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Episode Summaries > 2009 > Episode 5671
Written by Stuart Gaunt, Directed by Adrian Holmes, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Ten: 20/04/09 Five: 22/06/09

Toadie and Callum bump into Guy outside Harold's Store, and Guy warns Callum that he's going to go after him if he doesn't get the cash
Zeke arranges a sting to catch Guy
Guy spots Lucas and Elle watching the sting
Cass receives a threatening note
Cass realises that it's Donna who's been stalking her
Cass reports her daughter to the police
Elle takes the blame for Donna
Lucas is annoyed with Elle for not telling him what she was planning

No 22: Lucas comes downstairs with a bag packed and tells Elle that he's going to stay at his place. Elle doesn't try to stop him, but then Donna bursts in. She asks to stay the night, and says that if she lets Elle take the blame for the stalking, then she's no better than her mum. Elle points out that she's already given a statement to the police, but Lucas encourages Donna to be honest. Donna goes upstairs to use Elle's foot spa, while Elle looks at Lucas and asks him why he's still there. He wonders the same thing, and walks out, though Elle doesn't look too pleased about it.

No 30 - Living Room: Callum and Toadie are watching a horror movie together, and Toadie hides under the duvet during all the scary bits. Callum accuses him of being a wuss, but jumps up in fright when he imagines Guy is sitting there with him instead. He asks if Bob can sleep in his bed tonight, and Toadie is confused by Callum's sudden change of mood.

Harold's Store: The next morning, Steve bumps into Toadie at the store, and says that he's come in for breakfast, as things at the hotel are getting a bit depressing. He asks Toadie to join him, but Toadie has to head home to prepare Callum's school lunch. Donna and Elle then come in and ask for a word with Toadie, and Elle explains that she's going to be withdrawing her statement. Toadie tells her that she'll be charged and will probably receive a fine, while Donna will need to get some character references - and the one who'd hold the most weight would be her mum. Toadie leaves, and Steve asks the girls to join him, but they have to go to the police station.

Road: Toadie is walking Callum to school, and he jumps when a passing car backfires. He then asks Callum what's wrong with him, and Callum looks across and sees Guy on the other side of the road. He starts to run, but Toadie catches him and again asks him what's wrong. He explains that he's been seeing Guy everywhere, but Toadie tells him there's nothing to be scared of - he's going to walk him to and from school everyday.

No 28 - Living room: Ringo is putting on his school uniform, looking at himself in the mirror. Sunny then emerges from the bedroom in her new uniform, saying that the uniform is better than her last one and she's quite excited. She tells Ringo that it must be weird for him, after being a big football star and now going back to gym class. He isn't interested in chatting and walks out, while Zeke then appears, still in his pyjamas, and says that he might be a bit late today. Sunny asks if he's scared of that criminal guy, but Zeke doesn't want to talk to her either and goes back into the bedroom, slamming the door.

Erinsborough High - Corridor: Sunny is walking around and someone bumps into her, knocking her folders all over the floor. She composes herself, then runs over when she spots Donna and asks her if she'll be going to the play auditions. Donna isn't really interested in chatting, then Zeke comes in. He's rude to her, and she snaps that it wouldn't be difficult for people to be nice to her and show her around and help her to fit in. She storms off, bumping into someone else as she goes.

No 24: Cass is bringing the washing in when Elle calls by and says that she's there on behalf of Donna. She explains that Donna's confessed everything to the police, and Cass says that she's glad they finally decided to be honest. Elle explains that Donna just wanted her mum to know what it felt like to be a victim, and to take some responsibility. Elle explains that Donna's facing charges and could do with a character reference from Cass, who point blank refuses and says that her daughter deserves everything that's coming to her, though, after Elle's gone, she seems upset by what she's just said.

No 22 - Elle's bedroom: Elle finds Lucas searching for his phone charger, and he reminds her that she borrowed it the previous week. She takes it from a drawer, and he spots Albert the bear on the bed, and asks if she was lonely last night. She says that he could have borrowed a charged from anyone - so why did he have to have that specific one? They stare at each other, and she gets him to admit that he missed her. He realises she's upset and asks what's wrong.

Harold's Store: Toadie is ordering when Cass, from her table, asks if he's still representing her daughter. She wants to know if 'the reference thing' was his idea, but then Lucas comes in and sits with Cass. He claims that Elle didn't send him, but then says that Cass should write the reference because if she doesn't, Toadie is going to drag up all of her dirty little secrets to use against her. Cass asks why he thinks she even has any dirty little secrets, but Lucas just laughs.

Erinsborough High - Outside: Ringo is sitting alone, checking his phone messages, when Donna comes over to join him. She tells him not to worry about what everyone else thinks, and he asks her if she wants to talk about her problems with her mum. She changes the subject and says that Fitzy's been on her case about the play auditions.

Erinsborough High - Classroom: Zeke and Sunny are beginning work on an improvisation piece as a fighting couple, while Steve is pleased when Donna arrives for another audition. She then gets a call from her lawyer and goes outside to take it. Meanwhile, Sunny and Zeke are getting carried away with their improv and the lines are beginning to blur between them and their characters. As they finish, everyone claps, but Zeke and Sunny are uncomfortable about it all.

No 24: Donna calls by to see Cass, to thank her for writing a reference. Cass says that she didn't do it for Donna, but because Lucas warned her about her secrets coming out in court. Cass tells Donna that she needs to learn a few lessons about family and loyalty, and slams the door in her daughter's face.

No 22 - Kitchen/Living Room: Donna is annoyed with Lucas for interfering, but Elle points out that he was only trying to help. Ringo then calls by. He says that he was worried about Donna when she didn't come back after her phone call. Elle and Lucas make themselves scarce, and Ringo says that Fitzy is bound to offer her a part in the play as she's a natural. Donna wonders if people like her mum can change, but Ringo points out that he's different to how he used to be when he lived in the country, and Donna's changed a lot too. She says it was thanks to Rachel and Didge and Ringo, and she doesn't know what she would have done without him. She suddenly gets an idea, kisses Ringo on the cheek and runs off.

No 24 - Kitchen: Donna waltzes in with her suitcase and Cass is surprised to see her. Donna says that they both said a lot of mean things, but she changed, thanks to her friends, and she's going to do the same thing for Cass. She goes off to unpack, leaving Cass confused.

No 30 - Living Room: Toadie asks Callum why he's so quiet, and wonders if there've been any more scary daydreams. Callum says that there haven't. Toadie then tells him that the police are going to be watching the street, and shows him a newspaper article in Harold's Ramsay Street history book. He explains that although the siege was terrible, it brought Toadie and Steph together, so it had a happy outcome. Callum points out that Toadie and Steph broke up, but Toadie says that it was after that, that he decided to adopt Callum. They share a hug and decide to watch a DVD, but someone is watching them from the kitchen.

No 30 - Living Room: Toadie and Callum finish watching the movie, and Toadie is crying. Callum says it was lame, and Toadie and Steph would make a much better movie. Toadie has a brainwave and goes off to his laptop to start writing 'The Girl Next Door - a screenplay by Jarrod Rebecchi' while Callum changes the DVD.

No 30 - Living Room: Later, Toadie is asleep at the computer and Callum is heading off to bed. He closes the front door, then turns around to find Guy standing there, who tells him that, this time, it isn't a dream...

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Elle Robinson, Lucas Fitzgerald, Donna Freedman, Jarrod 'Toadfish' Rebecchi, Callum Jones, Steve Parker, Ringo Brown, Zeke Kinski

Guest Cast: Hany Lee as Sunny Lee, Tottie Goldsmith as Cassandra Freedman, Fletcher Humphrys as Guy Sykes

Trivia Notes
Toadie orders a bran muffin at Harold's Store
Former character Rachel Kinski is mentioned, and references are made to the 2006 season finale in which Guy held Toadie, Zeke and others hostage

Quotable Quotes
Steve: (after Zeke and Sunny have finished their 'arguing couple' improvisation) "Wow. That was amazing. It was so true-to-life. It was just like my marriage."

Elle: (to Lucas, trying to give Ringo and Donna some privacy) "Hey, why don't you come help me with dinner?"
Lucas: "Sure! I'll... open the can!"

Summary by Steve