will be back.

Erinsborough & District Hospital - Waiting area: Susan and Dan talk about Libby and the hysterectomy. Susan suggests that Dan calls Lucas, but senses that Dan is not happy with Lucas. Dan doesn’t tell her what is wrong, however, and says that he should go home and take a shower.

Lassiter's Complex: Dan exits Harold’s with a cup of take out coffee and bumps into Lucas, who tries to engage him in light conversation, but Dan shrugs him off. Lucas makes him wait and asks how Libby is. Dan, angry at Lucas, asks why he ran out earlier. Lucas tells Dan that he wasn’t handling things too well, to which Dan responds disparagingly, and tells Lucas that Libby can never have another child before walking off.

Erinsborough & District Hospital - Waiting area: Susan and Toadie watch through the window to the room as Libby and Steph hug each other and cry. Callum enters the hallway. Toadie says that he should be on his way to school, but Callum has come to try and cheer Libby up with some hospital jokes. Toadie says he doesn’t think it’s a good idea, though Susan says she could use some cheering up. Toadie clearly isn’t happy with Callum’s presence, and Susan gives Callum some money to go and buy a drink. Toadie tells Susan Callum shouldn’t be there, since he doesn’t like hospitals anyway. Just then, Dan walks in and Toadie gives his condolences, but Dan doesn’t say much. Toadie leaves to go and take Callum to school.

Carpenter's Mechanics: Lucas is under a car, cursing and trying to fix something. He pulls himself out from underneath the vehicle to find Elle standing there. Elle awkwardly tells him that she ran into Dan that morning and that she can’t stay long because Mark is waiting in the car. She asks why Lucas didn’t tell her. He says he didn’t want to spoil her date and asks how it was, but she avoids the question, asking how Dan is. Lucas says he’s not good, but can’t reply when Elle asks how he himself is doing. After an intense pause, they hug tightly, and when they pull apart, Lucas kisses Elle, but she pushes him away. Mark has seen the kiss and come over from the car, asking what’s going on. Elle tells Lucas she came over because she felt sorry for him but he is obviously just “pathetic and shallow” and she walks off with Mark. Lucas kicks a metal chest, annoyed with himself.

Charlie's: Elle and Mark are sitting at a table. Elle says she can’t believe that Mark didn’t hit Lucas. Mark is exasperated and says Elle has talked about nothing else since they left the garage. She promptly continues to talk about it. She apologises and says it’s over, but Mark says it’s clearly not – she’s still in love with Lucas. Elle denies it, laughing it off and calling Lucas pathetic again. Mark says he’ll believe her if she doesn’t mention his name for the next five minutes. After only a few moments, Elle mentions Lucas again, just as Rebecca comes over to take their order. Mark says he doesn’t want anything and walks out. Rebecca asks Elle what happened and she tells her that Mark thinks she is still in love with Lucas. Rebecca gives her a look that says she believes that too. Elle again denies it, saying that Lucas’ brother is going through hell but he doesn’t care. Rebecca says that it didn’t seem like that the night before when he was in the bar and that she thinks Lucas really does care – everything else is just a front.

No 26 - Kitchen: Steve is under the sink, trying to fix something, with Miranda standing nearby. Bridget yells from the bathroom what has happened to the water. She comes into the kitchen in a dressing gown, saying she’s in a hurry to meet Declan. Steve emerges and says he’s fixed the pipe – pouring a lot of brown goo into a bucket from a piece of it, and reminds Miranda and Bridget that they ought to use the sink strainer. There is friendly banter, but Miranda and Steve are still awkward around one another. Declan enters and asks why Bridget isn’t ready and she says she’ll be just a minute. Steve asks where they’re going but Declan doesn’t know and Bridget says it’s a surprise.

Lassiter's Lake: Declan and Bridget walk towards the lake, Bridget holding a bunch of balloons. Declan is confused and says people are staring. As they stand by the lake, Bridget says that they’re letting go of all the things that are holding them back. One by one she takes the first three balloons and reads out what is written on them, before letting them fly away. The first balloon says “Mum and Dad’s separation”, the next “Riley” and the third “Joanna”. Declan takes the remainder of the bunch from her and reads what is written on them – “Trying to be perfect,” “Being stubborn,” “Possessiveness” and “AFL career”. Bridget says that seeing what has happened with Libby has made her realise what’s important. She says that they’re lucky, because they have each other and their baby. Declan tries not to look too hopeful, but Bridget says that they’re a family and he hugs her with delight, as she lets go of the remaining balloons. Still holding each other, they watch the balloons soar away.

No 26 - Kitchen: Steve and Miranda have been eating together at the table, but are sitting in silence. Miranda gets up and clears the plates away. They both wait awkwardly. Steve jumps up and says he could fix the bedroom door that sticks. Miranda says that he could have fixed it in any of the two years that he lived there. Just then, Bridget and Declan enter, talking happily about where their balloons might land. They tell Miranda and Steve that they are keeping the baby and Miranda embraces them in a joyous hug as Steve watches, smiling but not joining in, feeling apart from the family.

Erinsborough & District Hospital - Libby's room: Toadie and Callum are telling Libby some hospital jokes. Dan enters and joins in, before asking if he can have a moment with Libby. As Toadie and Callum leave, Libby thanks them for visiting, and they reply that family sticks together. After they’ve gone, Libby speaks before Dan can, apologising for before and telling him that she’s knows he did what he had to do. They hug, but Libby still looks desolate.

Carpenter's Mechanics: Lucas is crouched under the hood of a ute. Elle approaches and he bangs his head on the hood when she knocks on it. He jumps down and Elle apologises for calling him pathetic and shallow, and says she knows he isn’t. Lucas jokes about getting the Duke of Edinburgh award at school, but Elle remains serious, wanting to finish. Elle says she thinks he just has trouble expressing his emotions, so if they are going to move forward, she has to be the one to put herself on the line. After a deep breath, she tells him that she loves him, and he turns to look at her in shock. She repeats the sentiment and Lucas struggles to take it in. He breaks into nervous and confused laughter and, hurt, Elle turns and walks away. Lucas watches her go, bewildered and angry at himself.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Daniel Fitzgerald, Libby Kennedy-Fitzgerald, Lucas Fitzgerald, Elle Robinson, Rebecca Napier, Stephanie Scully, Susan Kennedy, Toadie Rebecchi, Callum Jones, Declan Napier, Bridget Parker, Steve Parker, Miranda Parker

Guest Cast: David Carroll as Mark Chaplin, Carolyn Bock as Dr Peggy Newton

Trivia Notes
• Miranda says that a bedroom door of no 26 has been sticking for two years
• Tottie Goldsmith (Cassandra Freedman) is credited but does not appear

Summary by Sian