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Episode Summaries > 2009 > Episode 5654
Written by Ben Michael, Directed by Chris Adshead, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Ten: 26/03/09 Five: 28/05/09

• Simon steals an iPod at Harold's Store
• Paul confronts Simon about stealing the iPod and asks him why he did it. Simon replies he doesn’t know
• Miranda mentions that she has a job interview at Lassiter's
• Miranda finds out Paul is running a story on Andrew. He tells her if she wants a job at Lassiters she’ll forget she ever saw it
• Dan is told Libby will be OK
• Mark tells Elle she’s in love with Lucas
• Lucas laughs when Elle says she’s in love with him

Harold's Store: Rebecca, Toadie and Ty are in ordering food. Ty orders a load of food for his workmates and Toadie jokes about the amount he's ordering. Ty leaves the store and Rebecca asks Toadie if Libby is up to visitors yet, Toadie advises leaving it a day or two. Paul walks in just as Toadie leaves and Rebecca accuses Paul of being juvenile and holding grudges. Rebecca thinks Miranda missed out on the job because she told Rebecca about Andrew’s story, but Paul denies this saying it was an “HR” decision so Rebecca accuses him of being a coward. Elle storms in saying “the tables outside are a disgrace” and storms straight into the kitchen. Rebecca thinks she caused this by telling Elle about Lucas.

Harold's Store - Kitchen: Elle is banging pots and pans around when Paul walks in and asks if she’s been to see Lucas. Elle tries to ignore the subject by suggesting that Paul should employ Miranda as she’s a very good employee, but Paul asks Elle if she’s sure Lucas is worth it, and Elle retorts with “people ask that about you – you’re still my father!” Paul asks what Lucas said to her and Elle replies it wasn’t so much what was said to her, more what she said to him and confesses she told Lucas she loved him and says he laughed in her face.

Charlie's: Miranda is looking up the classifieds and starts to make a call on her mobile about a job when she is interrupted by Steve. Steve reminds Miranda she doesn’t have to look for a job, they still have plenty of money coming in from the vets, but Miranda is adamant. Steve invites Miranda to join him for a coffee but she thinks it’s a bad idea. Over at the snooker table, Lucas is playing a game against himself. Rebecca asks him if he wants to talk and he freezes her out.

Erinsborough High - Corridor: Zeke is making a call to Susan to check that Libby is OK. A basketball nearly hits him and he looks up to find Kyle standing there. Kyle wants to make sure Zeke is OK after his accident and that they’re still friends, and Zeke says they’re cool. Tegan and Simon are walking down the stairs into the corridor with a chemistry experiment when a student accidentally bangs into the experiment knocking it to the ground and ruining it. Tegan is distraught – it’s due later that afternoon and is totally ruined! Zeke helps by pointing out mistakes Tegan had made and offers to help mend it. Kyle teases Zeke about having a crush on Tegan to which Zeke replies to Kyle “yeah you are pretty beautiful!”

Lassiter's Lake: Ty is managing a wheelbarrow that seems to have a mind of its own and nearly knocks it into Paul. Paul asks him if he’s seen Lucas, Ty hasn’t but points out that the motorbike is parked at Lassiter's. Paul advises Ty to look where he’s going in future. Paul walks off and Miranda calls out to him and tries to persuade him that she is the perfect person for the job because of her hospitality experience. She gives him a second copy of her CV “in case you lost the last one”. but Paul wastes no time in telling her when they want a bored housewife to fix the multi-million pound Lassiters then he’ll call her.

Charlie's: Lucas is playing pool and Paul walks in. After asking Rebecca where Lucas is he spots him and heads straight over to the pool table snatching the white ball off the table so Lucas is forced to listen to him. Paul wastes no time in telling Lucas to stay away from Elle. He bangs the white ball back down on the table and walks away. Lucas returns to his game when Rebecca comes up to him, snatches his pool cue away and tells him to get out, as Elle is a good friend to her. Lucas leaves.

Harold's Store: Lucas walks in, he looks at the kitchen doors and thinks better and decides to leave. Just as he’s leaving Steph walks in. She needs his help, Charlie’s having to go to the dentist, so can he please look after Ben? Lucas is hesitant at first but eventually agrees, and Ben is delighted! He wants a boys only afternoon as he thinks that girls suck. Ben mentions his mother’s having a baby girl and he wishes it was a boy. Lucas looks horrified – Ben obviously doesn’t know about the miscarriage yet.

Lassiter's Lake: Ben and Lucas are walking along having an ice cream arguing about the best flavour. Ben suddenly stops and asks if his mum will be OK, and mentions he really wants a brother before he walks off. Lucas follows him. Meanwhile, Ty is standing next to a bin looking pretty fed up, as he’s had enough of the job. He takes off his work jacket and throws it in the bin.

Harold's Store: The chemistry experiment is finally back together and is on a table surrounded by Kyle, Zeke, Simon and Tegan. Tegan is interested to know how Zeke knows so much, Zeke admits to being a bit of a geek. Cass walks in, Tegan is not pleased to see her as she immediately shows an interest in Kyle, Zeke rescues him by saying they have to go, much to Kyle’s relief. Cass wants to know why Tegan has been hiding Kyle from her, but Tegan and Simon decide enough is enough, Simon grabs the experiment and they start to leave the store. Cass doesn’t understand why she and Tegan can’t be friends, Tegan says it’s because she always throws herself at guys and it’s pathetic. She blames Simon stealing the iPod and her having no friends solely on this. Simon is not pleased that his sister let this slip to their mother, throws the experiment to Tegan and storms out closely followed by his sister.

Road: Ben is riding on the back of Lucas’ motorbike and is thoroughly enjoying himself! He shouts out “cool”, “awesome” and “faster faster!”.

No 32 - Lounge: Toadie and Steph are looking at old photos of Libby. Ty is lying asleep on the chair, Toadie throws a cushion saying he’s hoping that they’re not keeping him up. He admits that he quit the job, and Steph hopes this means that he's going back to music but Ty says this isn’t the case and walks out the room. Dan arrives back to collect Ben, Steph tells him she left him with Lucas. Just at that moment a motorbike can be heard pulling into the drive.

No 32 - Driveway: Dan storms over to Lucas, he is not impressed that Lucas has let 10-year-old Ben on the motorbike. Ben shows Dan that Lucas bought him all the gear for the motorbike. Dan is definitely not impressed by that and reminds Lucas that Libby is currently in hospital unable to have another child because of injuries caused when she had an accident riding her motorbike.

No 22: Elle is cuddled up in a chair watching a horror movie. Paul approaches and says that there’s nothing like mass carnage to make you feel better. “Like father like daughter” replies Elle. Sass arrives to confront Paul about Simon stealing the iPod and to find out if he’s in trouble, and Paul tells her no. Cass leaves after refusing Paul’s offer of a drink, then Paul’s phone rings, and it’s Rebecca telling him to sort things out with Miranda.

No 26 - Lounge: Steve arrives for dinner at Miranda’s with a bottle of wine. Miranda tells him that Didge and Dec had to cancel but it seemed a shame to let the food go to waste. Paul arrives and comments that Steve’s wine looks corked, then he offers Miranda the job if she gets Rebecca off his back. Miranda at first refuses because she doesn’t want a job offer just because Rebecca’s pressurising Paul, but he admits that the CV was better than all the rest - he didn’t give her the job to wind up Rebecca and it’s worked! Paul then leaves Miranda and Steve to their dinner.

No 30 - Lounge: Ben is doing his best motorbike impressions. Dan checks if Ben has done his homework, and Ben says homework is for girls. Ben refuses to take off his motorbike jacket before bedtime saying he will sleep in it. Dan isn’t sure Libby would like that, Ben wants to go and see Libby but Dan has to say no. Dan explains that when Libby gets home they’re going to have to be extra nice to her. Ben says he knows that - they have to make her extra cups of tea, and says he hopes Grace doesn’t play with his jacket and races off making motorbike noises again.

No 26: Miranda and Steve are having a lovely meal and chatting about the baby and how they’re going to be as grandparents. Steve has decided he wants to be Pa and thinks Miranda should be Ma. Miranda says “this is nice” and Steve makes a move on her. Miranda explains she meant about the kids, and Steve immediately backs off, before saying he should go.

Dingoes' Den: Dan is sitting alone, Lucas enters and asks if everything's alright even though the answer is obvious by looking at Dan’s face. Lucas asks Dan how he does it and Dan replies that he loves her.

No 22 - Lounge/Porch: Elle is still watching her horror movie when there is a knock at the door. She opens it to find Lucas who finally admits he loves her too. The two kiss.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Stephanie Scully, Ty Harper, Ben Kirk, Daniel Fitzgerald, Jarrod 'Toadfish' Rebecchi, Miranda Parker, Lucas Fitzgerald, Steve Parker, Rebecca Napier, Paul Robinson, Elle Robinson, Zeke Kinski

Guest Cast: Tottie Goldsmith as Cassandra Freedman, Mauricio Merino Jr as Simon Freedman, Chelsea Jones as Tegan Freedman, Chris Milligan as Kyle Canning

Summary by Louise