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Episode Summaries > 2009 > Episode 5658
Written by Alix Beane, Directed by Catherine Roden, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Ten: 01/04/09 Five: 03/06/09

• Toadie and Callum talk about their grand plans for April Fool’s Day
• Dan tries to persuade Libby that they have to talk to Ben about the miscarriage, but she tells him that she just wants to think about something else
• Ringo has a drink in Charlie’s with Ashley, the AFL groupie
• Ringo tries to make up with Declan, but Declan walks away
• Ringo tells Zeke he’s glad they’re friends again, but Zeke says he is only pretending so that he can get Karl and Susan off his back
• Susan angrily calls Ringo, telling him to come home, but he is outside Ashley’s house, “in the middle of something”
• Nathan, the AFL coach, comes out of Ashley’s house and tells Ringo to get his hands off his daughter

Outside the Blacks' House: Nathan yells at Ringo, telling him the only place he wants to see him from now on is on the field. Ringo tries to tell him that he didn’t know Ashley was his daughter, but Nathan doesn’t care. Ringo gets into his car – borrowed from Adam Clarke – and whacks the steering wheel in frustration.

Charlie's: Rebecca is behind the bar and Declan is helping out. Rebecca is talking to Lucas about Libby and Dan, and says she got a strange message from Libby about starting a netball team. Declan chimes in and says he doesn’t know how he would cope if anything happened to Tadpole. Rebecca calls him “you beautiful boy” and hugs him, and though he pulls away he is smiling. As Declan comes out from behind the bar, Ringo enters and starts talking to him, though Declan continues to clean tables and gives short answers. Ringo tries to talk about his problems with Ashley and Nathan, but Declan asks why he doesn’t just talk to his new footie mates. Ringo says he wanted to talk to Declan, but Declan, still hurt by Ringo’s party at Lassiter’s, says he busy and walk away.

Ramsay Street: Three men in yellow body suits and masks climb out of a white van parked in the street. They head over to the garden of no. 30 and begin to scan it using instruments. One of them uses a megaphone to declare to the whole street that it is being evacuated and it is not a drill. Rebecca, Declan, Steph and Charlie hurry out of the house, confusing and asking what is going on. They are told that the house is being placed in quarantine due to radiation, and one man starts to put tape across the driveway. Steph begins to get hysterical, especially when the men say that the house will need to be demolished. But then Rebecca points to something behind the man talking and they all see Callum crouched behind a rock, laughing. As Callum gets up, Toadie pulls off his mask, followed by Ty and Steve. The no 32 residents are mad, but laugh along.

No 30 - Living room: Ben is lying down on the sofa, reading a section of the newspaper. Libby and Dan enters and say they need to talk to him. Holding her stomach, Libby sits down beside him, with Dan on his other side, and says that they need to talk about Grace. She tells him that his baby sister won’t becoming, to which Ben asks where is she going to live. Dan explains it, saying that when Libby was sick, Grace was sick too, and she didn’t make it. Ben, looking bleak, bows his head and blames himself. Libby asks why he would say that, and Ben says it’s because he wanted a brother, not a sister. Libby, with tears in her eyes, hugs him and tells him it is definitely not his fault. Ben asks if she is okay, and she says yes, she is. She takes Ben’s face in her hands and promises that everything will be all right, but Ben pulls away and walks out, saying he has band practice. Libby watches him go, then puts her head in her hands. Ben looks back from the hallway and sees them both looking so sad.

No 26 - Living room: Charlie, Callum, Mickey and Ben are sitting around playing their instruments chaotically, whilst Ty stands nearby, looking in his song book. Callum is telling them all about the April Fool’s joke they played on Steph earlier. Ben asks if everyone laughed, and Callum says yes, leaving Ben looking thoughtful. Ty’s phone rings and he puts his song book down on the table before leaving the room. The three older boys look at each other, and start suggesting pranks to play – hiding the book on the roof or in Jake’s kennel. But Ben says he has a better idea.

No 26 - Living room: A short amount of time later, Mickey and Callum are acting as lookouts, peering into the kitchen, whilst Ben glues the pages of Ty’s song book. Callum says it’s pretty extreme, but Ben says it’s the best April Fool’s ever. Ty heads back towards the living room and they all jump back into their seats and start playing their instruments innocently. Ty picks up his song book and tries to open it. The boys chorus “April Fool’s!” but Ty doesn’t crack a smile. He gets mad, saying that they were all his songs, years of work. The boys start to look nervous, and Callum says that he must have backups on the computer, but he doesn’t. Ty asks whose idea it was, and Callum points to his left, still look right to Ty. Mickey, who is on Callum’s immediate left, takes Callum’s arm and pulls it across himself, so that he is clearly pointing at Ben. They all look at Ty uneasily.

Charlie's: Steve and Toadie are eating at a table, celebrating their prank. Toadie’s phone rings and when he answers, the person on the other end says that it is the tax office. Toadie, confused, listens as the person continues to talk. Rebecca and Steph are standing at the bar, watching the phone call and giggling, and the camera cuts to Declan in the office, making the call. He tells Toadie that his business is due for a full tax audit the next day and Toadie is horrified. Rebecca and Steph appear behind Declan, listening in and laughing. Declan says that it’s just routine and should be okay, so long as everything is in order, but Rebecca laughs, saying that Toadie keeps his receipts in a shoe box. On the phone, Toadie is heard to say “you could ruin me”, but at that point appears behind the three pranksters and adds “or at the very least, ruin my breakfast!” and they all laugh together.

Harold's Store: Ringo is sitting at a table and looking at a photo of Donna in his wallet. Ashley comes and sits by him and he puts the photo away. Ringo looks uncomfortable with her presence. She says he hasn’t returned her calls and he replies that Nathan said he had to stay away from her. She laughs at her father for being so dramatic, and reaches out to touch Ringo’s hand. He pulls away, saying he can’t believe Ashley didn’t stand up for him. Ashley says that she couldn’t in front of her father – he thinks she’s perfect. Ringo is still annoyed, saying Nathan could ruin his career. He tells Ashley that it’s over. Ashley pouts, and says “no”. Ringo looks at her as though she is being ridiculous, telling her it’s not up for discussion. Ashley looks at him, thinking hard, and a cruel look crosses her face as she gets an idea. She begins to act all innocent, pretending she is talking to her father, telling Ringo that if he doesn’t continue to see her then she will tell her father that Ringo pushed her into things she didn’t want to do. Ringo is horrified, but still refuses to continue seeing her. Furious, Ashley leaves.

No 28: Ringo and Susan are sitting by the breakfast bar. Ringo has just finished telling Susan everything, and says he knows he has messed up. Susan agrees and tells Ringo that he doesn’t have to change his life and who he is – he got on to the team because of who he was anyway. Ringo also apologises for pretending the phone was cutting out earlier, and Susan says she does that all the time to Karl. As Susan gets up to leave, Zeke enters the house. Susan says that she is off to a meeting about the exchange student. When she has gone, Ringo asks what exchange student, and Zeke replies that if he was there more often, he would know about it. Ringo asks if things are okay with Zeke, and Zeke says that Susan isn’t there – they don’t have to pretend to be friends. Ringo replies that he isn’t pretending, and asks Zeke for some advice. He outlines his situation with Ashley but Zeke replies cynically, calling Ringo “the footie star”. Ringo looks quite hurt by this, and tells Zeke that that’s the problem – he doesn’t feel like a star, he just feels like himself. He goes on to say that Zeke must know what that’s like, feeling like one person, but people expecting you to be someone else. Zeke is riled by the comparison, saying that he had a serious injury and didn’t have any choice about changing, unlike Ringo. Zeke tells Ringo that he chose footie over his mates, and though Ringo tries to deny it, Zeke tells him that they are not the same.

No 30 - Living room: Libby and Dan are apologising to Ty about his book. They say they will buy him a new one, but Ty says it’s what’s inside that matters. Libby says she will try to salvage what she can from it. Getting up, Ty says he doesn’t know what has got into Ben, he was giving him attitude all morning. Dan explains that they told him about Grace today, and Libby adds that they thought music would take his mind off it. Ty says wouldn’t it be better for him to deal with it now. There’s a pause and Libby changes the subject, telling Ty to leave the book with her. Ty leaves and Ben enters the room, asking if he’s in trouble. Libby says yes, he is. Ben tries to justify it by saying it’s April Fool’s, but Dan says that doesn’t make it okay. Libby tells him that she knows he is upset about Grace, but asks why he would do something like that. Ben says he’s not upset, he just wanted to make people happy. He explains that Callum and Toadie’s trick made everybody laugh, and Libby has been so sad. Libby looks at him in anguish and hugs him again, saying thank you for thinking of her.

Charlie's: Steve is sitting alone in Charlie’s when Cassandra enters and asks if she can sit with him. Steve is surprised and wonders whether it is an April Fool’s attempt. Cass replies that there is just nowhere else to sit, and Steve laughs, saying he is expecting payback from Rebecca, Declan and Steph soon. Those three are watching, disgruntled, from behind the bar and trying to come up with good pranks. Declan suggests lots of salt in his food, but Rebecca says Steve’s too close to a heart attack as it is. She says they need to get Toadie since he’s the ringleader. As Steph says Toadie can smell a prank a mile away, Lucas approaches. He laughs with them about the prank that morning and says that revenge is sweet, suggesting they hit him where it hurts. Suddenly, Declan gets an idea...

No 30 - Living room: Libby is sitting on the sofa, bent over Ty’s book but crying about Grace. When Dan enters, she says that they’ll never have another baby, and asks how they are supposed to cope with that. Dan tries to help her, and they say that they can get through it because they have each other. Libby asks, needing reassurance, if Dan thinks that it’s enough. He nods, and they embrace gently.

No 28 - Garden: Ben and Susan are gardening. Ben has just dug a hole for a new plant that he has bought with Dan. Ben expresses his desire for a cactus instead, but Susan says this is a special plant for his mum. Just then, Libby and Dan approach from their driveway. Libby asks what is going on and Dan explains that he and Ben have bought the plant, which they call the Grace rose. Susan asks if Libby wants to plant it. She goes to do so and asks Ben if he is going to help. Ben replies that they will all help, and they have a family hug before planting the rose.

Charlie's: Ty and Libby are sitting with Charlie, Mickey, Ben and Callum. Libby hands Ty a new book, saying that the boys contributed their pocket money. Ty thanks them, but is clearly more concerned about the loss of his songs. Then Callum pulls out a wad of photocopies – Libby managed to separated the pages, so they photocopied the songs and traced the ones that were really ruined. Ty is very grateful for the return of his songs.

On the other side of the bar, Rebecca joyfully approaches Declan and Rebecca, waving some fake scratch cards that she has just purchased from a joke shop. They plan to sell the ‘winning’ card, no. 1, to Toadie when he arrives to pay for his breakfast from that morning, as Declan has called to remind him. Just then, Cass arrives and wants to buy a ticket. Rebecca tries to avoid selling her any, but Cass insists and buys two, though Rebecca gives ‘no. 1’ to Steph.

Later, Rebecca sells Toadie a scratch card and he walks away with it. Susan, Dan, Libby, Zeke and Ben enter and see Ringo at the bar. Susan calls him over to join their family lunch. Ringo seems surprised to have been invited and agrees “if that’s all right”. He is about to join the table when he sees Nathan and Ashley enter and he hurriedly says he had better go. Nathan stops him, and asks which one is his guardian. Susan speaks up, confused. Nathan says that Ringo has been giving unwanted attention to his daughter. Dan stands up for Ringo, saying that doesn’t sound like him, but Nathan says he’s seen it before, once footballers gain some fame. As Ringo tries to deny it, Declan approaches, supporting Ringo as well, saying he wouldn’t do anything like that. Ashley tries to continue the story, saying he’s been following her everywhere. She adds to her father that she has seen him outside her bedroom window. Nathan snaps, saying he’s calling the cops. Finally, Zeke stands up by Ringo too, so that he and Declan are either side of him. Zeke says that the police will just prove that Ashley is a liar, adding that he has just seen her smiling at Ringo like she’s getting revenge. Declan pipes up as well, saying that Ringo told him all about it. Susan asks Ashley if that’s true, saying that they can go to the police and let them find out. Ashley backs down, admitting her lie, saying “it’s all footie first” as she rushes out. Nathan is left standing uncomfortably in the bar and he tells Ringo he’ll see him at training but he’s on thin ice before rushing out after his daughter. Ringo thanks Declan and Zeke for their support, but they simultaneously turn away without speaking.

A little later again, Callum and Toadie are on the other side of Charlie’s, scratching their scratch card. From the back of the bar, Rebecca, Declan and Steph watch in anticipation. Lucas passes by, pointing out that it’s passed midday so April Fool’s is technically over. They head over to the table, just as Toadie and Callum scratch the last ticket and declare that they have won nothing. Rebecca snatches the ticket, certain that they should have won. She cries that it’s no. 1, no. 1 was the winning ticket. Toadie and Callum realise that it was supposed to be a prank and laugh at the failed attempt, leaving the bar. As Rebecca sifts through the remaining tickets, Steph and Declan realise that the ticket Rebecca thought was no. 1 was in fact no. 7. Plus, when she searches through the other tickets, she realises that she has sold ticket no. 1 to Cass.

Ramsay Street: Back on the street, a large, widescreen TV is being unloaded from a truck with Cass supervising. Rebecca and Steph stand by, saying they really need to talk to her. As the TV enters the house, Cass praises the scratch card Rebecca sold her and the £20’000 she has won on it. She takes a number of shopping bags from the car as Rebecca and Steph watch, mortified. Rebecca tells Cass that it was a joke ticket, and Cass’ face falls drastically. Rebecca explains that it was an April Fool’s joke meant for Toadie and Cass smiles nervously until Steph nods in agreement. Cass struggles to believe it. She says they set her up, and, getting indignant, says she’s a single mother with three kids, now maxed out. Slamming her car door, she swears that Rebecca will pay, one way or the other.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Susan Kennedy, Libby Kennedy-Fitzgerald, Toadie Rebecchi, Steph Scully, Zeke Kinski, Charlie Hoyland, Ringo Brown, Mickey Gannon, Steve Parker, Declan Napier, Rebecca Napier, Daniel Fitzgerald, Ben Kirk, Ty Harper, Callum Jones, Lucas Fitzgerald

Guest Cast: as Cassandra Freedman, Sophie Weiss as Ashley Black, Lyall Brooks as Nathan Black

Summary by Sian