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Episode Summaries > 2009 > Episode 5655
Written by John Davies, Directed by Chris Adshead, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Ten: 27/03/09 Five: 29/05/09

• Tegan questions why Zeke focuses on studying. Kyle calls him a nerd, leading Zeke to say the days of him being a nerd are now over
• Paul admits Miranda’s application was good and he didn’t give her a job just to annoy Rebecca
• Steve misreads a tender moment with Miranda, leaning in for a kiss which Miranda pulls away from
• Elle tells Paul she told Lucas she loves him, Paul finds Lucas who claims being with Elle, Is just a bit of fun, which is now getting way too complicated
• Dan’s furious to find out Lucas took Ben on a motorbike ride and vents his anger at him, explaining that Libby lost their baby through injuries sustained on a motorbike
• Lucas goes to number 22 revealing to Elle that “he loves her too”

No 22 - Elle's bedroom: Lucas and Elle are lying in bed together and are chatting about Elle’s bear collection. Suddenly Paul walks in and is met by an angry Elle who yells at him to get out. Dumbstruck Paul takes an age to leave explaining to Gail on the phone that Elle is tied up, but quickly explains that she isn’t literally tied up. Elle apologises to Lucas who says its time for him to go. This leads to Elle explaining she has a deadline whilst Lucas claims theirs a job for him to do at the garage. Elle queries how early it is to be doing a job at the garage, Lucas tells her it’s a morning pick up. Both are clearly feeling uncomfortable as the try to get out of the bed.

No 22 - Living room: As Lucas opens the door to leave, Elle asks him to call her. Lucas smiles and moves in for a kiss, but catches sight of Paul who has a worrying look on his face. The two break apart as Lucas says his goodbyes and leaves. Paul asks why Lucas had to go. Elle explains that she has an assignment to do which intrigues Paul as he asks her what that assignment is. Elle mentions it’s the Erinsborough Notables assignment which confuses Paul as he tells her that assignment isn’t being run for a week. Elle explains she has a lot of work to do as a concerned Paul moves over to her. Paul tells her he is worried about her and questions whether Lucas is right for her. Elle responds by thanking her dad for worrying about her but that he doesn’t have to worry. Paul wonders whether everything will sort itself like Elle envisages which leads Elle’s lip to quiver, and herself to ponder about what to do next as the scene comes to a close.

Harold's Store: A small girl asks if she left her sunglasses here. A staff member nods and shows the girl where the sunglasses are. The grateful girl says thanks her and goes to leave when Callum enters, saying her shades look cool. The girl looks up at him but continues her walk out of the store. Toadie comments it was a nice try to a now glum faced Callum. Toadie orders two lime slurpies just as Rebecca walks in. He asks her if she’s planning on boosting her calcium intake which, leads her to snap back asking whether Toadie’s going to be boosting his sugar intake. Trying to think of an excuse Toadie weakly explains it’s a once a month treat for Callum, leading to Callum having a bemused look on his face and say it was Toadie’s idea. Rebecca smiles as Toadie knows his cover is blown and tells Callum to shut up causing further laughter from Rebecca. Toadie asks how randy Andy is; Rebecca explains his away on an army reserve meeting and also adds she misses him. Toadie then has a soppy look on his face, ridiculing Rebecca who consequently orders him to take the Milk she’s just bought back to Charlie’s for her. Toadie swiftly gives the Milk to Callum saying he’ll get the drinks. Rebecca and Cassandra briefly catch a glimpse of each other as one walks in and out of the store. They say one another’s name and leave it at that. Cass walks over to her children who are sitting down at one of the table’s inside the store. She encourages Tegan to come home who abruptly says she doesn’t want too. Cass apologises for embarrassing her in front of Karl and Zack, leading to Tegan quickly correcting her pointing out the boy’s name is Zeke not Zack. Cass tells her she doesn’t want to fight with her, and tries to entice her home with a piece of chocolate which is Tegan’s favourite. Tegan asks about dinner but quickly accepts the money handed to her by her mum. As Tegan goes to buy the chocolate Cass sits with Simon who as usual, is sitting with his earphones in, seemingly oblivious to what’s going on around him. She tells him that Paul likes him, that she knows he is listening to what she’s saying and then smiles at him.

No 26: Bridget sets eyes on Miranda saying wow, Miranda isn’t sure if what Bridget said was a compliment and is relieved when Bridget reveals she meant it in a good way. Bridget on the off chance asks if theirs a job available at Lassiters and is surprised when Miranda says she’ll look into it, seemingly proud of her mum’s new found confidence. She explains money is a talking point between her and Declan, Miranda reassures her she’ll look into it. Bridget tells Miranda she looks happier, seconds later Steve enters the conversation. Miranda isn’t pleased when Steve compliments her new look instead she looks away clearly unsettled by his emergence. Bridget tells her separated parents she’s off to study at Harold’s leaving her parents alone. Miranda’s questions why Steve is here in the first place. He mentions fixing the door as Miranda explains she’s going out and isn’t too comfortable leaving Steve alone in the house. Steve innocently says he’ll lock up after himself but she can’t hide her displeasure. Steve offers to come back later but Miranda relents and in a tongue and cheek remarks mentions at least you won’t steal the cutlery, which doesn’t go down well with Steve who mentions the cutlery is his anyway. Miranda gives him a look which reads I can’t believe you said that leading Steve to quickly leave.

No 32 - Living room: Charlie’s playing away on a xylophone with his mum encouraging him, moment’s later Ty walks in. Steph explains Charlie has been practising with Callum and Mickey. Shortly after Charlie explains it’s for the Easter concert. Ty compliments Charlie although it’s apparent the racket is getting to him as Steph steps in telling Charlie to stop. Ty mentions to Steph that he needs more time to pay the phone bill which isn’t a problem for Steph as they speak over Charlie, who’s continued to make a whole lot of noise in the background. Steph moves across taking the musical equipment away from Charlie and then tells Ty not to worry. Ty seems a bit lost explaining his got lots of offers but doesn’t seem enthusiastic about any of them. He then apologises again to Steph who doesn’t seem bothered at all, and to Charlie who says that it's ok.

Lassiter's Complex - Outside Harold's Store: After escaping Miranda and Steve, Bridget’s studying outside Harold’s Store. However, she can’t seem to escape looks from Tegan who is sitting only a few yards away from her. Eventually Bridget enquires whether Cass’s daughter is ok. Tegan says she is, but Bridget explains she’s still staring at her. Tegan apologises resulting in Bridget asking her what’s up. Tegan tentatively moves over to Bridget, explaining to her that she’s confused about why she’s studying on a weekend. This leads to Bridget explaining that she’s in year 12 and that’s she’s interested in what she’s studying. Tegan seems amazed that Bridget finds history interesting, whilst Bridget admits she’s a bit of a geek but not as weird as Zeke, as Tegan compares her to him. Strangely, Tegan then tells Bridget she thinks she’s cool which clearly shocks Bridget, but Tegan explains she admires how Bridget doesn’t care what others think and how she dresses. Bridget explains it is comfortable and the pair seem to have struck up a friendship all of a sudden.

Elsewhere Lucas approaches Elle, as he hears her negatively labelling someone in what she’s reading. Lucas cheekily asks if she’s referring to him which Elle quickly dismisses. The mechanic mentions that no one ever means what they say anyway; clearly interesting Elle who tries to hide her worry by asking Lucas if that’s the case for everyone. To her relief Lucas responds by saying hardly ever, causing Elle to smile. Once more however, she tries to hide her relief instead being a bit defensive of her emotions describing Lucas as being cynical. This causes Lucas to backtrack saying sometimes people get carried away, yet without knowing it his inadvertently referred to his relationship with Elle. Lost in the tide, swept up in the moment are phrases shared by the young lovers, as not for the first time they struggle to say what they feel in fear of being hurt. The quotes sublimely referring to their relationship continue until Lucas offers to buy Elle some Raisin Toast. Elle explains she only eats fruit for breakfast resulting in a starry eyed Lucas smiling saying he didn’t no that about her. Elle sees no reason why he should have as she walks away and in vain looks back only to see Lucas walk away also. A clearly upset Elle ponders if her dad was right in what he said about Lucas.

No 32 - Living room: Back in number 32 Callum and Mickey have joined Charlie in preparing for the Easter concert. Toadie and Steph act as if they are impressed although Steph isn’t reluctant in telling Charlie to stop playing. Toadie hesitantly asks what they were playing; Mickey responds by saying Hot Cross Buns and then has a go at Callum for playing too fast. Callum defends himself by saying Mickey was playing too slow and is clearly fed up. Steph urges them to keep trying as Ty comes in wondering why number 32 is so noisy. Toadie explains it is for the Easter concert and Steph practically begs Ty to teach the kids, Ty reluctantly accepts.

No 26: Back at the Parker household Bridget is once again studying and points out to her mum that she can write hello on a calculator. Miranda is clearly amused and tells Bridget she used to do it at Uni whilst having a broad grin on her face. They then discuss dinner which is cut short by an angry Cass who's furious Bridget has damaged her hold on Tegan. An innocent Bridget says 'hi' to Cass but is then forced to listen to a verbal assault as she’s put in her place by the insecure mum. Oblivious to what’s going on Miranda tries to step in and Cass then informs her Bridget is trying to dictate Tegan’s life, which Bridget strictly denies. Bridget then informs Cass that Tegan feels uncomfortable about dressing for the guys which starts a verbal battle about what clothes are acceptable for a teenage girl. Whilst this is going on Miranda helplessly tries to step in but Cass won’t let up. Cass then goes a step too far saying how Bridget’s style has obviously worked for her. She then accuses Bridget of making her out to be a bad mum when she’s only advocating a bit of attention for her daughter. Bridget fights fire with fire and explains that at 14 she doesn’t want attention. Cass then loses it, saying well at least she’s not pregnant with the first boy she met which, for the first time, leads Miranda to take control and lead Cass out of the house. Cass tries to have the last word by telling Bridget to stay away from Tegan, but Miranda denies her that, telling her to stay away from Bridget.

Charlie's: Rebecca sees Lucas and wonders why his here after she kicked him out yesterday. Lucas asks if he can come back allowing Rebecca to set some guidelines. Lucas guesses she’s spoken to Elle, and Rebecca proves that theory correct, when she tells Lucas how Elle told her he ran away to work at 10 at night. Lucas presents a weak excuse trying to pin the blame on Elle by saying she had work too, leading Rebecca to conclude that both of them are helpless. Lucas tries to defend himself but it isn’t long before Rebecca mimics his lost in the moment quotes further damaging his attempts at defending himself. Lucas is amazed how much Elle has told Rebecca, she makes it clear that he needs to sort himself out of he’ll lose Elle forever, leaving Lucas to plot what he does next.

No 32 - Living room: Ty’s teaching seems to have had an immediate effect as Hot Cross Buns is performed a lot better by Callum, Mickey and Charlie. Toadie whisks Mickey and Callum off for a snack leaving Ty to teach Charlie how to play a chord. He plays it well as Steph and Toadie look in and smile.

Harold's Store: A deep thinking Lucas approaches the counter only for Elle to come out of the kitchen door and take his order. Lucas guesses Elle thinks it’s sad his eating alone, but the two seem to have something in common after all, when Elle shows him a microwave dinner for one that she’s having later. Lucas tries to initiate turning dinners for one into dinners for two and is successful.

No 22: Things seem to be progressing well for the new lovers as they cook together, seemingly abandoning the microwave option. Lucas seems to be the main chef as Elle hasn’t a clue what’s being cooked. Lucas answers in French, impressing Elle and even though in English it is just Tuna being cooked, the couple seem at ease with each other. Lucas jokes about testing whether it is cooked by seeing if it sticks on the wall, which amuses Elle and both seem comfortable in each others company. They then wrestle with each other, leading to a piece of food landing comically on an incoming Paul’s face, much to the amusement of the new couple.

Charlie's: Steph, Steve, Callum, Toadie and Ty are gathered at a table discussing the Easter concert. Callum voices his displeasure at the song and names a song way too difficult for someone with his little experience. Steph and Toadie then seize the moment to try and persuade Ty to get back into the music business by helping the kids practice. Paul enters walking over to a lonely Cass and they immediately start talking about the problems there kids are presenting them. Cass wants a game of Pool to take their minds off the kids but Paul says it isn’t his thing. Lucas comes in looking for a bottle of Red Wine, leading Paul to come over and nicely ask Lucas not to hurt Elle. Paul then tells him he isn’t good enough for her and that Elle deserves better then what he or Lucas can give her.

No 22 - Kitchen: Lucas goes back to Elle giving her the wine. Elle then gives the low down on what is acceptable for her in a relationship and then asks Lucas to live with her. Lucas is at first taken aback but then accepts albeit without a lot of conviction. The pair share a quick kiss and as Lucas looks up he sees a stern faced Paul clearly unhappy there's a new man involved in Elle’s life.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Lucas Fitzgerald, Elle Robinson, Paul Robinson, Callum Jones, Jarrod Rebecchi, Rebecca Napier, Bridget Parker, Tegan Freedman, Cassandra Freedman, Simon Freedman, Miranda Parker, Stephanie Scully, Charlie Hoyland, Ty Harper, Mickey Parker, Steve Parker

Guest Cast: Tottie Goldsmith as Cassandra Freedman, Mauricio Merino Jr as Simon Freedman, Chelsea Jones as Tegan Freedman

Trivia Notes
• The child with the sunglasses appearing at the beginning of the third scene is Feride Nahkle, a young girl in remission from bone cancer who was given the chance to visit the set, then offered a walk-on part, by the Starlight Children's Foundation
• Sally Knight (Sarah Day) is credited but does not appear

Summary by Daniel