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Episode Summaries > 2009 > Episode 5669
Written by Judith Colquhoun, Directed by Tony Osicka, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Ten: 16/04/09 Five: 18/06/09

Sunny complaining that PirateNet sacked her
Donna's first audition for the play
Toadie discovering Guy talking to Callum
Zeke admitting to Guy that he only had some of the money
Susan trying to persuade Zeke he should go to the Police about Guy
Guy meeting Zeke to get the money and being scared off after spotting the Lucas and Elle

No 28 - Living Room: Toadie is on the phone to the Police who admit that they are going to talk to Guy but he is not in jail. Susan thinks he should be watched but the police don't have the resources to do that. Elle thinks they should run the story to scare him off but nobody agrees with her. Zeke storms out of the living room.

No 28 - Ringo and Zeke's Bedroom: Zeke is on his computer playing a game of chess with Karl, Susan knocks on the door. Susan admits she is proud of the way Zeke has handled things and that Karl and Alex would also be proud if they were here. Zeke is obviously still spooked though as once Susan has left the room, he then shuts all his windows. Sunny comes to check he's alive, Zeke closes the door in her face and goes back to his game of chess but keeps looking at his window. He doesn't say it but it's obvious he's scared.

Charlie's: Ty isn't looking cheerful, Rebecca asks him if he'd like a shoulder to cry on but Ty says he only wants Rachel's shoulder to cry on. Elle and Lucas are at a table discussing what happened with Zeke before when Paul approaches them. Paul is fishing for a front page, but Elle says it's a slow day on the news front. Toadie approaches them and drags Elle away from the group to say that she can't run the story as Guy is threatening not only the Kennedys and Kinskis but also him and Callum. Elle agrees that the story won't run. Paul overhears this and asks Elle what story it is she's holding back on.

No 24 - Dining Area: Donna enters the house, Cass tells her she will have to re-heat her dinner but Donna says it's ok she had something to eat at Fitzy's. Donna rehearses in front of her mum, Cass thinks that she should make the role her own by making it more modern.

Charlie's: Paul is questioning what type of journalist Elle is. Paul looks for backup from Lucas, but Lucas backs up Elle. Lucas and Elle go to the bar, whilst they're there Paul digs into Lucas' bag and lifts out his camera. Over at the bar, Rebecca, Susan, Steph and Libby are discussing Guy Sykes and just how dangerous he is. Libby admits that Toadie keeps checking the windows at home and Callum has now insisted on a password being uttered before anyone enters the house. Paul walks up to the bar thinking he smells a story. Susan manages to throw in a red herring and makes Paul think that they're talking about starting a womans netball team. Paul immediately offers sponsorship which Rebecca declines. Back at their table Lucas and Elle discover the camera is missing, but Paul has already left.

No 22 - Living Room: Elle and Lucas enter the house, Paul is downloading the pictures from Lucas' camera on to a computer. Elle tells her dad that she promised Toadie she wouldn't run the story and wonders how her dad sleeps at night. Paul's reply is that he didn't promise Toadie anything and because he now has a good front page story he will sleep very well! Lucas jokes that they should emigrate to avoid Toadie.

Erinsborough High - Corridor/Classroom: Ringo and Sunny are reading the story about Zeke in the Erinsborough News whilst Zeke is mucking about with Kyle. Ringo can't believe Zeke was so brave saying he must have nerves of steel. Donna and Cass enter and Dan shows them into a room to start auditions. Donna starts to read and everyone bursts out laughing before Dan stops the rehearsal. Dan asks what she was doing, Donna admits it was a modern take on the play before running out the classroom upset. Zeke goes after her. Dan glares at Cass, he knows she's to blame.

Erinsborough High - Corridor/Classroom: Zeke returns having not found Donna. Cass asks Dan if Donna can re-audition but Dan says no it wouldn't be fair on the other students. Dan tells Cass a few hometruths accusing her of being selfish and wanting to be the centre of attention. This does not go down well with Cass who then refuses to make the rest of the costumes.

Erinsborough High - Corridor: Ringo walks past Sunny who is phoning PirateNet and telling them it's a miracle they're still airing. Zeke tries to get her into the classroom but Sunny is still hung up on Lost Boy. Zeke tells her that he may be closer than she thinks and then says that Kyle is Lost Boy! Sunny then goes over and introduces herself to him.

Harold's Store: Steve is sitting having a coffee when the door opens to admit Lucas and Elle. Elle goes to fetch coffees and Lucas looks at the set design for Fitzy's play with Steve, but neither of them can work out how to put it up. Toadie enters and tells Lucas that he's worried Guy hasn't been home since he met Zeke. Lucas thinks this is a good thing that he's maybe left town but Toadie thinks he's planning something and is clearly worried. Lucas says that to do this Guy would have to be a complete psycho to which Toadie replies "Got it in one mate."

Erinsborough High - Corridor: Sunny is quizzing poor Kyle about PirateNet, all Kyle will admit is that it is his type of music. Sunny asks if the Lost Boy is his kind of person, Kyle looks confused so Sunny says that she is just trying to find out about the Aussie culture. Kyle admits that he likes Lost Boy. Sunny asks if he's Lost Boy, Zeke indicates that he should lie and say yes so he does and is stunned when Sunny calls him an idiot and then mutters something in another language! Sunny walks off, Zeke shrugs his shoulders at Kyle and the two of them walk off in seperate directions.

Erinsborough High - Classroom: Dan announces that he will let everyone know about the play soon, just as Steve, Ty and Steph walk in and announce they're the set building team. Dan says he will show them where they are going to hold the play and goes into another classroom to get the keys to the hall. In the second classroom he finds Donna sitting on the floor in tears. Donna is crying that she totally "stuffed" it up and asks why she has to have a totally rubbish mother. Dan suggests maybe Cass doesn't know what to do with a daughter so talented. Donna dries her tears away and Dan helps her to her feet. As he does so Cass enters the room and screams at Dan to keep his hands away from her daughter.

Erinsborough High - Corridor: Dan is trying to explain to Cass that Donna was upset and he was trying to help her. Cass asks if this was the same sort of talking that went on last night at Dan's house, and seems to be insinuating that there is some sort of extra relationship going on between the two of them and says he was taking advantage. Cass says she's heard what "goes on at this school between the students and the teachers" and says that she is going to go straight to the school council with this. Dan says she can go wherever she likes with that sort of information. Cass says she will make sure he's never Principal in Erinsborough or anywhere else. She grabs Donna by the arm and they both leave.

No 30 - Living Room: Toadie answers the door to Steph and Charlie, Steph asks if there's any update on Sykes. There isn't, Steph admits she couldn't do what Zeke did. Toadie mentions he's thinking about sending Callum away until things calm down, Steph suggests that he's sent to his aunts in Ballerat again but Toadie says his aunt is in hospital. Toadie asks if he could send Callum to Lynn, Steph says that would be ok and she and Charlie might even join him.

Charlie's: Libby has drawn up a plan of how much it will cost to set up a netball team and shows Rebecca the costing giving poor Rebecca quite some shock. Rebecca says in the current financial climate they can't afford this and wonders when netball became so tough. Ty laughs at the costings and doesn't think they need insurance as it's womans netball. Paul enters says he's been trying to contact Zeke but every time he gets through Zeke hangs up. Libby says she told Zeke not to go with the cheap phone plan but says that he wouldn't listen before walking off. Rebecca says he ought to be ashamed of himself. Paul tries to get Rebecca to admit that she loves him, but she won't and goes back to tending to the bar.

No 28 - Dining Area: Dan is relaying what happened at School before with Cass to Libby and Susan. Libby wonders what her game is and Susan can't understand why she's trying to get at Dan. Dan explains it's because he told Cass a few hometruths before that she didn't like. Libby thinks it's childish but Susan points out that Cass is childish anyway and says that the hometruths Dan told her are true. Libby doesn't think anyone will believe Cass but Susan points out that you have to be so careful, male teacher, female student in a room together. Libby checks that Donna is on Dan's side but Dan says it doesn't matter who's on his side as a complaint to the School council could be enough to stop him being made Principal. Libby then realises that this is what Cass wants and storms out of the house heading towards number 24 to confront Cass. Dan follows her leaving Susan to sit at the table with her drink to digest what's just happened.

No 24 - Living Room: Cass and Donna enter the house arguing about what just happened at School. Donna is not pleased at being called a liar when she isn't one and says that if she's a liar then so is Cass as she's about to report Mr Fitzgerald for something that never even happened. Cass notices the change in name from Fitzy to Mr Fitzgerald and wonders why the name change. Donna realises that this is all about revenge and says that she is wanting revenge simply because Dan told her a few hometruths. Cass denies this saying that she is simply taking care of Donna - it's her duty as a parent. Donna wonders where "tripping" her up at her audition fitted in to Cass' grand plans, Cass says that this wasn't her fault as she can't help Mr Fitzgerald's taste. Donna thinks she was an idiot to trust her mother again and says that her mother just sees her as the enemy, the competition.

No 24 - Living Room: Cass answers the door to Dan and Libby who are trying to reason with her. Cass accuses Dan of trying to "sleaze" on to her daughter. Dan denies doing this and says she can report him but she will only end up driving Donna away. Cass says she seems to have done that already and Dan and Libby try to convince her that maybe she should tell the truth in that case. The phone rings so Cass goes to answer it telling Dan and Libby to do whatever they want and leaving Libby and Dan at the front door whilst she answers the phone. When she answers it all she hears down the phone is heavy breathing so she shouts at the person to "just leave me alone. I've said I'm sorry what more do you want?" She is clearly upset so Dan and Libby enter the house to make sure she's ok. Cass shouts down the phone one more time to leave her alone.

No 22 - Dining Area: The camera first looks into the Living Room where we can see Elle's door wide open and then transfers through to the Dining Area where we see Donna leaning against the wall on her phone. She mutters "you're finished" down the phone in a sinister voice before hanging up. Elle, who was bringing in the laundry, has overheard this and makes Donna aware she knows that she's Cass' stalker.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Rebecca Napier, Paul Robinson, Elle Robinson, Donna Freedman, Susan Kennedy, Zeke Kinski, Ringo Brown, Libby Kennedy-Fitzgerald, Stephanie Scully, Charlie Hoyland, Ty Harper, Daniel Fitzgerald, Lucas Fitzgerald, Toadfish Rebecchi, Callum Jones, Steve Parker

Guest Cast: Hany Lee as Sunny Lee, Tottie Goldsmith as Cassandra Freedman, Chris Milligan as Kyle Canning

Summary by Louise