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Episode Summaries > 2009 > Episode 5657
Written by Anthony Morris, Directed by Catherine Roden, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Ten: 31/03/09 Five: 02/06/09

• Steve makes a pass at Miranda during their meal together
• Libby miscarries baby Grace
• Declan and Ringo agree that success is important to them
• Ringo beats the rookie sprint record in training
• Ringo and his footy mates trash a room at Lassiter's

Lassiter's Hotel - Room 214: Dec is trying to clear the room, scrubbing a sofa and blames himself. Miranda says this is nonsense and comments on how far he’s come since Didge fell pregnant.

Charlie's: Ringo is not happy, feeling guilty about leaving Dec to clear everything up. Adam tells him not to worry about it.

No 26: Miranda says she will recommend Declan for the job. Dec tells Didge about Ringo trashing the room - Didge thinks Dec is jealous, but Dec denies this and says his friendship with Ringo is over.

No 28: Susan spies Ringo sneaking in whilst she is making a pot of tea. Susan is not impressed he has stayed out until 7am with the team. Susan advises Ringo not to lose touch with everyone.

No 30: Libby is back home and desperate to gossip! Steph hands her a bunch of flowers, and Toadie mentions that he is trying out for the footie team – Dan will help him train. Steph asks if they’ve told Ben the bad news – the answer is no. They settle down to tea and cake.

Ramsay Street - Outside no 26: Ringo and Dec argue after Ringo shows up in Adam’s car wanting to see if Dec wants to go for a ride. Didge appears and it’s obvious that this has been a set-up that has gone wrong. Ringo jumps back into Adam’s car telling Didge to “keep out”.

No 30: Susan arrives and finds Libby and Steph sorting through stuff. Libby is struggling to cope. Miranda then arrives with some lasagne for Libby and mentions that she’s taking up netball. Libby thinks it would be a good idea to put together a women's netball team.

Dingoes' Den: Dan is working out with Lucas helping him. Steve and Toadie walk in, Toadie mentions Steve doesn’t think he is cut out for the team due to severe lack of exercise. Dan starts throwing out offers of help to get Toadie fit. Lucas is worried he’s not coping.

Harold's Store: Ringo is sitting looking glum. Ashley walks in wondering why Adam’s car is in the carpark, and she mentions parking “can be fun” and she and Ringo kiss again. Didge walks in and mentions it’s not taken Ringo long to find the groupies - Ashley susses out that she’s the “cleaning guy's girlfriend”. Didge wastes no time in setting her straight, telling Ringo Donna is returning and says the AFL has gone to his head. Ringo and Ashley leave.

Road: Ringo and Ashley start discussing Donna saying she’s too crazy. Ashley says that Ringo could do a lot better than Donna.

Dingoes' Den: Lucas is talking and training. Dan is trying to coach Toadie who is struggling. Lucas is telling them and Steve that he gave Elle an ultimatum – him or the bears! Lucas thinks it is only a matter of time before the bears are searching for a new home. Toadie starts to feel sore and Steve points out to Dan that it will be hard to get him in shape for this season. Dan and Steve start arguing before Lucas intervenes telling Dan Libby needs him. Dan storms out.

No 30: Susan and Miranda are discussing the antics of the night before caused by the residents of Room 214. They are both agreeing that Ringo should’ve helped out and is alienating his friends. Libby and Steph appear with a training plan and designs for the uniforms. When bending down to put the plans on a table, Libby becomes light-headed. Everyone insists she rest and Libby starts stressing because everyone thinks she’s an invalid. The room falls so silent you could hear a pin drop before Libby apologises and decides she needs rest. Everyone leaves and Libby falls against the front door crying.

No 30: Dan and Libby are in the lounge trying to plan the netball team's look. Libby mentions that she couldn’t rest and tries to get Dan interested. Dan tries to talk but Libby won’t listen. Eventually he admits defeat and starts talking netball colours. Dan wants to get Ben back from his friend's to tell him the bad news but Libby refuses. Dan tries to talk again but Libby shouts to leave it.

Harold's Store: Toadie is on the phone but is secretive over what the call is about. He joins Steve and Lucas at a table and is in agony from his training. Seeing Miranda enter, Steve walks over and learns about the new netball team. Steve is confused about where he stands after the other night and doesn’t want Miranda to feel awkward. Miranda says it’s fine and leaves.

No 26: Didge opens the door to Susan who says she knows all about Ringo and Dec falling out. Didge says Ringo’s been acting like a tool and leaves her in no doubt as to what Ringo’s been doing. “Blowing off exams”, “hanging around with local footie skanks” and “throwing around cash” all come out. Declan agrees that Ringo is a complete tool.

Outside Ashley's house: Ringo and Ashley pull up outside Ashley’s house. Ringo comments that the house looks nice.

Number 26: Susan calls Ringo to get to the bottom of everything.

Outside Ashley's house: Ringo’s phone rings. He answers it and speaks to Susan who wants him home immediately. Ringo pretends that there's poor reception and hangs up. He and Ashley start to head into Ashley’s, when Nathan the coach appears storming down the path. He tells Ringo to get his hands off his daughter!

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Toadfish Rebecchi, Daniel Fitzgerald, Lucas Fitzgerald, Miranda Parker, Steve Parker, Didge Parker, Declan Napier, Susan Kennedy, Ringo Brown, Libby Kennedy-Fitzgerald, Stephanie Scully

Guest Cast: Clint Bizzell as Adam Clarke, Sophie Weiss as Ashley Black, Lyall Brooks as Nathan Black

Trivia Notes
• Susan mentions that Zeke has been attending counselling sessions

Summary by Louise