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Episode Summaries > 2009 > Episode 5670
Written by Hamish Cameron, Directed by Tony Osicka, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Ten: 17/04/09 Five: 19/06/09

• Paul offers sponsorship to help fund new girls netball team. Rebecca, Libby and Steph refuse to accept his help
• Toadie sees Callum with Guy and orders him to move away from him, Callum asks if they are friends, Guy responds by saying him and Toadie go way back
• Cass tells Donna to act in a more modern way for the school play. Donna takes her advice leading everyone to laugh at her. Donna can’t believe she put her trust in her mum
• The person harassing Cass is revealed as being Donna as she phones her mum making strange noises, whilst coldly telling her “She’s finished”. Cass is clearly frightened and is unaware Donna is behind the harassment
• Elle sees Donna making creepy phone call to Cass

No 22 - Living Room: Elle asks Donna for an explanation. Donna tells her she’d stopped and was making an effort with her mum. Elle asks what happened. Donna explains how her mum made a fool out of her at school. Elle enquires whether she’s sure her mum meant to make a fool out of her, Donna’s certain that’s the case. Elle sees the accusation as being a bit extreme yet Donna continues to vent, blaming her mum for everyone laughing at her. Donna then goes onto explain how her mum accused Fitzy of sleazing onto her, Elle accepts why Donna is angry yet tells Donna she should have tackled situation head on. Donna claims she tried to do just that but her mum just denied everything. Elle questions what Donna thought could happen by playing her mum at her own game. Donna just replies by explaining that her mum’s arrival has ruined things for her. Elle then tells her she has to tell her mum what she’s been doing. Donna explains to Elle that her mum might still go to the police and even is she doesn’t do that, then she’ll hold the issue over her for the rest of her life. Elle tells Donna that will happen anyway. Elle offers her support by going with Donna to see Cass.

No 24 - Living Room: Tentative Cass is afraid to open the door. She asks Toadie if anyone has followed him, leading Toadie to calmly add that he things he would have noticed someone following him. Cass opens the door explaining that someone is threatening her. Toadie mentions if she’s spoken to the police, Cass answers of course. She explains she’s sick of being scared and victimised. Toadie struggles to see what he can do about it, Cass urges him to make the police take her claims seriously. A cool Toadie asks who it might be harassing her apart from Paul. She doesn’t give a name, instead explaining how she’s received letters and phonecalls. At that moment Donna and Elle arrive. Donna pensively asks what’s going on, leading Cass to explain that she’s received another phonecall and that this time she’s fighting back. Toadie explains that her harasser could be in trouble for threatening and menacing behaviour which could carry a jail term. Donna nervously repeats the term jail leading Cass to interrupt saying that’s what the harasser deserves. Donna tries to explain she’s the harasser but is cut off by a terrified Cass, who states Toadie will help her sort the mess out. Donna tries to once again confide about the situation to her mum but this time its Elle who intervenes. Elle lies to Cass that they came over to tell her that they were going for a manicure. The journalist then whisks Donna away, leaving Toadie and Cass to ponder with their own thoughts.

Charlie's: Ty comes over to Serve Steve. Steve spots Rebecca, Steph and Libby discussing the netball venture and tells Ty he didn’t think Netball was such a big deal. The two men then explain how they don’t see Netball as a sport, yet Steve is keen to tell Ty not to say that to the girls. Ty walks over trying to look at what the girls have written, yet is told off by Rebecca who tells him to stop being so nosy. Ty replies by saying he didn’t realize Netball thing was so important. After Ty leaves the girls Rebecca remarks that she believes Steve and Ty don’t even see Netball as a proper game, not long after the boys stated that exact view. Conversation then turns to how the boys would do playing Netball, leading them to laugh about Rebecca imagining Steve in a Skirt. Focus swiftly returns to Netball when Libby enquires about her Netball position. Rebecca tells her she’ll be goalkeeper as she needs someone intimidating at the back, who’s not afraid to throw some elbows. Libby’s fronts a worried look and asks if that’s really necessary at their level. Steph explains Netball isn’t a girly game no matter what the level. The subject is changed by Steph who reveals Cass has still been receiving strange phonecalls. Rebecca mocks the whole situation, pretending to be concerned. Libby also shows no sympathy, stating she wants Cass to leave which amuses Rebecca. Sponsor talk is next on the horizon; Steph suggests accepting Paul’s offer resulting in Rebecca having a dismissive look on her face. Lucas then walks into the Bar, Steph scurries over to him which bemuses the Mechanic. Steph sucks up praising her boss. Lucas suspects she’s after something. Steph tries to make whatever she says appeal to Lucas, leading her to mention about a golden business plan she has. Rebecca and Libby intently look on as Lucas tells Steph he loves her business plan which involves attracting more Women to the garage through sponsoring the Netball team. He says he loves the idea and that he’s love to sponsor them although explaining theirs just one small condition.

No 22: Elle asks Donna if her Mum would really hand her over to the Police and Donna is sure she would. Elle then asks Donna for her phone telling Donna that if anyone asks she’s lost it. Elle makes it clear she will only help if the harassment stops now. A fragile Donna nods her head seemingly overwhelmed by the whole situation. Covering all bases, Elle enquires where the magazines are that Donna used. Donna tells her their at her mum’s house. Elle orders her to dispose of the magazines. Unbeknown to the girls, Paul is listening in and after Donna’s left to destroy the magazines, asks Elle if he needs to know anything. Elle explains its just girl’s stuff but Paul knows something isn’t right.

Harold's Store: Elle is destroying magazine evidence when Paul joins her in the back of the store. It isn’t long before Paul’s suspicions about Donna threatening Cass are confirmed by Elle. A conversation then breaks out involving Elle saying she intends to protect Donna which Paul isn’t a fan of. Paul explains his worried about the trouble Elle could get in through destroying evidence and that Donna isn’t worth protecting, which doesn’t go down well with Elle. She makes it clear she won’t let Donna down again leading Paul to tell his daughter that Donna may let her down. Elle tells her father that they trust each other, Paul leaves informing Elle she may regret her decision.

No 24: Donna enters and sees Cass sitting on the couch. Cass hopes Donna isn’t too badly affected by harassment situation. Donna catches her Mum reading her magazines and frantically tries to stop Cass reading them. The young teen explains to her Mum that she can’t just steal her magazines. Cass responds by telling Donna that in her house she can do what she wants. A struggle follows as both fight over a magazine, leading it to fall to the floor and land on a page which had words missing. Cass id drawn to the writing style, remembering it is the same as creepy letters she received. Donna tries to explain, yet Cass rushes up and calls the Police. Donna tries in vain to make her Mum listen to her. Cass looks back at her in disgust, leaving Donna gobsmacked.

Charlie's: Steph, Rebecca and Libby stare at a photo of a Woman in a revealing outfit. Steph reveals Lucas will only sponsor them if they wear similar outfits. She explains that Lucas sees it as good publicity for the garage. Rebecca and Libby quickly dismiss possibility of them wearing outfits. Steve pops up taking an immediate interest in the photo. He states that he wants front row seats if they wear outfits like that, meanwhile Ty gets in on the act telling the girls he’d like the outfits to be even shorter. Clearly unhappy, Rebecca’s disapproval on outfits leads Steph to think of different alternatives. Paul enters the fray asking if they’ve thought about his offer. A cocky Paul explains he’ll match other potential sponsor’s offer, whilst he also offers covering every single game in the Erinsborough news. Paul tells them they won’t find a better offer elsewhere and leaves confident of victory.

Ramsay Street: Elle sees the Police pull up outside number 24. She races over to find out what’s going on. Paul urges her not too, saying Donna isn’t even family, which hurts Elle who walks away from her father.

No 24: The police ask Cass if she’s sure she wants to make complaint about her daughter. She adamant she does. Toadie at that point then walks in as Donna’s lawyer, which shocks Cass. The Police question Cass about whether she’s making the whole story up. She shows magazine them magazine evidence then out of the blue, Elle confesses to harassing Cass.

Charlie's: Rebecca shows Libby and Steph new netball uniforms. They are both impressed as Rebecca reveals West Waratah newspaper, have agreed to be their sponsor. Libby says Paul will be furious, which Rebecca doesn’t seem to be bothered about.

No 24: Elle and Donna argue over whose been harassing Cass. Donna’s insistent she’s the harasser, whilst Elle claims Cass is merely a gold digger. This unsurprisingly confuses the police. Eventually Cass makes up her mind that Elle’s guilty and Elle ends up being taken away by the Police.

Ramsay Street: Elle is led into a police car which bewilders Lucas. Donna meanwhile keeps admitting her guilt. Toadie bemoans why he can’t be a normal lawyer. Lucas in convinced Elle isn’t guilty and hurries off with Toadie to the Police Station. Paul on the other hand gives Donna a hard stare, clearly angry at predicament his daughter is in.

No 24: Donna goes back inside to see Cass. Cass won’t accept Donna’s responsible for harassing her, citing Elle wouldn’t get a criminal record just to protect her. Donna fires back, saying Elle cares for her and that all her Mum cares about is herself. Cass says their alike, infuriating Donna who tells her Mum everyone hates her, even her kids.

No 22: Lucas is amazed at how Paul and Elle discuss Elle being arrested so calmly. Lucas reminds them of how serious situation is which Elle doesn’t accept. He threatens to tell the Police that Elle’s innocent, something Elle won’t stand for. Que argument over Elle not telling Lucas what she planned to do, which results in Lucas leaving the house.

No 24: Donna says she’s going, Cass doesn’t acknowledge her. With her bags packed, Donna reminds Cass she’ll be left all alone. Scene ends with Cass tearing up after Donna’s departure.

No 30: Toadie and Callum are watching football. Callum’s annoyed his been left with Steph all day. Toadie assures him once Guy goes everything will go back to normal. They then decide to go and kick the footie.

Ramsay Street: They start kicking the footie, when Callum then spots Guy at the end of the road behind Toadie. Callum swiftly runs back inside saying his changed his mind about playing, leaving Toadie to scamper in after him.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Elle Robinson, Donna Freedman, Jarrod ‘Toadie’ Rebecchi, Ty Harper, Steve Parker, Rebecca Napier, Stephanie Scully, Libby Kennedy, Lucas Fitzgerald, Paul Robinson, Callum Jones

Guest Cast: Jacqueline Brennan as Detective Sergeant Michaela Morris, Tottie Goldsmith as Cassandra Freedman, Fletcher Humphrys as Guy Sykes

Summary by Daniel