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Episode Summaries > 2009 > Episode 5656
Written by Meaghan Rodriguez, Directed by Catherine Roden, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Ten: 30/03/09 Five: 01/06/09

Nathan drops Declan from the team
Adam tells Ringo that Zeke and Declan are just jealous of him
Miranda agrees to try and get Declan on the training programme at the hotel
Paul walks in on Lucas and Elle in bed
Paul tells Elle that he hopes she knows what she's getting into with Lucas
Lucas tells Elle that nobody ever means what they say - well, almost never
Lucas suggests that he and Elle turn their microwave meals for one into dinner for two
Elle asks Lucas to move in with her

No 22 - Elle's bedroom: Elle wakes up and reaches over to Lucas, asking what's for breakfast. She stops as she realises it's Albert the bear that she's grabbing, and looks up to find all her bears lined up along the bottom of the bed, with others sitting on the curtain rail and hanging from the light fixture.

No 22 - Living room: Elle screams out 'Lucas!' and he smiles to himself as she comes downstairs with two of her bears tied together with a belt, and accuses him of violating them. She warns him that there must be some ground rules - and not touching the bears is rule number one. She then takes his 'I Like Me' mug and says that not using Paul's mugs is rule number two. Lucas accuses the Robinsons of not being very good at sharing, which upsets Elle.

Charlie's: Toadie is worried to hear that Elle and Lucas are moving in together so quickly, and Lucas admits that he's also surprised by how fast it's all happening. Toadie is even more shocked to find that Lucas will be sharing a roof with 'the Prince of Darkness' rather than moving Elle into his place. As Elle arrives, Toadie takes Callum off to plan their April Fool's Day pranks, while Elle asks Lucas if he has a problem with her teddy bear collection. He admits that he doesn't like all of their eyes watching him when he's trying to be himself, and she loudly asks if he's having performance anxiety. He says no, but if they're going to live together, he'll need his own space.

Harold's Store: Declan walks in and sits with Zeke and Bridget, before doing an impression of an alien bursting out of his stomach, amusing nobody. He reminds them about the Alien movie marathon that night, but Zeke's more interested in a pirate radio station he's found. Ringo comes in and is invited to the movie marathon, and he performs the same alien impression, impressing only Declan. Dec and Ringo leave, while Bridget is worried about Zeke and Ringo being at the same movie night.

Lassiter's Hotel - Reception: Miranda tells an uncomfortable Declan that he looks very smart in his new uniform and says that if he does well, he might score a permanent job. He's grateful to be able to support Didge and Tadpole, and Miranda sends him off to do the meet and greet with a group who've just arrived for the medical conference.

Portside Falcons Training Ground: During some sprints, Ringo manages to break the rookie record, and Adam decides that it's the perfect excuse to throw a party.

Lassiter's Hotel - Reception: Declan is tending to some disgruntled guests, as the booking system's down, when Ringo and Adam come in, looking for some mate's rates on a suite. Declan is pleased to hear about Ringo's record breaking sprint, while Miranda comes in and is introduced to Adam. She goes to speak to the IT department when she hears about the system failure, while Declan takes Ringo's credit card to swipe later.

Lassiter's Hotel - Room: Adam is looking for something bigger, but Declan explains that they're fully booked, and is put out when Adam asks him why his football career failed. He then leaves to take a call, loudly asking the caller if he's coming to Ringo's party, and Declan warns Ringo that it's only four people in a room and they don't allow parties. Ringo wonders why Declan has such a problem with him - is it because he's stuck at home watching movie marathons and not partying with the football team? He shows Declan out, saying that he'll settle the bill later.

Lassiter's Hotel - Room: Later, Declan brings some refreshments to Ringo's room and is worried when he sees the number of people in there. Ringo insists that there won't be any trouble, and asks Declan to stay for a drink. Ringo apologises, but explains that there's a lot of pressure on him. They're interrupted by a groupie who also knows Declan and says she heard he got dropped from the team. Some more girls arrive and Adam greets them before trying to slip $50 to a disgusted Declan. He turns down the drink and leaves, and Ringo looks upset.

No 22 - Elle's bedroom: Elle shows Lucas her newly-organised room, with no bears on display and space for him to put his things and hang his clothes. He starts searching for the bears, and she explains that they've been moved into the study. He admits that she hasn't given him much space, and wonders if he should keep his things at his place. Elle's surprised to hear he's keeping his place, and accuses him of keeping an escape clause. He tells her it's practical, but she says that she's made big changes, but he hasn't done anything.

Dingoes' Den: Toadie is accusing Lucas of being a hypocrite, but Lucas thinks the whole thing's more trouble than it's worth. Toadie then looks over Callum's ideas for pranks - he suggests itching powder in everyone's dry cleaning, but Toadie thinks they need to think bigger, so Callum then suggests shaving everyone's pets. Toadie is amused and sends Callum to get more weights. He then asks Lucas if he really wants to live with Elle and if he does, he needs to make a small concession to the female nesting impulse - just move something in and make a small but meaningful gesture.

Lassiter's Hotel - Reception: Zeke is texting another song request to the pirate radio station, while Declan finishes his shift and says that it went well. Miranda then asks if Declan could hang around, as they're short-staffed. She tells him that she needs him to follow up on a complaint about noise in one of the rooms - they can't let it get out of hand.

Lassiter's Hotel - Room: Ashley tries to get Ringo to dance with her when one of her favourite songs comes on. Declan then calls and asks Ringo to turn the music down, while a couple of people then pull the curtains down. He hears another noise in the bathroom and tries to see what's happening, but Adam stops him and tells him to relax. Ashley starts coming on to Ringo again, and asks where 'the crazy blonde' is. Ringo realises she's talking about Donna and says that the split up.

No 22 - Elle's bedroom: Elle comes in to find Lucas sitting on the bed, with Albert on his lap. He's brought his biker jacket and helmet and some more of his stuff, and tells her that he can't get out of his lease overnight, but this is all the stuff he cares about.

Lassiter's Hotel - Reception: Miranda has had another complaint and is about to call security when Declan stops her. He says that it's Ringo and his mates, and he did warn them about parties, but they ignored him. He says that, since he let them in, he'll go and sort the mess out.

Lassiter's Hotel - Corridor/Room: Declan bangs on the door, telling Ringo to open up, before letting himself in. He asks what the hell's going on, as the whole floor's complaining, and insists that Ringo's about to ruin his chances of a job. Declan tells them all to get out, and Adam herds the group out, with Ashley telling Ringo to leave Declan to clean up. Miranda then arrives and sends Declan off, before telling Ringo that she'll be billing him for damages and excess cleaning charges. She tells him to dial reception.

Lassiter's Hotel - Reception: Declan gets back and answers the phone to Ringo, who says he's really sorry.

Lassiter's Hotel - Room: Ringo tells Declan that he blew his first pay packet on the room, so he can't afford the excess charges. Declan tells him to start using the credit card, but Ringo says that he really needs help.

Lassiter's Hotel - Room: Later, Ringo and Declan have finished cleaning up. Ringo thanks Declan for everything, then Adam comes back, looking for his wallet. He tells Ringo not to bother cleaning, as that's what they've got cleaners for. He walks out, telling Ringo they're all waiting for him, and Ringo goes to leave, but Declan says that they haven't finished cleaning yet. Ringo accuses him of being jealous, saying that he blew his chance of a football career.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Lucas Fitzgerald, Elle Robinson, Ringo Brown, Declan Napier, Jarrod 'Toadfish' Rebecchi, Callum Jones, Bridget 'Didge' Parker, Zeke Kinski, Miranda Parker

Guest Cast: Clint Bizzell as Adam Clarke, Aaron Jakubenko as Rhys Sutton, Sophie Weiss as Ashley Black, Ben Rose as Stu Jackman, Hamilton Moore as Guest #1, Sandra Baricevic as Guest #2, Kylie Gulliver as Girl #1, Bianca Luscombe as Girl #2

Trivia Notes
The names of Elle's teddy bears include Albert, Mr Smith and PJ
Ringo breaks the rookie sprint record with a time of 8.3 seconds
Ringo and Adam's party is being held in room 214

Summary by Steve